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"So in the movies... we came up with movies..." "So in the World Cup..." - Janny M & Glenn H (07/11/2024)


"Well what did the vet say?" "She wants me to hire a behaviorist. I'm not sinking another dime into this dog. I've spent so much already." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/24/2024)

"I'm pretty good at swallowing quick." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/21/2024)

"It was really stiff this morning." "That's what she said." - Glenn H & Janny M (06/18/2024)
his knee from all the walking

"How was the food?" "British?" "Yeah..." - Janny M & Brian C & Michael H (06/13/2024)

"That was a salty one." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Glenn H (05/23/2024)
a french fry i ate

"It is embarrassing. I'm very uncomfortable in this position." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/21/2024)
being at the bottom

"I'm still alive, aren't I?" "Barely." - Janny M & Glenn H (04/25/2024)
the bad stuff they put into american food

"You can't buy land." "You're telling me." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/22/2024)

"You're so cute with your big brown eyes." "Thank you but my eyes are green." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/16/2024)
i was talking to lando

"Actually that's quite hard." "That's what she said." - Glenn H & Janny M (04/10/2024)
my mussle

"Good one, babe." "Thanks." "Oh, I meant my babe." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/08/2024)

"I didn't meant to hurt. I just meant to mame." "Oh, you mamed all right. You rapped and pillaged, too." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/01/2024)

"Does Wiki ever talk about me?" "Uh, he talks about pooping." "Me pooping?" - Heidi C & Janny M (03/25/2024)

"What? You have a lot of money?" "Elon? Is that you?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/18/2024)

"They're gathering around for a campfire or something." "Or drugs. We'll never know." - Janny M & Gi C (03/14/2024)
what the lyrics for roundabout by yes are about

"That was my strategy from the beginning and it worked." "Wait. We're supposed to have a strategy?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/11/2024)

"Just to confuse you more." "It worked." - Janny M & Steve Bl (02/24/2024)

"Are you on hard mode?" "Well, at my age..." - Janny M & Steve Bl (02/16/2024)

"But everyone dies anyway." "I love how you put a positive spin on it." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"I don't know how I get all my birds in one hand." "Janny, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"I can't believe Steve lasted until three in the morning last night." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"Oh, I remember that! I bet you do, too." "Sadly, I do." - Janny M & Steve Bl (02/11/2024)
steelers vs seahawks superbowl

"Oh, your ex-boyfriend? No. No. No." - Janny M (01/15/2024)
who did our cabinets here in portugal; talking to heidi

"Men are the problem." "I say that everyday." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/15/2024)

"Man, I'm getting deeper and deeper. Hold on." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (01/15/2024)

"That was quick." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/08/2024)

"I'm just trying to play in a good Christian way." "Oh, I'm not Christian." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/01/2024)
she kept attacking

"Sorry, I had to wash my feet." "What are you Muslim now?" - Janny M & Heidi C (01/01/2024)

"It becomes very thick and sticky." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Glenn H (12/31/2023)

"I guess I just don’t feel comfortable quoting." - Janny M (12/29/2023)
why this year sucked with quotes

"Did you guys have nick names for each other?" "No. We weren't mean." - Mark Si & Janny M (12/29/2023)

"I have four Ruins in my hand." "I'm sorry your hand is ruined." - Janny M & Brian C (12/25/2023)

"There's no Black Cat here." "I know. He's such a tease." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/28/2023)
bri said there was a black cat in the game

"I always think about Breaking Bad." "I always think it sucks." - Janny M & Uncle George (09/12/2023)
horse with no name song

"Oh, he's still wet. I'm not watering him." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/08/2023)
her plants

"I think B W I services Canada." "Canada doesn't count!" - Janny M & Helen E (08/23/2023)
helen doesn't think bwi should be an international airport

"That highlighter is on its last leg." "Highlighters have legs?" - Janny M & Helen E (08/23/2023)

"Couldn't they have put the shield back up?" "It took a long time to get it up." "That's what she said. And anyway, that's what fluffers are for." - Janny M & Brian C (08/22/2023)
i think we were watching a movie

"Roast beef and cheese wiz?" "It's like crack cocaine." - Janny M & Mark Si (08/20/2023)

"I do it in the morning. Like, every day." "Are we still talking about Duolingo?" - Janny M & Heidi C (07/24/2023)

"Lando, you haven't even said hi to me." "He's done a lot more than that to me." - Janny M & Glenn H (07/06/2023)
something we're trying to break him of

"I was complaining cause it was so wet." "That's what she said." "No!" - Glenn H & Janny M (07/02/2023)
in bangkok it rained a lot

"I love you." "I know." - Janny M & Sam Sm (06/29/2023)
sam and i get along well

"That was a productive hand, Heidi." "Thank you." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/26/2023)
she just played a jewelled egg & passed

"I'll be the sofa." "Don't mind the lumps." - Steve Bl & Janny M (06/18/2023)

"Somebody's actually buying Tide Pools?" "Don't knock it till you've tried it." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/09/2023)

"I have a Province. What's wrong with Provinces?" "I mean, if you wanna live like that." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/04/2023)

"So you're allergic to children, too?" - Janny M (05/20/2023)
steve & marline don't have kids by choice

"Oh that Diglett is a dildo." - Janny M (05/05/2023)
i meant Ditto

"Sorry, I didn't want to touch it then stick it in your mouth." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/05/2023)
he gave me a candy

"Well, that's boring." "Mhmm." - Janny M & Stacy M (04/01/2023)
another mother of 3 on bullsh*t

"Tell me why?" "Ain't nothing but a heart ache." - Gi C & Janny M (03/30/2023)

"It's very soft." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/27/2023)
i made a noise and she couldn't hear it

"Hannibal Lector?" "Jesus, no." - Janny M & Glenn H (03/23/2023)

"Just get high some more. You'll want to eat anything... even dick." "No. That'll never happen." - Janny M & Shawn R (03/18/2023)
to jen

"Yeah cause Kiki's bad." "Yeah, what's the deal with that b***h?" - Janny M & Andrei A (03/14/2023)
why no one wants to watch kiki

"Hit the right suit, babe." "Yeah, hit the right suit, babe." - Janny M & Mark E (03/12/2023)

"It actually went in smoothly." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/10/2023)
the pingo doce keychain card

"How do you get up and down those stairs?" "Sideways... like a crab." - Janny M & Sabrina P (03/03/2023)
she broke her foot :(

"It's just training your mouth to chew something that's big." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H (02/15/2023)

"What did you learn from last game?" "Obviously I'm not mean enough." - Heidi C & Janny M (01/23/2023)
i lost

"Heidi. I wanted to apologize for marrying badly." "I know. You guys were made for each other." - Brian C & Janny M (01/16/2023)
i was attacking

"Well you are on top so..." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/09/2023)

"I didn't understand you. You were speaking in French." - Janny M (12/24/2022)
she was cussing while practicing french

"Did I make some wrong moves? Absolutely." - Janny M (10/29/2022)

"Is he allowed up here?" "No cause he might s**t everywhere." - Janny M & Matt Wi (10/21/2022)
dexter in my lap

"Hahahahaha." "That's what I thought. I got your back, Brian." - Janny M & Uncle George (10/19/2022)
why bri was drinking cause i was

"Your chimney needs a flue shot... Get it? Flue?" "Yeah, I got it." - Janny M & Kim Mo (10/19/2022)

"So you still walk that dog?" "Yeah, we just don't go that way anymore." - Janny M & Helen E (10/14/2022)
when the dog helen was walking lunged at a person and he fell

"You can put them in!" "Well, put them in! I'm tired of being bored." - Bryan S & Brian C & Janny M (10/13/2022)
first part of quote said at the same time

"Have we played this before?" "No. We were too drunk." - Janny M & Aaron E (10/09/2022)
we actually did

"Aaron!" "You shuffled the deck!" - Janny M & Aaron E (10/09/2022)
flooded the helicopter pad first

"Are you even listening?" "Huh?" - Janny M & Jen R (10/08/2022)

"Oh I had zero birds." "Yeah, cause you have zero ethics." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/02/2022)

"You masturbate to this every night?" "Yes." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"Brian's not from Baltimore." "Yeah, I'm from Bowie." "Well they're the same." - Janny M & Brian C & Heidi C (09/19/2022)

"Tricia, I can't even see you." - Janny M (09/17/2022) (pic)
she was surrounded with smoke

"I know... There are dumb people." "It's unfortunate." - Janny M & Billy Ray M (09/11/2022)

"Oh my God this is the biggest one I've ever had." "That's what she said." - Eric W & Janny M (09/09/2022)
one of his chips

"Heidi has ten!" "Who's fault is that?" - Janny M & Heidi C (09/06/2022)

"He only gave you seventy?" "Yeah. F**k it. I don't care. They're gone." - Janny M & Brian C (09/05/2022)
craigslist dude who bought the shelves

"I called your husband 'babe.' I'm sorry." "It's okay. I call your husband 'babe' all the time." - Sabrina P & Janny M (09/02/2022)

"Can we play tonight?" "No. We have to start sober." - Janny M & Aaron E (09/01/2022)
a game he got

"If I would have gotten it up the first time." "That's what he said." - Steven Ce & Janny M (08/28/2022)
in mini golf

"I mean if you want to talk about something else." "Montgomery County politics." - Janny M & Andrei A (08/27/2022)
one of his favorite subjects... lol jk

"Okay. It's almost completely down." "That's what he said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/27/2022)

"This yours?" "Yeah. What?" - Janny M & Andrei A (08/26/2022) (pic)
the room he had was a kids room with a bunk bed

"I'm so depressed, I can't charge. It's electric." "Boogie woogie woogie." - Janny M & Brian C (08/26/2022)
my car couldn't charge when i was there :(

"Stop saying quotes!" - Janny M (08/19/2022)
i missed two!

"Mommy you got it all wet." "That's what he said." - Molly R & Janny M (08/14/2022)

"I'm up to three deer so far." "So far?" - Jen R & Janny M (08/12/2022)
how many deer she's hit

"What the f**k... Sorry. What the hell... I mean..." "Wow, Janis." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/07/2022)
i was trying not to cuss

"This is my full ability." - Janny M (08/06/2022)
i got too hammered and couldn't do a lot

"I shouldn't have pulled this guy out. Now he won't go back in." "That's what he said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (08/05/2022)
a toy

"They have inside voices?" "Yes, Janis." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/04/2022)
the kids were loud

"If you're buying different toilet paper... that might piss you off..." "No pun intended." - Chris Wi & Janny M (08/04/2022)

"Is that bacon?" "It's Paul McCartney." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/04/2022)

"Thank you, Megan." "I'm a mom." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/03/2022)
she had supplies

"Yes but the laws of physics..." "Uh, it's a toy." - Janny M & Rex Wi (08/02/2022)
rex schooled me; i was pointing out how inaccurate his toy was

"It looks like a little hearing aid." "What?" - Janny M & Brian C (08/01/2022)
pretending not to hear; i put a bandaid on his ear to stop his bleeding

"You can only do so much with how wet it was." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/29/2022)

"You're obsessed with taking your clothes off." "Not when no one else is around." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/29/2022)

"Unless you guys have been peeing in here." "Not yet but the night is young." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/29/2022)
their pool

"I don't like doing that." "What? Thanking people?" - Andrei A & Janny M (07/28/2022)

"Oh s**t. That was like a half hour ago." - Janny M (07/28/2022)
we got back to a topic of conversation after it veered off big time

"I'm gonna have to eat here." "You don't want to eat here?" "Not when she's making faces." - Kenny B & Janny M (07/21/2022)

"It's not that far down." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (07/15/2022)

"Seventy one percent of people don't want Biden to run again." "I believe it. He's the limpest dick of all." - Janny M & Eric W (07/03/2022)

"Excuse you." "Sorry. I had a lot of beans today." - Janny M & Jason H (07/01/2022)
the box made a noise

"It will go down." "That's what she said." - Travis B & Janny M (06/25/2022)
the sun was in our eyes

"It is really helpful." "My hand?" - Tricia B & Janny M (06/25/2022)
i was trying to keep the sun out of her eyes

"You've seen Eat Pray Love." "No, I haven't. I'm proud of it." - Brian C & Janny M (06/23/2022)

"And he's not naked behind the door..." "I had to wait for Helen." - Janny M & Andrei A (06/23/2022)
when he let us into his place

"Did you have yesterday off?" "No, my company's racist." - Janny M & Sabrina P (06/21/2022)

"Keegan and I are the only people stag..." - Janny M (06/17/2022)
everyone else had their husbands/boyfriends

"How am I supposed to feel about Fadel Castro?" "Indifferent. He's dead." - Janny M & Helen E (06/16/2022)

"Guess what we did this morning?" "Have sex?" "no. Even better. We went to the dentist!" "I think she's a masochist." - Sabrina P & Janny M & Brian C (06/11/2022)

"Yeah, the porter puts out the flame." - Janny M (06/11/2022)
we got spicy chinese food but the beer mellowed it out

"Uh oh. What do these flashing lights behind us mean, Arlene?" "Go faster." - Janny M & Arlene A (06/08/2022)
she took an illegal u turn

"Wait. You can't do that." "Why?" "Because I want to win and you won." - Arlene A & Janny M (06/05/2022)

"I can't believe that cop is actually following the law." "It happens occasionally." - Janny M & Brian C (06/02/2022)
the cop wasn't turning on a no turn on red

"So much for that quote." - Janny M (06/02/2022)
the cop broke the law by parking in the middle of the lane without his lights on


"So do you watch Star Trek at all, Heidi?" "No. I'm a girl." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/28/2022)

"I'm giving my mouth a break." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (05/27/2022)

"See? He's half deaf; he's definitely a bass player." - Janny M (05/27/2022)
the bartender

"Well I wasted the boob one." - Janny M (05/20/2022)

"Do you know how deep the lore is?" "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (05/20/2022)

"Where do we stop with that one?" "Yeah, I got a few." - Janny M & Mike O (04/29/2022)
naming sexual positions

"Bald actor." "Alec Baldwin." - Janny M & Mike O (04/29/2022)

"What are they talking about?" "Star Trek and boobs." - Janny M & Helen E (04/28/2022)

"Damn. We're getting deep tonight." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Helen E (04/28/2022)

"It's not that big." "That's what she said." - Tricia B & Janny M (04/15/2022)

"Heidi's mean." "It's true." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/09/2022)

"Why did not we get these things?" - Janny M (04/08/2022)

"I like how they move around with it." "Yeah. It's like it tastes different over there!" - Janny M & Helen E (04/07/2022)
dogs move around with their bones

"I think I would look really good in that hat." "We'll never know." - Janny M & Brian C (03/24/2022)
bri has the hat i bought in portugal

"Hey google. Play Shaggy I didn't do it or whatever..." - Janny M (03/18/2022)
i forgot the name of the song

"We got an earthquake." "A lawn chair tipped over, come on!" - Janny M & Holly S (03/17/2022)
there isn't much weather related stuff here

"This is gonna be a s**t show." "It's already a s**t show." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/12/2022)
the wall and birds

"Good job, babe." "Thank you, but don't call me babe in front of Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/12/2022)
i was saying that to bri

"Who let the dogs out?" "Oh, after they ate." "That's not the right answer." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/12/2022)

"Well where do you want me?" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (03/11/2022)
she was getting in the way of the telescope

"For some reason I've been watching this dude build a shelter with just a knife and a pick." "That might come in handy." - Andrei A & Janny M (03/10/2022)
if russia bombs us

"She's gorgeous." "So is she when she turns it on." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/05/2022)

"Don't spike my drink with Russian vodka." "Yeah, cause we always carry that around with us." - Helen E & Janny M (03/05/2022)

"Yeah but come on." "It's just sitting there!" - Janny M & Sabrina P (02/25/2022)
the last part was said at the same time

"How did I end up in last? I thought I did better than that." "Actually, you didn't." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"This doesn't strike me as coffee music." "Me either. Maybe coffee after you did heroin." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"What was the quote?" "I've been funny all night." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"Our wrongly convicted friends, right?" "Sure." - Janny M & Shawn R (02/19/2022)

"This thingy goes deep." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (02/19/2022)

"I'm listening to you because you're a white woman." "I've said a lot of things since then." - Janny M & Helen E (02/17/2022)

"It looks like it has good bones." "What do you mean? Cinder blocks?" - Janny M & Jason H (02/09/2022)
a fixer-upper house

"Have you ever been?" "Naw. F**k that." - Janny M & Damion _ (02/05/2022)
to portugal

"Put it in deeper." "No, Matt." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Megan Wi & Janny M (02/03/2022)
the selfie stick that they were holding up for the zoom

"Thanks for looking out for us." "Yeah, I didn't even think about it from that perspective." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/29/2022)
bri giving us birds so we don't get them later

"There is nudity in this move." "That's good so we're not watching this movie for nothing." - Janny M & Sabrina P (01/28/2022)
don't look up

"The guy that sells insurance." "Geico?" - Uncle George & Janny M (01/23/2022)

"So when are you going to take the Christmas stuff down?" "I wish it was yesterday. It feels like I'm in a Hallmark movie." - Janny M & Uncle George (01/22/2022)

"Matt was doing crystal meth." "Yeah. I'm trying it out." - Janny M & Matt An (01/21/2022)

"Hey. Children around." "She's twenty." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (01/15/2022)
bri said a bad word around megan

"I thought you said he was the sexiest nine year old." - Janny M (12/31/2021)

"How was your mom?" "Delicious." - Janny M & Helen E (12/15/2021)

"Hey, that's kind of intelligent." "One would think..." - Janny M & Helen E (12/15/2021)

"What are you trying to buy?" "Something that costs more than I have." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/11/2021)
dominion wouldn't let her buy a card

"It looks like a fish tank that's on fire." - Janny M (11/22/2021)

"She was pulling out before I had even thought about it." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (11/13/2021)
the mind

"Yes. My priorities are quotes." - Janny M (11/12/2021)

"They gotta sell alcohol today; it's halloween." "It's New Orleans." - Janny M & Megan Wi (10/31/2021)

"It is wet?" "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (10/30/2021)
milk spill

"We were looking for the Katrina museum." "Oh, I heard it got hit by a hurricane." - Janny M & Matt Wi (10/30/2021)

"How is Heidi not getting hit with the Cardinal?" "I'm Jewish." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/16/2021)

"I painted my nails this week." "Oh, pretty." - Sabrina P & Janny M (10/15/2021)

"That's your name? Hey?" "It's Hey." "You can do better." - Janny M & Arlene A & Matt An (10/15/2021)

"Is everybody in?" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Shawn R (10/15/2021)

"Well apparently we're all being poisoned." "Well I knew that." - Janny M & Sabrina P (10/04/2021)
latest last week tonight about tephlon

"How do you know what the seeds are?" "One has a dick." - Janny M & Aaron E (10/04/2021)
avocado seeds

"I'm just now getting my second wind." "Well we should probably call it a night then." - Heidi C & Janny M (10/02/2021)

"Do not put me on the record..." "I have to!" - Helen E & Janny M (10/01/2021)
her lesbian fantasies

"You need to party with penises who you trust." - Janny M (10/01/2021)

"I already ate his pickle." "You gotta be careful about saying that around these parts." - Janny M & Adam J (09/24/2021)

"I have no D V D player." "That's weird." "Well it is 2021." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/11/2021)

"Yeah I think if I couldn't eat glutton I'd kill myself." "I thought about killing myself." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/11/2021)

"Aren't you afraid of being eaten by bears or something?" "I wasn't until you said that." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/04/2021)
camping in canada

"Well I guess I got it out of my hand now." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/28/2021)

"all of Georgia Avenue is a cluster f**k." "Touché." - Helen E & Janny M (08/24/2021)

"Just imagine you're being cat called." "I know what that's like." - Janny M & Phil H (08/20/2021)

"Did you smell it?" "Oh my god." - Janny M & Shawn R (08/15/2021)
the bathroom after brian

"I gotta get another Priest... wish my sins away." "I don't think there's enough Priests in the land to do that." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/14/2021)
the priest card in dominion

"I'll just let technology figure it out for me." "Does that work?" "Sometimes." - Paul H & Janny M (08/01/2021)
directions to dt fredrick

"Do you really believe that stuff?" "Only when it works." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/17/2021)
horoscopes & stuff

"Kids like make fun times less fun." "Yeah. I agree." - Janny M & Sabrina P (07/04/2021)

"It's too f**king wet." "That's what she said." "Oh, stop." - Uncle George & Janny M (07/03/2021)
the fireworks

"This isn't sexual." "It would be if you don't stop." - Janny M & Uncle George (07/03/2021)
oil filter whip

"What? I didn't think I was gonna be the only one..." - Janny M (07/02/2021)

"Well then let's wait on the wood..." - Janny M (06/27/2021)
for bat houses

"Do you want me to move it? It's kinda tight." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (06/26/2021)
heidi said twss too

"I feel like I can't make my windows big." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Sabrina P & Brian C (06/18/2021)
twss said at the same time

"I'm gonna go with the obvious answer." "Eating pussy?" - Janny M & Sabrina P (06/18/2021)

"I'm going to hell." "I'm also going to hell." - Janny M & Sabrina P (06/18/2021)
our answers in survive the internet

"You had a dream about his place?" - Janny M (06/17/2021)
helen had a dream about andre's place; she was cleaning it

"You don't have to shout sex in the hot tub!" "Public service announcement." - Janny M & Andy C (06/09/2021)

"Click on your face." "I don't have a face." - Jason H & Janny M (06/02/2021)

"Who the f**k knows this s**t?" "I do!" - Janny M & Arlene A (05/28/2021)
ugh trivia

"That's not funny." "So why am I manically laughing?" "Cause you're a psychopath." - Janny M & Brian C (05/15/2021)

"You know, I haven't seen a single bug since we got here." "Yeah. I know. I can't believe this is Mitch McConnell country." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/08/2021)

"Eh. I look fat." "Aww you do not look fat." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/06/2021)

"What do they have?" "Meth." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/05/2021)
trying to find a place to get food... it looked shaddy online

"Are we hungry now?" "Yeah. I got one peanut left in my stomach." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/05/2021)

"You don't mind me blaming you?" "Why the f**k would I care?" - Janny M & Heidi C (05/04/2021)
i want to take off tuesday to rest

"My body can't do once a week." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/01/2021)
staying up until 3 am

"It's super moist." "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (04/17/2021)
the beer

"So miss camel toe?" "Yeah, she's miss camel toe." - Janny M & Brian C (04/17/2021)

"It's too wide." "That's what he said." "Damn it." - Jen R & Janny M & Shawn R (04/17/2021)
he wanted to say it

"This is a hard one." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/17/2021)

"How do you sleep at night?" "I just put one eye in front of the other." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/10/2021)

"But the problem now is there's gonna be a gold rush." - Janny M (04/10/2021)
i bought a gold which removed the tax from it

"I'm gonna go out then come back in." "That's what he said." - Matt An & Janny M (04/02/2021)

"Dyson hand job?" "Of course you went there." - Janny M & Shawn R (03/26/2021)
couldn't hear becky's story about a hand blow dryer

"It's pretty thick." "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (03/26/2021)
becky's sour dough starter

"Do you want me to beat it for a little while? ...That's what she said." - Janny M (03/20/2021)
airing the fire

"She doesn't have to come home with black hair... that's like her natural color, dude." - Janny M (03/12/2021)

"That can't be true at all." "It's totally true." - Janny M & Megan Wi (03/11/2021)
no sex after vaccine

"Split the room?" "It's pretty split right now." - Janny M & Charles Lo (03/05/2021)
i was suggesting that but charles was talking about something else

"How big is that thing?" "That's what she said." - Eric W & Janny M (03/01/2021)
elon musk's submarine

"I'll be in the front balancing it out." "Yeah, but I'd feel a lot better if Brian was in the front cause you're not fat." - Heidi C & Janny M (02/06/2021)

"That's all I'm doing is buying money... but it's not coming up." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/30/2021)

"No, the problem is you're too f**king smart. I should have married someone dumber." "Yeah, that's a good strategy." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/30/2021)
bri and i think too much alike

"I just gave whoever comic gold." "Did you now?" - Janny M & Damion _ (01/29/2021)

"Do I have clothes on?" "No." "No. You're naked." - Matt An & Janny M & Sabrina P (01/29/2021)

"Brittney?" "Yep." "You thinking?" "Nope." - Janny M & Brittney H & Jason H (01/13/2021)
brittney said yep and nope

"I had to pick up my partner's slack." "I know what that's like." - Janny M & Brittney H (01/13/2021)

"I'm reminded of that Britney Spears song." "Oxic?" - Janny M & Sabrina P (12/31/2020)
the code to get into the room was oxic

"I like them bigger than that." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (11/21/2020)
heidi said twss the same time as me

"I don't feel like performing again." "That's what she said." - Sabrina P & Janny M (11/06/2020)

"I don't know if my parents knew how to do that." "What? put alcohol in coffee?" - Janny M & Brian C (11/05/2020)

"The other thing about commercial is that they won't trash the place." "Unless they're running a junk yard." - Janny M & Matt Wi (11/05/2020)

"It's not big enough." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H & Shawn R (10/30/2020)
twss said at the same time

"Aaron is so noisy." "I know. Help me." - Janny M & Sabrina P (10/09/2020)

"It doesn't seem that bag of a deal." - Janny M (10/06/2020)
i said bag... spades

"She's going to fold like a cheap lawn chair." - Janny M (10/03/2020)
nancy pelosi to choose vp

"I'm not very good with two." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (10/01/2020)
juggling two balls

"And where are all these Lost Cities I've been buying? ...I guess that's why they're lost." - Janny M (09/26/2020)

"What are we gonna do with it?" "Give it to the homeless." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/19/2020)
bri didn't want to drink the kirkland spiced rum

"Did you get teased as a child?" "No. I didn't get hurt until I started playing Dominion." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"There is one Republican I would vote for." "Mitch McConnell." "No." - Helen E & Janny M (09/16/2020)

"Wasn't he a douchebag?" "Yeah but no one's a complete douchebag. Look at Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/12/2020)

"I'm already wet." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/06/2020)

"I can work with my hand... That's what she said." - Janny M (09/05/2020)

"Butt f**ker?" "Oh, Brian's playing?" - Janny M & Shawn R (09/04/2020)

"Yeah, he kinda looks like he has down syndrome or something." "Now I feel guiltier." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/29/2020)
the mandarin card

"... Now we've discovered the Bureaucratic loophole." - Janny M (08/29/2020)
everything was taxed but the bureaucrat lets you gain a free silver

"Oh no!" "Five... four... three... "Phew!" - Sabrina P & Janny M (08/28/2020)
almost didn't get her answers in

"I'm like the only person here who doesn't like boobs." - Janny M (08/28/2020)

"I can't push that hard." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Helen E (08/27/2020)

"Is that a tiny penis?" - Janny M (08/20/2020)
bri's drawing in drawful

"A dick pic isn't weird." "Yeah. I've got those all over my wall." - Janny M & Paul H (08/14/2020)

"What? Wait..." "You know, it takes a special kind of person..." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/08/2020)
bri attacked us

"There would be a lot of disappointed children." "Whatever." - Janny M & Paul H (08/07/2020)
killing the easter bunny

"You probably won't even taste it. It will go down really smooth." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H (08/01/2020)
the fly in jen's drink

"Well I can't quote the naked one..." - Janny M (07/29/2020)
helen's naked story

"That would be really hard to do." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Damion _ (07/26/2020)
record the time in my quotes

"Well this is s**ty... This is just s**t." "Janny, how do you feel about it?" - Janny M & Heidi C (07/25/2020)

"I'm only gonna do it a couple of times." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (07/24/2020)
play his leprechaun

"I thought you guys might want a bird." "Thanks." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/18/2020)
i gave them curses

"Well I heard it from a former Redskins cheerleader..." "Well that's completely legit." - Brian C & Janny M (07/16/2020)

"I think there's room for one more." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Damion _ (07/15/2020)
in the jackbox room

"I don't know how I'm gonna win this game." "You're probably not gonna win this game." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"That's sexy." "That is very sexy, Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)
if bri did the bed sheets

"How are you guys doing so badly?" "Okay. You have three... So before you throw yourself a party..." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"I didn't know you could go negative eleven." "You can go worse than that..." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)
heidi was at -11

"Oh, weird. Where's my little white thing?" "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (07/08/2020)

"Man. Heidi is so smart." "I didn't used to be." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/04/2020)

"These eye balls are really creepy." "Don't look at them." - Janny M & Damion _ (07/02/2020)

"What are you gonna trash, Heidi?" "What are you gonna trash, babe?" - Brian C & Janny M (06/27/2020)
heidi had to pick what good card to trash, then bri had to

"I did play Goons, right?" "It felt that way." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/27/2020)

"Is Becky Coochie?" "Oh, yeah." - Janny M & Paul H (06/26/2020)

"Arlene, are you speaking from experience?" "Certainly sounds like it." - Janny M & Paul H (06/26/2020)

"Brian's over here naked and no one can see him." "Cause no one wants to?" - Janny M & Stacy M (06/26/2020)

"People with cancer need to get off, too." - Janny M (06/21/2020)

"My feelings are hurt." "Well good." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/20/2020)

"Oh. I'm tired of having that thing in any hand." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/20/2020)
the Raze card

"You might have a lemon, man." "No. It's an Apple." - Janny M & Eric W (06/15/2020)
his computer

"These are so hard." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Damion _ (06/14/2020)

"Remember the Rats?" "Yeah. I remember the Rats." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/13/2020)
dominion card that destroyed her deck

"I don't know. It's so late." "Yeah, I feel if I had to make an important decision, I would be severely compromised." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/06/2020)


"These men are not smart tonight." "Tonight?" - Janny M & Megan Wi (05/31/2020)

"What do you guys do for exercise?" "Lift logs and s**t." "Grow humans and s**t." - Janny M & Matt Wi & Megan Wi (05/31/2020)

"What does Gear do?" "Apparently nothing. It was very promising when the salesman sold it to me." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"Yeah, but it doesn't give a curse." "Yes, it does." "Oh yeah. I'm happy." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/30/2020)

"You only have two?" "I don't want to talk about that." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"Don't worry about me." "Not worried." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/23/2020)

"Okay. How do I do that?" "The chat thing?" "The chat thing?" - Stacy M & Janny M (05/22/2020)


"No, I've been buying Giants." "Oh. Look at you." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/09/2020)

"I don't know when this chocolate expires." - Janny M (05/02/2020)

"Heidi? You bought a Platinum?" "I don't like to talk about the cards that I buy." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/02/2020)

"You gotta get used to hitting my husband." - Janny M (05/02/2020)
telling that to arlene who went easy on bri

"Wow. Your computer sucks." "I know!" - Janny M & Eric W (04/29/2020)
we use macs

"Sorry I said the F word." "What the f**k are you talking about?" - Heidi C & Janny M (04/25/2020)

"Oops. I dropped Heidi." "Ouch!" - Janny M & Heidi C (04/25/2020)
the phone

"It sounded like you were getting murdered." "Oh, not right now." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"You're Montebankin' it!" "Yeah." - Janny M & Paul H (04/17/2020)

"I think Britney should start out with negative ten victory points." "I... agree." - Janny M & Jason H (04/08/2020)

"...Just to give it some spice." "It's spicy." - Janny M & Brittney H (03/31/2020)
using new expansions in dominion

"There's three goats in the trash." - Janny M (03/31/2020)
that damn pirate ship!

