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NameKnow FromDescription
Annalisa HPortugalwalking friend
Brandon PPortugalhas a little wine shop in town
Brian CCollegea husband i met in frostburg
Cornelia BlPortugalsteve bl's wife; from germany
Gi CPortugalportuguese teacher
Glenn HPortugaldude from portuguese class, cool guy
Glenna ENeighborneighbor across the street
Heidi CPoliticsbernie friend
Janny MAnnonymousit's me, the Janny!
Mark EPortugalglenna's husband
Mark SiPortugalvickie's husband
Michael HPortugalannalisa's husband; met at portugal meetup
Sam SmPortugalmet from portuguese class
Sohpie ChPortugalmet her in portuguese class; cool lady
Stacy MFamilymy sister
Steve BlPortugalguy we met at happy hours
Vickie SiPortugalmet at lagos book club
Aaron EPoliticssabrina p's husband
Abby MAnnonymousweb designer; met at irockville
Adam CFriend Of A Friendhelen's friend
Adam JWorkcoworker; drupal guy
Adam KFriend Of A Frienderin's roommate
Adam LFriend Of A Friendleslie's boyfriend
Adam MAnnonymousguy i met at irockville meetups
Adam RFriend Of A Friendtricia's brother's friend, i think
Adam XCollegeleslie's friend, random guy
Adam ZHigh schooldon't remember, it was hs!
Adriana BFriend Of A Friendbill c's friend
Adrienne KFriend Of A Friendfriend of a friend
AJ ZzzzFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Alex BWorkcoworker
Alex RAnnonymousdon't really know this guy
Alfredo CWorkold coworker from WB
Alicia DAnnonymousprogressive friend
Alihandro SFriend Of A Friendclaire s' husband
Alisa QPortugalrene q's wife
Alison MFriend Of A Friendstacy's ciropractor friend's friend
Allan BCollegebrian's friend & roommate from college
Allan CFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Allen SWorkit guy
Allison BHigh schoolold friend, don't talk to her anymore
Allison HFriend Of A Friendtamea's friend
Allison JFriend Of A Friendadam j's wife
Amanda JAnnonymousleosunery rep
Amanda RCollegemet her in math 380, nice girl, math, took comp sci I
Amanda THigh schoolhs friend, don't talk
Amber KAnnonymousperson i met through a group
Amber NFamilycousin, i guess, technically
Amrutha EFriend Of A Friendalex b's roomie
Andrea TFriend Of A Friendmike o's cousin
Andrei AFriend Of A Friendhelen's friend
Andrew FFriend Of A Friendbrigette's husband
Andrew GWorkone of the higher ups
Andrew MFamilyuncle george's brother's son
Andrew WCollegestudent teacher for freshman english seminars
Andrew ZzzzFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Andy CFriend Of A Friendarlene's boyfriend
Andy SHigh schooljoe's friend
Andy WFriend Of A Frienddana's brother
Angel LaFriend Of A Friendmegan wi's mom
Angel RFriend Of A Friendjames mo's military buddy
Angela CAnnonymousfriend we randomly met at a concert; awesome person
Anita JWorkpm
Ann Marie ZzAnnonymousbackpacker we met from ireland
Anna AWorkcoworker, hr
April JHigh schooldon't remember
April KFriend Of A Friendfriend of a friend
Arlene AWorkformer coworker & good friend
Arlene A's MomFriend Of A Friendarlene's mom
Arlo LAnnonymouserin's nephew
Arron LAnnonymousgirl we met at a bar in silver spring after a concert
Art VWorkproposal contractor/guy
Ash PFriend Of A Frienddana's roommate
Ash WWorkcoworker
Ashley GFriend Of A Friendtim's friend
Ashley HCollegefirst roommate at frostburg
Ashley HaFriend Of A Friendpaul's cousin
Ashley SNeighborneighboor hood child
Asim AWorkco worker
Aunt ChrisFamilybrian's aunt
Aunt JanetFamilymy aunt!
Aunt RuthFamilymy great aunt
Aviva LWorkcoworker
Barbra BHigh schoolsister's friend in hs
Bear MFriend Of A Frienderin's husband
Becky DFriend Of A Friendjen's friend from hs; patrick d's wife; awesome person
Ben AFriend Of A Friendtricia's brother
Ben BFriend Of A Friendmax's friend, don't know him
Ben CFriend Of A Friendbill c's friend
Ben JWorkit guy
Ben MCollegeperson from racial & cultural minorities
Ben RHigh schoolhs friend, webmasters
Bess MAnnonymouspolitical friend
Beth LWorkformer hr
Beth RFriend Of A Friendjoe's friend
Bill KWorkcoworker guy, WB
Bill WFriend Of A Friendi think he's seths friend
Billy RCollegesome guy at cambridge rummy semester
Billy Ray MFamilymy cousin!
