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  • "I was in the wrong side of the car so I must have been European." - Kurt W (04/26/2013) (pic)

  • "No I wanna savor the moment." - Uncle George (11/26/2016) (pic)
    kim whip creamed him

  • "What do you know about Bertucci's?" "It's an Italian restaurant." - Brian C & Janny M (08/14/2010) (pic)


  • "That's a whole tree!" - Uncle George (08/23/2014) (pic)
    shelby got a whole tree

  • "Where am I going to find $500?" "I don't know. Every other bill." - Janny M & Brian C (04/16/2011) (pic)
    i was quite wealthy

  • "What is it?" "It's an American!" - Brian C & Uncle George (03/02/2012) (pic)

  • "This is why I can't draw a penis." - Bear M (06/03/2017) (pic)

  • "David, how could you?" - Janny M (02/12/2010) (pic)
    i pushed all the elevator buttons & blamed it on david

  • "Cloud perches on the edge of reason searching for her favorite beer." - Janny M (03/05/2011) (pic)
    perfect statement... and she was on the fridge

  • "It's just a picture frame!" - Janny M (06/26/2010) (pic)
    there was no picture or anything in it!

  • "The seat's taken." - Stacy M (10/10/2015) (pic)
    like forrest gump

  • "Somebody get my husbands erection back." - Janny M (10/27/2007) (pic)

  • "Those are biologically inaccurate." - Arlene A (06/10/2021) (pic)
    the flamingos

  • "That's a pterodactyl?" - Mike O (03/01/2013) (pic)

  • "Do you have a table?" - Kathleen G (05/26/2019) (pic)
    she was sitting at it

  • "What is this? A fricken frat party?" - Megan Wi (08/02/2019) (pic)
    plastic cups for our beer?!?

  • "I already have one like this." - Seth W (09/18/2010) (pic)

  • "Oh, no, the two little pillows." - Aunt Ruth (07/05/2009) (pic)
    bri got the big pillow

  • "I ain't too heavy for this, am I?" - Psycho W (06/13/2009) (pic)

  • "That's the flower car." - Tate K (12/14/2018) (pic)

  • "I match my beer now." - Jen R (06/22/2018) (pic)
    she got sunburned

  • "You gotta sit by the trash. Making sure people recycle." - Matt Wi (08/03/2022) (pic)

  • "Trust me, I'll make suspenders cool again." - Stacy M (07/03/2009) (pic)

  • "There's more deaths due to cheese steaks." - Jeff D (01/23/2016) (pic)
    people want their cheese steaks in the snow

  • "They look like..." - Janny M (12/12/2008) (pic)
    i turned my head

  • "This is what my hair would look like if I were having sex?" - Leslie B (10/30/2009) (pic)

  • "It looks like poop..." - Mike O (02/23/2018) (pic)
    the dogs got the chamagne cork

  • "That guy was probably an a*****e." - Janny M (09/29/2017) (pic)
    there was a small retirement party going on

  • "Look at this dude leading his woman around." - Jeff D (01/25/2016) (pic)
    dude and his dog

  • "I'm gonna call corporate about their cheese." - Dimitri D (08/17/2010) (pic)
    it's not blue!

  • "It's called fashion." - Leslie B (02/19/2011) (pic)
    her purse

  • "The cookie symmetry is off." - Leslie B (12/31/2009) (pic)

  • "Her neck is sweaty from the beads." - Kate C (03/24/2013) (pic)

  • "Well there is a chain, there's just nothing to put it into." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Brian C (01/23/2016) (pic)

  • "Keep away the monsters." - Andrei A (08/26/2022) (pic)
    bedroom light

  • "I should dress up one year." "Yeah. Okay." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/19/2017) (pic)
    t-rex costume!


  • "How else would you draw boobs?" "Lots of ways." - Janny M & Erin L (05/12/2017) (pic)

  • "Glass beads. It's like he's at a f**king spa." - Erin L (12/08/2017) (pic)
    lucifer's bowl has glass beads in it

  • "I swear that Wine Merchant looks like my ex girlfriend." - Heidi C (01/01/2023) (pic)

  • "A Volvo with no emblems is still a Volvo." - Brian C (04/01/2012) (pic)
    the volvo had no emblems

  • "That was three months ago." - Brian C (10/08/2016) (pic)
    happy bday bob

  • "I'll give him an A for creativity." - Uncle George (05/20/2017) (pic)
    car that they made into a truck bed

  • "Oh no, I can't get in." - Jeff D (02/26/2016) (pic)

  • "Wiki? Can you hear me? You're almost to China." - Janny M (10/08/2010) (pic)
    wiki digging a hole

  • "I'll just sit here and look at the cacti." - Howard T (08/20/2008) (pic)

  • "I was just sitting in it." - Shawn R (07/11/2009) (pic)
    his chair broke

  • "That looks really ghetto." - Erin L (08/06/2011) (pic)

  • "I'm sorry to inform you... Your plant didn't make it." "Oh, I'm growing it like that." - Brian C & Leslie B (05/29/2010) (pic)

  • "Nothing beats this guys produce." - Dimitri D (10/16/2010) (pic)
    get it? the guy is selling beats

  • "I don't have enough leg room." - Janny M (06/17/2016) (pic)
    i said to layla

  • "I'll just sit here and think of you." - Megan Wi (10/21/2022) (pic)
    that weird pic...

  • "I call this ode the clitoris." - Bear M (05/23/2014) (pic)
    napkin folding

  • "That's a man's umbrella." - Stacy M (07/27/2008) (pic)
    u'll see the pic

  • "No wonder they're losing. They're missing a player." - Bear M (10/16/2011) (pic)
    the redskins were losing

  • "Think of the people who have to live on this thing." "Really?" - Janny M & Matt Wi (05/31/2019) (pic)
    get corruption to get rid of corruption!