"It was in pounds." "Cat food?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
dominion online cost a few bucks but it was in pounds

"I have a good idea... let's get all the way out then all the way back in..." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/28/2020)

"It was in pounds." "Cat food?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
dominion online cost a few bucks but it was in pounds

"I have a good idea... let's get all the way out then all the way back in..." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/28/2020)

"Oh, gosh. What do I do with eight?" "I guess a Candlestick Maker wouldn't be bad." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
candlestick makers were like 2

"What has Larry Hogan done?" "Shove highways up our a*s." - Janny M & Helen E (03/15/2020)

"Are you verbalizing your thoughts?" - Janny M (03/06/2020)
paul was talking out loud about his next move

"I hope you guys know what you're doing." "Yeah. We hope so, too." - Janny M & Uncle Neil (03/04/2020)
replacing our hot water heater

"You missed a Bloomberg ad." Oh no!" - Matt Wi & Janny M (02/25/2020)

"I'm gonna have cancer one day." "Probably." - Janny M & Brian C (02/16/2020)

"It all came out!" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H & Brian C & Shawn R (02/14/2020)
twss said at the same time; the ice came out really fast!

"I'd love to do a wine cave. That sounds fun." "I know, right?" - Janny M & Helen E (02/11/2020)


"Who names their child D?" "I know, right?" - Paul H & Janny M (02/08/2020)

"What are you guys doing? Just talking and throwing up?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Paul H (02/08/2020)

"Where are they?" "Maybe they're bringing back hookers." - Jen R & Janny M (02/07/2020)
bri & shawn went to get pizza

"Okay, take it out." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (02/07/2020)

"Shawn, be quick. I need to pee." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (02/07/2020)

"I didn't buy it." "It was a gift." I would return it." - Janny M & Brittney H (02/06/2020)
tiny towns... frusterating game!



"This is a big play." "I've seen bigger." - Matt Wi & Janny M (02/02/2020)

"There's not enough alcohol in this house." - Janny M (01/31/2020)
matt drawing his whole hand in dominion

"God damn it. I'm running out of space!" - Janny M (01/29/2020)

"Matt... are you sober?" "Meh." - Janny M & Matt Wi (01/26/2020)

"Come on. In or out." "That's what she said." - Dr Dana W & Janny M (01/18/2020)
brodie won't make up his mind

"Go. Get it in, Matt. Jeez!" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (01/16/2020)
get the ball into the goal

"Oh, Bryan. I'm so sorry. I drank all your bourbon." "That's okay. I have scotch." - Janny M & Bryan S (01/01/2020)
i drank the rest of his bourbon

"I can't trust you. You might eat something." "No, I'm not." - Janny M & Helen E (01/01/2020)

"Are dirty jokes allowed?" "Absolutely... Only if I can hear them." - Janny M & Bryan S (12/31/2019)

"Just because you're from Ireland doesn't mean you have an Irish accent." "Yeah, that's... true..." - Janny M & Arlene A (12/28/2019)
i don't think it is lol

"It's physics..." "I know. I know it's physics." - Janny M & Arlene A (12/28/2019)

"See. I saw a giant Woody." "Did you get jealous?" "No. Mine's bigger." - Shawn R & Janny M (12/24/2019)
at disney world

"It looks like a vacuum." "It's a Slave One!" - Janny M & Shawn R (12/24/2019)

"I don't know how to quote a burp." "Burp." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/24/2019)
i didn't quote the burp

"Santa's milk had weed in it?" - Janny M (12/24/2019)

"That had poop on it." "I know." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/22/2019)
she got a stick out of the benji poop bag

"Why is she even on the stage?" "I don't know. Because they need some bland white woman." - Janny M & Daniel M (12/19/2019)

"I prefer man caves, not wine caves." - Janny M (12/19/2019)


"Except he spelled 'come' wrong." - Janny M (12/13/2019)
got cheers



"If I could borrow your penis here..." - Janny M (12/13/2019)
sculpting our candy

"Well come on, man, you don't want any one hacking your Papa John's account." - Janny M (12/02/2019)
their password system is so complex!

"I was surprised you didn't go in the church." "Well, you know..." - Janny M & Megan Wi (12/02/2019)

"You write fast. And your handwriting is better than mine." "It's better than mine, too." - Janny M & Paul H (11/29/2019)
arlene's handwriting

"Oh! Look at the puppy! It's so cute!" "That's not a puppy. That's baby Yoda." - Janny M & Shawn R (11/23/2019)


"I think Arlene got cut off." "It's for the best." - Janny M & Arlene A (11/18/2019)
in our group shot with the sunset

"I could have made that throw." "So could I!" - Janny M & Arlene A (11/17/2019)
wentz missed it


"I'm clinching right now." "Yeah, for real." - Janny M & Arlene A (11/16/2019)
talking about kidney stones


"What's a b***h face, b***h?" "That face." - Janny M & Arlene A (11/14/2019)
i had to say b***h after everything i said in the drinking game

"The duke doesn't go in." "That's what she said." - Jason H & Janny M (11/08/2019)

"You have internet?" "No, it's downloaded. I'm smart." - Janny M & Megan Wi (11/01/2019)
netflix for rex

"Cause that's the number one item that they sell." "A*s wipes!" - Janny M & Megan Wi (11/01/2019)

"But she's anti social." "Yeah, she's awesome." - Janny M & Megan Wi (11/01/2019)

"Damn, Paul." "Yeah, all that hummus." - Janny M & Paul H (10/25/2019)
dolphin noises sounded like gas

"Where'd you grow up?" "Anne Arundel County." "That ain't Maryland." - Damion _ & Janny M (10/19/2019)

"What are you drinking?" "I don't know. Something that was made for me." - Janny M & Matt Wi (10/18/2019)

"This is so heavy!" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (10/18/2019)
the wood

"Uh, it crashed." "No! I just touched it!" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Sabrina P & Janny M (10/15/2019)
the computer which we were using to stream the debate

"I wasn't that far in." "That's what she said." - Matt An & Janny M (09/30/2019)

"Eww." "What? A picture of Obama?" "No. It was a picture of Hillary." - Brian C & Janny M (09/27/2019)

"Much more morale!" "Much more morale!" - Stacy M & Janny M (09/26/2019)
we started chanting

"I'd f**k him." "Yeah, me, too." - Janny M & Helen E (09/24/2019)
michael bolton from office space

"We'll do sloppy joe's." "I've been waiting to call Joe Biden that!" - Janny M & Helen E (09/21/2019)

"I was getting return yardage from him?" "Not much." - Janny M & Bear M (09/19/2019)
dede westbrook

"Do you think he's a serial killer or anything?" "Yes." - Janny M & Charles Lo (09/14/2019)

"...And it just felt weird in my mouth..." "That's what she said." - Charles Lo & Janny M (09/14/2019)

"Oh, nice." "No, it was not." - Janny M & Liana S (09/14/2019)
macs at first

"You don't say, 'I love you'?" "No." "What? You don't love me?" - Janny M & Megan Wi & Matt Wi (09/13/2019)
matt on speaker phone; megan thought he hung up

"What did we say?" "Nothing yet." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/07/2019)

"I gotta get rid of these Estates. They're killing me." "You sound like such a rich guy." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/07/2019)
estates in dominion

"He should be a yoga instructor for a downward dog." "Yeah, he's a dog." - Janny M & Helen E (09/04/2019)
wiki does a good downward dog

"What are their names?" "I'm not going to tell you that!" - Janny M & Helen E (09/04/2019)
the names of her vibrators

"Patrick, it's your fault if I lose." "No, it's not!" - Janny M & Patrick M (09/03/2019)

"Nobody drafted Carson Wentz?" "Why would you? You'll need a quarterback past week three." - Janny M & Brian C (09/03/2019)

"What's wrong with you people?" "A lot of things." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/02/2019)

"There's food in the middle of the table." "Well, I guess we can't play." - Janny M & Paul H (08/30/2019)
the instructions said put cards in the middle of the table


"The dick isn't that big." Used to be." - Janny M & Jim B (08/25/2019)

"So you know that story?" "I bought the bike." - Janny M & Uncle George (08/24/2019)
pop pop dropping his bike & littleton helping

"...I have wenches..." "Only one... It's a gang bang." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/18/2019)

"I don't mind pushing her around. I'm strong now." - Janny M (08/17/2019)
keegan <3

"HE can't rape three of us." - Janny M (08/17/2019)
creepy guys when we go to florida

"It tastes like a penis." "Really?" - Janny M & Paul H (08/16/2019)
all days off beer

"Can I get a spell book?" "Paul already knows the terminology." "Yeah. I'm a f**king wizard." - Paul H & Janny M (08/16/2019)

"But it's gonna get warm and stuff." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Helen E (08/16/2019)


"Hey dork!" "Did you see like five people turn around?" - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/04/2019)
at gencon

"Too deep." "That's what she said." "Haha." - Megan Wi & Janny M (08/02/2019)
her beer

"Let's play with Russia Russia Russia." "I can see it from my house." - Janny M & Megan Wi (08/01/2019)
playing power grid & the russia expansion

"Can we talk later?" "No." "Cool." - Janny M & Paul H (07/26/2019)

"Does it look ghetto?" "Yes." - Janny M & Megan Wi (07/24/2019)
they put their furniture boxes on top of weeds to kill them

"Don't worry, we have a baby gate." "We put it in the bathroom." - Janny M & Brian C (07/24/2019)
for rex so he doesn't go down our stairs

"I don't see his big head." "I do." - Janny M & Brian C (07/21/2019)
if matt was behind us

"I love the word f**king. Why don't you try it, Arlene?" "No f**king way." - Janny M & Arlene A (07/20/2019)

"I drank Bryan's extra beer." "Brian could have drank Bryan's extra beer." - Alex B & Janny M (07/19/2019)
if bryan's name was spelled the same way as bri's then this would be funny

"That was weird." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/18/2019)

"You drink by yourself?" "Isn't that the definition of alcoholism?" - Janny M & Matt Wi (07/16/2019)

"I'm not banking anything. I'm just dealing debt." - Janny M (07/13/2019)
i was "the banker" in dominion

"You have to use a downward motion." "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (07/12/2019)
how to get the beer can off the holder

"It needs to be stirred. It's still way too wet." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/01/2019)

"About six inches up, six inches down." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (06/29/2019)
the tv; that was a good one!

"Is that going in or out?" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/29/2019)

"Is it all dry in there?" "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (06/29/2019)
megan spilled a drink on her dice card

"Okay, Brian, she's probably confused." - Janny M (06/27/2019)
kamala harris on importing guns

"You're still sticking out." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Helen E (06/21/2019)
bri's parking job

"Rich people gotta rich." - Janny M (06/21/2019)

"How'd you do?" "I got some notes out of it." - Janny M & Ken R (06/21/2019)

"Is it going in?" "No." "That's what she said." - Aaron E & Sabrina P & Janny M (06/15/2019)
force feeding the kitten

"Are you counting?" "We eventually will..." - Janny M & Jeremy W (06/15/2019)
they were ripping pages out of the book without counting

"But almost right is the same as being wrong." - Janny M (06/15/2019)

"Today's leather shoes will kill you." "To cook?" - Brian C & Janny M (06/08/2019)

"Your guacamole is so good." "Thanks." - Janny M & Megan Wi (06/08/2019)
she burped before the thanks

"It's not wide enough." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/08/2019)

"When I pooped, what came out of my butt?... A salty surprise." "That's accurate, isn't it? You're the bottom." - Kurt W & Janny M (06/07/2019)

"Nope. Lost it with the vagina." - Janny M (06/07/2019)

"Oh? It's gray down there?" "No, it's not." - Janny M & Kurt W (06/07/2019)

"Doesn't matter. As long as it goes in." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (06/01/2019)
the basketball

"Dude, you're black." "I forgot." - Janny M & Matt Wi (05/31/2019)
in the game

"Think of the people who have to live on this thing." "Really?" - Janny M & Matt Wi (05/31/2019) (pic)
get corruption to get rid of corruption!

"Wiki is like, 'uh, nine eleven... Don't get me started...'" - Janny M (05/26/2019)
aaron mentioned 9/11 and wiki made a noise

"Where are your colonies?" "Excuse me?" - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"No, I feel like taking my pants off." "Everyone says that to me." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)
it was hot in her house

"Your face is like the sister on that show." "Thank you. She's gorgeous." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"How do you trash in this game?" "You don't. You just have a flock of birds..." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)
curses; no ability to trash cards

"It's okay, we just won't invite them over next time." "That's okay, we invited ourselves over." - Bear M & Janny M (05/24/2019)

"I'm on somebody's purse." "It's mine." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/18/2019)
lol; he doesn't miss a beat



"Wait, Hogan signed it?" "I know, right?" - Janny M & Sabrina P (05/15/2019)
something good

"Dude, I'm already wet enough." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (05/03/2019)
it was raining outside

"Yeah, you guys are dating, or something, aren't you?" "Or something..." - Janny M & Brittney H (04/26/2019)

"Dude, no body watches Fried Green Tomatoes." - Janny M (04/26/2019)
bri was making a fried green tomatoes reference

"It's never been this complicated before." "That's what she said." - Jason H & Janny M (04/26/2019)

"What do you do with that?" "Go on Opera." - Janny M & Steven Ce (04/26/2019)

"I thought that was gonna give me more." "That's what she said." - Patrick D & Janny M (04/12/2019)

"I am not making a sexual advance there." "Can you grab the tip there?" - Janny M & Paul H (04/12/2019)

"I think the social life is built around the church." "That's not good for me." "It's not good for all humans." - Arlene A & Janny M (03/30/2019)

"Please tell me you're dry." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/23/2019)
brian's shoes were wet

"There's no trade route." "Trade route!" - Damion _ & Janny M (03/22/2019)
damion started the trade route! chant

"I can even three finger this one." "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (03/22/2019)

"You should try the other hand." "Maybe later." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H (03/22/2019)
paul kept drawing 3 of the same colors in on azul

"I like their testicles. It's more natural." - Janny M (03/08/2019)
our kittens aren't fixed yet

"I've never seen one that big before." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/01/2019)
gummy bear bag i bought

"Wait. How was School of Rock a super hero movie?" - Janny M (03/01/2019)

"What is the ghost ship?" "It attacks people." "Is that really the person you want to be?" - Brian C & Janny M & Heidi C (02/17/2019)

"We're gonna get the pen back. We know where he lives." - Janny M (02/10/2019)
i gave bill our pen to use

"Dude, girls eat that s**t up. He probably gets laid all the time." "Yeah, I don't know." - Janny M & Matt Wi (02/08/2019)
the guy with a floating home

"He might be in there forever." "No, I heard. He's wrapping up." - Janny M & Matt Wi (02/08/2019)
bri using the can

"It's stepping stones, dawg." "Yeah, dawg." - Janny M & Damion _ (02/02/2019)
in dominion

"How many bones does he have buried back there?" "It's unclear. We can never move." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/02/2019)

"How many have you had?" - Janny M (02/02/2019)

"It's four out of one hundred people." "That's four percent!" "She's got the math. Even without a calculator." - Heidi C & Janny M & Damion _ (02/02/2019)

"How do you know that?" "Cause I'm a nerd." - Janny M & Paul H (01/04/2019)

"And where did you start?" "Uh, spam." - Brian C & Janny M (01/04/2019)
how can you draw spam???

"You wanted all three of them at one point." "I was drinking." - Janny M & Uncle George (12/29/2018)
the kittens

"My beer smells like car now." - Janny M (12/22/2018)
i meant the opposite

"Why would I spend that on a silver?" "Cause you get a silver." "Oh, yeah." - Heidi C & Janny M (12/22/2018)

"Do you want something wet in your car?" "That's what she said." - Uncle George & Janny M (12/14/2018)

"Well you want it extremely hard." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (12/08/2018)

"Adoption is better for the planet. It's like recycling." - Janny M (12/03/2018)

"I would be willing to sniff that." "That's what she said." - Sabrina P & Janny M (11/28/2018)

"I'm gonna vote for someone serious. I'm gonna vote for Donald Trump." - Janny M (11/28/2018)
if hillary runs again

"I have some big ones in here so I hope that'll help." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (11/23/2018)

"You need to throw that away. That's disgusting." - Janny M (11/22/2018)
brian's socks

"What do you know about hybrids?" "Cars or weed?" - Janny M & Brian C (11/17/2018)

"Cause it's something we always bet on." "Well we do." - Janny M & Shawn R (11/16/2018)
when jen will pass out

"Sounds like he's from Australia." "Cranky!" - Janny M & Jen R (11/03/2018)

"You better not be drinking on the way home." "Yeah, cause he'll have my salt!" - Janny M & Shawn R (11/03/2018)
bri wanted to do tequila shots

"I'm never gonna complete that one. It's just too big." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (11/02/2018)

"It wasn't the biggest one I've seen but it by far wasn't the smallest one I've seen." "That's what she said." - Aaron E & Janny M (10/28/2018)
the zombie crawl in dtss

"He has quite a body count." - Janny M (10/28/2018)

"Who the f**k is Bibbs?" "Don't care." - Janny M & Brian C (10/21/2018)

"I think Bill is here." "Why?" "Cause there's a creepy clown walking around." - Brian C & Janny M (10/20/2018)

"That thing moves pretty quick." "That's what she said." - Damion _ & Janny M (10/20/2018)

"You have to touch it though." "That's what she said." - Damion _ & Janny M (10/20/2018)

"Especial." "That's Spanish for s**tty beer." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/28/2018)

"All Arlene needs is a brick." "That's what... she said...?" - Paul H & Janny M (09/21/2018)

"It looked wider from the side." "That's what she said." - Shy R & Janny M (09/14/2018)
the sholder that we pulled over on to take a picture

"They're usually larger than that." "That's what she said." - Dinese E & Janny M (09/13/2018)

"It's too wide for me." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (09/08/2018)

"The bags are wet so..." "That's what she said." - Stacy M & Janny M (09/08/2018)

"My dad had the same kind of style of chair!" "Didn't everyone's parents?" - Janny M & Patrick D (09/01/2018) (pic)


"Yeah, some kids, f**k em?" "Right?" - Janny M & Erin L (08/31/2018)

"Wait. You need oven mitts to smoke weed?" - Janny M (08/31/2018)

"I know you guys wanna be Chris Elliot right now." "No, not really." - Janny M & Shawn R (08/25/2018)
i had a crush on chris elliot when i was younger

"It's wet everywhere!" "I know. That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (08/17/2018)

"Why is one of them puffy?" "That's what she said." - Aunt Janet & Janny M (08/12/2018)
bags of food

"That's not fair. You know him." - Janny M (08/11/2018)
patrick picked becky's card

"Every time I grabbed a double." "That's what she said." - Patrick D & Janny M (08/11/2018)

"Janis, can you feel the water?" "Yeah, I touched it. It's nice... That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/10/2018)

"It even has a foam tip." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/10/2018)

"You didn't paint your walls." "Yeah, that's why." - Janny M & Uncle George (07/28/2018)
uncle george was saying kim takes the paint off walls when she sings

"You're putting it in wrong." - Janny M (07/27/2018)

"Are you out yet?" "I'm out." "Haha." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/22/2018)

"She's not human." "Not a lot of lawyers are, Heidi." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/22/2018)

"That's not overweight." "Yeah, that's normal." - Janny M & Matt Wi (07/15/2018)
may musk was 'overweight'

"I need like thirty seconds to finish up." "That's what he said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/11/2018)

"It just popped up." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/04/2018)
the mattress cover

"I can still feel it." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (07/03/2018)

"How'd it get down?" "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/01/2018)

"Is it wet?" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (06/30/2018)

"Ugh. You got it on me." "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (06/30/2018)

"It better not be wet." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (06/22/2018)
her chair

"Diet ginger beer." "Sounds fruity." - Bear M & Janny M (06/08/2018)

"And you had sex with him?" "Irrelevant." - Janny M & Erin L (06/08/2018)

"I thought it would be longer." "That's what she said." - Helen E & Janny M (06/06/2018)

"Rubbing alcohol on fur?" - Janny M (05/25/2018)

"If that's what you want to tell yourself." "I do tell myself." - Janny M & Arlene A (05/19/2018)
throwing sugar packets on the ground is okay

"I ain't touching that stuff. Apparently it ain't good for ya." "What? Water?" "Not with stuff in it." - Tate K & Janny M (05/18/2018)
there was something floating in arlene's glass

"She's gonna make a makeshift bra." "I gotta see this." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/18/2018)
from the eye patches

"You don't like drawing cocks?" "Not so much." - Janny M & Bear M (05/11/2018)

"Maybe you wanna grab one of these big ones?" "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (05/05/2018)

"Well then you can be the first to suggest it..." - Janny M (04/29/2018)
jen wanted a fire

"They should have a service that delivers beer." "They really should." - Janny M & Jen R (04/29/2018)

"It has everything." "Except an ending." - Janny M & Bear M (04/20/2018)


"You don't hear s**t where we live." "Where do you live?" "Off Georgia Avenue." - Janny M & Corey K & Brian C (04/14/2018)

"I want to quote that but I don't want to." - Janny M (04/06/2018)

"I don't know why I'm so dry." "That's what she said." - Helen E & Janny M (04/06/2018)
she has dry skin

"Then you'll be normal Uncle George?" "I've never been normal." - Janny M & Uncle George (03/24/2018)

"Calling mom. What is a fluffer?" - Janny M (03/23/2018)

"Any good?" "No. He sucked." - Janny M & Mike O (03/23/2018)
kurt at playing football in highschool

"They can't get up the hill." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (03/23/2018)

"You said it when I was in my motion." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/23/2018)
gutter ball

"Isn't that dangerous though?" "Yeah. I like it." - Janny M & Damion _ (03/11/2018)

"The knife kinda sucks. You have to go deep." "That's what she said." - Bear M & Janny M (02/16/2018)

"It doesn't have white on it." "That's what she said." - Kim K & Janny M (02/16/2018)

"Are you microwaving the bread?" "Yeah. You guys brought half way cooked bread so I had to microwave it." - Janny M & Erin L (02/09/2018)

"Bear. Do you still get turned on by that?" "The rash? Oh, I love it." - Janny M & Bear M (02/09/2018)

"Oh my goodness! Why is this so wet?" "That's what she said." - Erin L & Janny M (02/09/2018)
something with ella

"Eww. Who wants to drink Bud Light at the Superbowl?" - Janny M (02/04/2018)

"She might be one of your constituents." "No. She's got a gun." - Janny M & Shawn R (02/03/2018)

"What? For real?" "It only happened twice." - Janny M & Mike O (02/02/2018)
their hermit crabs escaped their cage

"I'm gonna help you fit it in." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (02/02/2018)

"Are you close already?" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (02/02/2018)
close to 7 cards in catan

"I can't get it up." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (02/02/2018)
he couldn't get the card off the table

"I think it's bigger..." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (01/31/2018)
a tahoe

"She's a closeted Jew." "It happens." - Janny M & Damion _ (01/21/2018)

"I'm surprised they don't have an R though." "They do but I don't want to find it." - Brian C & Janny M (01/19/2018)
i don't remember what this was in reference to

"No mommy mobile?" "No." - Janny M & Megan Wi (01/14/2018)
they won't get a minivan

"His house was a s**thole." "Wait. You can't use that word anymore." - Brian C & Janny M (01/14/2018)

"His cup's smaller." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (01/14/2018)

"How many puppies did they kill?" "Well, they were really warm." - Janny M & Arlene A (01/06/2018)
people around us were wearing fur

"I can't get it in." "That's what she said." - Donald OW & Janny M & Mike O (01/05/2018)
his seatbelt; twss said by me & mike at the same time

"Do you want me to quote you on that? That would hurt your political career." - Janny M (01/05/2018)
to brian

"These pillows weigh like twenty pounds..." - Janny M (01/01/2018)
they didn't but they were heavy

"I can barely hit the seventh position." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (12/31/2017)
in trumbone

"Who are these people?" "Sorry, I brought them over." - Megan Wi & Janny M (12/31/2017)
i brought over patrick & becky... megan wasn't talking about them though

"I'm waiting for the hoods to come up." - Janny M (12/31/2017)
back up singers were dressed in white

"You didn't eat it, did you?" "I was tempted." - Janny M & Bear M (12/29/2017)
he had extra skin

"Did I tell you guys I'm going to China?" "When?" "High noon." - Erin L & Janny M & Bear M (12/29/2017)

"It won't fit any other way." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (12/23/2017)
their bed in their bedroom

"Patrick hasn't seen Ted two. Whip it out." - Janny M (12/23/2017)
scene from ted 2 that inspired jen's present

"Okay, that's enough lube stories." - Janny M (12/23/2017)
reading reviews of a 55 gallon drum of lube

"Oops! That's not supposed to open." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (12/22/2017)
kurt's sunroof

"If you wanna go, you better go." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (12/22/2017)
mike wasn't going to make the light unless he went

"It's in his bush." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (12/22/2017)
where donald's toy was

"So what you have to have, to have to have six inches." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (12/22/2017)

"And you didn't wanna hit that?" "No, I wouldn't have minded." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/09/2017)
his old roommate

"No I think coils like hair extensions." - Janny M (12/01/2017)
kohls the h was half way lit & looked like an i

"The hole's not big enough." "That's what he said." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/01/2017)
i set him up

"Cause sharks make people aggressive." "Yes, that's true." - Janny M & Amrutha E (12/01/2017)
i was joking

"I don't know how I got so wet." "That's what she said." - Gillian B & Janny M (11/04/2017)

"Yeah, we could pull out." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (11/03/2017)

"Watch out, she'll make you say she'll love you long time." "Dude, I'm ready to eat Asian." - Mike O & Janny M (11/03/2017)
we were outside an asian place; i was getting sushi

"Wow. The bigger, blacker box. I've never seen one this big." "That's what she said." - Jon S & Janny M (11/03/2017)

"Well all I saw was it was a long one." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (11/03/2017)

"So do you have kids?" "No." "Oh thank God." - Gary P & Janny M (10/21/2017)

"She's really attached to you." "She has good taste." - Janny M & Damion _ (10/21/2017)
his niece

"He's like me. I'm too thick to get in." "That's what she said." - Bear M & Janny M (10/20/2017)

"It went in smooth the first time... That's what she said." - Janny M (10/20/2017)
the key to their door

"Can you guys take your sexcapades somewhere else?" - Janny M (10/20/2017)
wiki & evie

"I'm going to pull out so you can get in." "That's what he said." - Brian C & Janny M (10/19/2017)
he parked too close in his car; i couldn't get in it

"That's a legitimate question." "No. It's not." - Janny M & Shawn R (10/14/2017)
questioning butt buddies

"Oh, she's feeding the dogs now." "Sigh." - Shawn R & Brian C & Janny M (10/14/2017)
brian and i both sighed

"It won't come out." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (10/14/2017)

"Bri, are you pooping?" "I'm pretty sure he is." - Janny M & Megan Wi (10/07/2017)