BJ GFriend Of A Friendbrian's coworkers boyfriend
Bob WFriend Of A Friendandy w's friend
Bobby MFriend Of A Friendmegan & matt's downstairs housemates
Borist PFriend Of A Friendfriend of someone at the bar crawl
Brad FFriend Of A Friendbritney f's brother; shawn & jen's neighbor
Brandon GCollegecomp sci dude
Brandy RCollegevally dictorian, computer science, she's like a genious
Brenda LFriend Of A Friendmom's friend
Brenda WiFriend Of A Friendmatt wi's mom
Brent FFriend Of A Friendjennifer, tricia's coworker's, husband
Brent FuCollegefriend from college, tutored him, nice guy
Brett ChFriend Of A Friendsohpie's husband
Brett HFriend Of A Friendricky's boyfriend
Brett SFriend Of A Friendbri's former coworker
Brian DWorkcoworker
Brian HWorkpizza delivery guy at dominos, co worker
Brian HoAnnonymousmet at el golfo karaoke
Brian LAnnonymousweb developer; met at irockville
Brian MuFriend Of A Friendlenny's son
Brian NCollegespanish brian, used to hang with him rummy semester & 2nd year
Brian WWorkcoworker, really nice guy
Brie BFriend Of A Friendcorey's wife
Brie BeWorkcoworker, WB
Brigette FWorkcoworker
Britney FFriend Of A Friendshawn & jen's neighbor
Brittney HFamilyjason h's wife
Brooke RHigh schoolhs guidance aid with me, knew eachother all our lives
Bruce GHigh schooluncle george's friend from kentucky
Bryan PHigh schoolclassmate, took pre calc together, sort of knew eachother all thoughout our lives
Bryan SWorkcoworker; statistics guy
Butch RFriend Of A Friendshawn's dad
Byrd DCollegetricia's friend
Caitlin GFriend Of A Friendwynne's sister
Caitlin GoFriend Of A Friendaaron & sabrina's friend
Caitlin SiFriend Of A Friendmitch si's sister
Caitlyn LFriend Of A Frienderin's sister
Candi MFamilymy dog, candi!
Cara LAnnonymouswaitress at finigans irish pub 3/11/11
Carie FAnnonymousnot real sure, maybe i knew her through my aunt or something...
Carla MPortugalportuguese teacher; friend
Carly RFriend Of A Friendjames' girlfriend
Carry DCollegegirl around cambridge
Catherine CAnnonymousbernie supporter; made posters with her
Cece BFriend Of A Friendtricia's daughter
Chad ZzzzFriend Of A Friendfriend of andy w
Charles LCollegesome guy at cambridge sophmore year, i think
Charles LoFriend Of A Friendstacy's boyfriend; sweet guy
Charlie KWorkcoworker, developer, WB
Charlotte LPortugaljay l's wife
Chelsea MCollegesecond roomie in college, 2nd semester
Cheryl RFriend Of A Friendshawn's mom, fill in name later
Chris DeWorkcoworker; drupal guy
Chris JCollegesome guy at cambridge or something
Chris PCollegeone of my software engineering partners
Chris RWorkproject manager
Chris SmCollegebig chris from school, friends for a long time now
Chris SuNeighborneighbor
Chris WFriend Of A Friendsome random guy i only met once, hs party
Chris WiFriend Of A Friendmatt wi's dad
Chris ZCollegesome guy somewhere sophmore year
Christina SCollegestudent in my geo lab at fsu
Christine AWorkcoworker
Christy MCollegelived in gray my 1st year
Chrystal SHigh schoolold friend from hs
Cidal CFriend Of A Frienddanny h's friend from work
Cindy OFriend Of A Friendmike o's mom
Cindy ZzAnnonymousmet her at irockville
Claire SFriend Of A Friendmegan & matt's dog sitter
Clara DFriend Of A Friendjeff d's friend
Clarence WFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Clinton WCollegeperson in ai & in comp sci
Colorado WAnnonymousdon't know his real name, met him in motorcycle class
Conrad ZzzzPortugalmet random places
Conservative At Party 11/5/2016Annonymouscool dude at tim's election party
Corey KFriend Of A Friendmegan & matt's friend
Corey RCollegedorky kid in college, corey people
Corey ZzzzzOne Quote Personspeaker at OR meeting
Courtney BFriend Of A Friendricky's friend
Courtney LFriend Of A Frienderin's sister
Cristal SFriend Of A Friendshawn & jen's neighbor
Cruise Director At CarnivalOne Quote Personfor carnival vacation sept 2008
Curtis RCollegecute guy throughout comp sci, dana's friend
D KCollegesome guy on one of the projects for communications
DadCollegemy father
Damion _Politics
Dan BWorkcoworker, pm, WB
Dan CAnnonymousbri's old coworker from geek squad
Dan FCollegeroommate ashley's friend
Dana CFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Dana GFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Daniel AAnnonymoustricia's brother
Daniel KAnnonymousguy I met with irockville
Daniel MPoliticsbig bernie supporter; ran for county council at large
Daniel PFriend Of A Friendpatrick m's friend
Daniel, Waittress At Dough Roller 5/17/2014One Quote Person
Danny HWorkformer coworker
Daria FCollege2nd roommate rummy semester, college
Daryl EWorkused to be a coworker, nice guy, miss him
Dave BHigh schoolin entrepreneurship class & other
Dave CFriend Of A Friendmeg c's husband
Dave HFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Dave MAnnonymousscrap yard guy
Dave NFriend Of A Friendjon & jeff's friend
Dave SFriend Of A Friendpaul's neighboor who has the annual 4th of july parties
Dave ZzAnnonymousuncle george's friend; baracuda
