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Name: Heidi C
Description: bernie friend
Know From: Politics
Top Person?: Yes
Active?: Yes
Number Of Quotes: 784
Making Quotes From: Monday, May 23, 2016 - Monday, June 10, 2024
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 8.1
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 97.4

Last 10 Quotes

"I personally know like three hundred lesbians and none of them have throat cancer." - Heidi C (06/10/2024)
michael douglas

"Wait, what are we talking about again?" - Heidi C (05/27/2024)

"It is embarrassing. I'm very uncomfortable in this position." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/21/2024)
being at the bottom

"Guess what? I could have bought a Province but I decided to be mean instead." - Heidi C (05/21/2024)
nice friend

"I want to say that I resisted playing the Catapult but as soon as one of y'all fired the first bird I was like f**k all y'all." - Heidi C (05/21/2024)

"Do you have Christie Noeme's phone number?" - Heidi C (05/14/2024)
benji was whining all the time

"In the wild, something would have eaten him by now." - Heidi C (05/14/2024)

"I'm just asking!" - Heidi C (05/14/2024)
poor benji

"I did that in a chaotic environment." - Heidi C (05/14/2024)

"Are you complaining about all the money you have?" - Heidi C (04/29/2024)

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