"It was more than a squirt." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (10/07/2017)

"Are they going to procreate?" "I don't know. They've done some activities that look like that." - Janny M & Kurt W (10/06/2017)
their hermit crabs; they have a male & female

"Then it dries. Then it's mildew." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (10/03/2017)
he forced that one

"It's actually not that bad. It's pretty soft." "That's what she said." - Patrick M & Janny M (10/01/2017)
a cake thing they had at the buffet place


"She's very proud of that M." "I M." - Brian C & Janny M (09/29/2017)
the m for motorcycle on my license


"That guy was probably an a*****e." - Janny M (09/29/2017) (pic)
there was a small retirement party going on


"I want it longer." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (09/23/2017)

"Um, this is very dangerous." "Actually it's very safe." - Janny M & Erin L (09/22/2017)
texting and driving

"So you pierced your nipples for some Chinese food?" "There it is." - Janny M & Bear M (09/22/2017)

"Hahahahahaha. That sucks." "Yeah." - Janny M & Bear M (09/22/2017)
3 parachutes for 4 people

"Thanks, Megan." "Yeah. Thanks." - Janny M & Matt Wi (09/16/2017)
megan blew up half the board

"I couldn't see it. It was all bush." "That's because it's so small." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/15/2017)
no comment

"Do you guys eat more peaches since you moved to the country?" - Janny M (09/15/2017)
we were listening to that song

"Don't put that on. It's too wet." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (09/09/2017)
the wood

"Now my hands are all sticky." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (09/09/2017)
whip cream

"Bear, try a little foreplay next time." "That is my foreplay." - Janny M & Bear M (09/08/2017)
just sticking it in

"You guys bought that?" - Janny M (09/08/2017)
i said an orange kiss was a drink

"Ten? Heaven?" - Janny M (09/08/2017)
i started to forget the cards in kings

"You have to drink hers." "But he's not a chick." - Erin L & Janny M (09/08/2017)
i had to drink for bear as a rule in kings

"You'd have a nickel?" "I'd have a nickel." - Janny M & Bear M (09/08/2017)
the above quote; i told bear he f**ked me

"Okay, okay. It's my birthday, okay? Can we talk about you?" - Janny M (08/30/2017)
i wanted to hear about brian's door knocking stories

"That's pretty deep." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/16/2017)
the grand cancyon

"They all suck." "Gee, thanks, Babe. I spent hours on mine." - Brian C & Janny M (08/15/2017)

"This is probably the biggest light one I've seen." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/11/2017)
the spatcula

"It's still wet. You can see how wet it is." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/06/2017)
the wood we were putting on the fire

"It's not that big, Shawn..." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (08/05/2017)

"Ask her. I'm taking it real slow." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/04/2017)

"They did not take the one currently residing in my cigarette charger." - Janny M (08/04/2017)
someone broke into my car a few months ago & took nothing

"Oh hell no. I'm not putting that s**t in my mouth again." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/04/2017)
95% alcohol stuff

"Mine's only a little wet. I'll e okay... That's what she said." - Janny M (08/04/2017)
my chair; it was starting to rain

"It's smaller than I thought it was going to be standing behind me." "That's what she said." - James B & Janny M (08/02/2017)
his moltres he chose as his buddy

"How deep is it though?" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/28/2017)

"Don't touch it!" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (07/28/2017)

"Is there more to that story?" - Janny M (07/22/2017)

"It needs to be wet." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/22/2017)

"Stop playing depressing songs. Play some Linkin Park." - Janny M (07/22/2017)

"I don't want him to hurt your son." "Please do." - Janny M & Mike O (07/21/2017)
bri was capturing donald

"That's like a crime not to have daiquiri mix in summer." - Janny M (07/15/2017)
erin went to like 4 different stores to find it

"We should watch these while we're high." "I am!" - Janny M & Bear M (07/15/2017)


"Stop saying quotes!" - Janny M (07/14/2017)

"It's legal to do that." - Janny M (07/08/2017)
roll your own cigarette

"I don't think we should smoke a dollar bill." - Janny M (07/08/2017)

"It's like I'm drinking a f**king iced tea." - Janny M (07/08/2017) (pic)
ice in my beer

"I can't quote that! Aww!" - Janny M (07/08/2017)

"You have to go inside to get it." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (07/07/2017)
the ice

"You owe him a kiss." "No I don't." - Janny M & Mike O (07/07/2017)
kurt freed mike

"Yeah I reached from all over the place, too." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (07/07/2017)
to try to draw a good domino

"Look at these... They're like sweating through." "Your nuts?" - Brian C & Janny M (07/03/2017)

"No. I don't want to get depressed today." - Janny M (07/03/2017)
bri telling me about R12

"How bad is it?" "...It's a bush." - Janny M & Jen R (07/03/2017)

"Haha!" - Jen R & Janny M (07/03/2017)

"It's so stuffed in there." "That's what she said." - Luke J & Janny M (07/01/2017)


"They live in the same state as me?" - Janny M (06/24/2017)
becky's parents


"What are you taking it apart for?" "Cause I can." - Janny M & Uncle George (06/18/2017)
his motorcycle

"Make sure it hasn't gotten dry." "That's what she said." - Kim Mo & Janny M (06/18/2017)
her pasta salad

"My lighter's small." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (06/17/2017)

"I'm asking legitimate questions." - Janny M (06/17/2017)
questions about shawn's garden but all questions sounded dirty

"What happened?" "I live on a hill." - Janny M & Shawn R (06/17/2017)
he spilled his beer

"It's not gonna light. It's too wet." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (06/17/2017)

"My God I've never seen one that big before." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (06/17/2017)
misquito eater

"I just have to give up beer and cheese and everything I like..." "What the f**k?" "Well I'm not going to." - Bear M & Janny M (06/10/2017)
to get more healthy

"Siri, do you take it in the a*s?" "...That's a yes." - Shawn R & Janny M (06/09/2017)
siri didn't say

"That's a pill. That's not a penis." - Janny M (06/09/2017)

"You have a sparkle on your face." "Oh, thanks. I go to Monday morning strip clubs." - Janny M & Matt E (06/05/2017)

"I hated the Y." "Why?" - Brian C & Janny M (06/04/2017)

"What do kids do? Do they have fidget parties?" - Janny M (06/03/2017)
mike gave me a fidget spinner

"Why am I drinking two beers?" - Janny M (06/03/2017)
uncle george's warm beer

"What did Bear say?" "Pelican briefs?" - Janny M & Erin L (05/28/2017)

"How many languages do you speak?" "Zero... Uh English." - Janny M & Erin L (05/28/2017)

"I don't know if there are sharks." "I'll go deeper." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Bear M & Brian C & Janny M (05/28/2017)
twss said at the same time

"Those strawberries look a little limp." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (05/27/2017)

"Foreskin. African children... Beauty and the beast." - Janny M (05/26/2017)
it went well... sing it

"I should dress up one year." "Yeah. Okay." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/19/2017) (pic)
t-rex costume!

"He's drunk." "That's right. Ain't nothing getting past you, Janis." - Janny M & Allan C (05/19/2017)

"I'll look better with a beer." - Janny M (05/18/2017)
bri was taking a picture of me

"I can charge it at the hotel room because the thingy has the thingy." "That was a very intelligent thing you just said." - Janny M & Brian C (05/18/2017)
the place we were staying has a tesla charger

"Don't. That's sticky." "It's not sticky." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Brian C & Shawn R (05/13/2017)

"We're not talking about penis pillows, are we?" - Janny M (05/12/2017)

"How else would you draw boobs?" "Lots of ways." - Janny M & Erin L (05/12/2017) (pic)

"Wiki, I'm going to put some Justin Bieber on you." - Janny M (05/09/2017)

"Man it got farmy fast." - Janny M (05/05/2017)
going to see shawn & jen at their new place

"These white people are dumb too." - Janny M (05/05/2017)

"You guys could just read the instruction manual... I'm just putting it out there..." - Janny M (05/05/2017)
installing what bri got them

"The more you pay the faster it comes." - Janny M (05/02/2017)
business cards... but could be something else

"It has to be white." "You're racist!" - Janny M & Matt Wi (04/29/2017)
my marshmellows

"I thought you were a nerd, Megan." - Janny M (04/29/2017)

"It's a little stiff." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (04/28/2017)

"It doesn't look that big." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (04/28/2017)

"I never realized how small he looks." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (04/28/2017)

"It gets more stiff as it gets wet." "That's what she said." - Mel O & Janny M (04/22/2017)
her hair i think

"Feminism." "That would do it." - Brian C & Janny M (04/22/2017)
what brought the orgy to a grinding hault

"You can see how deep it is." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (04/22/2017)
the grand canyon

"Is it all the way in?" "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (04/22/2017)

"Did you get it all the way in?" "Yes." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Brian C & Janny M (04/22/2017)

"Are you googling rigor mortis?" - Janny M (04/22/2017)

"It's really wet and moist..." "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (04/16/2017)

"Yeah, we go in there all the time and move stuff around..." - Janny M (04/14/2017)
we have a key to our neighbors house

"A penis tree?" - Janny M (04/14/2017)
it's what bears drawing looked like

"She's not the brightest bulb in the box." "No, I'm not." - Janny M & Jen R (04/07/2017)

"They don't know about it." "They will." - Janny M & Jen R (04/07/2017)
their heating unit makes noises

"No, it's four fingers and a thumb..." "I don't get it." - Brian C & Janny M (03/24/2017)

"Damn. I wasted anal orgasms." - Janny M (03/18/2017)

"Would Donald Trump really ruin your wedding?" "Yes!" - Janny M & Kurt W (03/17/2017)

"Wiki, you can't go twice. Bad dog!" - Janny M (03/17/2017)
wiki playing cards against humanity

"My parents didn't read to me. Why do you think I'm so dumb?" - Janny M (03/08/2017)
i couldn't name dr suess books

"You have a kid, you probably should." - Janny M (03/08/2017)
another team had a kid so they should know dr suess

"The five saddest prostitutes in the world... I'm sure they're all sad." - Janny M (03/03/2017)
they're not ;)

"It helps if you had a little fryer." "That's what she said." - Bear M & Janny M (03/03/2017)

"We haven't done a load yet." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Mike O (02/24/2017)
new washer... not sure how this is a twss quote

"If you're not here tomorrow, I'm to instruct them to do everything through the back, right?" "Yes." "Come on, let's hear it." "That's what she said." "That's right." - Janny M & Brian C (02/23/2017)

"Why do you have a watch?" "...Alright..." - Janny M & Uncle George (02/19/2017)

"I clearly can't drive to get anybody." "You clearly can't walk..." - Mari G & Janny M (02/18/2017)

"Aww. She didn't card you. What's up with that?" "Yeah, what's up with that?" - Janny M & Peter F (02/10/2017)
waitress carded danny & i but not peter

"Maybe she has a six hour commute?" "She lives in Gaithersburg." - Janny M & Danny H (02/10/2017)
his pm doesn't answer emails for 6 hours a day

"Peter, you have it made." "Life is good." - Janny M & Peter F (02/10/2017)
being single

"Why am I the only one clapping?" "I'm clapping on the inside." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/07/2017)
bernie made a good point at the debate

"She's probably got wood in her hands." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (02/04/2017)

"How long is the girl scout period?" "That's f**ked up." - Janny M & Shawn R (02/04/2017)

"You can get comfortable." "What do you mean? Like take off my clothes?" - Megan Wi & Janny M (01/27/2017)

"Eww, Megan. You get paid to poop?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Megan Wi (01/27/2017)

"Okay. Now I need to blow it." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (01/20/2017)

"Scrotum tickling?" "Puts her in the mood... She doesn't have a scrotum." - Mike O & Janny M (01/20/2017)

"Will it come up?" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (01/13/2017)
accidental paint on the floor

"I said I was tipsy and needed something to do... is it up?" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (01/13/2017)
bri texting dana since it's the launch of her game

"I was combining the two." "R G Kelly?" "That's what it sounded like." - Brian C & Janny M & Shawn R (01/07/2017)

"Jen you have the munchies." - Janny M (01/07/2017)

"I just became this wack job..." "As opposed to when?" - Aunt Janet & Janny M (12/25/2016)
sure it had to do with football

"Well they're not gonna say old woman..." "I would." - Janny M & James M (12/24/2016)
if kim was mentioned in a newspaper

"You flirted with a man?" - Janny M (12/24/2016)
james... to get out of a ticket

"I mean you don't share tooth brushes or whity tighties, right?" - Janny M (12/24/2016)
in the marines

"It was something sexual... Don't ask." - Janny M (12/24/2016)

"I know. Just chase it with some gray goose." - Janny M (12/23/2016)
smirnoff vodka

"I'll have to look at penis pictures from Brian's tablet." "He's already got them there." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/15/2016)

"Does he still live over there?" "Yeah." "That's too close to me." - Jeff D & Janny M (12/12/2016)
a former friend

"I don't wanna do math right now." - Janny M (12/09/2016)

"All he's gonna do is just swallow." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/03/2016)
giving benji steak

"You can't play with yourself, Heidi." - Janny M (12/02/2016)
had to keep flagging her ;p

"It's too early for me." "Says the main who has a Christmas tree up." - Uncle George & Janny M (11/26/2016)
too early for christmas

"Johnson with a G?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Jarvis G (11/23/2016)

"I loved you, Earth. You were a great planet." - Janny M (11/12/2016)
uncle george running his truck for heat

"Peter Pan can f**k up your life." "Yeah." - Janny M & Mike O (11/11/2016)

"This game is racist. White workers? What?" - Janny M (11/04/2016)
it's a joke

"Put your little thing on it..." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (11/04/2016)

"Tell her, tell her." "Okay so my parents..." "Okay, let me tell her." - Janny M & Brian C (10/28/2016)

"Was it like a Lady Gaga bad romance?" - Janny M (10/28/2016)


"Hot pink?" "Sure. Who needs resale value?" - Janny M & Brian C (10/21/2016)
what color we should do our siding on our house

"Donald, in life you gotta live by the mantra, the bigger the better." "Oh, he's got it." - Janny M & Mike O (10/21/2016)
tmi or okay?

"Are you that drunk?" "I wish. Maybe then I'd forget that sight." - Janny M & Brian C (10/14/2016)
shawn's goat

"It looks stupid." "Yes it does." - Janny M & Uncle George (10/08/2016)
big tires on a bicycle

"Well I get wet?" "That's what she said." - Kim Mo & Janny M (10/08/2016)
she went to get a soda

"I still have one hole left." "That's what she said." - Layla S & Janny M (09/29/2016) Janny Favorite

"Well the F B I should have a lot more resources now that they're not investigating Hillary anymore." - Janny M (09/23/2016)

"He means sex favors." "What? It's a book. It doesn't warrant any sexual favors." - Janny M & Matt Wi (09/16/2016)

"I've had much worse operations in my mouth." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (09/13/2016)

"You're allowed to do that?" "No." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (09/10/2016)
have beer at work

"Come on, man." "Last time I checked I had woman parts!" "Come on, woman." - Janny M & Jen R (09/02/2016)

"Oh yeah, Shawn is a lot older than me." "F**k you." - Janny M & Shawn R (08/26/2016)

"I get more when I'm sleeping." - Janny M (08/26/2016)

"So the State Department." "The corrupt branch that Clinton ran?" "Yes." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/26/2016)

"You're just not going deep enough." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/19/2016)

"Oh my God I'm going on the website?" "No." - Heidi C & Janny M (08/19/2016)

"They're a little bit bigger, too." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (08/19/2016)
i think it was cookies

"The Pokemon gym?" "No, the real gym." - Janny M & Amrutha E (08/12/2016)

"I forgot the name." "That wasn't the only thing she forgot that night." - Amrutha E & Janny M (08/12/2016)
amrutha forgot the name of a drink she liked

"Feel the Johnson!" - Janny M (07/31/2016)
gary johnson

"How is he gonna wiggle into that?" "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/31/2016)

"Janis, you might as well slap it in there." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (07/30/2016)

"You're like half way there." "That's what she said." - Todd J & Janny M (07/22/2016)

"Are we using these little ones?" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (07/22/2016)

"Okay, whatever. Put 'em in." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Brian C & Janny M (07/22/2016)
twss said at the same time

"I was in a bad position when I started." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (07/22/2016)
position in the game

"You can write it down on a piece of paper..." "No, I'd rather keep bothering you." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/18/2016)
she was writing a quote from my shirt on a poster

"Do I need to say a prayer?" - Janny M (07/16/2016)
riding in the car with jen

"We can have loud sex and no one will hear." "There you go." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/16/2016)

"You're pregnant?" "No. Oh, God no." - Janny M & Megan Wi (07/15/2016)

"Why isn't it going in right?" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/15/2016)

"You're a dork." "Yeah." - Janny M & Alex B (07/14/2016)
he counted how many seconds pokemon graphics take

"She was the same age as me." "So one hundred forty seven?" "One hundred five. F**k you." - Kim Mo & Janny M (07/03/2016)

"Are you going to open your mouth for me?" "That's what he said." - Jason H & Janny M (07/02/2016)
feeding our nephew

"So keep f**king your way to the top?" - Janny M (07/02/2016)

"I'm f**king my way up to the top." "One pimp at a time." - Janny M & Matt Wi (07/02/2016)

"You got any wood, Matt?" "No." "I'm sorry Megan." "It's alright." - Janny M & Matt Wi & Janny M & Megan Wi (07/02/2016)

"These go in this one." "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (07/02/2016)

"You sure that's a good idea?" "No. I'm not sure any of this is a good idea." - Janny M & Bryan S (06/27/2016)
he was poking holes in a can with a pen

"Ain't no use in complaining..." "There will be." - Janny M & Jeff D (06/25/2016)
stacy & i were singing that line all night

"You don't go like that." "I'll lend you a book." - Janny M & Layla S (06/24/2016)
making sexual motions

"Shawn, do you have an axe to grind?" - Janny M (06/24/2016) (pic)

"I don't have enough leg room." - Janny M (06/17/2016) (pic)
i said to layla

"They need to trim that bush." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Brian C (06/14/2016)
a tree was blocking a road sign

"That was one of the worst things I've ever put in my mouth." "That's what she said." - Jackie C & Janny M (06/13/2016)
dandy lion wine

"Ou, look at the puppy, ou!" "That's a kitty cat." - Janny M & Brian C (06/12/2016)

"And my pants are still at your place." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/12/2016)

"It's been a while since I've slept with a woman." - Janny M (06/12/2016)
not like that; actual sleeping

"Did you screw it in for a while?" "That's what she said." - Dr Dana W & Janny M (06/11/2016)

"It was way down in there." "That's what she said." - Dr Dana W & Janny M (06/10/2016)

"Deltek has an app? Woo, we're free!" "Let's get a third round!" - Janny M & Layla S (06/03/2016)

"Hastag s**t got real." - Janny M (06/03/2016)

"You guys are not funny at all." "Oops." - Janny M & David Ga (05/30/2016)

"I will say no very politely." "That'll teach em." - Alex B & Janny M (05/28/2016)

"All he's doing is jabbing pens into my cork." "That's what she said." - Layla S & Janny M (05/27/2016)

"I like being white." "It is a pretty sweet deal." - Janny M & Layla S (05/27/2016)

"He should be on stage." "He is on stage." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/23/2016)
steve is a great singer

"Sorry about it getting wet." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/21/2016)

"They can talk the same language." "Russian?" "No, code." - Peter F & Janny M (05/13/2016)

"Don't step on the wood." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (05/13/2016)

"Can you drink all wines?" "At the same time?" - Janny M & Jeff D (05/11/2016)

"I'm just gonna do this standing up." "That's what she said." - Leslie B & Janny M (05/07/2016)
deal cards since we didn't have a table

"They got stuff coming out of the hole." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (05/05/2016)

"That was a good magic trick but it was on top." "That's what she said." - David Ga & Janny M (04/30/2016)

"Anybody want to demonstrate a happy penis?" - Janny M (04/30/2016)

"You guys need to say stuff that's funny." "B***h I'm trying." - Janny M & Jen R (04/29/2016)

"Who the f**k is Jen yelling at?" "Her phone." - Janny M & Brian C (04/29/2016)

"This pen doesn't work when I'm drunk." - Janny M (04/29/2016)
seriously, my pen wouldn't work

"Shawn, I think you have an axe to grind." - Janny M (04/29/2016)
literally; his axe was dull

"Monday's are so crappy in general." "That's why we need alcohol." - Bryan S & Janny M (04/25/2016)

"Well we need to do better on those beauty questions. I'm glad I brought a bunch of guys with me." - Janny M (04/20/2016)

"I'm just gonna say the Gap." - Janny M (04/20/2016)
we had no clue

"Just keep poking it until it comes out." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (04/20/2016)

"Every calorie counts." "Not if you don't count it." - Janny M & Jeff D (04/16/2016)

"The history channel created porn?" - Janny M (04/16/2016)

"Boobs for Bernie?" "Umm... maybe some coconuts?" - Janny M & David Ga (04/14/2016)

"Circles are better for your health." - Janny M (04/08/2016)
team circle!

"Where's your poker?" "I assume it's in his pants." - Janny M & Brian C (04/02/2016)
shawn's poker for the fire

"Go down. Go down." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jeff D (04/01/2016)

"Atlas?" "Atlas." - Janny M & Amrutha E (04/01/2016)

"No, you have a chip. You have to stick it in." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (04/01/2016)

"Is it rich?" "Naw. Upper middle class." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (03/27/2016)
asking bri if the cake was rich

"If she's so highly education how come she forgot her f**king bag?" - Janny M (03/25/2016)
david's friend

"That's pretty deep!" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/20/2016)

"They're both up." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/19/2016)

"That's why I try to go under you now." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jeff D (03/19/2016)

"Like W T F?" "What station is that?" - Janny M & Jeff D (03/17/2016)

"It's Nickelodeon." - Janny M (03/17/2016)

"Why you gotta poke it?" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (03/12/2016)

"They look like the Koch brothers." "I know. Should I speed up just in case?" - Janny M & Bryan S (03/11/2016)
two older guys were crossing the driveway

"Dude this is twice the size of yours... That's what she said." - Janny M (03/04/2016)

"Are you horny, Janis?" "Eh.." - Jen R & Janny M (03/04/2016)

"It's that something we'd have to go through the H O A for?" "Not if it's retractable." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Brad F & Janny M (03/04/2016)

"These chips have no structural integrity." - Janny M (03/04/2016)
the tostito chips fell apart

"That's a big head." "That's what she said." - Janny M & David Ga (03/03/2016)

"Well it didn't go down deep enough." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (02/27/2016)

"I'm going to have beer fruit." - Janny M (02/26/2016)

"I've seen more hands than I have in my entire life." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jeff D (02/26/2016)
i've been playing a lot of hearts

"Feliza to National..." "Reagan." "What's that?" - Jeff D & Janny M (02/26/2016)
jeff refuses to call DCA airport reagan

"Did you fact check yourself?" - Janny M (02/12/2016)

"Goldman Sachs paid you millions. How are you wearing that?" - Janny M (02/11/2016)
hillary clinton in the debate wore a yellow jacket

"I really enjoyed dinner. I don't want to see it again." - Janny M (02/06/2016)
mike giving me a gag reflex with what he was saying

"How low can they go?" "Pretty low. They were to their ankles." - Janny M & Megan Wi (01/29/2016)

"But you guys understand me." "Just barely." - Janny M & Jeff D (01/27/2016)
my thick accent people couldn't understand me order beer :(

"Maybe you should go down as you are." "I'd get a response." - Janny M & Brian C (01/25/2016)
bri was naked and trying to get our wifi password

"Bri leads me by my hair all the time." "Well that's okay." - Janny M & Jeff D (01/25/2016)
some dude holding his daughters or wife's arm

"I thought you weren't drinking yet." "Oh yeah. Darn!" - Janny M & Jeff D (01/25/2016)
he ordered a drink but said he wasn't drinking until after dinner

"No. You need to go into a New York accent." "Howdy, yall." - Brian C & Janny M (01/25/2016)
apparently i had a thick accent & they couldn't understand atlas beer I ordered

"It'll go down fairly easily. It just won't go back up." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (01/23/2016)

"Why am I wet here?" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jeff D (01/17/2016)

"You're quick on the trigger this morning." "That's what she said last night, too." - Janny M & Brian C (01/16/2016)
joking about a one night stand for jeff

"Nobody dies though." "I know. Too bad." - Janny M & Jeff D (01/16/2016)
in survivor

"You should resort to photoshop." "Thanks!" - Janny M & Jeff D (01/11/2016)
for his profile pictures on dating websites

"I guess I have to vacuum down here again tomorrow." "It's called owning a home... and O C D." - Jen R & Janny M (01/08/2016)

"They probably moved out because you guys kept having sex in the back." - Janny M (01/08/2016)

"Stop laughing. It's not funny." - Janny M (01/01/2016)

"My entire life is in my phone." "Yeah, you're an American." - Janny M & Brian C (01/01/2016)

"Oh damn, I wish I had more money." - Janny M (01/01/2016)
some of these quotes don't make any sense

"I had my fruit for the year." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (12/31/2015)
in his drink

"They don't have as much horsepower as you." "In a Prius?" - Ryan Mo & Janny M (12/26/2015)
why people in the dc area drive so slow

"Did it come with replacement balls?" - Janny M (12/24/2015)
mike bought bingo

"You with your plaid shirt." "Yeah, that's what all the Jedi's wear." - Janny M & Jeff D (12/18/2015)

"What's his name?" "Mothy." - Janny M & Uncle George (12/12/2015)
his pet moth

"I feel something wet." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (12/11/2015)

"It's warm out here. Thanks for the wood." - Janny M (12/11/2015)

"There's no good way to talk about that, really." "What? Nazis?" - Janny M & David Ga (12/09/2015)

"Sounds like a poem." - Janny M (12/06/2015)
aunt janet reading what animal control says about racoons

"Why are these really hard?" "That's what she said." - Aunt Janet & Janny M (12/06/2015)

"All the fours are out unfortunately." "Haha. Un-four-tunately?" - Brian C & Janny M (12/04/2015)

"I'll go down now." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (12/04/2015)

"I only had ones in my hand..." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (12/04/2015)

"You guys look like you're dating." "That's cool." - Janny M & Jeff D (11/28/2015)

"Alcohol needs to be involved." "I agree." - Janny M & Steven M (11/25/2015)

"It's just to get beer." - Janny M (11/13/2015)
jen should sell her old drivers license to a college kid

"...Um, bressing your brouse?" - Janny M (11/13/2015)
words were slured

"Why would someone steal a Toyota decal?" - Janny M (10/30/2015)
someone stole leslie's toyota emblum from her car

"I've done that before." "What? Kissed a girl and liked it?" - Janny M & Leslie B (10/30/2015)

"You're supposed to have a cork screw on your key chain!" "Who has a cork screw on their key chain?" - Leslie B & Janny M (10/30/2015)
we couldn't open bri's wine

"It's rock hard." "That's what she said." - David Ga & Janny M (10/29/2015)

"Don't be afraid, Peter. It's a pen." - Janny M (10/23/2015)
he didn't know how to open the pen

"One thing that made Peyton Manning so successful..." "Papa John's pizza?" - Brian C & Janny M (10/18/2015)

"Jeez, look at this loser." "Me? Yeah, I know." - Aunt Janet & Janny M (10/18/2015)

"So why'd you choose it?" "I was stupid." - Janny M & Uncle George (10/10/2015)
his rambler which he's selling

"Well s**t. I don't wanna tease myself then." - Janny M (10/09/2015)

"George Washington lives at..." "Mount Rushmore." - Brian C & Janny M (10/09/2015)
i had a few at the time

"There's no slot?" "I didn't see one." "That means there is one." - Janny M & Layla S & Mat W (10/07/2015)
at the library; layla had to walk 3 stories just to drop off books

"Jen's making her sound like she's Asian." - Janny M (10/02/2015)

"Embrace the pumpkin!" - Janny M (10/02/2015)
some of that pumpkin beer is strong

"Ew. T M I." "Three mile island?" - Janny M & Jeff D (09/30/2015)

"My intent was to do a longer one..." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (09/30/2015)

"Why do I feel like you're bull s**ting us?" "Well, that's correct." - Janny M & Daniel K (09/29/2015)

"It's not that hard." "That's what she said." - Noah H & Janny M (09/26/2015)

"Do you wanna save that breast?" "That's what she said." - Walt W & Janny M (09/25/2015)

"You're there for the entertainment." "What entertainment?" "The drunk people." "Yeah." - Brian C & Janny M & Alex B (09/23/2015)
alex said yeah

"You should just need to know how to get the information." "Bribe?" - Janny M & Jeff D (09/23/2015)

"It's so slippery..." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (09/23/2015)
the board at denisens... we were playing cornhole

"Wait. Why are we rooting for the Steelers?" "Cause we don't have Forty Niners on our team." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (09/20/2015)

"Especially in the bedroom, right?" "That's where it matters." - Janny M & Mike O (09/19/2015)

"What's real cheese to you then?" "Cheese out of a can, of course." - Jen R & Janny M (09/18/2015)
jen was asking shawn