David ECollegeit's david! miss this guy
David GaWorkcoworker
David GuWorkcoworker; 508 pdf guy
David LFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from ny
David MFriend Of A Friendshawn's friend's friend
David RCollegerebar! from comp sci everything
David TWorkcoworker
Dawn BWorkcoworker, accounting
Dawn FFriend Of A Frienderin's mom
Dawn PPortugalbook club friend
Deborah ZzzzzPortugallarry's wife
Dee Dee VCollegedee dee from comp sci
DeLaura WFriend Of A Frienderic w's wife
Denny JFriend Of A Friendkurt & mike's neighbor
Destiny CFriend Of A Friendalexis' friend
DeVPFriend Of A Friendmegan's coworkers husband
Diana WFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend in NY
Diane IWorkcoworker
Dick WWorkconsultant who does like BD or something
Dimitri DWorkcoworker, another hr
Dimitry ZzFriend Of A Friendstacy's boss' friend
Dinese EFriend Of A Friendkathleen g's friend
Donald OWAnnonymouskurt & mike's soon to be son
Donny RCollegetricia's old boyfriend
Dora ZFriend Of A Friendpablo's wife? uncle george's friend of like 30 years
Doug TNeighboraunt janets next door neighboor
Doug ZzFriend Of A Friendkavita's husband
Doug ZzzzFriend Of A Friendone of shy's vermont friends
Dr AugustWorkguy at work
Dr BarnettCollegecalculus II - III prof
Dr ChitsazCollegeprobably 1 of the best prof
Dr CrallCollegecomp sci professor at fsu, had her for a few classes
Dr Dana WCollegeour professor & friend from frostburg, comp sci professor; doctor dana
Dr HoffmanCollegephysical science teacher i believe
Dr KesslerCollegegeo lab professor
Dr LemmertCollegemath 380 professor
Dr MappesCollegeintro to philosophy teacher at fsu
Dr McShaneCollegetech writing professor, she's funny
Dr MillsCollegemy music professor
Dr MooreCollegeeveryone knows dr moore, sociology!
Dr PrasadCollegeprofessor of my geo class
Dr SlemmerCollegecomp sci professor, nice guy
Dr TracyCollegecomp sci professor, stay away!
Dr WakefieldCollegeintro to education professor
Dr WallingerCollegei don't know how this woman became a doctor, she's an evil communications prof
Dr WeimerCollegepre calculus teacher at fsu, funny guy
Dr White (geography)Collegegeography dr white, funny guy!
Dr White (math)Collegecalculus I professor in college
Drew BFriend Of A Friendjeanie's husband
Drew CFriend Of A Frienddamion's friend
Drew TFriend Of A Friendtim's friend
Dude Over Uncle Georges 2/7/15Friend Of A Frienddude over uncle george's
Dwight PWorkcoworker, rightie
Dylan RFamilymy cousin
Ed FPoliticsbernie guy
Ed MAnnonymouspolitical friend
Eileen DFriend Of A Frienddimitri's x wife
EJ CFriend Of A Friendjames' friend
Elizabeth AFriend Of A Friendernie's girlfriend
Elizabeth MFamilybrian's cousin
Elizabeth ZzFriend Of A Friendjosh (shawn's friend's)'s girlfriend
Ella MAnnonymouserin & bear's kid
Ellen VWorkcoworker, cool person
Emily RFriend Of A Friendjoe's college friend
Emily SFriend Of A Friendjoe's friend
Eric WWorkcoworker
Erica OFriend Of A Friendtim's old roomie
Erika SlFriend Of A Friendjen's sister
Erin BHigh schooli took ap comp sci with him
Erin LAnnonymousfriend, married to brian m
Erin WFriend Of A Friendgirl at one of mike's parties, don't know her
Ernie AWorkmy old mentor from my old job
Esmarelda ZzzzOne Quote Personcool girl we met at the beach
Eva SaFriend Of A Friendken sa's daughter; heidi's niece
Evan BWorkintern at work
Evie CFamilymy niece
Falling Waters Tour GuideOne Quote Personwoman who was our tour guide at falling waters
Fanchon FFriend Of A Friendallan's girlfriend
Fides GCollegeguy in software engineering
Frank FWorkcoworker
Frank HFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Frank ZzzOne Quote Persondude at an outdoor concert in nola
Gabe TFriend Of A Frienda guy i met through tim
Gabriel BFriend Of A Friendtrevor b's son
Gail SAnnonymousfriend of mari g's
Gary PFriend Of A Friendkerri's next door neighbor
Geni BFriend Of A Friendtrevor b's wife; kurt & mike's neighbor
George MCollegeguy used to hang out around cambridge my sophmore year
Gershon BWorkcoworker, pdf guy
Gillian BHigh schoolold hs friend
Girl At Sarku 4/26/2012One Quote Person
Glen MAnnonymoustrivia night guy
Glen's Replacement GuyOne Quote Personnot glen, the temp guy at trivia night
Grace BFriend Of A Friendbri's coworker
Greg ECollegeleslie's old boyfriend
Greg HaOne Quote Persondude i met at expat hh
Greg NAnnonymousmet from irockville; designer
Guy At FiresideOne Quote Personguy at the fireside inn bar for trivia night
Hack RHigh schoolgirl from hs
Hana GNeighborneighbor
Harry RFriend Of A Friendguy at tricia's halloween party
Heather ZzFriend Of A Friendmegan ca's friend
Helen EPoliticsmet at progressive groups
Helena NPortugal
Henry EAnnonymousmoco 4 bernie
Holly CCollegeperson in cambridge sophmore year, i think
Holly SFriend Of A Friendhelen's neighbor
Howard TWorkco worker
Ian KFriend Of A Friendtricia's coworker
Ivy JFriend Of A FriendKurt & Mike's Other Neighbor
Jac BFriend Of A Friendpatrick d's sister
Jack ZWorkcoworker, WB
Jackie CCollegecomp sci jackie!