  • "How am I supposed to work my way around these eye balls?" - Patrick W (02/12/2010) (pic)
    my stapler has eyes

  • "See? Wiki could do that." - Kate C (04/10/2011) (pic)

  • "We're putting you right there." - Kurt W (12/24/2015) (pic)
    to me; a chair aloof from the table they were sitting

  • "So this is breast milk..." - Tricia B (02/12/2011) (pic)

  • "It's on low." - Shawn R (10/22/2011) (pic)

  • "They're probably not going to take those sticks but I thought I'd give it a try." - Heidi C (09/06/2018) (pic)

  • "What is this? A weapon?" - Erin L (07/19/2013) (pic)

  • "We gotta make a beer run." - Uncle George (10/15/2011) (pic)
    as you can see, we had plenty

  • "Are you on a leash?" - Stacy M (04/08/2012) (pic)
    her bed was on a leash

  • "Now you said put it anywhere, right?" - Brian C (12/25/2010) (pic)

  • "Do you wanna take a seat? In the only seat blocking the statue?" - Stacy M (03/05/2011) (pic)

  • "There's a big weed. Try to pull that out." - Uncle George (03/20/2011) (pic)

  • "I can't do two at once." "Yes you can. I saw pictures." - Leslie B & Janny M (06/12/2010) (pic)

  • "My dad had the same kind of style of chair!" "Didn't everyone's parents?" - Janny M & Patrick D (09/01/2018) (pic)

  • "Well it wouldn't be the same if I didn't do this." - Aunt Ruth (05/23/2010) (pic)
    she always spills on her shirt

  • "It's like I'm drinking a f**king iced tea." - Janny M (07/08/2017) (pic)
    ice in my beer

  • "Yeah, you actually look like a crab when you do that." - Mandy S (06/20/2008) (pic)
    i was captin crab!

  • "September isn't going to be a very good month for you, Uncle George..." - Janny M (12/24/2011) (pic)
    small breasts...

  • "What'd you say Floretta? I'll shoot you in the leaf!" - Dimitri D (12/28/2007) (pic)

  • "You didn't even have a gun." - Seth W (02/04/2011) (pic)
    seth's little dude that killed five guys

  • "That's too tall... this one." - Stacy M (12/21/2010) (pic)

  • "We look like gypsies!" - Heidi C (05/09/2021) (pic)
    we had our camping chairs in the rv since it was raining & we wanted to sit down

  • "Could you quit making the fallen masturbate?" - Shawn R (07/11/2009) (pic)

  • "That's why you don't go on drugs." - James M (06/20/2009) (pic)
    what uncle george looks like


  • "Right between the butt checks." - Paul H (06/10/2021) (pic)

  • "Never have I ever... Worn white socks and rested one foot on the other..." - Stacy M (03/05/2011) (pic)
    we all were doing that

  • "Seth can take Asia." - Jake T (03/30/2012) (pic)
    seth is in red

  • "These ain't all mine." - Dave H (08/20/2011) (pic)

  • "This yours?" "Yeah. What?" - Janny M & Andrei A (08/26/2022) (pic)
    the room he had was a kids room with a bunk bed

  • "What are you hunting over there? Deer?" - Clara D (07/15/2010) (pic)
    isn't it obvious?

  • "It looks like a heart shaped ass." - Dimitri D (10/12/2009) (pic)

  • "I hate paper and dogs who pee on trees..." - Ernie A (02/14/2008) (pic)
    floretta's voice, if she were to print a personal ad

  • "I didn't get any cherries in my drink!" - Alex B (12/01/2017) (pic)
    he got beer

  • "They are grouping up in two's." - Jeff D (07/23/2015) (pic)
    the pool balls... kinda like men's balls

  • "It looks like a big pencil." - Brian C (10/15/2011) (pic)

  • "Shawn, do you have an axe to grind?" - Janny M (06/24/2016) (pic)

  • "God damn drunks." - Uncle George (02/19/2017) (pic)
    his dogs

  • "This isn't stop. This is cuppage." - Leslie B (01/22/2011) (pic)

  • "Is that poop?" - Matt Wi (10/13/2019) (pic)

  • "Janis. Bling, bling turtle. What's up, ya?" - Megan R (12/25/2011) (pic)

  • "He says it was brand new. It looks like it was on the Bismark." - Uncle George (12/13/2014) (pic)
    his oil tank

  • "You mean a little pebble?" - Uncle George (09/05/2010) (pic)
    james' arm

  • "Stacy's packing job... Will's packing job." - Mr Harich (08/11/2009) (pic)
    stacy's box was on the right while will's was on the left

  • "What is he holding there? ...Something creme... I guess that's appropriate." - Howard T (04/07/2009) (pic)

  • "I was about to drink this." - Leslie B (04/16/2010) (pic)
    it's a candle

  • "Pat, that hammer's not going to work." - James M (12/24/2009) (pic)
    trying to break into the box!

  • "Yeah, I think you can take those signs down." - Brian C (06/24/2010) (pic)
    we weren't going 50

  • "Tricia, I can't even see you." - Janny M (09/17/2022) (pic)
    she was surrounded with smoke

  • "Are those... chicken nuggets?" - Kate C (11/28/2019) (pic)
    for thanksgiving; they were... for the kids

  • "Okay, does this look like punch?" - Tricia B (12/28/2012) (pic)

  • "What the f**k kinda stance is that?" - Fanchon F (04/27/2013) (pic)

  • "If she poops on me..." - James M (10/01/2011) (pic)
    their new dog, grizzly

  • "See how nice these lines are? I love these lines." - Dimitri D (10/31/2009) (pic)
    tape lines