"I'm sure every N F L team has their own... um..." "Color?" - Jen R & Janny M (09/18/2015)

"Woo backpack!" - Janny M (09/11/2015)
the opening band were young kids & he had a backpack

"This is from..." "Sex?" "...Well that's on my back." - Jeff D & Janny M (09/11/2015)

"It was a spinach salad, too." That's hardcore." - Layla S & Janny M (09/10/2015)

"Don't worry, Kate. I suck too." "I'll confirm that with Brian." - Janny M & Joe C (09/05/2015)
at sorry

"So how do you pull it out?" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (09/05/2015)

"Hairendous!" - Janny M (08/29/2015)

"He only gets the big bottles." "That's what she said." - Tricia B & Janny M (08/29/2015)

"I can't just keep it in my mouth." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Paul H (08/29/2015)

"Woah." "Oh, whatever." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (08/28/2015)
mia, their cat, just ran right through us for no reason

"Granny panties?" "Yeah great granny panties." - Janny M & Roshy R (08/28/2015)

"I wore 'em hard." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (08/27/2015)

"He thinks that I have violent tendencies..." "Especially towards plants." - Janny M & Jeff D (08/27/2015)
cause i'm a vegetarian

"They made more than one?" - Janny M (08/20/2015)
best of dub step 3

"Boobs or ball sack?" "Ball sack except when it stinks." - Jeff D & Janny M (08/20/2015)

"If you don't want them to trip over wood then don't have your penis out." - Janny M (08/15/2015)
shawn was moving his wood out of the way

"She's getting in the wrong deck." "Wouldn't be the first time." Shut up, Janis." - Shawn R & Janny M & Jen R (08/15/2015)


"Janis didn't even say anything." "I was thinking about it." - Mike O & Janny M (08/14/2015)
his comment wow

"It's so easy to get caught up in stuff like hating Delilah." - Janny M (08/14/2015)

"He got it in the hole once." "That's what she said." - Jeff D & Janny M (08/07/2015)

"Why did you name it honey dew?" "Cause honey pot doesn't fit with the melon theme." - Janny M & Brian C (07/25/2015)
his planet in gaw

"You need something big." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jeff D (07/23/2015)

"That thing is going in." "That's what she said." - David Ga & Janny M (07/23/2015)

"I don't think you're big enough." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (07/18/2015)

"I don't have an Irish background." "He's from Ireland!" - Jeff D & Janny M (07/17/2015)
i think this is when the night got a little crazy

"Yeah, that'll do it." "That'll do it." - Janny M & David Ga (07/16/2015)

"There's no more food. I guess I'm gonna have to drink." - Janny M (07/04/2015)

"Don't get something too big... That's what she said." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Leslie B (07/02/2015)

"What the hell?" "It's two cards!" - Janny M & Leslie B (07/02/2015)

"We weren't interested with the up and down." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/27/2015)

"I don't do that with my teeth." - Janny M (06/27/2015)
toothbrush with a car

"Why are there only three? Why can't there be ten?" "That's a three." - Janny M & Jeff D (06/27/2015)

"Well the Republicans want to make it illegal." - Janny M (06/26/2015)
abortion in dirty dancing

"Are you gonna write your phone number on there?" "No." - Janny M & Dr Dana W (06/20/2015)
on the receipt

"Why don't you live in Colorado?" "Cause call the crazy people live in Colorado." - Janny M & Usif H (06/20/2015)
this quote probably isn't exact but i was drunk & can't read my handwritting

"Nobody wants to be licked right now." "That's what she said." - Dr Dana W & Janny M (06/19/2015)
zoey licking bri and i

"Partly sunny, what? It's eleven at night!" - Janny M (06/19/2015)
my phone's weather in rockville

"I don't know how to up it. It's like ugh!" - Janny M (06/16/2015)
simple 508 problem

"Be like, 'can I get a picture of your shirt?'" "My friend thinks you're skanky." - Janny M & Megan Wi (06/14/2015)
i wanted to get a quote picture to better explain this person of walmart

"It's doing it! It's doing it!" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (06/14/2015)

"Now Jen's gonna smell like beer." "Jen smells like beer anyway." - Jen R & Janny M (06/12/2015)
i spilled beer on her

"How big is it?" "That's what she said." - Matt Wi & Janny M (06/06/2015)

"Why won't you make love to me anymore? Is it because of blank?" "Watch it, Brian." - Janny M & Doug Zz (06/05/2015)

"Unless you're a slut then it's the first one." "It is M T V." - Janny M & Doug Zz (06/05/2015)

"They're gonna think something's wrong with that man." "They already think that." - Uncle George & Janny M (05/30/2015)
his quotes

"Come on, I E. F**k!" - Janny M (05/29/2015)

"Well that was what we were going for." "Stone henge?" "Yeah." "Well I don't know about that..." - Mike O & Janny M & Kurt W (05/29/2015)

"It failed again." - Janny M (05/29/2015)
i tried the milk man man

"I've moved up from Smirnoff." "Damn." - Janny M & Will Ma (05/16/2015)

"People bring the strangest things down here." - Janny M (05/15/2015)
to crusin

"How much have you had to drink?" "Not enough!" - Janny M & Uncle George (05/15/2015)

"We're like five blocks away." "He won't make it." - Janny M & Kim Mo (05/15/2015)
brian was a bit drunk

"I'll get it out." "Naw, don't worry about it." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/15/2015)
ice... not sure

"You can't compete against tiny nipples." - Janny M (05/02/2015)

"Your horn doesn't work." "It does. It's just extremely stiff." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/02/2015)

"I guess I'll whip mine out, too." "I bet mine is bigger than yours." - Janny M & Joe C (04/18/2015)
gaw... but a good twss

"I got plenty of wax." "Yeah, in your ears." - Jen R & Janny M (04/11/2015)

"Where do I wanna do it?" "Probably up in your bedroom." "It doesn't roll up there." - Kurt W & Janny M (04/10/2015)

"Women aren't into whitey tighties." "Men aren't either." - Janny M & David Ga (04/03/2015)

"You can play with it." "Alright, I'm gonna play with it." - Janny M & David Ga (03/31/2015)
the coaster... he tore it up into tiny pieces

"You scammed me." "Embargoed!" - Janny M & Seth W (03/21/2015)

"I don't think he's doing well with the darts." - Janny M (03/20/2015)
david was pretty bad

"Do you see how big it us compared to the can?" "That's what she said." - Danny H & Janny M (03/17/2015)

"I have T mobile." "What the f**k, dude." "I know." - Danny H & Janny M (03/17/2015)

"Should I write pound of flesh in the memo?" - Janny M (03/14/2015)
check for taxes

"It goes better on top." "That's what she said." - David Ga & Janny M (03/12/2015)

"You guys are a bunch of women." "With cleavage; showing cleavage." - Janny M & David Ga (03/11/2015)
i picked their race in civilization

"Maybe they're too big." "That's what she said." - David Ga & Janny M (03/07/2015)

"This was wet, this was wet... All this was wet." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (02/28/2015) Janny Favorite

"This one's dry." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (02/28/2015)

"No. It came all the way in." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (02/27/2015)

"Come on, douche bag. Pull out." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (02/27/2015)
he was trying to get out of the parking lot

"Yeah, if you've played wii sports..." "Or real tennis." - Janny M & Erin L (02/26/2015)
how you would know what a love is

"Penis is in." "That's what she said." - Bear M & Janny M (02/26/2015)

"Because it's built to go in." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (02/15/2015)
the space shuttle pod

"Brisket? People line up for brisket?" - Janny M (02/13/2015)
in austin

"Then write music notes." - Janny M (02/06/2015)
if the person in the drawing was playing music

"Okay. Let me get this thing lubed up then hopefully it'll run." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (02/03/2015)
the piece for the heater

"Did you like that one? "Yeah. Why do you think I said it that way?" - Janny M & Brian C (02/03/2015)
the quote above; he set me up

"They had to reuse the scenery. They paid so much money for those dancing trees." - Janny M (02/01/2015)
two songs on the beach

"That looks awesome. I want to do it. But I'd have to drink Bud Light to do it." "That's the only downside." - Janny M & David Ga (02/01/2015)
real life pacman

"How clever. You rhymed ore with whore." - Janny M (01/30/2015)

"The rich get taxed." "Hard." "About time." - Janny M & Mike O & Brian C (01/30/2015)
catan, a 7 rolled

"I'm putting all my eight's in one basket..." - Janny M (01/23/2015)
built on two 8's

"So you had a dry Austin?" "That's what she said." - Maggie St & Janny M (01/13/2015)

"You're anti carb and you're eating a bread stick?" - Janny M (01/11/2015)

"He hasn't even had one." "I know." - Janny M & Jason H (01/03/2015)
jason was messing up

"Do you have any aces?" "Unfortunately." - Janny M & Jason H (01/03/2015)
for a misdeal

"I don't feel love anymore." "That's cause this is cards." - Janny M & Jason H (01/03/2015)

"Which one was yours?" "The elves with the seamen." - Janny M & Jeff D (12/31/2014)

"Which red sea were you referring to?" - Janny M (12/31/2014)

"Brian, how wet are you?" "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (12/26/2014)
his chair was wet

"Why don't they make all of them?" "Cause you'd die." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/26/2014)
flu shots

"Who farfed?" - Janny M (12/26/2014)
it was a joke

"Put a stick in it." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (12/26/2014)
the fire

"You don't like this steering wheel?" "It's feminine, it's sticky." "It's old." "So is your face." - Uncle George & Janny M (12/13/2014)

"It is Denny's..." "...Yeah." - Janny M & Mike O (12/12/2014)

"This is good reconnaissance... I know where to go now when I break in." - Janny M (12/05/2014)
danny explaining a layout

"Don't fill me up this time, please." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (11/29/2014)

"Oh wow. You were short." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (11/28/2014)
my train was only 1

"I can understand you!" - Janny M (11/25/2014)

"Greg has a purse in his wallet." - Janny M (11/25/2014)
he did... for change

"Bah means bah." - Janny M (11/25/2014)
b a h; booze allen

"I don't care if they get off." "That's what she said." - Brian L & Janny M (11/25/2014)

"Does it matter what hole they go in?" "That's what she said." - Meredith S & Janny M (11/15/2014)

"It's a big black..." "Train." - Mike O & Janny M & Brian C (11/14/2014)
me & bri said train at the same time

"Ouu. you have Carmel?" "No. Just thinking of ways to make the apples unhealthy." - Janny M & Joe C (11/09/2014)

"I must have had a whole glass." "Wow, a whole glass!" - Jen R & Janny M & Brian C (11/08/2014)
me & bri said the last at the same time... a whole glass of wine

"No, he wanted it deeper." "That's what she said." "Why, I even got that." - Brian C & Janny M & Jen R (11/08/2014)

"F**k this s**t." "An ace?" - Janny M & Leslie B (10/25/2014)

"These new races are way too powerful." - Janny M (10/24/2014)

"Babe. There's a lost tribes man there." "So?" "Well, he's lost." - Janny M & Brian C & Kurt W (10/24/2014)

"Boners of the elderly." "I was like there goes mine." - Janny M & Mike O (10/24/2014)

"Kanye... Cain West?" - Janny M (10/24/2014)
bri pronounced kanye as cain

"Who's going to smoke in that car?" "It was the eighties." - Janny M & Brian C (10/09/2014)
a 1980's farrari had ash trays

"That's puke orange." - Janny M (10/04/2014)
shawn & jen's color for their extra room

"Did she kick your dong?" - Janny M (10/04/2014)

"F**king idiot." "Me or Delila?" - Brian C & Janny M (10/03/2014)

"I don't think she's an idiot. I just think she's too..." "Churchy." - Janny M & Kurt W & Mike O (10/03/2014)
mike & kurt said churchy at the same time

"Seven plus five is like a million points." - Janny M (10/03/2014)

"Oh my God!" "Did you see yourself in the mirror again?" - Janny M & Brian C (10/03/2014)

"Eat your leg..." "Is that what they say?" - Janny M & Mike O (10/03/2014)

"You haven't been funny." "What?" - Janny M & Megan Wi (09/26/2014)

"Where'd the wood come from?" "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (09/12/2014)

"Well we knew you were a beached whale. What were you in the..." - Janny M (09/12/2014)
what was mike's card... it's a joke

"She's Latino." - Janny M (09/10/2014)
her skin was kind of darkish

"Oh yeah, I stacked the deck..." - Janny M (09/10/2014)

"It was not that hard." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (09/07/2014)

"Here are some of the things you can offer as a bribe..." "Sex?" - Megan Wi & Janny M (08/20/2014)

"I already put mine in the baggy." "That's what he said." - Janny M & Brian C (08/20/2014)

"Well that's what you get for wearing a skimpy bathing suit." - Janny M (08/15/2014)
jens top came off in the water

"Go get my fluids." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/15/2014)

"I got a headache." "That's because you're drinking." "No it's because you're talking." - Shawn R & Jen R & Janny M (08/15/2014)

"He wants to... you know..." "F**k?" "Well not only that." - Jen R & Janny M (08/15/2014)

"That was probably the worst possible position." "That's what she said." - Jason H & Janny M (08/09/2014)

"I'm trying to recompensate for last time." "That's what she said." - Jason H & Janny M (08/09/2014)

"You're picky about your food, you're probably picky about your girlfriend..." - Janny M (08/08/2014)

"Just put it in!" "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (08/03/2014)

"You know Mom. She loves drama." "What? She seems so low key." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (08/02/2014)

"I'm going to have to take half of it home; it's too big." "That's what she said." - Cindy O & Janny M (08/01/2014)
her sandwich

"I didn't think that thing was gonna be that big." "That's what she said." - Cindy O & Janny M (08/01/2014)

"Mine's got it." "Uh, nope." - Janny M & Kurt W (08/01/2014)

"It doesn't matter unless you have a big one at the beginning..." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (08/01/2014)

"No everybody is bigger than that." "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (07/19/2014)

"Was it on its period?" - Janny M (07/18/2014)
some red

"Unless you have a foot fetish then it's the tongue." - Janny M (07/17/2014)

"It's already bad. I have five poop quotes tonight." - Janny M (07/17/2014)

"Really? The trolls are peace loving?" - Janny M (07/11/2014)

"He's shooting blanks." - Janny M (07/11/2014)
kurt kept rolling 0

"All aboard!" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Brian C (07/11/2014)

"Only with you guys do I eat meat, actually." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/05/2014)

"What weighs more, a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?" "A ton of feathers." - Janny M & Mike O (06/28/2014)

"Just kidding. She wasn't a whore she never had sex with him." "That sucks." - Janny M & Mike O (06/27/2014)

"So it has to go in just like that." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (06/27/2014)

"Nobody feels as bad for you as you do." - Janny M (06/27/2014)
brian was whinny

"But it's too small." "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (06/21/2014)
matt's lighter for his grill... it's actually pretty big

"Head... to the car?" - Janny M (06/21/2014)
we were talking about bad things

"They're a lot bigger." "That's what she said." - Shawn R & Janny M (06/21/2014)
birthing balls

"Why are there two women here?" - Janny M (06/20/2014)
small world

"Are these b***hes dead?" "Yes, those b***hes are dead." - Janny M & Brian C (06/11/2014)

"Did they hear you?" "Probably." - Janny M & Matt Wi (06/11/2014)

"You didn't know?" "Well, I had no instructions." - Janny M & Peter F (06/09/2014)
some functionality of an application we were reviewing... n2 issue

"I need to explain all these s**ts." - Janny M (06/06/2014)

"It's pretty much just soft." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (06/06/2014)

"Whatever. F**k this." - Janny M (06/06/2014)

"Well why is Santa there? Santa's not a nudest." - Janny M (06/06/2014)

"Oh, speaking of smallpox blankets..." - Janny M (05/29/2014)
yea i actually said that

"I don't wanna quote that." "Now your blog is on a watchlist." - Janny M & Mike D (05/25/2014)

"How are there that many skeleton dudes?" "That has been many people's last words." - Janny M & Mike D (05/25/2014)

"I know that but I gotta work it up." "That's what she said." - Bear M & Janny M (05/23/2014)

"Apparently you can trade in this game too." "Got any wood?" - Mike O & Janny M (05/09/2014)
we didn't playtest this game

"I think that's what Obama would look like if he was a white guy." "...I just don't see it..." - Janny M & Mike D (05/03/2014)
a picture in cheeburger cheeburger

"Can I take a picture of that?" "No." - Janny M & Mike D (05/03/2014)
to better explain the above quote

"Sometimes you gotta feel some nuts." "I think you just made me lose my appetite." - Janny M & Jen R (04/19/2014)

"Since it's a village, I'm going with something more primitive." - Janny M (04/19/2014)
my answer in cah

"Where's the best spot?" "Where you tried to stick my a*s." - Janny M & Brian C (03/28/2014)
near the desert & water in catan

"Didn't you just teleport in?" - Janny M (03/21/2014)
into pauls cp class

"You need a massage." "No, I don't." - Janny M & Uncle George (03/15/2014)

"What is she wearing?" "Uh, orange." - Tim M & Janny M (03/11/2014)
my sister in oitnb

"They're very cheap chairs. Ikea?" "No. Worse." - Janny M & Mike O (03/07/2014)

"I wonder what her name was." "Marie." - Janny M & Jack Z (03/06/2014)
who the amber alert was named after

"I've seen smaller." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/04/2014)
smaller ovens

"Wait. Don't I have to put it in first?" "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/01/2014)

"What about fuzzy nuts?" - Janny M (03/01/2014)
shawn & jen's hampster

"I'm the only one who didn't put out." "That's what she said." - Jason F & Janny M (02/15/2014)

"It has a lot of head." "That's what she said." - Megan Wi & Janny M (02/02/2014)

"Or limp?" "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (01/24/2014)
cindy's food

"It's the only thing I could do. Jira wasn't a word." - Janny M (01/24/2014)

"There's your foot of snow." - Janny M (01/16/2014)
a big pile of dirty snow for john

"Wow. It's so big." "It is." "That's what she said." - Meredith S & Brian C & Janny M (01/03/2014)

"If you play it, it will roll." - Janny M (01/03/2014)
an assist from seth; spoofing if you build it; catan

"That's Fergie? I'm surprised she's not spelling her words." - Janny M (01/01/2014)

"So you're going to enter this po-dunk down..." - Janny M (12/25/2013)
giving my sister directions; she locked her doors when i said this

"Wait. Who's turn is it?" "Yours!" - Janny M & Brian C & Cindy O (12/21/2013)
yours said at the same time

"See? I got the beer can in there... that means we're having fun!" - Janny M (12/21/2013)

"I was trying to feel around for it." "That's what she said." "I was just going to say that." - Janny M & Brian C & Matt Wi (12/20/2013)

"They only have one boner?" - Janny M (12/20/2013)

"Who dresses these men?" - Janny M (12/16/2013)
sports commentators

"You have six cats?" "Five!" - Janny M & Aunt Janet (11/28/2013)

"Are you sure you want to park here. It's kinda shady." "We went in the back end before." - Janny M & Mike O (11/22/2013)

"Are we breaking the bowling alley?" - Janny M (11/18/2013)

"I hate that big fat tongue." "That's what she said." - Kim Mo & Janny M (11/10/2013)

"Did you just call him hun?" "Yeah, it's kinda messed up." - Janny M & Uncle George (11/09/2013)
calling bri hun

"Yeah, like dildos..." - Janny M (11/08/2013)

"If it's good, you're gonna want bigger." "That's what she said." - Jack Z & Janny M (11/07/2013)

"Are you allowed to pass these buses?" "I don't know. I was just debating that." - Janny M & Erin L (10/26/2013)

"You can sit down." "I know I don't think I can." - Janny M & Rachel I (10/25/2013)
her dress was complicated

"I don't think I like this position." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (10/24/2013)

"You don't want the user experience that." "Why not? Microsoft does it all the time." - Brian W & Janny M (10/23/2013)
programs that crash

"Well what do I have to do cause I'm going to be killed a lot." - Janny M (10/18/2013)
in laser tag

"It was a rim shot." "That's what she said." - Butch R & Janny M (10/12/2013)

"It's even bigger now." "That's what she said." - Butch R & Janny M (10/12/2013)

"It didn't want to go down." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (10/11/2013)
mexican train

"He just called you a hooker." "She hooked the ball!" - Janny M & Bear M (10/04/2013)

"Erin, how is it that I did better than you?" "I don't know... It's not fair." - Janny M & Erin L (10/04/2013)

"Look how far that thing is shooting." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (09/21/2013)
water shoots for corn

"What's his name?" "Herman." - Janny M & Uncle George (09/21/2013)
a moth in his house is his pet

"I'm not putting these on straight." "Then put them in gay." - Janny M & Kurt W (09/20/2013)

"You know what the bible says; you're not supposed to work on Sundays." "Then all the more reason to work on Sundays." - Janny M & Kurt W (09/08/2013)

"Are you thinking?" - Janny M (08/31/2013)
b was stumped

"Paul totally got into it." "What? ...Not until college." - Janny M & Paul H (08/31/2013)
backstreet boys

"You're going to hell. I'm not going to save you." - Janny M (08/30/2013)
cards against humanity

"What's the new fad diet?" "...You figure it out, let me know." - Janny M & Cindy O (08/09/2013)
cards against humanity

"What's this word?" "...Penis." - Janny M & Mike O (08/09/2013)

"That's f**ked up. You're going to hell." "I know." - Janny M & Meredith S (08/02/2013)
cards against humanity makes everyone go to hell

"See, that was a laugh." "No. That was fake." - Janny M & Kurt W (07/12/2013)

"What were you?" "Copping a feel." - Brian C & Janny M (07/12/2013)

"Delila, what are you talking about?" "I know. She's a quack." - Janny M & Kurt W (07/05/2013)

"You know, whoever John Mayer's stinging this song to could say what they need to say if he'd only shut the f**k up." - Janny M (07/05/2013)

"Just get over him." - Janny M (07/04/2013)
one of uncle george's old friends

"I'm going to quote you on that." - Janny M (07/04/2013)
the above quote

"Well doesn't it look like it? Jeez." "I don't know." - Janny M & Uncle George (07/04/2013)
not sure what i was refering to

"I don't need a pic. Thank you." - Janny M (06/28/2013)
mom wanting to show me the cats new hair cut

"I wasted God." - Janny M (06/14/2013)
the card

"What are you doing down there?" "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (05/25/2013)

"This thing is so sensitive. Anything will turn it on... That's what she said." - Janny M (05/12/2013)
a light stick bri bri bought me

"You see how little it is?" "Yeah, it is small... That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (05/10/2013)

"Who's turn is it?" "Grandma Moses over here... s**t." - Janny M & Mike O (05/10/2013)

"Republicans make me sick." "I know." - Janny M & Kurt W (04/26/2013)

"Almost heaven?" "Yeah..." - Janny M & Kurt W (04/26/2013)
west virginia slogan

"It kinda just fits down in the holes." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (04/26/2013)

"We should have played Catan." - Janny M (04/26/2013)
we played life and had issues

"Are you new to forks?" - Janny M (04/20/2013)
shawn dropped his fork

"Well you're holding it at a rather hostile angle..." - Janny M (04/20/2013)

"That's when you just do it anyway." "I tried." - Janny M & Shawn R (04/20/2013)

"You need something hard." "That's what he said." - Jen R & Janny M (04/20/2013)

"How the f**k did he win? He's drunk." "It works for you." - Janny M & Kurt W (04/12/2013)
good point... brian won while drinking

"Makes no fricken sense." "Neither does your face." - Brian C & Janny M (04/12/2013)

"E R! That's the word that's not a word!" - Janny M (04/07/2013)
i didn't put er down as a word then brian did

"And the villagers aren't trying to stop you?" "No. They're idiots." - Janny M & Megan R (03/31/2013)
minecraft... she could destroy and kill everything

"Why did you pick me?" "Cause you asked what a mulligan was." - Janny M & Stacy M (03/29/2013)

"It doesn't have to be a work of art." "It's not going to be." - Janny M & Kurt W (03/29/2013)
something for scribblish

"I'm still in the same position." "That's rare." - Leslie B & Janny M (03/23/2013)

"I don't think anyone will say anything more funny tonight." "Turtles." - Leslie B & Janny M (03/23/2013)

"I heard she was pregnant again." "Who? Angela Landsbury?" - Brian C & Janny M (03/23/2013)

"We know who's going to be losing his load tonight." - Janny M (03/23/2013)

"So, bad drivers?" "Oh my God, yes." - Brie Be & Janny M (03/15/2013)

"Business has an E." "Oh. Mine didn't have an E." - Janny M & Erin L (03/09/2013)

"Not help. Close." - Janny M (03/08/2013)
talking to computer

"Did you hear that song 'Let's Have A Ki-Ki'?" "No." "Oh. It sucks." - Stacy M & Janny M (02/17/2013)

"I don't have any lipstick, sorry." "I have lipstick." - Janny M & Seth W (02/02/2013)
for the game

"I can't believe they're like small." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (02/01/2013)

"I'm not writing that down." - Janny M (02/01/2013)
bri bri insulted me

"I don't watch football for the hits. I don't want to see anyone get hurt except the Patriots." - Janny M (01/27/2013)

"It just says 'resources'." "You're right. That doesn't sound as friendly." - Janny M & Peter F (01/22/2013)
not as friendly as 'our resources'

"Well my cubical doesn't close cause it's open." "I can see that." - Janny M & Jennifer C (01/22/2013)

"Well I don't spell asparagus everyday." "Well you should." - Janny M & Jennifer C (01/22/2013)
i spelled it wrong

"F**k if I know." "'F**k if I know' is correct... Just kidding" - Janny M & Kurt W (01/18/2013)

"The dump is not technological? I don't believe this." - Janny M (01/11/2013)
apples 2 apples

"How many people danced to death?" - Janny M (01/11/2013)
michael jackson was deadly... seth shook his head

"Like tasty... Girl scouts." "That's not offensive, it's true." - Janny M & Paul H (01/11/2013)
i didn't mean the cookies

"You found a hole, now stick it in." "That's what she said." - Cindy O & Janny M (01/04/2013)

"Let me stop and think." "Don't hurt yourself." - Mike O & Janny M (01/04/2013)

"Have you had anything to drink?" - Janny M (01/04/2013)
mike thought two sheeps for a city

"Come on... I'm always drinking." - Janny M (12/31/2012)

"Dimitri?" "No." - Janny M & Dawn B (12/31/2012)
still hung up

"Fuzz is fuzzy? I don't know about that one." - Janny M (12/31/2012)

"A lot of people watch that tennis thing." - Janny M (12/31/2012)

"Sore winner." "Got that right." - Janny M & Uncle Neil (12/29/2012)

"Wait. We changed topics too fast." - Janny M (12/28/2012)

"The cute guy laughed at you, by the way." "Great." - Janny M & Stacy M (12/22/2012)
i tapped her beer so she had to chug

"Did you say repeal the second amendment?" "No." "Then you're not stupid." - Brian C & Janny M (12/22/2012)
room full of rednecks

"We can play some Catan but that requires thinking." "Yeah, no thinking." - Janny M & Bear M (12/15/2012)

"So you named Brian after him?" - Janny M (12/08/2012)
if bri's dad's middle name is useless

"Not like burn victims..." "True." - Janny M & Leslie B (12/01/2012)
leslie said every person has a feature of their body they like & that is beautiful

"What fruit am I thinking of? It's orange..." "Oranges?" - John C & Shawn K & Janny M (11/14/2012)
oranges said at the same time

"What's wrong with wrestling?" "It's f**king fake." - Janny M & Mike O (11/06/2012)

"Are you rolling your eyes?" "Yeah... Church nut." - Janny M & Kurt W (11/06/2012)

"Everybody wants to date a vampire." "I don't." - Janny M & Kent L (11/02/2012)

"Celine Dion." "She's in there." - Mike O & Janny M (11/02/2012)
for manly

"Haven't you ever heard the phrase 'as American as ear wax'?" - Janny M (10/26/2012)
ear wax with adjective american

"You're so wet." "That's what she said." - Paul H & Janny M (10/19/2012)

"You can be the beer b***h." "What happens when you call me that s**t?" - Janny M & Brian C (10/13/2012)
i get locked out of the car

"That was a stupid touchdown dance." "He's a rookie." - Janny M & Joe C (10/07/2012)

"What happened?" "Some jerk..." - Janny M & Brian C (10/06/2012)
pointing at uncle neil

"He just wants to snuggle." "That's what he calls it." - Janny M & Seth W (10/05/2012)

"There are no rape quotes... Besides the no rape quote." - Janny M (10/05/2012)

"They're closing the Gap... No?" "I expected more." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Seth W (10/05/2012)
gap in china, closing the gap... pun

"Google! Where have we seen Jeanine Triplehorn's boobs before?" "There are websites for that." - Janny M & Seth W (10/05/2012)

"Are you going to watch my fire?" "We didn't start the fire." - Kim Mo & Janny M (09/15/2012)

"Kim, don't put that piece in there. It's too big." "That's what she said." - Uncle George & Janny M (09/15/2012)

"You guys need to smoke more." "I'm smoking right now." - Janny M (09/15/2012)
to keep bugs away

"I don't like leaving them wet." "That's what she said." - Uncle Neil & Janny M (09/08/2012)

"Think with your heart... or your brain..." "Or your star fruit." - Janny M & Kurt W (09/07/2012)

"It's not a bomb. The would have scanned it and flagged it, right?" - Janny M (08/25/2012)

"Why is 'You Oughta Know' on my run mix?" "You oughta know." - Janny M & Brian C (08/22/2012)

"You don't have to talk to her like she's a one year old." "She's two." - Janny M & Stacy M (08/11/2012)
cloud, her cat

"I don't know how old you are..." "I'm young." - Janny M & Steven M (08/11/2012)


"Wow. They really are small." "That's what she said." - Peter F & Janny M (07/31/2012)

"They're so critical." "Yeah, they're so judgmental." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (07/29/2012)

"That was week..." "Yeah, I'll give it to you, that was week." - Janny M & Allan B (07/28/2012)
weeks stole second base, o's vs a's

"Lap dance surgery?" - Janny M (07/27/2012)
that's what it sounded like to me

"Let's go!" "What?" - Janny M & Uncle George (07/23/2012)
do something crazy???