Jackie FCollegequad mate of leslie & tricia, crazy girl
Jacquolin DFriend Of A Friendpatrick d's sister
Jade GFriend Of A Friendmegan ca's friend
Jake LFriend Of A Friendjon s' partner
Jake TFriend Of A Friendseth's friend from school
James BWorkcoworker from it; pokemon go
James MFamilyuncle george's son
James MiFriend Of A Friendfriend i met at a new years eve party, friends w/ my sis 2
James MoFamilyuncle george's brother
James PCollegerandom dude, brian knows him, i used to talk to him in cultural minoirities
Janelle AFriend Of A Friendtricia's mom
Janice FFriend Of A Friendtricia's friend
Janie WAnnonymouswynne's relative
Jarvis GFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from england who lives in nyc, cool guy, looks like kevin spacy <3
Jasmine TCollegejackie c's friend
Jason FFriend Of A Friendleslie's husband
Jason GAnnonymousyoung kid, with scrap yard guy
Jason HFamilybri's cousin
Jason PCollegedaria's friend
Jason WCollegedaria's other friend jason
Jason ZzzzFriend Of A Friendaaron & sabrina's friend
Jay LuPortugalmet him at a digital nomad meetup in lagos
Jay RFriend Of A Friendricky's friend
Jayna CFriend Of A Friendmegan wi's friend
Jeanie BWorkcoworker and friend from work
Jeff CFriend Of A Friendpaul h's friend from frostburg
Jeff DFriend Of A Frienddawn & jon's friend
Jeff HFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from brooklyn
Jeff LAnnonymousmom's boyfriend
Jeff SWorkcoworker who lives in seattle
Jen RNeighborfriend
Jennifer CAnnonymouswynne's daughter
Jennifer FFriend Of A Friendperson at tricia's halloween party, her coworker
Jennifer MFriend Of A Friendstacy's ciropractor friend's friend
Jeremy WFriend Of A Friendfriend of aaron & sabrina
Jess WCollegefriend from college, political science class
Jesse HFriend Of A Friendcool gal i met at one of tricia's parties
Jessica ANeighbormarc's co worker, friend
Jewell PWorkcoworker
Jim BWorkgood friend, old boss
Jim GFriend Of A Friendmel's husband
Jim MAnnonymousOR guy; progressive; nice guy
Joanne BFriend Of A Friendjohnny z's wife; friend of megan c
Joao RPortugalpetra's husband
Joaquim RPortugalmet at lagos tech circle
Joe BWorkdrupal coworker
Joe CFamilybrian's brother, my brother in law i guess
Joe KFriend Of A Frienderin's coworker
Joe WCollegestudent in my freshman english class
Joel BFriend Of A Friendandrei's friend
Joel WAnnonymouskate's dad
Joey WCollegevalarie's boyfriend, guy friend
John CWorkcoworker, temp
John ZzFriend Of A Frienddude with a tiki bar, uncle george's friend
Johnny ZFriend Of A Friendfriend of megan c's
Jon BFriend Of A Frienddawn's hubby
Jon SWorkkurt & my coworker; 508 guy
Jon TAnnonymousguy i met in motorcycle class
Jonah HFriend Of A Friendmegan w's friend
Jonothan ZzAnnonymousmet him at irockville
Jordan WCollegestrange guy who we hung out with a little bit rummy semester, wants to be a doctor
Josh HCollegeold pal from college, used to hang out around cambridge & gray a lot
Josh MWorkworked with him, .net guy
Josh TAnnonymousmoco for bernie guy
Josh ZzzFriend Of A Friendknow from galaxy at war
Joshua HAnnonymousdoctor
Jovanka CCollegecoworker who used to work for us
Joy JFriend Of A Friendkurt & mike's friend
Juan HCollegeguy in my main sw engineering group
Julia GWorkcoworker
Julia JCollegestudent in my geography class
Julie KCollegefriend in my freshman english class
Justin KCollegetricia's friend, funny guy
Karen BFriend Of A Friendfriend of someone at the bar crawl
Karen HFriend Of A Friendold hs friend who went to severna park hs
Karen RFriend Of A Friendwynne's friend
Kari DFriend Of A Friendleslie's stepmom
Kate CFamilybri's brother's wife
Kate SmPortugalmet in portuguese class
Kathleen GPoliticsbernie friend
Kathleen WWorkcoworker, pm
Kathy WWorkpm from work, WB
Katie HFriend Of A Friendhelen's neighbor
Katie HaCollegetricia's friend from college
Kavita TCollegepretty cool girl i met in frostburg through paul
Kelly HFriend Of A Friendshawn's friend
Kelsey WWorkcoworker; business analyst
Ken RPoliticscheerleader
Ken SFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Ken SaAnnonymousheidi's bro
Kendal MPortugaldude from portugal meetups
Kenneth AOne Quote Personuber driver in vegas
Kenneth JHigh schoolfriend of a million years ago, haven't talked to him in years
Kenny BFriend Of A Friendmom's ex-boyfriend; great guy!
