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Name: Janny M
Description: it's me, the Janny!
Blurb: i don't need a blurb, i would hope u know who i am, this is my website!
Know From: Annonymous
Top Person?: Yes
Active?: Yes
Number Of Quotes: 3,539
Making Quotes From: Thursday, May 9, 2002 - Thursday, May 23, 2024
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 13.4
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 160.6

Last 10 Quotes

"That was a salty one." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Glenn H (05/23/2024)
a french fry i ate

"It is embarrassing. I'm very uncomfortable in this position." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/21/2024)
being at the bottom

"I'm still alive, aren't I?" "Barely." - Janny M & Glenn H (04/25/2024)
the bad stuff they put into american food

"You can't buy land." "You're telling me." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/22/2024)

"You're so cute with your big brown eyes." "Thank you but my eyes are green." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/16/2024)
i was talking to lando

"Actually that's quite hard." "That's what she said." - Glenn H & Janny M (04/10/2024)
my mussle

"Good one, babe." "Thanks." "Oh, I meant my babe." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/08/2024)

"I didn't meant to hurt. I just meant to mame." "Oh, you mamed all right. You rapped and pillaged, too." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/01/2024)

"Does Wiki ever talk about me?" "Uh, he talks about pooping." "Me pooping?" - Heidi C & Janny M (03/25/2024)

"What? You have a lot of money?" "Elon? Is that you?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/18/2024)

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