"We didn't evolve. God created us separately." "God?" - Leslie B & Janny M (07/21/2012)

"Shh! You're being loud." "You're being loud." - Janny M & Leslie B (07/21/2012)

"She's divorced now." "My sister?" - Mike O & Janny M (07/20/2012)
lee ann rymes

"No cause that's dry." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (07/20/2012)

"That's what Mexican's are for." - Janny M (07/20/2012)
mowing the lawn... i would never say this

"I wish that you'd take me to see the world's largest ball of yarn." - Janny M (07/20/2012)

"The hand that you're beating it with, stick it out." "That's what she said." - Joe C & Janny M (07/14/2012)

"I don't want to buy anything else today unless it's beer." - Janny M (07/07/2012)
expensive day for me

"Yeah, multiple heads is challenging." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (07/03/2012)

"Can you give him something to lick?" "That's what she said." - Erin L & Janny M (06/30/2012)

"Today was the hottest day in July." "July? It's June." - Mike O & Janny M (06/29/2012)

"Did you start barking at them?" "...No." - Janny M & Cindy O (06/29/2012)

"Is this boring you?" "No. I'm just thinking about something else." - Brian C & Janny M (06/29/2012)

"The thing is she doesn't like balls." "That's what she said." - Kurt W & Janny M (06/29/2012)

"Is that a seven?" "No. It's an exclamation point." - Janny M & Peter F (06/28/2012)

"It's been years since I've played Sorry." "I'm sorry." - Janny M & Brian C (06/23/2012)

"It would look old." "Just like you." - Janny M & James M (06/22/2012)
talking about uncle george

"You can't draw a vagina very easily." "I can." - Janny M & Uncle George (06/22/2012)

"I was touching it all this morning." "That's what she said." - Kim Mo & Janny M (06/22/2012)

"How old is he?" "Brian?" - Janny M & Erin L (06/16/2012)
their new dog

"Why wouldn't she help her?" "She's not thinking clearly... The ship's sinking..." - Janny M & Seth W (06/15/2012)
a part of titanic

"I can do that." "Me too." - Janny M & Seth W (06/15/2012)
pole dance

"I thought it wasn't a food pyramid anymore." "Well the food whatever the f**k they want to call it now." - Janny M & Seth W (06/15/2012)

"Isn't it some weird fetish?" "Yeah if you want to do both of them at the same time..." - Janny M & Seth W (06/15/2012)

"L O L. Are you hanging out with them?" "No." - Seth W & Janny M & Brian C (06/15/2012)
convo w/ leslie on fb, the 'no' bri and i said at the same time

"They have baseball on. I don't get it." - Janny M (06/08/2012)
bri got kicked out for wearing a jersey

"I thought you ordered a big one." "That's what she said." - Dave N & Janny M (06/08/2012)
why is this a quote? it's not that funny

"What page is that?" "The help page." "It needs help." - Ralph H & Janny M (06/07/2012)
their help page is all messed up

"I forget his name... It was something Rooney." "Andy Rooney?" - Aunt Janet & Janny M (06/03/2012)

"It's her twenty fifth birthday." "God she's so young." "I know." - Mike O & Janny M & Kurt W (06/01/2012)

"Packing on the week nights... that sounds like a song." "Yeah." - Janny M & Kurt W (06/01/2012)

"Dude what is this dude doing?" "He's walking." - Janny M & Brian C (06/01/2012)

"Let me concentrate on Kurt first." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (06/01/2012)
getting kurt his resources

"You have some competition... You have to step up your game." "You don't have to step up your game..." - Janny M & Wynne G (05/31/2012)
they got another tester, we were talking to natalia

"I don't know why there's a number there." "I love numbers!" - Janny M & Wynne G (05/31/2012)
how random

"This is madness!" "This is fun." - Janny M & Wynne G (05/31/2012)

"She was very badly behaved." "Aunt Ruth?" - Janny M & David L (05/30/2012)
candi when we took her to see aunt ruth


"Aww. You moved her." "No, she feared the butt." - Janny M & Wynne G (05/26/2012)
wynne went to sit on the dog so she'd move

"This joke is taking too long." "Haha." - Janny M & Dimitri D (05/25/2012)

"Cliffsnotes!" - Janny M (05/25/2012)
bri's joke

"I could barely do three balls." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/25/2012)

"She seemed nice." "Yeah, she did..." - Janny M & Erin L (05/24/2012)
her old roommate

"His name is Sasha?" - Janny M (05/18/2012)

"This is a long song. I guess there's a lot to sing about with big butts." - Janny M (05/18/2012)

"She hung up on me. What a b***h." "I know." - Janny M & Dawn B (05/18/2012)
i called her phone to hear her ring tone

"Do you love my singing?" "As much as I love the dentist." - Janny M & Dawn B (05/18/2012)
i don't know if that's a complement

"There's elephant poop if you wanna take a picture of that." - Janny M (05/12/2012)
the elephants weren't out

"That just changed my direction." "That's what she said." - Mike O & Janny M (05/11/2012)

"I don't wanna hold it like that." "That's what she said." - Dimitri D & Janny M (05/04/2012)

"Isn't California nice?" "Yes." "No!" - Janny M & Kurt W & Mike O (04/27/2012)

"I thought Honda's lasted forever." "Not this one..." - Janny M & Brie Be (04/26/2012)
peter's old honda civic

"Brand new." "It was brand new before." - Janny M & Uncle George (04/22/2012)
the carborator was leaking, it was the new seal

"I told you not to wear shorts." "No you didn't." "You're right but I was thinking it." - Janny M & Brian C (04/21/2012)

"Who doesn't text?" "Jeff..." - Janny M & Dawn B (04/19/2012)
stone age...

"Bring them home to get nice and hard." "That's what she said." - Aunt Ruth & Janny M (04/08/2012)
the cupcakes

"You look up 'soon' in the dictionary and you wouldn't find T G I Friday's." - Janny M (04/07/2012)
our food took its time

"You look like a student." "I know. That's what I thought." - Janny M & Seth W (04/07/2012)
his teacher id

"Bri you're untrained." "No, I'm not." - Janny M & Brian C (04/06/2012)
i untrained him but then he got trained again

"Oh gross." "I know." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/31/2012)

"I can only do three." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/31/2012)

"F**k." "S**t." "Balls." - Brian C & Janny M & Jake T (03/30/2012)

"Just close the deal." "I know you're like Mitt Romney here." - Seth W & Janny M (03/30/2012)

"At least we get to look outside." "Oh yes! I'm so please and happy we get to look outside and I'm happy for those who get to be outside today." - Janny M & Peter F (03/23/2012)
it was a beautiful day outside, but we were in the office

"They have to be the... same... thing..." "Dork." - Janny M & Kurt W (03/23/2012)
explaining the game to mike again


"At least I thought they were bigger." "That's what she said." - Uncle George & Janny M (03/11/2012)
the hot dogs when he was a kid

"It's like an adventure." "Yeah, an adventure up s**t mountain." - Janny M & Uncle George (03/11/2012)

"It's not a large enough object." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (03/10/2012)

"And it has a popcorn button!" "So does hers." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (03/04/2012)
we had our microwave for 10 years, aunt janet's relative only had hers for 5

"Well I didn't see you in two weeks." "Well that's your loss." - Janny M & Aunt Ruth (03/04/2012)

"It's an engine." "Thank you." - Janny M & Uncle George (03/02/2012)
he always corrects people when they say motor

"This joke is going no where." - Janny M (02/26/2012)

"That's a boring story. I almost fell asleep." "I thought you were asleep." - Janny M & David L (02/26/2012)

"Are you gonna wash it?" "Yeah, that's a great idea." - David L & Janny M (02/26/2012)
my signed torrey smith jersey

"That thing does not look ten inches." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (02/23/2012)
the cake he got for me for our anniversary

"You might as well continue the trend." - Janny M (02/12/2012)
dimitri naming stuff

"What was the third one?" "He's gone." - Janny M & Seth W (01/27/2012)

"It was hard before I touched it." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (01/26/2012)
i forgot the context of this quote

"Nobody knows who Seth W is." - Janny M (01/14/2012)
seth said something bad i couldn't quote

"I don't think Dunkin Donuts does wine tasting. Google fail." - Janny M (01/10/2012)

"One out of four in my generation are unemployed." "Good." - Janny M & Dimitri D (01/10/2012)

"You can drive a car soon." "Yes!" - Janny M & Megan R (01/08/2012)
she's 10

"And nude pictures?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Dawn B (01/01/2012)
on her ipad?

"I just asked Dawn what her favorite dinosaur was and it sparked into some political, theological debate?" "It's gone way beyond that..." - Janny M & Jon B (12/31/2011)

"That's a lot of foam." "No. That's a lot of white stuff... That's what she said." - Janny M & Dawn B (12/31/2011)

"That's not a push up." - Janny M & Aunt Ruth (12/25/2011)
stacy was demonstrating a push up, we said it at the same time

"I'm going to go pee now." "Do you want someone to go with you?" - James M & Janny M (12/24/2011)
some kid was after him

"You have to get the beer shot. Then people will know you're having fun." - Janny M (12/24/2011)

"It doesn't have 'What's Up'? What's up with that?" - Janny M (12/24/2011)
the song

"September isn't going to be a very good month for you, Uncle George..." - Janny M (12/24/2011) (pic)
small breasts...

"Oh! ...Just kidding. This game isn't that exciting." - Janny M (12/12/2011)

"Oh yeah, my daughter. I forgot about her." - Janny M (12/10/2011)
making fun of jen because she forgot her daughter


"You're not going to be articulate reading from a smart phone." - Janny M (11/25/2011)
stacy was singing lyrics from her phone

"That's not controversial, is it?" - Janny M (11/13/2011)
joe's quote

"They have a drive-thru pizza?" "Bold ideas!" - Janny M & Seth W & Paul H (11/12/2011)
god father's pizza, seth & paul said 'bold ideas' at the same time

"I prefer the 'who's your daddy'." "This came out before that." - Janny M & Seth W (11/11/2011)
article on cain

"That girl's a whore." Who? Harriet Tubman?" - Seth W & Janny M (11/11/2011)

"I gotta write down something here." - Janny M (11/11/2011)
too many quotes i couldn't write down

"Do you guys wanna just continue the game we have?" "No." - Janny M & Brian C & Seth W (11/11/2011)
brian & seth said no at the same time, i was winning by a large margin

"I can't stop touching that." "That's what she said." - Erin L & Janny M (10/28/2011)
part of someone's halloween costume

"It's not a little one." "That's what she said." - Howard T & Janny M (10/25/2011)

"Aw! Are you going to take that?" "It's true." - Janny M & Shawn R (10/22/2011)
bri was making a joke that he was in the navy

"Oh, a swim suit... Just in time... for winter." - Janny M (10/22/2011)

"Let's see what happens." "Famous last words." - Wynne G & Janny M (10/19/2011)

"Wow. It's so small." "I don't get that a lot but okay." - Janny M & Ron So (10/12/2011)
he brought in his heater for his garage

"No. How many times do I need to check 'never for this site', Firefox?" - Janny M (10/04/2011)

"Look at us cheering on highlights." - Janny M (10/02/2011)
we were

"I want one of those." "I know. I've been saying that!" - Janny M & Tricia B (09/17/2011)
cece's jumper

"I hate science." "You're a scientist!" "I know." - Tricia B & Janny M (09/17/2011)

"It's about as small as it's gonna get." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (09/10/2011)

"Well Europe is awesome." "But!" - Janny M & Dave H (09/09/2011)

"So the antonym would be Palin?" "Yes." - Janny M & Wynne G (09/02/2011)
the new word we learned, heuristic

"Ore is it better to shuffle the wheat?" - Janny M (09/02/2011)
using ore in catan... bad pun

"If you want to take a shower..." "No. I'll just stay stinky." - Janny M & Wynne G (08/31/2011)
her electricity is still out

"They rehearse during the day?" "Yeah, that's why I leave." - Janny M & James M (08/20/2011)
they do karaoke during the day, eh

"No!" - Janny M & Seth W (08/02/2011)
said at the same time when the opening band asked if they could play another song

"At least it's not country." - Janny M (08/02/2011)
the second opening band

"It's going to be very scenicy." - Janny M (07/22/2011)
the road we're supposed to go on

"I didn't realize how big it was." "That's what she said." - Megan W & Janny M (07/13/2011)
her ice cream


"All this for tennis?" "It's golf." - Janny M & Dawn B & Jon B (06/16/2011)
dawn & jon said it at the same time

"Did you?" "No!" - Janny M & Howard T (06/15/2011)
slow down, he speeds

"I think it was love letters to M***** or something." "Probably." - Janny M & Howard T (06/15/2011)
in his notepads he left

"Who wrote the feminist anthem 'I Am Woman'?" "Some b***h." - Janny M & Adam K (06/03/2011)

"Yeah I knew you'd whip it out again... That's what she said." - Janny M (05/28/2011)

"It smells good in here." "Thanks. It's cat poop." - Janny M & Dimitri D (05/21/2011)

"I'm going to start putting my penises away." - Janny M (05/20/2011)

"Your colors are Christmasy..." "That was intentional." - Janny M & Jake T (05/20/2011)
red & green

"Is this line secure?" - Janny M (05/13/2011)
making jokes with dimitri over the phone

"That didn't sound right." "No, it didn't." - Janny M & Jake T (05/13/2011)
molested beetle

"Whatever floats your boat." "I don't have a boat." - Janny M & Julia G (05/04/2011)

"Seth has wood." - Janny M (04/29/2011)
settlers of catan!

"I'm good, I don't need wood." - Janny M (04/29/2011)

"She's all I have." "Who? Goldie Hawn?" - Janny M & Dwight P (04/27/2011)
i was actually talking about my sister

"That's a huge cookie." "I know!" - Janny M & Stacy M (04/23/2011)

"Who's going to play the Tom Hanks character?" "Tom Hanks." - Janny M & Roshy R (04/23/2011)
catch me if you can

"I'm just glad the guy isn't a polygamist." "...Yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (04/23/2011)
the duggars

"Where am I going to find $500?" "I don't know. Every other bill." - Janny M & Brian C (04/16/2011) (pic)
i was quite wealthy

"And then I draw Batman." - Janny M (04/15/2011)
in apples to apples, courageous

"Bill Clinton would have won on that last one." "Of course he would have." - Janny M & Seth W (04/15/2011)
sexy or something

"How do you do it? How do you do it?" "That's what she said." - Janny M & Jake T (04/15/2011)

"I didn't know blank was blank." - Janny M (04/15/2011)
blank was anything

"I feel like a girly girl drinking a Miller Light." "You are a girly girl drinking a Miller Light." - Janny M & Drew T (03/22/2011)

"It's the motion that stretches it out." "That's what she said." - Dwight P & Janny M (03/18/2011)

"My options are about yeay big." "That's what she said." - Uncle George & Janny M (03/18/2011)

"You get a better feel for the nut..." "That's what she said." - Uncle George & Janny M (03/16/2011)

"Is this the grandmother at Leisure World?" "Yes, the grandmother that I straddle." - Janny M & Dimitri D (03/16/2011)

"Who was the guy with the little mustache?" "Hitler?" - Howard T & Janny M (03/16/2011)

"I've seen much smaller than that." "That's what she said." - Mike S & Janny M (03/12/2011)

"Well, we got talking about breast milk..." - Janny M (03/12/2011)

"You need to hold it longer than that... That's what she said." - Janny M (03/12/2011)

"Rogain works?" "It doesn't?" - Janny M & Cara L (03/11/2011)

"Cloud perches on the edge of reason searching for her favorite beer." - Janny M (03/05/2011) (pic)
perfect statement... and she was on the fridge

"Nobody's willing to remove a dam." "Dam it!" "This the best dam conversation we've ever had." - Brian C & Janny M & Leslie B (02/19/2011)
say it to yourself

"Does he love you?" "I don't think that's the case." - Janny M & Dimitri D (02/17/2011)
talking to dimitri on the phone, about a mutual friend


"But I don't know how to play." "Then you're not playing for me." - Janny M & Brian C (02/13/2011)
on his avatar, wii

"Dude. This has not been your hole." "That's what she said." - Joe C & Janny M (02/13/2011)
wii golf

"There's more." "Yeah, I'm trying not to notice." - Janny M & Tricia B (02/12/2011)
dead plant leaves

"It sounds like a poem when you're reading it." "It is a poem!" - Janny M & Tricia B & Brian C & Travis B (02/12/2011)
tricia & bri & travis said "it's a poem" at the same time... FIRST QUADRUPAL QUOTE!

"They're still so common." - Janny M (02/05/2011)
mustangs... the one i was looking at was 1/50 made

"I lasted longer than you." "That's what she said." - Seth W & Janny M (02/04/2011)

"Dimitri, you didn't say anything tonight." "I said penis." - Janny M & Dimitri D (02/02/2011)

"You have two buts." "But that's what happens..." - Janny M & Peter F (01/31/2011)

"He's trying to touch his junk." "Pretty much." - Janny M & Paul H (01/15/2011)

"That's the same joke you made like fifty seven times." "I nose." - Janny M & Leslie B (01/14/2011)
making fun of my nose, what's normal?

"You got a call? "No. Just feeling myself." - Janny M & Dimitri D (01/13/2011)

"How the hell do you know all this s**t?" "That's why Tim called me." - Janny M & Drew T (01/12/2011)
he knew a lot of the answers

"I made a mess." "That's what she said." "Twice." - Drew T & Janny M (01/12/2011)

"You're holding it out like you're giving it to me... That's what she said." - Janny M (01/07/2011)

"That's not surprising... they're all drug dealers at Comcast." - Janny M (01/07/2011)

"What was he dealing?" "Child prostitutes?" "I know, right?" - Erin L & Janny M (01/07/2011)
one of bri's stories

"Who doesn't like jokes?" "There are a lot of people out there, Janis." - Janny M & Roshy R (12/25/2010)

"I'd be like Mia except obnoxious and weird." "So just like Mia?" "Yeah." - Roshy R & Janny M (12/21/2010)
if roshy was a cat

"She's trying to buy the pot!" - Janny M (12/03/2010)
dawn put 1 chip in

"Is this the butt song?" "Ya." - Janny M & Dawn B (12/03/2010)

"It sucks when it's soft." "That's what she said." - Dawn B & Janny M (12/03/2010)
playing wii carnival

"It barely went in." "That's what she said." - Dawn B & Janny M (12/03/2010)
playing wii carnival

"I'm really close." "That's what he said." - Janny M & Dawn B (12/03/2010)

"But it's not that big... That's what she said." - Janny M (12/03/2010)
big screen

"Since I had to stop the motion, it messed me all up." "That's what she said." - Patrick M & Janny M (11/26/2010)
his dice roll


"Ou, look at the puppy." "It's a kid." - Janny M & Brian C (11/06/2010)

"Why don't you click away like the old paint?" - Janny M (10/29/2010)
windows 7 paint at work

"What? Did I spill?" "No, but you will." - Janny M & Howard T (10/25/2010)
he got napkins

"Food, I hope he means food..." - Janny M (10/25/2010)
dimitri was saying how someone wanted to whip something out

"That's probably exactly how he sounds. Good job, Brian." "You nailed it." - Janny M & Seth W (10/23/2010)
brian doing some drivers dorky voice

"My burritos are white or like an off white color." - Janny M (10/22/2010)

"Do I have to have an air purifier over here?" "Do you think one will do it?" - Janny M & Joe C (10/17/2010)

"Wiki? Can you hear me? You're almost to China." - Janny M (10/08/2010) (pic)
wiki digging a hole

"No body has a phone booth anymore..." "I do, right there." - Janny M & Uncle George (10/08/2010)

"He looks! He looks! Are you gonna punch him?" - Janny M (09/27/2010)
dimitri admitted he looked at pat's gf

"You're not stroking it right." "Woah, even I'm getting embarrassed." - Janny M & Dimitri D (09/27/2010)
patrick playing guitar

"That one's too thick for me." "That's what she said." - Roshy R & Janny M (09/26/2010)
she gave me her old drawing pen

"Your face needs to be funny." "I think it's very funny." - Janny M & Roshy R (09/25/2010)

"I can't tell you how many pens we've lost." "Pens?" - Janny M & Stacy M & Roshy R (09/25/2010)
pens said at the same time

"Aww, look at the puppy." "It's actually a dragon." - Janny M & Leslie B (09/18/2010)

"Boo! He is cute, though... Boo!" - Janny M (09/18/2010)
other knights

"Did you lick my phone? Gross." "No, that was me." - Janny M & Tim C (09/18/2010)
wiki licked my phone

"No soy sauce?" "That's somewhere else." - Janny M & Seth W (09/18/2010)
putting sushi all over herself in sex in the city movie

"Are you that bad?" "I'm doing voices." - Janny M & Seth W (09/18/2010)
i underestimated how drunk seth was

"I would have hit the curb." "It wouldn't have been the first time tonight." - Allison B & Janny M (09/17/2010)
she hit another curb before that

"Brian, you totally switched the subject." "Not really. It's still duck sex." - Janny M & Joe C (09/11/2010)

"Let's switch positions." "That's what she said." - Leslie B & Janny M (09/10/2010)
switching chairs for cards

"There's only so much Photoshop can edit out..." - Janny M (08/27/2010)
leslie's profile pic

"No, come on, Brian. Put it away." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Leslie B (08/27/2010)
brian's camera

"You should be good at finding balls." - Janny M (08/20/2010)
leslie, we lost a pool ball

"We pronounce water, wutor." "Water." - Janny M & Leslie B (08/16/2010)
she pronounced it correct

"It's called a gator... Do you want your gator?" "I'm not going to talk that way to a dog... Do you want your piglet?" - Janny M & Leslie B (08/16/2010) Janny Favorite
she did

"Very feminine." "That's okay. I'm secure in my manly hood." - Janny M & Uncle George (08/15/2010)
his favorite song was pretty girly

"What do you know about Bertucci's?" "It's an Italian restaurant." - Brian C & Janny M (08/14/2010) (pic)

"I like that name." "Not as much as I do." - Janny M & Drew T (08/12/2010)
suffering bastard drink

"You gonna grab some chest, Paul?" - Janny M (07/31/2010)
community chest

"Come on, Brian, go faster." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Seth W (07/31/2010)

"You didn't see me naked?" "No." "Okay, good, cause sometimes..." - Leslie B & Janny M (07/23/2010)
out her window

"Why don't you get a sports bra?" - Janny M (07/21/2010)
dawn walked in as i was saying this to dimitri

"Eww, how was it?" "Chunky." - Janny M & Dawn B (07/16/2010)
the old milk in the fridge

"Oh man!" "What?" "I asked if I was allowed to carry a gun." - Dawn B & Janny M (07/15/2010)

"I'm waiting for you." "You'll be waiting for a long time." - Janny M & Dawn B (07/15/2010)
u don't wanna know

"He was like 'okay I'll put on clothes'." "Eww." "I'm a bachelor." - Seth W & Janny M & Paul H (07/09/2010)

"Seth and I are the only ones with penises... Oh wait. Paul does too." - Janny M (07/09/2010)
risk we call cannons penises

"Seth doesn't like peace. He's a Republican." - Janny M (07/09/2010)

"You got Utah, you got lots of places." "Utah?" - Paul H & Seth W & Janny M (07/09/2010)
utah said at the same time, it's not a country in risk

"Merry Christmas." "I'm Jewish." - Janny M & Seth W (07/03/2010)

"Wait. Canada has a military?" - Janny M (06/26/2010)
that was a bad quote

"What was that?" "That was an imitation of the goal the other day." - Janny M & Tricia B (06/26/2010)

"I never had a White Russian." "Come on you went to Frostburg." - Janny M & Travis B (06/26/2010)

"There were quotes that were said and I didn't get them." "Bro? Is that one?" - Janny M & Travis B (06/26/2010)

"It's just a picture frame!" - Janny M (06/26/2010) (pic)
there was no picture or anything in it!


"I can't do two at once." "Yes you can. I saw pictures." - Leslie B & Janny M (06/12/2010) (pic)

"Where are the cookies?" - Janny M (06/12/2010)
nick tapped his belly

"It wasn't that good." "I was lying." - Janny M & Dimitri D (06/11/2010)
a joke

"Oh, they love that stuff." "You're horrible." "Well, it's true." - Ric R & Janny M & Howard T (05/28/2010)
black people like watermellon

"How do you like him?" "What do you mean?" "How do you like him?" "Like what? Rare, medium...?" - Janny M & Leslie B (05/21/2010)

"Don't look." "Oh, we're not... Brian!" "Ahh!" - Janny M & Leslie B (05/21/2010)
leslie was changing in her room

"So your ultimate goal is to guilt trip him?" "Yes." - Janny M & Leslie B (05/21/2010)

"If I could speak frank or whatever." "You can speak Janis... I don't know who Frank is." - Janny M & Leslie B (05/21/2010)

"It wasn't in all the way, I guess." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/11/2010) Janny Favorite
the perfect one!

"I had a great experience in the bathroom this morning." "...Okay." - Brian C & Janny M (05/07/2010)

"Oh, just letting you know, I should be in and out Monday night." "That's what he said." - Brian C & Janny M (05/07/2010)

"There are probably like two on there... No offense." "Yes!" - Janny M & Tim C (05/06/2010)
tim may have two quotes... more now!