Kenny WFriend Of A Friendshawn r's friend
Kent LWorkcoworker, WB
Kerri CFriend Of A Friendbill c's sister; his treasurer
Kevin TFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Kim BFriend Of A Friendcool friend, know through dimitri
Kim KFriend Of A Friendjoe k's wife
Kim MoFamilyuncle george's wife
Kim RFriend Of A Friendmy coworker, mike's, wife
Kim SFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Kim T's DadAnnonymousnot sure of his name, kim, dad's fiance
Kim WAnnonymousjen r's sister
Kirin CAnnonymousshawn & jen's old nextdoor neighbors kid
Kirk SFriend Of A Friendseth's friend
Kristie WFriend Of A Friendbecky's sister in law
Kristin KWorkcoworker
Kristin MWorkcoworker
Kurt WWorkex-coworker
Kyle BFriend Of A Friendroni's hubby, erin's friend
Kyle WFriend Of A Frienddana's sister in law
Lady At Flea MarketOne Quote Persona random person at the flea market
Latora FFriend Of A Friendjen's coworker
Laura BFriend Of A Friendalan's mom
Laura HFriend Of A Friendjonah h's wife; friend of megan we
Laura PCollegemy roommate chelsea's friend, don't know her
Lauren PCollegeleslie's friend, person who lived in cambridge rummy semester
Laurie ACollegeperson from english class
Layla SWorkcoworker, pretty cool gal
Leah WFriend Of A Friendkurt's dog
Lee CAnnonymousthe lee camp!
Lee MFriend Of A Friendseth's friend from frostburg
LeeAnn MFriend Of A Frienduncle george's old neighbor
LeeAnn SFriend Of A Friendbryan s's wife
Leigh WAnnonymouswynne's step mom
Lena SFriend Of A Friendheidi's niece
Lenny MFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend, nice guy
Lenny RFriend Of A Friendstacy's chiropractor friend/boss
Leroy CWorkmy coworker, he went over to NIH
Leslie BCollegeit's leslie! met her in college, still friends
Lew GWorkcoworker, database admin
Liana SFriend Of A Friendbryan s's wife
Liane JFriend Of A Friendfriend of uncle george's
Lily TWorkformer coworker
Linda DCollegeolder woman i met in geography class, fsu
Linda LAnnonymousperson from party 7/1/2011
Linda TNeighboraunt janets next door neighboor
Lindsey TCollegesome girl on one of the projects for communications
Lisa MFriend Of A Friendpaul's cousin's friend
Lisa NFriend Of A Friendrochelle's friend i think
Lisa PFriend Of A Frienderica's friend
Liz FFriend Of A Friendmy sister's old hs friend
Liz MHigh schoolold friend from hs
Lokie RFamilyaunt janet's dog
Long DFriend Of A Friendbryan s' friend
Loreal BCollegealan b's sister
Lorise MFriend Of A Frienderica's friend
Louie SFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Lucy CCollegegirl in geography study group
Luke JAnnonymousprogressive, bernie guy, awesome dude
Lydia NFriend Of A Friendperson chilling at UG's
M GFriend Of A Friendtom g's girlfriend
Madhu RWorkcmmi guy from work
Maggie SFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Maggie StAnnonymousfrom irockville
Mahamadou DWorkcoworker who does nextjs
Malinda WCollegeperson in my physical science group
Mandy MiFriend Of A Friendmike o's neighbor
Mandy SNeighborneighboor, cool gal, mother to ashley & alexis
Marc EAnnonymousperson with county
Marc GNeighborneighboor, good friend, he's very good
Marc MWork.net guy from work
Marcus PWorkcoworker
Mari GFriend Of A Friendmolly's girlscout leader
Maria BFriend Of A Friendmark b's wife, friend of shawn
Mario GAnnonymouskurt & mike's foster kid
Marissa RCollegestudent teacher for freshman english seminars
Mark BFriend Of A Friendshawn's friend
Mark CFriend Of A Friendmet going to hershey park, megan's boyfriend
Mark PWorkcontractor
Marlana RFriend Of A Friendbri's coworker
Marlene RPortugalperson we met at hhs
Mary WAnnonymousmike w's sister
Mason NFriend Of A Friendneighborhood kid
Masoud DWorkthe boss man
Mat WWorkboss
Matt AdAnnonymousmet at moco 4 bernie meetup
Matt AnFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from ny
Matt DOne Quote Personguy we met at brewers alley
Matt EWorkcoworker
Matt FWorkmy old boss, good guy
Matt RFriend Of A Friendbri's coworkers friend
Matt WiAnnonymousmegan wi's husband
Matt ZzFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Matty WFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from pointless
Maureen DFriend Of A Friendallison's sister's friend
Max BHigh schoolallison's brother
Mazooz AWorkpizza delivery guy at dominos, co worker, good friend
Meg CFriend Of A Friendfriend of andy w
Meg HFriend Of A Friendpatrick's girlfriend
Megan CFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend
Megan CuFriend Of A Friendbri's coworker
Megan MHigh schoolhs pal, don't talk to her anymore
Megan McFriend Of A Friendbri's coworker
Megan OfFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend
Megan RFamilymy cousin
Megan WFriend Of A Friendallison's friend's sister
Megan WiAnnonymousgame night friend; matt wi's wife
Mel OPoliticsmoco for bernie!
