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Lost Quote Sheets


REWARD: $1,000

My life's work is quotes so it's very sad to lose a quote sheet. Those memories I will never get back. I use quotes as a way to remember things. When I lose a quote sheet it is very painful and sad.

Circa Quote DatesHow It Was LostMissing Memories
12/30/2016 - 1/1/2017 Bri accidently washed it with my clothes. Lost all of friday night's quotes with Kurt & Mike as we played Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity. Also lost all quotes from our friends New Years Eve/Wedding Reception party. This quote sheet is tough to lose.
7/27/2014 I just lost it. We helped Bri's coworker move. Her friend who was helping her was really funny and said a lot of funny stuff.
6/7/2007 We had a squirt gun fight at the Germantown apartment and the quote sheet got destroyed. Quotes from the hangout and squirt gun fight.
3/17/2007 - 3/21/2007 I just lost it. Singing karaoke, etc with Leslie and people. Quotes from the weekend.
3/21/2004 - 3/24/2004 Lost it in the washer. Weekend trip home from college. Probably other hang outs.

There were also other times in my life where I couldn't write quotes down due to the environment, etc. Those memories are lost, too.