"Someone you don't like." "A Republican?" - Dimitri D & Janny M (04/30/2010)

"Oh, it's harder." "That's what she said." - Leslie B & Janny M (04/24/2010)

"What's with people tagging things who aren't people? That's not Patrick. That's a fricken cupcake!" - Janny M (04/24/2010)
on facebook

"You wanna hit that... That's what he said." - Janny M (04/20/2010)
ketchup bottle

"Where's the spatula?" "In the spatula drawer." "Okay..." "Duh." - Brian C & Janny M (04/17/2010)

"Poor Orioles... Another reason why I drink." - Janny M (04/17/2010)

"He didn't even come see us." "That's okay. Let me just push these up a little bit." - Janny M & Leslie B (04/16/2010)
the manager skipped our table, leslie pushed up her boobs

"Whatever, that's because I moved the ball closer to the balls. - Janny M (04/16/2010)
bri got a good shot

"If only I hit it harder... That's what he said." - Janny M (04/16/2010)

"I'm usually on top." "That's what she said." - Patrick W & Janny M (04/13/2010)


"It felt like it was gonna go in... That's what she said." - Janny M (04/09/2010)

"It's noticeable too." "I know it is." - Janny M & Dawn B (04/08/2010)

"It's a lot smaller than I thought it was gonna be." "That's what she said." - Patrick W & Janny M (04/06/2010) Janny Favorite
he was talking about my scooter

"Nice." "...Not so nice." - Janny M & Tim C (04/02/2010)
he made a good play, then a bad one

"It wouldn't be quick for me." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Patrick W (03/31/2010)

"Oh man, that was good." "That's what she said." - Patrick W & Janny M & Dimitri D (03/31/2010)
dimitri & i both said twss

"Luckily I had some last night." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Seth W (03/27/2010)

"There's a hundred twenty eight windows." "God, I'd hate to clean them." - Janny M & Ryan L (03/26/2010)

"Oh man, I got the table wet." "That's what she said." - Patrick W & Janny M (03/25/2010)

"Why don't we just poke them?" "Maybe they don't wanna be poked." - Janny M & Dawn B (03/19/2010)
the binding things for presentations

"You should dye." "But I want to live." - Janny M & Dimitri D (03/15/2010)
dye his hair, lol

"It's like gooping off the side." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Dimitri D (03/10/2010)

"Well, there go my dreams... My dreams of fifteen more points." - Janny M (03/06/2010)

"Whew! Don't want to get stuck with that in my hand." - Janny M (03/05/2010)
9 of diamonds

"It's all mushy." "So is your face." - Leslie B & Janny M (03/05/2010)

"That's still not that high, considering we're only five or six hands in... or three." - Janny M (03/05/2010)
he had like 50 points in 3 hands of hearts

"Is there something wrong with your music?" "Is there something wrong with your face?" "I think that's self evident." - Janny M & Leslie B & Brian C (03/05/2010)

"Who else is going to start a political debate on a Friday night?" - Janny M (03/05/2010)

"The batteries will outlast you." "That's what she said." - Dimitri D & Janny M (03/02/2010)

"Chickens don't have bones." "Yes, they do." - Janny M & Dimitri D (02/23/2010)
i was trying to fool dimitri

"How do you know the levels?" "He's been in jail." - Janny M & Seth W (02/21/2010)
brian knows the different social levels in jail

"He already knows commands like sit." "And Candi says so do I." - Janny M & Seth W (02/21/2010)
candi sat down when i said sit, perfect

"I need to get something in me..." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Seth W (02/21/2010)

"Coors Light truck? Really?" "Yeah, you say that every time." - Janny M & Tricia B (02/19/2010)
they have a coors light truck next to them, it's the neighbors

"I can only do it on one side." "That's what she said." - Travis B & Janny M (02/19/2010)

"What did you say? Boobs?" - Janny M (02/19/2010)

"That's what she said... Haha. That's what she said." - Janny M (02/18/2010)
i accidently said that's what she said

"Well, they're all fat, so they're not really considered people." - Janny M (02/13/2010)

"I got lots of words and none of them rhyme." "That's a crime." - Dimitri D & Janny M (02/12/2010)

"David, how could you?" - Janny M (02/12/2010) (pic)
i pushed all the elevator buttons & blamed it on david

"Are you implying that I'm a Republican? How dare you!" - Janny M (02/12/2010)
bri called me the r word

"Ew, this has wax in it." "Yumm." - Janny M & Leslie B (02/12/2010)

"You dropped a heart, he already had to take the black b***h." - Janny M (02/12/2010)
leslie was just mean

"I've never seen it that big before... That's what she said." - Janny M (02/05/2010)
line at chipotle

"The Ghostbusters 'no', you know?" - Janny M (01/29/2010)
the no sign

"My men who like leftovers." "I just like shrimp." - Janny M & David E (01/29/2010)

"Where is it? Where's your ace?" "... Thirty." - Janny M & David E (01/29/2010)
he specked with my ace then brian went out

"Don't worry, I'll put my window down for ya." "What?" - Janny M & Leslie B (01/29/2010)
leslie was complaining that it was too cold

"Now you got my mouth watering... That's what she said." - Janny M (01/22/2010)
flaky crossants

"F**k. This is the hand from hell!" - Janny M (01/22/2010)

"What kind of normal game would you discard two aces?" - Janny M (01/22/2010)
we were playing to hit 500 exactly

"Now I gotta get that taste out of my mouth." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Patrick W (01/12/2010)
the taste of hummas

"That's really good considering..." "Considering your last game." - Janny M & David E (01/08/2010)

"Do you know how much stress I'm under because of this hand?" - Janny M (01/08/2010)

"But they bother me." "Every book bothers you." - Janny M & Brian C (01/04/2010)
trying to clean before vegas

"Like making what kind of motion?" "...I was talking about cards." - Janny M & Leslie B (01/01/2010)

"Intercept! Intercept! Intercept! ...Aww!" - Brian C & Allan B & Janny M (12/28/2009)
rooting for cutler to throw an interception

"He's only like thirty eight." "...Yeah..." - Janny M & Leslie B (12/26/2009)

"Did she strip and do a pole dance for you?" "No." "Why do you sound so angry?" - Janny M & David E & Leslie B (12/26/2009)

"Who keeps track of that stuff?" "Well it's kinda on Yahoo." - Janny M & Leslie B (12/18/2009)
jon & kate divorced

"Off of what?" "A five." - Janny M & Leslie B (12/18/2009)
she played a 2

"Maybe watch one of the happier episodes... When Rita was still alive." - Janny M (12/17/2009)
asking roshy if she wanted to see dexter :_(

"So what are the scores?" "Shut up." - Janny M & Brian C (12/04/2009)
i was kicking ass

"You know what they say, you win some, you lose some." "How is that helpful?" - Janny M & Leslie B (12/04/2009)

"You know because you guys have more balls than we do." "We're supposed to have more balls than you." - Janny M & David E (11/28/2009)

"Brian ran into a parked car." "That doesn't surprise me." - Janny M & Uncle George (11/27/2009)

"Do you get bit in the butt a lot?" "...Yes." - Janny M & Seth W (11/21/2009)

"Elitist." "Too bad I don't have a democrat card." - Janny M & Seth W (11/21/2009)
har har

"Wow, it's so long." "That's what I like to hear." - Janny M & Seth W (11/21/2009)
coke stream he was pouring

"How can you tell?" "The size... Yours is much smaller." "Oh, you peeked." - Howard T & Janny M (11/18/2009)
we were talking about our burritos!

"She's so cute and to think she's on my lesbian list." - Janny M (11/13/2009)
drew barrymore

"Starter beer? So I need training wheels?" "You might." - Janny M & Ernie A (11/05/2009)
i didn't like any of the beers in the flight

"David, you haven't had a quote in years." "It's gonna stay that way." - Janny M & David E (10/30/2009)
YES! FINALLY! last quote he had was 2005

"I think I threw my arm out." - Janny M (10/30/2009)
playing darts

"That was a bulls eye. It just fell." - Janny M (10/30/2009)

"Yeah, we were gonna buy one of those." "A flash light?" - Janny M & Travis B (10/24/2009)
lol, i was talking about a fog machine

"What's that in the corner there?" "It's Anthrax." "Oh, we gotta get that." - Anna A & Janny M & Asim A (10/16/2009)
i don't think asim heard me

"Damn, no N." - Janny M (10/09/2009)
N for nudity

"What the hell is this?" "I don't know but it probably costs a fortune." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (09/29/2009)
some light display during the concert

"Is Madden doing this game?" "No, why?" "All the food." - Brian C & Janny M (09/20/2009)


"I think I'm confused but I'm okay being confused." - Janny M (09/19/2009)

"This song sucks." "That's what you get when Ringo sings." - Janny M & Seth W (09/18/2009)

"Jen's selling her body..." - Janny M (09/18/2009)
what else is new?

"Believe in what?" "Yeah, I don't know." - Janny M & Dimitri D (09/18/2009)
mocking journey... it's a sin, i know

"If I knew about scooters, I'd have so many girls... I mean guys." - Janny M (09/18/2009)

"I was squeezing your knee caps." "And your penis, but that was Seth." "You know it!" - Dimitri D & Janny M & Seth W (09/18/2009)

"Monique?" "Yeah." "The one that I get in bed with?" "Huh?" - Janny M & Dimitri D (09/18/2009)

"That went over my head." "It doesn't take much to do that." - Kim Mo & Janny M (09/10/2009)

"That's Africa, you guys. Whatever." - Janny M (09/10/2009)
they were singing the lion king... stac & robbie just got back from hawaii

"This better not be reduced." "Yeah, it can't get any smaller." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/05/2009)
talking about bri's thing...


"Brian can you sit next to her because she's obviously not attracted to you." - Janny M (09/05/2009)
becky was all over me

"F**k it. I'll poke these people." - Janny M (09/02/2009)
on facebook... 4 people poked me... i was delaying poking them back

"I think it's catchy." - Janny M (08/29/2009)
follow the radiator hose (spoof of yellow brick road)

"I can make it so it looks like Bush is threatening my life." "Well, he is. You're a democrat." - Janny M & Brian C (08/11/2009)

"I'm sorry, I don't know why this story is funny." - Janny M (08/08/2009)
everything was funny to me that night

"You talk too fast." "You listen too slow." - Janny M & Howard T (08/08/2009)

"What did I just kick?" "Me." - Janny M & Brian C (08/05/2009)

"I ate all the Crunches." "Oh, you suck." "Uh, huh." - Jen R & Janny M (08/01/2009)

"Woah! Too many obstacles for drunk people." - Janny M (08/01/2009)
trying to get to the bathroom, things were in the way

"She's having sex with my phone!" - Janny M (08/01/2009)

"She'll be number one in no time." - Janny M (08/01/2009)
jen making quotes cause she was drunk

"Why is my underwear wet? Did I pee myself?" "Probably." - Jen R & Janny M (08/01/2009)


"Ah, I'm left alone with two girls!" - Janny M (08/01/2009)

"Are you guys ready to say quotes cause I'm ready to type them." - Janny M (08/01/2009)
ran out of paper so i emailed myself

"I'm done doing quotes tonight... That's not true at all." - Janny M (08/01/2009)

"Jen throw up... It can't get anymore English than that." - Janny M (08/01/2009)
writing a quote subtitle

"Do you want this down your pants?" "Well, I have pretty baggy pants so..." - Brian C & Janny M (07/31/2009)

"What's in your pants? It's hurting me." "My phone... my cock..." "Naw, that wouldn't hurt... too small." - Janny M & Brian C & Shawn R (07/31/2009)

"Is that what you do with it?" "Uh, probably not." - Janny M & Paul H (07/30/2009)
he had a sushi filled with eggs so he put the eggs on other things

"Two pi... They're playing Black Jack." "This is a comedy." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/27/2009)
the hangover

"You're just as annoying." "That's not true." "Yeah, you're right. He's way better." - Janny M & Jen R & Brian C (07/27/2009)

"He did the right thing. He burned Texas." - Janny M (07/26/2009)

"Kill it." "With what? With our food?" - Jen R & Janny M (07/26/2009)
there was a spider on the gas tank of the grill

"I'm not a logical person." "We know." - Jen R & Janny M & Shawn R (07/26/2009)
last part said at the same time

"You bought another Transformer?" "I bought two." "Do they have penises too?" - Janny M & Shawn R (07/24/2009)

"She wants to dance with someone who just put their entire hand in the cake?" "Shut up and watch." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/24/2009)
transformers 2

"I love this guy." "The dog? Yeah, the dog is cute." - Shawn R & Janny M (07/24/2009)

"What's crowded?" "I don't f**king know, I'm drinking a beer." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/24/2009)
jen was complaining something was crowded

"Forty years and we haven't done a single thing since." "That's not true. We did clothes Leslie." - Janny M & Brian C (07/23/2009)

"Okay, say something funny so I can... type it in..." - Janny M (07/22/2009)
i had to txt myself since my pen wasn't working

"How would you smell strawberries from your ear?" - Janny M (07/22/2009)

"Say something else so I don't waste a text." "Poop." - Janny M & Ernie A (07/22/2009)

"Why don't you just get a rubber mallet?" "Why don't you just get a rubber face?" "I've thought about it." - Stacy M & Janny M (07/18/2009)

"Dah, I just got done deleting all your text messages!" - Janny M (07/17/2009)
dude wouldn't stop talking

"Sounds like a Saab story to me." - Janny M (07/12/2009)

"I'll just try that... if that doesn't work then I'll just shoot myself." - Janny M (07/07/2009)

"At least it takes attention away from your bra." "Yeah, that's what I was going for." - Janny M & Stacy M (07/03/2009)
her suspenders

"The grandma that you straddle?" "It doesn't matter what I do to her." - Janny M & Dimitri D (06/30/2009)

"She wants it in a bag, man." - Janny M (06/25/2009)
how monique wanted her lemonade

"Of course he'd remember meat!" - Janny M (06/22/2009)

"That's not all the time." "That's all the time, trust me." - Janny M & Howard T (06/16/2009)
that i don't know what i'm saying

"It's way late for an Easter Lilly." "Well, yeah, it's June." - Janny M & Shawn R (06/13/2009)

"Eww, stuff!" - Janny M (06/12/2009)

"Hey, all of this was hand jobs..." - Janny M (06/09/2009)
before i realized what i said

"Oh, that'd be great!" - Janny M (06/04/2009)
power outage, restore previous session in FF

"Ah, you haven't beat me yet." - Janny M (05/30/2009)
i made 33% of the song, shawn was like almost done when i said this

"Isn't it your wife's job to soak your hammer?" - Janny M (05/24/2009)
shawn marinating the steaks

"This movie's unrealistic." - Janny M (05/24/2009)
u can't stear a remote control car from the inside!

"Oh, are we really going to have to read?" - Janny M (05/22/2009)

"I'm not eating any meat." "Sorry, Brian." - Janny M & Shawn R (05/20/2009)
i'm a vegetarian for a week

"Yeah, right. You're going to work." "I am going to work. I'm going to surf the internet." - Janny M & Dimitri D (05/18/2009)

"Then why are you a recruiter if you hate people?" - Janny M (05/15/2009)

"Cars don't have a motor..." "I know." "Well you just said 'motor'." "I know." - Janny M & Uncle George (05/15/2009)

"What was that? I can't hear you over your lip gloss." - Janny M (05/12/2009)

"I must have married a caveman... He looks like a caveman." - Janny M (05/11/2009)
he set the table w/ no utensils!

"Corey was like this really annoying guy." "Oh, I couldn't tell at all." - Janny M & Eileen D (05/08/2009)

"Wow. Imagine that." - Janny M (05/05/2009)
EVERY1 & EVERYTHING that goes on in fringe is around boston ma

"Ou, I like that!" - Janny M (04/28/2009)
magic secrets reveiled... the secret is in his pants!

"There is no performance." "We know that, it's running Windows." - Janny M & Howard T (04/28/2009)

"These look good... He looks good too... Hey, baby." - Janny M (04/25/2009)
caps game i think, food guy selling food on tv

"Jen, you can't expect it to stay up." "I know, but..." - Janny M & Jen R (04/25/2009)
lol, actually we were talking about her blankets

"Is that the same grandmother you straddle?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Dimitri D (04/23/2009)

"Serving size, one half piece." "What? One half piece?" - Janny M & Howard T (04/23/2009) Janny Favorite
tiny little egg, many jokes followed

"You okay?" "Yeah, it's just my allergies. This place is a dust bomb." - Janny M & Mike R (04/21/2009)

"Do you have a toothpick and a cigarette?" - Janny M (04/18/2009)
he did

"Robbie fart." - Janny M (04/18/2009)
have to tell things out as i write

"I'm warning you, it might explode." "Well, everything else has." - Janny M & Howard T (04/14/2009)

"I wonder if you can get most gutsy on easy." - Janny M (04/11/2009)
rock band

"That guy looks like he has the Steelers logo on his face." "I'll kill him." "Like you did Seth." - Janny M & Shawn R (04/11/2009)

"How many times do you have to say good bye?" - Janny M (04/11/2009)
shawn's friend from work

"Who cares?" "I care. It's my computer." - Janny M & Howard T (04/09/2009)
his computer messed up so i wanted to use mine

"Wait. I don't understand. We didn't even put in a share point disk." - Janny M (04/09/2009)
it was configuring sharepoint

"Kinda like your face you know... all off beat." - Janny M (04/04/2009)

"It's your fault. You clicked on it." - Janny M (03/26/2009)
his computer froze

"Did you just high five her?" "No, it's all in your head." "So is the booty you're going to get tonight." - Brian C & Janny M (03/20/2009)
i high fived jen 4 hitting bri

"You better watch your back." "Why? There's nobody behind me." - Janny M & Howard T (03/18/2009)
insults me

"You don't have to listen to me." "I don't know why you would." - Janny M & Howard T (03/18/2009)
dimitri ran a red light cause i told him to

"I don't understand." "Me either." - Janny M & Howard T (03/17/2009)

"What do you need a lawyer for? You've got a log cabin." - Janny M (03/12/2009)

"I thought you said Lincoln created it." "No, he made logs." - Janny M & Dimitri D (03/12/2009)

"That's not even worth typing." - Janny M (03/12/2009)
i didn't have my quotes sheet so i sent myself a txt, dimitri was saying teenagers would have a bunc

"Let us all have lettuce." - Janny M (03/06/2009)
jen looked at me funny

"Yeah, it won't do you any good when it's all iced over." - Janny M (03/03/2009)
the anti slip things on the stairs

"I kick a lot of people's asses." - Janny M (02/27/2009)

"Ugh, why is it on the floor?" "Cause you don't have a table." - Jen R & Janny M (02/25/2009)
her phone, they have no furniture anymore cause it's in the new place

"The Chrysler's was the easiest." "I guess because they expected it to break down." - Janny M & Paul H (02/13/2009)
the jack was really hard on the prius

"It's better than those balloons." "That's true." - Janny M & Paul H (02/13/2009)
i forgot what we were talking about :(

"Don't write these things down. People will think I'm a pervert." "You're not?" "I didn't say that..." - Howard T & Janny M (02/12/2009)

"What are we going to do about the price of gas?" "Well, this summer when hurricane blah blah blah comes and wipes out the refineries..." - Janny M & Brian C (02/11/2009)

"That's gonna be freaky." "Yeah, just a little bit..." - Janny M & Jen R (02/07/2009)
bald with a big bierd

"Do you guys wanna help and unpack a box? No? Didn't think so. Lazy bums." - Janny M (02/06/2009)
size_t and candi

"Where are we going?" "To hell." - Janny M & Shawn R (02/06/2009)

"Are you talking about the little boy?" - Janny M (02/01/2009)
commercial b4 the superbowl

"What do you go down on?" "Lots of things like elevators and stairs..." - Janny M & Dimitri D (01/29/2009)
lol, like going down on...

"Well, this isn't true." "I didn't think it was." - Howard T & Janny M (01/22/2009)

"Do we get to see some nuts?" "Doubtful." - Janny M & Shawn R (01/19/2009)

"Look, babe, your food is already here." "Eat it, Robbie." - Stacy M & Janny M (01/16/2009)
placement had picture of food on it

"Yeah, it's deaf, dumb, and blind, not black." - Janny M (01/16/2009)
pinball wizard lyrics, i thought it was deaf dumb and black

"Janny, that was the wrong time to say that." "Why?" "Cause I was playing..." - Shawn R & Janny M (01/16/2009)
the last quote

"Everybody go on easy!" - Janny M (01/16/2009)
5 devil heads

"Interception! Oh!" "...They punted." - Janny M & Jen R & Shawn R (01/11/2009)
jen & i said the first part together

"Did that girl call you back yet?" "No... slut." - Janny M & Dimitri D (01/08/2009)

"So you weren't listening. I see how it is." "Yeah." - Janny M & Paul H (01/04/2009)

"He smiles too much." "He does. I wanna just like punch him in the face." - Janny M & Paul H (01/04/2009)
the mentalist guy

"Can you make me an Amaretto Sour?" "It's only five!" - Jen R & Janny M (01/03/2009)

"How many has she had?" "One..." - Janny M & Shawn R (01/03/2009)
jens a light weight

"Go Manning, it's your birthday!" "Is it really?" - Janny M & Jen R (01/03/2009)

"McCain can't do it though." "Well, I mean..." - Janny M & Roshy R (01/01/2009)
jumping jacks, or so says bri

"Do you get email on your blackberry, dawg?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Stacy M (01/01/2009)

"I knew you weren't going to leave me because I'm the money maker." - Janny M (12/31/2008)
people said it was a quote

"Wait, did you just use 'honest' and 'congressmen' in the same sentence?" - Janny M (12/30/2008)

"It should be covered but I don't want to do it." - Janny M (12/24/2008)

"I'm really frustrated with this." "Your face." "That too." - Stacy M & Janny M (12/24/2008)

"Who's Phil?" - Janny M (12/24/2008)
i was pretty hammered and looking at stacy's phone which said "pill"

"How do you like the taste of beer?" - Janny M (12/24/2008)
i asked candi how she liked it

"This must be a nice place to work... all these trees." "Yeah, but they're all dead." - Janny M & Howard T (12/18/2008)
the place in manassas had a lot of dead trees

"Sorry boss. Can't come in today. What happened? I got hit in the head with a fish." "It happens." - Janny M & Dimitri D (12/12/2008)

"They look like..." - Janny M (12/12/2008) (pic)
i turned my head

"I don't know what you're talking about." "I don't either." - Janny M & Howard T (12/02/2008)

"Whatever. Unrealistic." "Seriously?" - Janny M & Shawn R (11/25/2008)
fred claus delivered presents in 1 night w/o gps

"K Y horses?" "Yeah, I know. When he said that, I was like 'are you sure'?" - Janny M & Howard T (11/19/2008)

"Or were you wrestling with Dimitri?" "No. If I were doing that, it wouldn't be my back that's hurting." - Janny M & Howard T (11/18/2008)

"So did they have to use the Pirates Of The Caribbean theme?" "Yeah, that did sound familiar." - Shawn R & Janny M (11/18/2008)
australia movie

"What if she lets go of the string and the ring falls into the gutter?" - Janny M (11/16/2008)
that one commercial

"If you sit for two hours, you burn a hundred seventy calories." "That takes too much effort." - Janny M & Howard T (11/12/2008)

"Stay the course? F**k you!" - Janny M (11/09/2008)
commentators telling the titans to stay the course

"Oh... shoot." "Pew!" - Janny M & Howard T (11/06/2008)

"Jan, bacon grease is grease?" "Well, you know..." - Brian C & Janny M (11/02/2008)
that's what i said

"Damn, they're ten points apart!" "Naw, is that what thirty seven minus twenty seven is?" - Jen R & Janny M (11/02/2008)

"No, I don't want to quote that because then he'll question it and I'll have to explain it." - Janny M (11/01/2008)

"What are you doing?" "My nail fell off." - Janny M & Tricia B (11/01/2008)
she then threw it off the balcony

"Oh, man. I get visitors other than me? That's awesome!" - Janny M (10/31/2008)
stacy says she and other people she knows get on this site!

"My whole world was backwards." "It still is." - Janny M & Howard T (10/30/2008)
my browser typed things backwords

"I'm getting tired of ties." "I'm getting tired of your face." "Yeah, me too." - Howard T & Janny M (10/21/2008)

"I have your home phone number." "So do I." - Janny M & Howard T (10/15/2008)

"It would be a better commercial if the yarn ball was more realistic." - Janny M (10/15/2008)
obama's commercial

"Do you want the pillow?" "No thanks. I have one." - Janny M & Brian C (10/13/2008)
my boob

"Yeah, that always turns out well." - Janny M (10/09/2008)
i forget what, damn!

"Did you cry?" "Haha." - Janny M & Howard T (10/07/2008)
dimitri was telling a story

"We can't watch an Eagles Redskins game without Brian saying something." "I know it's usually f**k, damn..." - Janny M & Shawn R (10/05/2008)

"Janis, do you have any ice?" "Yeah, it's in the refrigerator." - Jen R & Janny M (09/28/2008)
she actually checked

"It's not like you're right about Wheel Of Fortune or the lottery or something." "Yeah..." - Janny M & Shawn R (09/20/2008)
about jen

"You should go home." "I should. It's not like I'm going to work or anything." - Janny M & Howard T (09/18/2008)

"See, I know something." "Yeah, well everyone knows something." - Janny M & Howard T (09/18/2008)

"What was that spoon used for?" "Spooning out my nose." - Janny M & Howard T (09/17/2008)

"Spooning is a word?" "It is now." - Janny M & Howard T (09/17/2008)

"Why are you breathing heavily? Dimitri's not around." "Well, just the thought of him." - Janny M & Howard T (09/04/2008)

"And they're almost in the red zone. This is the best day of my life!" - Janny M (09/04/2008)

"I can't play with it. It's hard." - Janny M (09/03/2008)
the foam my coworkers got me for my birthday

"Whatever, I don't have balls in my mouth." "Big black balls... ha!" - Janny M & Howard T (09/02/2008)
like sexual induendos?

"I didn't let you in so you could be slow, big boy." - Janny M (09/02/2008)
a car on 270

"cool, I wanna be checked out!" - Janny M (08/30/2008)

"Well if you think about it, last night ends in T." - Janny M (08/29/2008)

"He was playing the part of an eighteen year old." "Who? Morgan Freeman?" - Brian C & Janny M (08/23/2008)

"I can't do it when I'm laughing." "You can't do it when you're not laughing." - Janny M & Howard T (08/20/2008)

"I'll go around molesting girl scouts for their cookies." "You do that anyway." "Yeah, but not everyday." - Howard T & Janny M (08/19/2008)

"It's a journey of flavors..." "Does it say that on the bottle?" "No, I just made it up." - Stacy M & Janny M (08/16/2008)
the mango baccardi i got

"What else would they be holding?" "It's hard to say... Well, it's hard not to say..." - Janny M & Howard T (08/12/2008)
dimitri & monique holding hands?

"Honey, honey? Party at our place tomorrow." "We're having a party at ours right now." - Jen R & Janny M (08/08/2008)

"Haha, she's checking the pizza box!" - Janny M (08/08/2008)
her phone was ringing, jess checked the pizza box

"I don't breathe out and in." "You don't breathe at all, I don't think." - Janny M & Howard T (08/07/2008)

"Just put it in... That's probably not the last time I'm going to say that tonight." - Janny M (08/06/2008)

"I ran out of things to say." "I figured you might." - Janny M & Howard T (08/05/2008)

"Some things you shouldn't be spreading around." "I'm not spreading anything around." "I will." - Howard T & Janny M (08/05/2008)

"You're such a good girl." "Thanks." - Janny M & Stacy M (08/02/2008)
i was talking to my puppy

"What if I run out of balls before my drink is done?" "Just give Dimitri a call." "Yeah, I might have some extra balls for ya." - Janny M & Howard T & Dimitri D (07/30/2008)

"Did I just hear balls and tea bag in the same sentence?" - Janny M (07/30/2008)

"See, what happens when you choke on a ball?" - Janny M (07/30/2008)

"What does grass turn into?" "Trees." "No, hay." - Brian C & Janny M (07/26/2008)
could have left the last part out & it would still be funny

"Actually, I stole them from Brian. They're Brian's nuts." "Then why are they in my mouth?" - Janny M & Dimitri D (07/24/2008)
pistachio nuts

"It's a harmless piece of paper, stop being paranoid." - Janny M (07/24/2008)
howard thinks i'm going to write down what he says

"Dimitri's a pony?" "Well, maybe... A Russian little pony." - Janny M & Howard T (07/22/2008)

"At least I'm not as slow or as old as you." "You'll get there." - Janny M & Howard T (07/21/2008)

"Brian exploded a soda." "Yeah, he told me. Couldn't have happened to a better person." - Janny M & Uncle George (07/19/2008)

"You should have a party when your wife is out of town." "I do." "But I'm never invited." "I only invite hookers." - Janny M & Howard T (07/17/2008)

"What's your point?" "Does there have to be a point?" - Janny M & Dimitri D (07/15/2008)
random things as always

"But her hips are swinging, aren't they?" "Yeah, and they don't lie." - Janny M & Marc G (07/12/2008)
shakira shakira

"She's hostile today... Wait, she's hostile everyday." - Janny M (07/11/2008)
talking about jen

"You know what pisses me off?" "Everything?" - Jen R & Janny M (07/11/2008)

"Candi just stood there in the grass." "She wants more excitement in her life." "Take her sky diving." - Brian C & Janny M & Shawn R (07/11/2008)

"Right now he's probably in the middle of getting laid." "You think? Let's go knock!" - Shawn R & Janny M (07/11/2008)

"Didn't Masoud warn you about being punched? ...Ow." - Janny M (07/09/2008)
i was punching my fist in my hand

"What movie is she in?" "Uh, she's in Mystery Men." - Janny M & Marc G (07/05/2008)
we were watching mystery men

"'Fund' isn't a word." "'Fund' is a word, I'll kill you." - Janny M & Aunt Ruth (06/27/2008)

"No, that's not funny, Aunt Ruth." - Janny M (06/27/2008)
she put down funny

"What do I look like? A vending machine?" "Eh..." - Janny M & Howard T (06/25/2008)

"I'm not a loser. I'm just not a winner." - Janny M (06/24/2008)

"I can't believe Monique's not a part of the red team!" "Yeah! Who'd she have to sleep with to get out of that?" - Janny M & Howard T (06/13/2008) Janny Favorite

"If I do bad, I'm going to blame it on the shoes." - Janny M (06/07/2008)
my shoes were too loose

"Clear the thing! No handicap!" - Janny M (06/07/2008)
brian had a pin down already

"Mark, you just suck for sending me two emails an hour since I've been here." - Janny M (06/02/2008)
lots of work

"I'm getting spaghetti and meat balls... yeah." "That's exciting." - Janny M & Dimitri D (05/30/2008)
he said facetiously

"What feels good? Peeing yourself?" "No, well, that feels good too... All nice and warm." - Janny M & Howard T (05/28/2008)

"You better watch it. I know what your car looks like." "So do I." - Janny M & Howard T (05/27/2008)

"If I could afford it, I'd buy it, then turn around and sell it." "What's the point in that?" - Jen R & Janny M (05/26/2008)
shawn's parents house

"Made out of real robins." "For real?" - Marc G & Janny M (05/23/2008)

"No, nothing's in my head." "Yes, I know. You've proved that." - Howard T & Janny M (05/15/2008)

"You laughed at me?" "Yeah, well, you sorta had to." - Janny M & Howard T (05/06/2008)

"Don't make it pop out!" - Janny M (04/29/2008)

"Well, my point is, nothing but men in this body..." - Janny M (04/24/2008)
talking about how boys run in brian's family, yeah this was funny

"No... what are you talking about?" "Nothing much..." - Janny M & Howard T (04/22/2008)

"See, I have to go." "No! ...How long?" "I don't know. Could be days." - Howard T & Janny M (04/16/2008)

"You're the one who brought it up." "Yes, but I'm not the one straddling my grandmother." - Janny M & Howard T (04/16/2008)

"No doggies, your nosy is cold." - Janny M (04/12/2008)

"I'm going to borrow the bathroom a minute." "Where are you going to take it?" - Janny M & Shawn R (04/11/2008)

"why does this say Lionel T V car? Oh, because it is." - Janny M (04/05/2008)

"Dude, it looks like Dennis Kucinich!" - Janny M (03/29/2008)
there was a woman who looked like him on tv

"That was kinda weak." "What?" - Janny M & Seth W (03/29/2008)
singing tide is high

"Do you wear anything?" "Clothes." - Janny M & Marc G (03/29/2008)

"That's the problem with good ring tones." "Yeah, they end." - Janny M & Marc G (03/21/2008)

"I'm being cereal, yo." "Not nececelery." - Janny M & Marc G (03/14/2008)

"Mmm... lotiony." "It shouldn't taste like lotion!" - Janny M & Ernie A (03/13/2008)
he just put lotion on his hands then opened my bottle

"Who's that sexy man down there?" "Where?" "Why are you looking at me like that?" - Janny M & Brian C & Shawn R (03/08/2008)

"That wasn't a hump." - Janny M (02/29/2008)
bri had to hump the floor

"You have a spoiler... you can go faster than that!" - Janny M (02/28/2008)

"Okay, what do you want to play?" "I don't care." "We gotta go to the top." - Brian C & Janny M (02/24/2008)
brian on drums, easy songs

"No raccoon in there?" "Nope, no raccoon... It was pre raccoon." - Janny M & Stacy M (02/23/2008)

"You forgot one... Yeah." "Yeah, yourself." - Janny M & Dimitri D (02/22/2008)

"Oh, he deleted the post, go figure." - Janny M (02/21/2008)

"How did we not get the fifth star?" "I don't know." "It can't be the alcohol..." - Janny M & Shawn R (02/15/2008)

"What's taking so long? Are they writing her speech or something?" - Janny M (02/12/2008)
it was the longest intro ever for hillary's speech!