Meredith SFriend Of A Friendseth's wife
Mi GAnnonymous
Michael DWorkboss son
Michael LWorkcoworker; great guy
Michael PPortugaldawn p's husband
Michael ZzzzPortugalportuguese class; around the marina
Michelle DWorkaccounting helper
Michelle GNeighborsteve g's wife
Mike AFriend Of A Friendroshy's boyfriend
Mike BFriend Of A Friendfriend of tricia's
Mike CAnnonymoussome random dude we met at erin's appt complex
Mike DCollegejackie's friend, nice guy, comp sci dude
Mike FiFriend Of A Friendsteve c's friend
Mike IFriend Of A Friendold friend of dad's
Mike MFriend Of A Friendtim's friend
Mike NAnnonymousguy we met at a car meetup
Mike OFriend Of A Friendkurt's husband
Mike PAnnonymousguy we met in ocean city; followed us bar hopping
Mike RWorkcoworker, awesome dude
Mike SFriend Of A Frienderika s' hubby
Mike ShFriend Of A Friendjen & shawn's neighbor
Mike SlFriend Of A Friendjen r's brother in law
Mike SpFriend Of A Friendtravis' buddy
Mike TFriend Of A Friendperson who did kurt & mike's bathroom
Mila JFriend Of A Friendpolitical friend
Mitch SHigh schoolshawn r's friend
Mitch SiFriend Of A Friendshawn r's friend
Mitch's friendFriend Of A Friendto be determined...
Molly RFriend Of A Friendshawn & jen's daughter
MomFamilymy mother
Monique SWorkcoworker, hr
Moose The Sword SwallowerOne Quote Person
Mr AustinAnnonymoustricia's dad
Mr BernierWorksarah's dad, worked for him summer of 04 & winter 05
Mr ButlerHigh schoolallison's dad
Mr CFamilybri's dad
Mr EmeryAnnonymousdavid's dad
Mr FiedlerCollegebusiness 100 teacher, former mayor of cumberland
Mr FroyHigh schoolbroadneck teacher
Mr GrigsbyHigh schoolentrepreneurship teacher in hs
Mr HarichAnnonymouspaul's dad
Mr KozikHigh schoolmy guidance counselor from hs, funny guy
Mr LFamilylawyer
Mr SchwenkeHigh schoolmy old teacher from highschool, best teacher ever
Mr TurbinCollegeour land lord
Mrs AustinAnnonymoustricia's mom
Mrs BlanksAnnonymousallan's mom
Mrs ButlerHigh schoolallison's mom
Mrs CFamilybri's mom
Mrs HarichAnnonymouspaul's mom
Mrs JelligHigh schoolpre calc teacher
Mrs JellisonHigh schoolcomp sci teacher in hs
Mrs SchwenkeAnnonymousmr schwenke's wife, obviously
Ms K EmeryCollegedavid's mom
Nancy MAnnonymouspaul's grand mother
Natalia CFriend Of A Friendjames m's friend
Natalie BFriend Of A Friendtricia & travis' daughter
Neighboor With Pom PomNeighborrandom neighboor who we were talking to one day
Nelson NFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Nichole TFriend Of A Friendtim's friend
Nichole WCollegeperson from english class
Nick CCollegeperson in ai group
Nick MAnnonymouspaul's uncle nick
Nick MaloyCollegecollege friend
Nicki SFriend Of A Friendjen's friend from work
Nik HWorkcoworker from SSS
Nikki WAnnonymouskurt & mike's neighbor
Noah HFriend Of A Friendsarah h's husband
Norm ZzFriend Of A Friendbryan s's friend
Oran ZzzzPortugalmet random places
Pat PFriend Of A Friendbri's ex-coworker
Pat ZzFriend Of A Friendsteven ce's friend
Pathana IFriend Of A Friendpaul's cousin's friend
Patrick DFriend Of A Friendbecky's ex-husband
Patrick MFamilyuncle george's son
Patrick WWorkrecruiter from work
Patty DFriend Of A Friendmonique's friend
Patty FFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend in NYC
Paul BAnnonymouscarpet salesman; nice guy
Paul DCollegesome guy somewhere sophmore year
Paul GAnnonymousbernie peep
Paul HHigh schoolfriend from way back in high school
Person At Erin & Bear's Party 2018-10-26Friend Of A Friend
Person At Frostburg WalmartOne Quote Personsome random person at walmart
Person At Party 10/28/11One Quote Personan older chinese guy
Person At Party 12/14/2013One Quote Person
Person In Calculus ICollegesome person in my calculus I class
Person In Coffee Shop 3/16/11One Quote Persona lady in the coffee shop
Person In Computer EthicsCollegekid in my computer ethics class
Person In Descrete MathCollegestudent in my descrete math class
Person In Freshman EnglishCollegestudent in my freshman english class
Person In GeographyCollegeguy in geography study group
Person In HistoryCollegeperson from my history class, sophmore year
Person In LibraryCollegestudying at the library one day, some random person sophmore year