"Ow, my arm." What? Masturbating?" "No, that's this arm." - Marc G & Janny M (02/01/2008)

"Don't wrinkle the cakes... Well don't." - Janny M (02/01/2008)
took the cake to go & they were rough housing

"Okay, I'm editing the 'Bush is a chimp' organization." "Why?" "Because we have government contracts." - Ernie A & Janny M (01/29/2008)

"Your face is too much yellow..." "... It's true." - Janny M & Stacy M (01/18/2008)

"Your face is like a box." "Thank you... Is that supposed to be an insult? I like boxes." - Janny M & Stacy M (01/18/2008) Janny Favorite

"I'm glad I was busy writing down a quote." - Janny M (01/12/2008)
bri's comment

"It's an old video." "Oh, kinda like you?" "No! I'm only twenty eight." - Ernie A & Janny M (01/10/2008)
funny the way he said no

"Do you shave your legs?" "No. Do you want me to?" - Janny M & Dimitri D (01/07/2008)

"Brian was drunk at the time... it doesn't count." - Janny M (01/06/2008)
bri said he was an eagles fan

"Again, threatening with the time sheet..." "It's all I've got." - Janny M & Mike R (01/03/2008)
mike always threatens to take away our money via timesheet since he's the accountant

"They just want a guarantee that we'll be there." "A guarantee? What are we a piece of hardware?" - Brian C & Janny M (01/02/2008)

"I'm cold." "You don't stick it there." - Janny M & Brian C (01/01/2008)

"Wow, you're dressed again!" - Janny M (12/31/2007)

"What are you concocting?" "I don't know, but it's going to have Jamenson in it." - Janny M & Shawn R (12/31/2007)

"You went to blow bubbles out of your crack?" "Er." - Shawn R & Janny M (12/31/2007)

"Maybe I said Ryan and I forgot the B." - Janny M (12/31/2007)

"I wish season tickets were only seventy five dollars." - Janny M (12/31/2007)

"Well hot dog! Stocks are up thirty eight points! Sell! Sell!" - Janny M (12/20/2007)
making fun of our weak ass economy

"So you try to hit on C E O's?" - Janny M (12/12/2007)

"I don't want three, I want sixteen." "Well, it's not your laptop so die in a fire." - Janny M & Ernie A (11/30/2007)
ernie could have up to 16 screens on his mac

"It's too bumpy to drive." - Janny M (11/30/2007)

"You're not allowed to drive in the H O V lanes... oh wait. You just arrested someone so yeah." - Janny M (11/29/2007)
i saw someone getting arrested

"Whatever. You're not cute at all." "Yes, I am." - Janny M & Ernie A (11/26/2007)

"I think you're gonna scream anyway, aren't you?" "Yeah, that's what I was about to say." - Janny M & Shawn R (11/25/2007)
jen getting discouraged about the game

"Yeah, they make condoms, too." - Janny M (11/25/2007)
mitzubishi made our tv

"Aww! You missed it." - Janny M (11/23/2007)
jen just went & walked away, wii bowling

"Yeah, your joke could be on a pop sickle stick." - Janny M (11/22/2007)

"You know what's not cool, Janis?" "What? Your face?" "Yeah, yeah! My face." - Dimitri D & Janny M (11/20/2007)

"Why would they run from the police?" "It's what every black man does." - Janny M & Marc G (11/20/2007)

"I want the Broncos." "I want the Titans." "I want the Eagles." - Brian C & Janny M & Shawn R (11/19/2007)
mnf, eagles weren't playing

"It's a nurf ball, it won't do any damage." "I got a ball that will." - Janny M & Brian C (11/17/2007)

"Brian, your penis is showing... Jen looked." "Jen!" - Janny M & Shawn R (11/14/2007)

"Cock..." "Cock..." - Leslie B & Janny M (11/12/2007)
trying to teach me a russian word, no really

"So you only wanna see Brian and Marc naked?" "Uh, yeah, they're guys." - Leslie B & Janny M (11/10/2007)

"That's why we do it in the kitchen where there's no clothes." - Janny M (11/10/2007)
car bombs, i ment to say carpet, i was kinda tipsy at this point

"He's not drowned himself in the shower..." "Oh God!" - Janny M & Leslie B (11/09/2007)

"Seven isn't a multiple of one hundred." - Janny M (11/05/2007)

"How do you do that with spaghetti?" - Janny M (11/04/2007)
set off the smoke detector

"Soft like my nuts..." "I'm never touching that pillow again." - Marc G & Janny M (11/03/2007)

"What's down?" "The opposite of up." - Janny M & Marc G (11/03/2007)
marc was looking for a comforter

"It sucks, I mean all my college friends screwed me." "That's why you make new ones... Ones that can mow your lawn afterward." - Janny M & Marc G (11/03/2007)

"Is your toilet running?" "No, it's still in the bathroom." - Janny M & Marc G (11/03/2007)
pretty cheesy

"I will eat your fricken children." "Bark!" "Not the puppy!" - Marc G & Candi M & Janny M (11/03/2007)

"I think she's drunk off of pop sickles." - Janny M (11/01/2007)

"Stop looking at my profile." "Then why do you have one?" - Janny M & Ernie A (10/31/2007)

"Wow, look at her face. She looks like Bette Midler." - Janny M (10/29/2007)

"I don't know how to use laptops very well." "It's windows!" - Jen R & Janny M (10/28/2007)

"None of us are white." "Well, we're all white." - Janny M & Shawn R (10/28/2007)
risk pieces

"No, I didn't want to make it easier on myself to drink." - Janny M (10/27/2007)
i wore a mask

"Bri, Candi likes Candy Corn." - Janny M (10/27/2007)

"We're always having a discussion about boobs." - Janny M (10/27/2007)

"Somebody get my husbands erection back." - Janny M (10/27/2007) (pic)

"I can't dance to no music cause no one's singing now." - Janny M (10/27/2007)

"No, not these are my hooker quotes." - Janny M (10/27/2007)

"Metal is a plastic." "What?" - Janny M & Marc G (10/27/2007)

"Sixty results for boobs so far." - Janny M (10/27/2007)
my new quotes page

"I've done that quote before." - Janny M (10/27/2007)

"You've tried him?" "That's a quote." "Aw, s**t." - Marc G & Janny M (10/27/2007)

"I'm not going to take jello shooters to work." - Janny M (10/27/2007)
all the left over food!

"Let's not talk about it... you're hurting my mind." - Janny M (10/26/2007)

"Oh, I'm sorry, no wonder your face is messed up." - Janny M (10/26/2007)
travis' family tree

"I'm confused by your words." - Janny M (10/25/2007)

"God. Man. How many parties did I go to that summer?" - Janny M (10/20/2007)
entering in quotes on the new website

"Nowa... Stop talking to me." - Janny M (10/19/2007)

"You wouldn't hurt your remote." "You're right." - Janny M & Marc G (10/17/2007)
he was threatening to hit me

"It takes two to tango." "Not really, all you need is a mirror." - Janny M & Marc G (10/16/2007)

"It's not like I meant that I heard you guys throwing macaroni all over the place last night..." "Oh, you heard that?" - Janny M & Marc G (10/15/2007)

"No, Candi, don't come up... you have all that floor." - Janny M (10/14/2007)

"That was stupid, I wish I never read it." - Janny M (10/12/2007)

"I am ready to leave, I am not responding to you." - Janny M (10/12/2007)
a friend txted me right b4 i was about to leave work

"Signs that a party's getting desperate..." - Janny M (10/12/2007)

"Don't look at my nipples!" "Well don't show them!" - Marc G & Janny M (10/11/2007)

"I'd be scared if that man hit on me." - Janny M (10/11/2007)

"No, not the puppy!" - Janny M (10/09/2007)

"Isn't that what Lovie said about Rex?" - Janny M (10/08/2007)
romo threw 5 ints!

"That looks like a bear... not a monkey!" - Janny M (10/06/2007)
working on my website LONGLIVETHEMONKEY.COM quotes will be up there instead of here!

"Your body is sexy... I mean mean!" - Janny M (10/03/2007)
talking to ernie

"What if I say that then they do that?" - Janny M (09/30/2007)
i said eagles suck then they got an interception

"I'll write on the bottle..." - Janny M (09/29/2007)

"They spelled born wrong..." - Janny M (09/29/2007)
we watched knocked up

"You're messing up my click." - Janny M (09/29/2007)

"Dude, I have my leg in your thing..." - Janny M (09/29/2007)

"Why don't you quote me?" - Janny M (09/28/2007)

"Pixies and faeries..." "Naked men." - Marc G & Janny M (09/28/2007)
what i should think about

"Are you sure you're not smoking it now?" "No, really, I'm not." - Janny M & Dimitri D (09/26/2007)
he used 2 smoke pot & was acting funny anyway

"What are you writing?" "A book, okay?" - Janny M & Brian C (09/25/2007)
writing a letter 2 my sister

"Stop making me write down quotes!" - Janny M (09/23/2007)

"Ernie, you look gay." "That's alright." - Janny M & Ernie A (09/23/2007)

"How is sublime classic rock?" - Janny M (09/22/2007)

"You misspelled counterfeiting..." "I know, I misspell my name." - Ernie A & Janny M (09/20/2007)

"You look like a police officer." - Janny M (09/19/2007)

"Who gets to stare at who's butt?" - Janny M (09/19/2007)

"I don't understand why you get mad when I play 'Milkshake' when your mom's on the phone." - Janny M (09/19/2007)

"I think Andy Reed's getting fat." "I think Joe Gibbs is getting old." - Jen R & Janny M (09/17/2007)

"He's a Tennessee fan, what do you expect?" - Janny M (09/16/2007)

"Your wii turned gay." - Janny M (09/13/2007)

"Where are the people who are clapping? You ever wonder that?" - Janny M (09/13/2007)
wii golf

"You need to follow through on your swing." - Janny M (09/12/2007)
wii golf

"She's hot." "Could have had a V eight." - Janny M & Marc G (09/11/2007)
some non attractive woman, he smacked me in the head b4 could have had a v 8

"Where's the curve?" "I don't know." - Janny M & Marc G (09/11/2007)

"He's gonna get it... he's a white man." - Janny M (09/11/2007)
we have theories that the wii is sexist & racist

"We should change our mii's to be white men." - Janny M (09/11/2007)

"I don't see your face playing." - Janny M (09/11/2007)

"Oh my God. This is what I'm paying taxes for?" - Janny M (09/10/2007)
their microphone wasn't working, statements weren't being passed out, this is important!

"Uh, I think she's a black guy." - Janny M (09/09/2007)

"I'm glad he's not coming over tonight." "Why?" "Cause I have knives on the wall." - Shawn R & Janny M (09/07/2007)

"Geez, how much alcohol do you think we need?" "We are watching Lary the cable guy." - Janny M & Brian C (09/07/2007)

"I don't see the plot of this movie." - Janny M (09/07/2007)

"I'm going to look like a fricken freak." "You already do." - Jen R & Janny M (09/07/2007)

"Come on. Dolphins versus Colts? Is that even a challenge?" - Janny M (09/06/2007)

"You already said that, Madden." "He has Alzheimer's, leave him alone." - Janny M & Marc G (09/06/2007)

"I know straight is something hard for you to comprehend..." - Janny M (09/03/2007)
talking to marc lol

"You have sex to this hand." - Janny M (09/02/2007)
a good hand forgot which game of cards

"I'd love to see Marc, I mean, Shaniqua win a hand." - Janny M (09/02/2007)
asshole i renamed bri & marc

"I never thought I'd be saying this but, I love you, Laquisha." - Janny M (09/02/2007)

"Who wouldn't look down?" - Janny M (08/30/2007)
etrade commercial w/ guy in the shower... after i said this marc & bri raised their hands lol

"I'd love for them to throw Hernandez out... it would help us!" - Janny M (08/29/2007)
he's on quite a skid there

"Aww look at the puppy." "That's not a puppy. That's a hedgehog." - Janny M & Ernie A (08/28/2007)

"You'd forget your head!" "No, that's in my pants." - Janny M & Marc G (08/28/2007)

"God, now you're going to make me write down a quote." - Janny M (08/28/2007)

"I don't want my relatives to look like food." - Janny M (08/27/2007)
that one commercial

"They're probably looking for Marc." - Janny M (08/26/2007)
the cops

"Do you want to start a fire so we can cook things?" - Janny M (08/25/2007)

"Payton Manning's Chinese?" - Janny M (08/20/2007)

"There's been more flags in this game than there were flags after September eleventh." - Janny M (08/19/2007)

"Great talent?" - Janny M (08/18/2007)
talking about the cardinals

"Get back to work... Slackers!" - Janny M (08/16/2007)
office talk

"Alright, unlock my computer so it looks like I'm working." - Janny M (08/16/2007)

"Is that you? You might want to draw yourself with a thinker pen." - Janny M (08/15/2007)
making fun of ernies stick figure drawing

"This isn't that good of a game for beer." - Janny M (08/13/2007)

"Empty the dishwasher." "There's dishes in there." - Janny M & Brian C (08/13/2007)

"Go whoo!" "It's a replay, Janis." - Janny M & Stacy M (08/13/2007)

"I thought your special team was supposed to be special." "They are special." - Janny M & Joe C (08/11/2007)
joe was making the hand signal 'special' u know

"Unless it's going to show naked people, I'm not interested." - Janny M (08/11/2007)

"That's mean." "And disgusting, and wrong on so many levels... you're fired." - Janny M & Marc G (08/11/2007)

"Puppy!" "That's a wolf." - Janny M & Marc G (08/10/2007)

"It's funny." "So is your face." "I know, you tell me everyday." - Marc G & Janny M (08/10/2007)

"Yeah, make me a mii." - Janny M (08/10/2007)

"Five dollar... sucky sucky." "You suck." - Shawn R & Janny M (08/10/2007)

"You have to follow through on your stroke." - Janny M (08/10/2007)

"Anne Frank was hot." "What? She was like fourteen!" - Ernie A & Janny M (08/09/2007)

"Kill what?" "Uh, a flea." - Janny M & Neighboor With Pom Pom (08/06/2007)
asking what can her dog possibly could be trained to kill

"Moose, moose, moose." "That's a horse." - Marc G & Janny M (08/04/2007)

"Obviously Jim's dead, there's tissues around." - Janny M (08/04/2007)

"Bagok!" "No." - Janny M & Shawn R (08/02/2007)

"Oh, you had pizza?" "No, not that kind of pizza." - Janny M & Marc G (07/29/2007)

"No, I didn't see saw." - Janny M (07/29/2007)
i didn't see saw (the movie), say it to urself

"Is 'ah' a word?" - Janny M (07/27/2007)

"Do they have one in their bedroom that I don't know about?" - Janny M (07/27/2007)

"How much have you had to drink? What's in that can?" - Janny M (07/27/2007)
mandy was acting strange

"Did you say something?" - Janny M (07/27/2007)
talking to my drink

"French fries!" "No, that's Belgium." - Janny M & Ernie A (07/25/2007)

"What are we in high school again?" - Janny M (07/25/2007)

"It's probably stupid and has a bunch of sexy girls dancing around but whatever." - Janny M (07/25/2007)

"Every time I don't sign out then go back to Yahoo, I'm like 'How does it know my name?'" - Janny M (07/24/2007)

"Damn it get down." "That's the first time I ever heard someone say that." - Janny M & Marc G (07/24/2007)
my recliner

"You need to google heatmizer." "You need to google your face." - Ernie A & Janny M (07/19/2007)

"Where's the box? This doesn't come across as a fricken scary movie." - Janny M (07/16/2007)
the gift, it's scarry!

"It's bad I recognize their butts." - Janny M (07/14/2007)

"You're name is Ashe?" "It was my nickname in high school." "What a freak." - Janny M & Shawn R (07/14/2007)

"Haha." "Shut up!" - Janny M & Jen R (07/14/2007)
jen missed or something

"How do I install updates? Shut up!" - Janny M (07/13/2007)

"Well why would you want to touch a star? It would burn you." - Janny M (07/10/2007)

"He's John Cleese... how can he not be happy?" - Janny M (07/10/2007)

"You're a loser." "Yeah." - Janny M & Marc G (07/08/2007)

"Uh, what cheerleaders aren't air headed?" - Janny M (07/07/2007)

"What?" "What?" - Janny M & Marc G (07/06/2007)
said at the same time, bri got a ball in the pocket, it was shocking

"One day you're going to flip." "I'm in complete control..." - Janny M & Marc G (07/06/2007)
just as he said that, he tripped lol

"Dick Cheney?" "I didn't know there was shooting in this movie." - Janny M & Brian C (07/06/2007)
watching the illusionist

"Be careful going home." - Janny M (07/06/2007)
marc just lives across the hallway lol

"It's so far... Do you want us to mapquest you directions?" - Janny M (07/06/2007)

"He had to take a nap half way to his house." "Yeah, well I said to call when he made it back." - Brian C & Janny M (07/06/2007)

"Dude, that thing could go anywhere." "Or if Shawn puts it in the ground, nowhere." - Janny M & Brian C (07/04/2007)
shawn put a bottle rocket in the ground & it didn't go up, it exploded there lol

"This is Elizabeth and she's talking about her gym." "Well, that's boring." "Yeah." - Ernie A & Janny M (07/03/2007)
showing off the iphone

"Not split... oh s**t." - Janny M (06/26/2007)

"Are we drinking tomorrow, right?" "Uh, yeah!" - Janny M & Shawn R (06/23/2007)

"It better be no assembly required... it's a fan!" - Janny M (06/19/2007)

"Finally some sex scenes!" - Janny M (06/18/2007)

"Oh, this is the nut section." - Janny M (06/17/2007)
grocery shopping, eww

"It's Sunday night, we're all sober." - Janny M (06/17/2007)
the great joke we played on mandy

"Oh, that's dumb." "You're dumb." - Ernie A & Janny M (06/15/2007)

"You had the gun, you pulled the trigger, you shot me!" - Janny M (06/15/2007)
ashley trying to claim it wasn't her fault

"No, you're not allowed to live there." - Janny M (06/15/2007)

"You suck, woman." "I do." - Janny M & Mandy S (06/13/2007)

"Bidroom? Oh, bedroom." - Janny M (06/12/2007)
decifering quotes

"It's like, I don't know these people... I don't want them to be my friends." - Janny M (06/09/2007)
people who request to be friends on facebook

"Hot pockets." "Will you ever stop saying that?" "No." - Ernie A & Janny M (06/08/2007)

"People can fly when wet." - Janny M (06/08/2007)

"I need.... I need... I need... something." - Janny M (06/08/2007)

"Auuuww!" "No, that's a wolf." - Janny M & Shawn R (06/08/2007)

"Did it break?" "It's metal!" - Janny M & Shawn R (06/08/2007)
the alcohol shaker things lol

"What I need is a water proof quotes page..." - Janny M (06/07/2007)
they melted away like snow

"So that's what your under yours looks like..." - Janny M (06/07/2007)
from what i can remember of the quotes

"Ghetto spider man... I'm not going to see the third movie!" - Janny M (06/03/2007)
i got a ghetto spider man super soaker... it's lame so i baught another one, so spidy will b my back

"My quotes are wet." - Janny M (06/03/2007)
it made me sad, i got quotes wet bc of all the water fighting :(

"Gas prices... what would you do about gas prices!" - Janny M (06/03/2007)
debates, obama!

"Oh, if you're circumsized and wear boxer shorts, my God!" - Janny M (06/01/2007)

"I shouldn't drink and tell jokes..." - Janny M (06/01/2007)

"Too bad babies don't have checking accounts." - Janny M (05/31/2007)

"What is this? Field trip day to the mall?" - Janny M (05/29/2007)

"'Wow, we get to go to the Montgomery Mall! This is the best day of my life!'" - Janny M (05/29/2007)
making fun of them in a high hs voice lol

"Who names their child Howard anymore?" - Janny M (05/20/2007)

"Please, there's more people on the beach than that!" - Janny M (05/20/2007)
ocean city comercial

"I know there are no new messages in my inbox... I deleted them all!" - Janny M (05/08/2007)
outlook kept popping up that i had no new mail... stupid

"Ou, look at the puppy!" "That's not a puppy. That's a deer." - Janny M & Paul H (05/05/2007)

"Seth, they're ruining the world." - Janny M (05/04/2007)

"That was a good answer, I hate you." - Janny M (05/03/2007)
the only one good answer

"Oh, yes I wanna save it... No! Stupid thing." - Janny M (04/27/2007)

"Well something's not right here." "Maybe it's your face." - Ernie A & Janny M (04/24/2007)

"He said 'hun', I don't think he's talking to Brian." - Janny M (04/21/2007)

"I got three... the number of testicles you have." "I got two." - Janny M & Brian C (04/21/2007)
we were playing hearts, it was just 2 perfect lol

"Four of..." "Shhh!" - Janny M & Leslie B (04/14/2007)
her card fell on the floor

"Hi, do you wanna pee in my bathroom?" - Janny M (04/14/2007)

"Uh, my car does have tires..." - Janny M (04/12/2007)
filling out a jd power & associates survey

"Oh, that's fun... What the hell is that?" - Janny M (04/10/2007)

"It's okay, don't worry, I can fill you up." - Janny M (04/07/2007)

"Candi told me to say it." "Candi, come here!" - Janny M & Brian C (03/06/2007)

"We want the intro, damn it... It's the best part of the show!" - Janny M (03/06/2007)

"You don't have to wear pants everywhere you go." - Janny M (02/23/2007)

"Bigger wouldn't have hurt... damn!" - Janny M (02/13/2007)

"Did it get hotter in here?" "No, but you were just around Craig." "Oh, you're right. I am fully aroused." - Ernie A & Janny M (02/09/2007)

"Okay, that does it. I'm bored, I'm looking up reasons why Reagan sucked as a president." - Janny M (02/06/2007)

"Car meeting." - Janny M (02/02/2007)
repeating what ernie said

"You know what else is my jam?" "What?" "Jam." - Ernie A & Janny M (02/02/2007)

"I mean, it's not like I want them to never never never win a super bowl ever." - Janny M (01/23/2007)
the colts

"No, I have a penis, right?" - Janny M (01/21/2007)
playing risk

"You have a fiance, you skank!" "I didn't at the time." - Seth W & Janny M (01/20/2007)

"No, it's not under school stuff." - Janny M (01/20/2007)
we were looking for an adult film i have on my comp

"It's not odd... but it's not even." - Janny M (01/14/2007)

"Well, I don't think it was Owen's fault... Oh, I must be drunk." - Janny M (01/06/2007)
football game

"Oh good luck, Seth." - Janny M (01/06/2007)
trying to tie his shoe... we had a little to drink

"Never west shred east." - Janny M (01/06/2007)
never eat shreded wheat

"I know exactly what it's like being there... and I'm at home!" - Janny M (01/01/2007)
the lady on tv was like u have no idea it's crazy here or something

"Look, there's people shopping!" "Imagine that!" - Xu L & Janny M (12/27/2006)
we went to the mall

"I've been tempted to draw a Christmas tree every card!" - Janny M (12/21/2006)

"Yo, what's up, dawg?" "Yeah, yo, what's up dawg?" - Janny M & Daryl E (12/12/2006)

"That's a crappy fence." - Janny M (12/10/2006)
someones cardboard fense for D FENSE

"You have a last name, Austin?" "Powers." - Daryl E & Janny M (11/28/2006)
daryll was talking on the phone

"Haha, what do you mean if?" - Janny M (11/26/2006)
if chargers beat oakland

"Wow, that's a big word for you... Human Resources." - Janny M (11/24/2006)

"The contestants are in a virtual tie... Well, no I mean they have the same score." "Yeah, that's what tie means." - Xu L & Janny M (11/15/2006)
i thought it

"I thought I did this when I wasn't on crack." - Janny M (11/15/2006)
forgot some stuff

"Give her a piece of cheese, don't yell at her." - Janny M (11/06/2006)
brian being mean to cane cane

"How many people are we hiring?" "If you don't stop asking questions, one more..." - Janny M & Ernie A (11/01/2006)

"Why don't you just copy and paste the 'close'?" "That's so crazy, it just might work!" - Janny M & Ernie A (11/01/2006)

"Jesus won't help you do your taxes!" - Janny M (10/27/2006)

"Where's Z?" "Uh, at the Z." - Brian C & Janny M (10/27/2006)

"Hippies use the word..." "Afro?" - Jovanka C & Janny M (10/20/2006)

"What does Mercy mean? We need a subtitle!" - Janny M (10/03/2006)

"No, I don't..." - Janny M (09/26/2006)
in the gavin degraw song follow through he says 'this is the start of something good, don't u agree'

"But I care about where they went to high school or college!" - Janny M (09/24/2006)
sunday night football didn't tell us where EVERYONE when to highschool or college

"Oh, what's his name? Big old black dude..." "Well that narrows it down." - Brian C & Janny M (09/24/2006)
talking about a football player

"I always mix up the colors... blue is bad in this game..." - Janny M (09/24/2006)
rooting against the patriots

"Why are you waving to the camera at a funeral?" - Janny M (09/19/2006)
rude ass people... hello? ur there to remember him, not wave to ur friends

"She likes to make things jealous." - Janny M (08/31/2006)
talking about candi

"Woah... that guy has a penis." - Janny M (08/31/2006)

"Somebody had a little akedent." "Well, don't get in front of him." - Brian C & Janny M (08/10/2006)

"Oh, you weren't a girl, were you?" - Janny M (08/10/2006)
talking to bri

"Bada ba ba ba." "I'm lovin it." - Janny M & Dylan R (08/07/2006)

"I'm glad we assembled your chest." - Janny M (08/05/2006)

"Haha, you thought it was the long note." - Janny M (08/05/2006)
brian singing or something

"I look like... I look like... something that's red." - Janny M (07/26/2006)

"There was a bed in the car... I, I couldn't explain it." - Janny M (07/14/2006)

"Looks like I want in my own pants..." - Janny M (07/13/2006)

"Let me see the dictionary..." "Fire's a word!" - Brian C & Janny M (07/03/2006)

"Yay, a glowing thing." - Janny M (06/26/2006)

"Wow." "That means ace." - Aunt Ruth & Janny M (06/17/2006)
playing rummy

"Owe? Oh... owe." - Janny M (06/09/2006)

"I'm not pathetic!" - Janny M (05/09/2006)

"We may have to cast..." - Janny M (05/03/2006)
u know in bttf III when doc says 'we may have to blast'

"Yeah, I can get one... I tutor sometimes..." - Janny M (04/26/2006)
as i crossed my fingers... don't wanna get a java book... u had 2 b der

"It's like, could I borrow a classroom?" - Janny M (04/26/2006)
the teacher was standing outside waiting for another class to end

"Who the hell is that and why do they love me?" - Janny M (04/25/2006)

"Garbage collection my ass! Working with pointers I have more memory!" - Janny M (04/25/2006)

"Woah, knife..." "Holy bible... they don't go well together." - Leslie B & Janny M (04/23/2006)

"I thought it said loading your political settings..." - Janny M (04/21/2006)