Person In PhilosophyCollegeperson in my philosophy class
Person In Physical Science ClassCollegea person from my physical science class
Person In SociologyCollegeperson taking sociology in dr moores class
Person On Flight 1/14/10One Quote Persona guy on our flight to vegas
Person On NYC Bus 9/26/10One Quote Persongirl talking on a cell phone
Pete ZzFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend in bermuda
Peter FWorkcoworker, WB
Peter MWorkcoworker, database guy, motorcycle guy too
Peter ZzFriend Of A Friendsalmon's friend
Petra RPortugalacquaintance in portugal
Phil DHigh schoolsenior prom date, knew in hs
Phil HWorkcoworker; drupal guy
Phil HoFriend Of A Frienddamion's friend
Prof FlinnCollegeevery1 knows this guy in comp sci
Prof HughesCollegejohn, hard professor, nice guy though, used to drink w/ him
Prof McGovernCollegehistory professor in college
Prof MichealsCollegediscrete math prof at fsu
Prof SarafinCollegemy intro to world politics professor at frostburg
Prof Smith (psycology)Collegeawesome psyc professor
Prof TheilCollegetaught digital logic
Psycho WFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Qais SWorkcoworker, WB
Rachael AFriend Of A Friendtricia's sister
Rachel IFriend Of A Friendmike o's friend
Rachelle BAnnonymousallison's sister
Ralph HWorkflash developer
Randall LPoliticsgreen dems
Ray CFriend Of A Friendhelen e's friend
Ray LFriend Of A Friendleslie's boyfriend
Ray ZzFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Reese RHigh schoolhs don't remember
Rene QPortugalbeer friend in portugal
Repair Guy At GrayCollegeguy who repaired something in my room sophmore year
Rex WiFriend Of A Friendmegan & matt's son
Ric RWorkcoworker, only there sparatically
Rich LWorkvp, WB
Rich MiFriend Of A Friendmike o's neighbor
Richard EPortugalguy i met from portuguese class
Rick MAnnonymousjessica a's college friend
Rick NAnnonymousguy i met in motorcycle class
Rick WCollegei guess another rick i know from college, sophmore year
Ricky BHigh schoolfriend from hs, don't really talk anymore
Ricky CFriend Of A Friendjovanka's fiance
Rob CWorkphp guy
Rob PWorkguy at prologic
Robbie WFriend Of A Friendmy sister's friend
Robbie ZzOne Quote Persondude we met at oc october show 2016
Robecca DFriend Of A Friendmike d's wife
Rohit BWorkcoworker
Roju RAnnonymousmet from irockville; doctor
Ron SoWorksys admin, WB
Ron StNeighbordad's neighboor, i knew him since i was little
Roni MFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Roshy RFamilymy cousin
Roxanne ZzFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighborhood machanic
Ryan AFriend Of A Friendseth's friend
Ryan CCollegenot sure where i know this guy from
Ryan LAnnonymousmet a few times
Ryan MFriend Of A Friendfriend of seth's
Ryan MarFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend in NY
Ryan MoFamilyuncle george's son, same age as me
Ryan YFriend Of A Friendpatrick's friend
Sabrina PPoliticsone of my best friends
Salmon SFriend Of A Friendbri's coworker
Salvi DWorkcoworker
Sam MWorkguy at work
Sam WHigh schoolknew in hs physics w/ schwenke
Sara GHigh schoolwebmaster's club in hs, used to hang out a lot
Sara KHWorkcoworker; bah
Sara MFriend Of A Friendfriend of a friend from hs
Sarah BCollegeit's sarah rebar! everyone knows sarah
Sarah EFriend Of A Friendseth's friend from frostburg
Sarah HFriend Of A Friendseth's friend from frostburg
Sarah PCollegesome girl name sarah around cambridge i think
Sarah SCollegesarah in my sw engineering group
Sarah TFriend Of A Friendmeredith's friend from middleschool
Sars RHigh schoolhs friend, don't know her too well
Scott KHigh schoolhs friend, was a guidance aid w/ him
Scott MCollegeperson from english class
Scott PAnnonymousbernie our revolution meeting host
Sean BFriend Of A Friendstacy's boyfriend
S├ębastien TWorkcoworker; pm
S├ębastien ZzzPortugaltech meet up
Semona MAnnonymousmet at irockville
Seth WCollegeold buddy from college
Shahnaz DWorkboss lady
Shane SiFriend Of A Friendmitch's daughter
Shawn KWorkcoworker, .net guy, WB
Shawn RNeighborneighbor, good friend
Shy RAnnonymousbernie peep
SmokeyAnnonymousmom's friend, good guy
Smoo TFriend Of A Frienda guy we met with Megan C
Sonny SFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbors dad
Sonny WFriend Of A Friendmegan wi & matt wi's friend
Speaker At Prom PromiseHigh schoolnot sure of his name
Stacey HCollegeperson in my communications class
Stefani OPoliticsour revolution person
Stefanie MCollegefriend at frostburg, don't talk to her anymore
Stephanie HFriend Of A Frienderin's friend
Stephanie LFriend Of A Friendtricia's old hs friend
Stephanie WiFriend Of A Friendmatt wi's sister
Stephen HCollegemy history paper partner
Steve CFriend Of A Frienddude from massachusetts
Steve GNeighborneighbor
Steve GrFriend Of A Frienddamion's bro
Steve MFriend Of A Friendbri's friend from automotive class
Steve RAnnonymousbernie friend
Steve ScPortugalanother steve we met at expat happy hour; marlene r's hubby
Steve ZzzFriend Of A Friendbill c's step dad
Steven CePoliticspoliticing
Steven MFriend Of A Friendstacy's friend from ny
Stuart SWorkcoworker
Susan DFriend Of A Frienddrewt's friend
Suzanne BFriend Of A Friendbrie's wife
Suzanne WAnnonymousfamily friend
Suzi KAnnonymousmet through political stuff
Tamea UFriend Of A Frienddamion ??'s girlfriend
Tate KFriend Of A Frienduncle george's friend
Terrisa HFamilybri's aunt
Thomas KWorkpizza delivery guy at dominos, co worker
Thomas OWorkcoworker
Tim CAnnonymousfriend
Tim MAnnonymousirockville guy
Tina DAnnonymousstacy's friend from elementary school; we all grew up together
Tiny SCollegeeric from like everything i took my first 2 years of college, big guy
Tisha TCollegestudent in my freshman english class
Todd JFriend Of A Friendmegan & matt's friend; colorado
Tom CCollegecomp sci guy, had him in a few classes
Tom ChAnnonymouswynne's husband
Tom DFriend Of A Friendjoy's friend
Tom GFriend Of A Frienduncle george's neighbor
Tom KWorkcool guy from my third job; met at happy hour
Tom MCollegeannoying tom from comp sci
Tommy LFriend Of A Frienddanny h's friend
Tommy LaFriend Of A Friendmegan wi's stepdad
Tony FFriend Of A Friendmatt we's friend
Tony MAnnonymouspaul's aunt
Tony ZzFriend Of A Friendguy at megan's birthday party
Tonya RFriend Of A Friendmegan ca's friend
Travis BCollegetricia's now husband!!!
Trevor BFriend Of A Friendkurt & mike's neighbor
Tricia BCollegemy tricia, maden name a, it's tricia!
Tristan ZCollegeperson around the dorms one day, i think
Trivia Lady At SaphireOne Quote Persontrivia night, saphire in bethesda md
Tuyen HFriend Of A Frienddanny h's wife
Tyler MCollegefriend from college
Tylor WCollegestudent in my freshman english class
Uncle DaveFamilybrian's uncle
Uncle EdFamilymy great uncle ed, died in 2007, he was a great man
Uncle GeorgeFamilymy uncle george, not really an uncle but close enough
Uncle MikeFamilymy uncle!
Uncle NeilFamilybri's uncle
Usif HFriend Of A Frienddana's boy toy
Uttam DWorkcoworker, sp dev, WB
Vahram RFriend Of A Friendleslie's boyfriend, nice guy
Valarie MCollegeroommate for my second year of college
Vaughn RaOne Quote Personsome dude we met at a bar in bermuda
Virginia TWorksomeone who worked with bri & i at country trains
Waiter At McGinty's 2/4/16One Quote Personcool waiter watching the debate with us
Waiter At Raku 7/22/09One Quote Personour waiter at Raku
Waitress At A T ROne Quote Person
Waittress At East Oriental 6/24/16One Quote PersonWaittress At East Oriental 6/24/16
Waittress At TGI Friday's 1/11/08One Quote Personwaittress at tgi friday's
Walt WFriend Of A Friendseth's friend from frostburg
Wan WCollegesome guy at cambridge sophmore year, i think
Wanda TFriend Of A Friendshawn & Jen's neighbor
Wendy MCollegecollege summer planning, only met once
Will MaAnnonymousmet him down at oc for crusin week 2015
Will PAnnonymousaccountant
Wilson MFriend Of A Friendmegan ca's friend
Winston MWorkcoworker at MORI
Woman At Dog Park 1/7/12One Quote Personwoman i met at the dog park
Woman At Party 12/17/10One Quote Personcompany christmas party
Wynne GWorkproject manager
Xin LWork.net developer from work, WB
Xu LWorkguy who used to work at work
Yesena RFriend Of A Friendjeremy w's wife; friend of sabrina & aaron
Zarah MFriend Of A Friendkurt's coworker
______High schoolmet through bookclub