"We get a lot of drops the first week, we get a lot of drops the eighth week." "I wonder why." - Dr Lemmert & Janny M (04/20/2006)
i failed the class

"I have difficulty reading his handwriting, he can have difficulty reading mine." - Janny M (04/10/2006)
tracy's assesment i didn't print... that gave people in the class a chuckle

"Eder? What?" - Janny M (04/05/2006)
some guy who i want to kill if he wasn't already dead yet... i'm sure he invented some therom or oth

"Why boo? It's just lesbian sex." - Janny M (03/21/2006)

"That court house looks familiar." - Janny M (03/18/2006)

"I'm thinking Pi, I don't know why." - Janny M (03/06/2006)

"Do you know how to put it in, Paul?" "No, I don't know how to put it in... I need help!" - Janny M & Paul H (03/06/2006)

"Sweet... I wish I aced something." - Janny M (03/03/2006)

"Fire Janny friend." - Janny M (03/03/2006)

"Janny kill friend." - Janny M (03/03/2006)

"I don't want to blow out my friends." - Janny M (03/03/2006)

"For the love of God... No! Don't teach it!" - Janny M (02/28/2006)
tracy teaching 325 ahhh

"God, I could B S this article better if I didn't read it!" - Janny M (02/27/2006)

"You know, what I found by video taping... I'm always going like this with my nose." "Yeah, I had a counter going." - Prof Theil & Janny M (02/10/2006)
he's always scratching his nose... but i didn't really have a counter lol

"I knew I would have heard this song by the end of the night!" - Janny M (02/10/2006)
forget which song

"Computer science problem solving begins with..." "A problem?" - Dr Tracy & Janny M (02/08/2006)

"How much is Sheetz now?" "I know, I had to fill up!" - Janny M & Tricia B (01/27/2006)

"You alright? You alright?" "Yeah." "Not you, her." - Janny M & Brian C (01/26/2006)
candi was under my chair scared of something

"What's your problem? You have so much fat." - Janny M (01/26/2006)

"Wait, you just used 'Bush' and 'good' in the same sentence." - Janny M (01/25/2006)

"Kiss her neck and lick her ear... that turns girls on." "How do you know?" "Cause I'm a girl!" - Tricia B & Janny M (12/31/2005)

"Brian, make Brian stop!" - Janny M (12/31/2005)

"What's with the peg leg?" - Janny M (12/30/2005)

"Are you thirsty? We've got plenty of food." - Janny M (12/27/2005)

"Damn it people, post my grades... I want them!" - Janny M (12/13/2005)

"And this interests me how?" - Janny M (12/08/2005)

"Of course the day it actually snows, all my classes get cancelled anyway." - Janny M (12/08/2005)
just my luck, classes cancelled but the professors cancelled them anyway

"That should be a quote." - Janny M (11/17/2005)

"That should be a quote is a quote." - Janny M (11/17/2005)

"There was like this dancing like bread..." "Dancing bread?" - Janny M & Brian C (11/16/2005)

"I don't know why I arbitrarily picked fifteen." - Janny M (11/15/2005)

"Do I randomly grab your ass?" "Yes." "Okay, just making sure." - Brian C & Janny M (10/27/2005)

"If they canceled class, I'd be so happy." "I'd be happier." - Seth W & Janny M (10/24/2005)

"I wouldn't really call him a boy." - Janny M (10/22/2005)

"My first computer was sixteen mega hertz." "That hurts." - Prof Flinn & Janny M (10/10/2005)

"Huh? Typing in stuff? She wants to make sure we all know how to type." - Janny M (10/10/2005)
we had to run these programs straight from the book

"Hmm, what's the right answer to that question?" - Janny M (09/30/2005)

"Yeah, yeah, the great state of Frostburg!" - Janny M (09/22/2005)

"How do you cascade yahoo windows, I'll never know." - Janny M (09/20/2005)

"You need to do your sexual noise!" "Oh, I haven't done that in a long time." - Janny M & Tricia B (09/17/2005)

"I wouldn't want to wake up in the morning when the day is new... It's too early!" - Janny M (09/09/2005)
that beach boys song

"Say vagina again, Seth." "Vagina." - Janny M & Seth W (09/07/2005)

"That's actually directly from the book." "Surprise, surprise." - Dr Crall & Janny M (09/06/2005)

"How does this song touch you?" "Cause you're my American baby." "I'm not an American!" - Janny M & Brian C (08/22/2005)
dmb duh

"Hello? Spin the f**king wheel!" - Janny M (08/18/2005)

"Save her from what?" "I don't know... she's thirty... or dead." - Janny M & Brian C (08/15/2005)

"Oh dear... give them an inch they take a yard." - Janny M (07/26/2005)

"If people look at my D V D collection, they're going to wonder about me... I have Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory right next to all three Hannabals." - Janny M (07/23/2005)

"Do you wanna do it on the bed? Eww..." - Janny M (07/21/2005)
i think it was giving size_t his medicine or something... sure

"It's like 'thank you for dying, come again'." - Janny M (07/18/2005)

"Her lipstick... It's wrong." - Janny M (07/10/2005)

"What day is it, and in what month?" "It's Saturday." - Janny M & Dylan R (07/09/2005)
you and me by lifehouse, that was funny

"Brian, I think she can do it... it's pulling gummy bears apart... it's not rocket science." - Janny M (07/08/2005)

"I wish my name was Jason." "I don't." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/01/2005)

"Ou, I wanna personalize windows update! Cause I visit that page so frequently." - Janny M (06/23/2005)
being facetious of course!

"The banana doesn't work." - Janny M (06/19/2005)

"It's buffalo tongue... Well, it's probably really juicy fruit or something." - Janny M (06/18/2005)
dances w/ wolves

"Your phone looks like one of those phones that you like..." "Eat?" - Roshy R & Janny M (06/11/2005)

"Hi, I'm a mermaid thing." "Hi, I'm Janis. I write quotes." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/10/2005)

"You have most of the deck, you don't have to lie anymore" - Janny M (06/04/2005)

"How do you turn this off?" "Um... Power?" - Aunt Ruth & Janny M (05/28/2005)

"Let's see... two inches of led, that should be enough for today." - Janny M (05/09/2005)
i had 3 tests

"All I wanna do is take pictures of her all day long." - Janny M (05/04/2005)

"Ou, boobs... toes!" - Janny M (05/02/2005)

"Probably all sweaty people shake his hand... I wanna shake his hand first!" - Janny M (04/26/2005)
i wanna shake leno's hand, that's all

"Good job... Candi." "What'd she do?" "She probably did something!" - Janny M & Brian C (04/23/2005)

"I see... So, it was my fault for having a trash can?" - Janny M (04/21/2005)
size_t knocking it over

"Just because he looks mean, doesn't mean he's the anti christ." - Janny M (04/21/2005)

"My name is American." - Janny M (04/15/2005)

"What's the nine doing there?" - Janny M (04/12/2005)

"Okay, this is the wrong song to play right now..." "Why?" "Cause I don't feel like standing with anyone on a mountain!" - Janny M & Brian C (04/12/2005)

"I don't want to give away countries like they're... give aways." - Janny M (04/10/2005)

"It's lost a lot of dirt..." "Well go get some more, there's a whole world out there!" - Brian C & Janny M (04/05/2005)

"I'm not going to admit I have back problems... I'm not eighty!" - Janny M (04/03/2005)

"Candi, no matter where you go, at some point in time, something has pooped in that spot." - Janny M (03/27/2005)

"What'd I say? Resupply specialist?" "So... you're a stack boy?" - Janny M & Leslie B (03/27/2005)

"Allan wants to know what Corey did for me to hate him so bad." "Um... be Corey?" - Brian C & Janny M (03/14/2005)

"Every time I play 'Bennie And The Jets' my phone rings." - Janny M (02/10/2005)
it did

"Is that a bum?" - Janny M (02/09/2005)
some wierd guy

"Hey Candi, there's someone at the door." "She's not stupid." "Who's at the door?" - Janny M & Leslie B & Brian C (02/07/2005)
i knocked b4, it was great

"Hello? Stop fainting." - Janny M (02/05/2005)

"People can get through me, I only have a penis there." - Janny M (02/01/2005)

"Oh, that's an integral, it must be math." - Janny M (01/27/2005)

"Okay, I click on clip art in Maryland and it gives me a gay website." - Janny M (01/24/2005)

"Jeez, your pieces are cold." - Janny M (01/24/2005)

"Leslie has a penis?" "Two." - Janny M & Brian C (01/24/2005)

"Bob Marley is modern... get out of this bed!" - Janny M (01/10/2005)

"What if you're color blind and you see that commercial?" - Janny M (01/04/2005)
h & r block w/ the baby

"Make it look like I got her something good." - Janny M (12/31/2004)

"It's trying to be 'White Christmas'." - Janny M (12/31/2004)

"Kinda like something that was supposed to be fourteen inches." - Janny M (12/26/2004)

"Why does Aunt Ruth give me pens that don't work?" - Janny M (12/26/2004)

"There's a lot of countries in Africa." "No, there isn't... there's six." "Yeah, well in the real Africa." - Janny M & Seth W (12/11/2004)

"I'm sorry you guys, I really am." "Are you still talking?" - Janny M & Leslie B (12/11/2004)

"It's a news site... would they lie on the news?" - Janny M (12/02/2004)

"Atkins stuff..." "You bastard." - Janny M & Allan B (12/02/2004)
what bri wanted to get allan for christmas

"The feeling down there!" - Janny M (11/23/2004)

"Mediterranean Sea... that was a hard one." - Janny M (11/20/2004)
finding it on the map... hummm

"Brian wants to have sex with Wortman." "So do you." - Janny M & Brian C (11/19/2004)

"What? You wanna get hard for him?" - Janny M (11/06/2004)

"Candi is not a drug addict." - Janny M (10/27/2004)
she's not, she's just a puppy!

"Two times anything is even, except odd numbers." - Janny M (10/22/2004)
i don't know what i was smoking

"Let's make a binary tree out of pennies..." - Janny M (10/22/2004)

"Well, call the vet up... Be like 'get your hair out of my cat!'" - Janny M (10/21/2004)

"Hum... Kerry looks little pale tonight." "Yeah." - Janny M & Brian C & Leslie B (10/13/2004)
yeah said by both bri & les

"We're coming back!" "Yeah, from the twenty?" - Brian C & Janny M (10/10/2004)

"Why are you here, Candi? We don't have air conditioning anymore." - Janny M (10/08/2004)

"You can be drunk and still do calculus." - Janny M (10/08/2004)
yea that's true...

"You guys? It's only one guy!" - Janny M (10/06/2004)
bri bri said bye to nick & said 'see u guys'

"Why'd you have to ask it? Now I have to think." - Janny M (09/11/2004)

"You're not going anywhere, mister naked man." - Janny M (09/07/2004)
not my boyfriend lol

"He doesn't say that to me!" - Janny M & Seth W (09/06/2004)
said at the same time... paul says hey sweet cheeks to tricia

"That's not funny." "Yeah, it is cause I'm laughing." - Janny M & Paul H (09/03/2004)

"I just wanna smell your bag." - Janny M (08/29/2004)

"It's up to Tricia... if you have enough energy." "Oh, I always have enough energy." - Janny M & Tricia B (08/29/2004)

"Why is he dressed up like the Mask Of Zorro?" "I don't know... it's a Disney movie." - Janny M & Paul H (08/27/2004)

"Sixty percent? It's my body!" - Janny M (08/25/2004)
paul would keep 60% if he pimped me out

"I don't want anyone seeing any of me... okay?" - Janny M (08/25/2004)
the blinds

"Oh, I'm the watcher cause I don't have a small bladder." - Janny M (08/24/2004)

"What are we doing? Eyeing up the condiments?" - Janny M (08/24/2004)

"My fantasy." - Paul H & Janny M (08/24/2004)
svu we said it at said @ the same time... it's sick

"Thank you for being short." "You're welcome." - Janny M & Tony M (08/22/2004)

"Did she just say 'I'm sorry'?" - Janny M (08/22/2004)

"It's a gacusi..." "Okay, this is my room." - Mrs Harich & Janny M (08/21/2004)

"I knew I got it from somewhere." - Janny M (08/18/2004)

"Give me a bag out of the bag bag." - Janny M (08/01/2004)

"Blankets? ...Oh yeah! To lay on!" - Janny M (07/22/2004)

"Well, I don't want to take the risk..." "Of what? Me getting points? I'm loosing!" - Janny M & Brian C (07/21/2004)

"Aww, that sucks... aww, that doesn't suck." - Janny M (07/17/2004)
person's scores

"There was no tens in the discard pile... that's not safe." - Janny M (07/10/2004)

"Flash them with my light..." "Sa..." - Janny M & Tricia B (07/03/2004)
put it together!

"All we need to do is cut the trees down... do you have an ax?" "Yeah, it's in my purse." - Janny M & Tricia B (07/03/2004)

"Always connected my ass!" - Janny M (06/27/2004)

"This is pretty... I made a pretty book." - Janny M (06/23/2004)

"What? Candi... did you lose interest in your bone?" - Janny M (06/12/2004)

"Boo." "Did you get the spare?" "No." - Brian C & Janny M (06/12/2004)

"So much for that five." - Janny M (06/12/2004)

"This cake is a perfect example of Murphy's law." - Janny M (06/07/2004)

"Yeah, it's the Murphy's law cake!" - Janny M (06/07/2004)

"Bathroom or cheese, Candi?" - Janny M (06/07/2004)

"Are they used socks?" "Probably." "Ew!" - Janny M & David E (06/05/2004)

"Oh, I get it. They're throwing money away!" - Janny M (06/02/2004)

"It's a Saturday... he should be having sex." - Janny M (05/29/2004)

"The baby looks drunk... you've been drugging your baby!" - Janny M (05/28/2004)

"P G thirteen! That means it's gonna suck." - Janny M (05/25/2004)

"Fine, drink all my ball." - Janny M (05/12/2004)

"Maybe if it had light sucking capability." - Janny M (05/10/2004)

"You're a cock, penne, whatever I have tease!" - Janny M (05/10/2004)

"God, they do sleep with one another!" - Janny M (05/06/2004)

"But that guy isn't even cute." - Janny M (05/05/2004)

"Oh, look. It's a chalk drawing." "I hope it's of a sixty year old lady." - Janny M & Josh H (05/04/2004)

"David, do it, yeah, baby yeah!" - Janny M (05/03/2004)
he looks like austin powers!

"You can't let one man stand in the way of... money." - Janny M (05/03/2004)

"Well someone needs to fall in love with that woman!" - Janny M (05/01/2004)
please someone!!!

"Top down... I wonder what that means." - Janny M (04/29/2004)

"Josh'll be like masturbating to that later." "Eww, no!" - Janny M & Josh H (04/29/2004)
i forgot what it was... oh yea, a drawing i made

"Puts you to sleep, eh? Kinda like her?" - Janny M (04/27/2004)

"Maybe the magic only works with me." - Janny M (04/25/2004)

"She's chipping away." - Janny M (04/25/2004)
salsita only knocking a few pins down at a time

"Red's not really your color." - Janny M (04/24/2004)

"You, no." - Janny M (04/23/2004)

"It's only five of ten, I don't know why I'm so tired." - Janny M (04/23/2004)
clock was wrong... really 1:30am

"Uh oh! I have the Brady Bunch theme song in my head!" - Janny M (04/20/2004)

"I'm going to name my red, black tree Sue." - Janny M (04/20/2004)

"It's the same thing!" "Not for quotes." - Brian C & Janny M (04/20/2004)

"Nempho implies female who's obsessed with sex... that doesn't mean me." - Janny M (04/20/2004)
he begs to differ

"Alright dip s**t." "Who? The guy with the wood?" - Brian C & Janny M (04/17/2004)

"Haha, Greatful Dead is dead." - Janny M (04/16/2004)

"No, they should be called the Ungreatful Dead." - Janny M (04/16/2004)

"I'm angry. I think I'll eat more jelly beans." - Janny M (04/14/2004)

"Let's look at what I said about plagiarism." "Let's not and say we did." - Dr Wallinger & Janny M (04/06/2004)

"Did you just say that you have sex with Paul everyday?" "What?" - Janny M & Seth W (04/04/2004)

"I think someone's license plate up there says X box." - Janny M (04/03/2004)

"No, I said 'can I have your babies'?" - Janny M (04/02/2004)

"Sex and jolly ranchers?" - Janny M (04/02/2004)

"Sixty... sixteen... what's the difference?" - Janny M (04/02/2004)

"Generally, logical agents are agents who think logically." "Wow!" - Dr Crall & Janny M (04/01/2004)

"There's probably only ten people." - Janny M (03/29/2004)

"Na, I wanna do something more productive than that." - Janny M (03/29/2004)
in cralls class

"David, are you watching him?" "No... I'm afraid." - Janny M & David E (03/29/2004)

"That's not a song, it has to rhyme." - Janny M (03/28/2004)

"Ew, it kinda looks like poop." "Just a little bit." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/27/2004)

"Really?" No... na not really." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (03/27/2004)

"Good job, Rochelle." "Yeah, good job, Rochelle." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (03/27/2004)

"Where are you going? You think it's going to be better?" - Janny M (03/26/2004)

"What's a college kid going to do with a spa?" - Janny M (03/25/2004)

"Window implies glass." - Janny M (03/23/2004)

"You eat it so sexually." - Janny M (03/19/2004)

"Shove it." "Where?" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/18/2004)

"What? I just pulled that out of my butt?" - Janny M (03/17/2004)

"Mouth problems? I don't have any mouth problems." - Janny M (03/12/2004)

"Ew. It's Mary Kate and Ashley?" "I know." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/12/2004)

"Four... the brownies in the way!" - Janny M (03/09/2004)

"I'm tired of writing out the word 'management'." "Me too!" - Janny M & Josh H (03/07/2004)
i was

"Did you just say kicking my boob?" - Janny M (03/06/2004)

"That sucks, I wanna be in prison." - Janny M (03/04/2004)

"I know, there was a person named Simpson and he made up a rule." - Janny M (02/26/2004)
simpson's rule?

"Wow, I knew I was learning something in college!" - Janny M (02/25/2004)

"I like the new, not the new and improved." - Janny M (02/23/2004)

"That's a bar of soap, not a penis." - Janny M (02/21/2004)

"I guess you spend a lot of time starring at the ceiling." - Janny M (02/19/2004)

"Would she stop, woman?" - Janny M (02/17/2004)

"So she stuffed her bras with bras?" - Janny M (02/14/2004)

"What? Does that say sex?" - Janny M (02/13/2004)

"Oh, I've heard the word syntax." - Janny M (02/12/2004)

"There was... nice cards in that pile!" - Janny M (02/09/2004)

"You don't have to agree to it... it's a quote!" - Janny M (02/08/2004)

"Woh! This is sex in a hand!" - Janny M (02/07/2004)

"I'm going to break your penis." - Janny M (02/07/2004)

"Why don't you sit together and hold hands and stuff?" - Janny M (02/07/2004)
paul & david, i was just kidding of course :Þ

"Holly has a door?" - Janny M (02/03/2004)

"What's so difficult about stealing sugar packets?" - Janny M (01/31/2004)

"Seth, I'll comfort you." - Janny M (01/26/2004)
what a pickup line

"Everybody looks like Forrest Gump." - Janny M (01/25/2004)

"Lovers forever... I mean friends." - Janny M (01/25/2004)

"No! I don't wanna be sucked!" - Janny M (01/25/2004)

"I love not saying I love you back." - Janny M (01/23/2004)
i'm soo mean

"What did you say about butt heads?" - Janny M (01/19/2004)

"That's a her?" - Janny M (01/17/2004)

"Do not eat. Well, what if you're hungry?" - Janny M (01/16/2004)

"Would you try to focus your obsessions somewhere else, Loki?" - Janny M (01/15/2004)

"One letter... no." - Janny M (01/15/2004)

"I only have one finger!" - Janny M (01/14/2004)

"What? Bowie, land of darkness?" - Janny M (01/13/2004)

"I'm watching the kids." "Where's Dylan?" "I don't know." - Roshy R & Janny M (01/12/2004)

"Can I write on you?" - Janny M (01/08/2004)

"What? Janis job?" - Janny M (01/08/2004)

"Apples and donuts aren't a very good combination." - Janny M (01/07/2004)

"Dylan, here's a hint. Donuts are better for you than apples." - Janny M (01/07/2004)

"That's right, girl. Put that mail in that box." - Janny M (01/07/2004)

"Guess I can't use any Garth Brooks, what a shame." - Janny M (01/06/2004)

"I wanna kill that kid! He's cute, but I wanna kill him!" - Janny M (01/06/2004)

"Do you want me to correct my typo before you answer me?" - Janny M (01/05/2004)

"Go to the bathroom." "I am. That's why I took this turn." - Janny M & Roshy R (01/05/2004)

"Give Stacy hugs? I'm going to open up a new window for this." - Janny M (01/05/2004)

"Just read quotes and go. Jeez." - Janny M (01/05/2004)

"Wow, it feels like I just got free parking!" - Janny M (01/03/2004)
the washing machine was free

"I don't know, it feels like my head is a cone." - Janny M (01/02/2004)

"Good bye smiley central." - Janny M (01/01/2004)

"Oh yeah, that's right. You haven't heard of Easyjournal, have you?" - Janny M (01/01/2004)

"You want to be ghetto?" - Janny M (12/30/2003)

"He's bitting you." "Yeah, well when doesn't he?" - Janny M & Roshy R (12/29/2003)

"Well, maybe Daddy or Dylan had to go to the bathroom?" "Na, that's not it." - Roshy R & Janny M (12/29/2003)

"It's funny and it's dumb." "Kinda like you?" - Roshy R & Janny M (12/29/2003)

"I'm a tornado." "I'm a tornado, too." - Dylan R & Janny M (12/28/2003)

"You're a great kid... who do I give that to?" - Janny M (12/25/2003)

"You know, that piece of paper will be worth a lot one day." "I'll keep it." - Janny M & Roshy R (12/24/2003)
a quotes paper

"Why are they talking in sonnets?" - Janny M (12/24/2003)

"I don't know... because money sounds good." - Janny M (12/22/2003)

"Hey, they can't make new ones!" "I know!" - Janny M & Roshy R (12/22/2003)
care bears

"Ew, but they're so..." "Dead?" - Roshy R & Janny M (12/21/2003)

"Now you think I'm stupid." "Naw, I always thought you were stupid." - Stacy M & Janny M (12/20/2003)

"He has to fall all the way just to die?" - Janny M (12/20/2003)

"I hate stupid idiotic levels like this where you actually have to do stuff." - Janny M (12/20/2003)

"Well, now it's pointless to fly." - Janny M (12/20/2003)

"I hate the rhino. Stupid rhino." "I love the rhino!" - Janny M & Roshy R (12/20/2003)

"I was going to die anyway. The bee was right there. You basically set me up for death." - Janny M (12/20/2003)

"Stop dumping hair on me!" - Janny M (12/20/2003)

"Blue. It's blue." - Janny M (12/17/2003)

"Actually, I'm combining them." "Yes!" - Janny M & Leslie B (12/12/2003)

"Fine, I'll quote myself!" - Janny M (12/12/2003)

"Our balls are ten times better than yours." - Janny M (12/10/2003)

"They're making me look dirty." "Look?" - Leslie B & Janny M (12/10/2003)

"I'm so glad I got no work done this weekend." - Janny M (12/08/2003)

"Why do I always get a biscuit... the biscuits suck." - Janny M (12/07/2003)

"People do not discard wisely." - Janny M (12/07/2003)

"Paul does have nice boobs." "I do." - Janny M & Paul H (12/06/2003)

"Don't have sex with someone you don't know." "At least not more than once." - Janny M & Brian N (12/05/2003)

"Her diapers like down to her knees... she looks like a home girl." - Janny M (11/29/2003)

"I think I'm going to be vain and use the Teletubbie cup." - Janny M (11/29/2003)

"Rochelle, you're such a mess." "It's a globby piece of... glob." - Janny M & Roshy R (11/27/2003)

"Rochelle rocks, she only has two!" - Janny M (11/27/2003)

"Oh my God! Toilet paper!" - Janny M (11/26/2003)
it's real, too!

"Does she say 'shut up' anymore?" "Mm, hum." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (11/26/2003)

"Ou, glad I'm away." - Janny M (11/25/2003)

"Everyone's my lover." - Janny M (11/21/2003)

"Oh, why not?" - Janny M (11/21/2003)
something was funny aboot this

"Are you sucking her boob?" - Janny M (11/21/2003)

"Her clothes are on, how odd." - Janny M (11/21/2003)

"What does she have to say? It's probably just a bunch of smilies." - Janny M (11/20/2003)

"Okay, Mister 'I'm the best at everything'." - Janny M (11/20/2003)

"Yes, I quote total strangers." - Janny M (11/20/2003)

"You suck!" "I know." - Janny M & Tricia B (11/19/2003)

"Do you have to sign up for that?" - Janny M (11/19/2003)

"But he's felt them." "Please don't remind me." - Janny M & Tricia B (11/19/2003)

"Yeah, we can." - Janny M (11/18/2003)

"Pointer? Why are you creating a pointer?" - Janny M (11/17/2003)

"No, because then people will think that I'm handicapped or something." "You are... actually." - Janny M & Tricia B (11/16/2003)

"We all want to see womans breasts." - Janny M (11/16/2003)
i said facisiously

"Your cat?" "Yeah." "That's what it's called?" - Janny M & Jackie F (11/15/2003)

"Oh, she's on the phone, that's why." "No, that doesn't matter!" - Josh H & Janny M (11/15/2003)
lol, uh t1?

"How about there is no late night tonight?" - Janny M (11/14/2003)

"It wasn't quite the shock that I wanted." - Janny M (11/14/2003)

"Recursion?" "Can I run now?" - Janny M & David E (11/14/2003)

"Alright, no more touching!" - Janny M (11/14/2003)

"Why don't you hold hands with Josh?" - Janny M (11/14/2003)

"This is reiterating! Do you wanna be like the book?" - Janny M (11/13/2003)

"This freecell game doesn't know how to play freecell." - Janny M (11/12/2003)

"And my plan is going perfectly to plan... haha." - Janny M (11/12/2003)

"Salsita... I think we offended her." - Janny M (11/12/2003)

"Wow... I remember this. This was in Forest Gump." - Janny M (11/12/2003)

"I was wondering why my feet were so comfortable." - Janny M (11/11/2003)

"Oh, look how easy it looks on easy mode." - Janny M (11/11/2003)

"I'm going to cheer myself up and update my resume." - Janny M (11/10/2003)

"Updating system settings? Why?" - Janny M (11/10/2003)

"Well, we can reference it in the woman's paragraph." - Janny M (11/10/2003)

"I don't care how to spell peasant." - Janny M (11/10/2003)

"He lived long." "Too long... I mean, yeah." - Janny M & Stephen H (11/10/2003)

"Ah, twenty two won't kill them." - Janny M (11/10/2003)

"I'm a valued customer... I guess they say that to everyone." - Janny M (11/09/2003)

"Nice call history ya have, stupid phone." - Janny M (11/08/2003)

"Try a straight ball." - Janny M (11/08/2003)

"Wait. I'm running out of room on my hand." - Janny M (11/07/2003)

"This isn't a bad song... wait! What am I saying?" - Janny M (11/07/2003)

"You're so far away from the screen." "You mean you." - Leslie B & Janny M (11/07/2003)

"Can I bid my underwear?" - Janny M (11/07/2003)

"Somebody's tired." - Janny M (11/06/2003)

"A function called beer... I think she's encouraging us to drink." - Janny M (11/06/2003)

"I'm just trying to touch myself." - Janny M (11/06/2003)

"Let me read that after you, because I like stories of... lesbians... and sex." - Janny M (11/05/2003)

"They're laughing at the size of his penis." - Janny M (11/04/2003)

"Why is he laughing? Freak." - Janny M (11/04/2003)

"Okay, on the bed." - Janny M (11/03/2003)

"Oh yes. I'm surrounded by men, aren't I?" - Janny M (11/03/2003)

"Before we go, the alien must face the front." - Janny M (11/02/2003)

"Tricia, you have a man... you have like three men." - Janny M (11/02/2003)

"Well, that's what you get for having a warm butt." - Janny M (11/02/2003)
his chocolate melted in his car

"What? What kind of computer doesn't have freecell?" - Janny M (11/01/2003)

"It's not fair... all the little kids get the cool slippers." - Janny M (11/01/2003)

"Actually, I was supposed to put it in your pants." - Janny M (10/31/2003)

"They look like parents?" - Janny M (10/31/2003)

"It's my key." - Janny M (10/30/2003)

"Good bye big emails clogging up my box." - Janny M (10/29/2003)

"You know what I could do to your hands?" - Janny M (10/29/2003)

"You can get the notes from Brian." "Or from you." - David E & Janny M (10/28/2003)
i should have known... david doesn't take notes

"You're going to find a nice girl." "He already has... Seth." - Brian C & Janny M (10/28/2003)

"I thought that fit there... no!" - Janny M (10/28/2003)

"The wind, David, the wind!" - Janny M (10/27/2003)

"Paul likes my boobs... don't you?" - Janny M (10/27/2003)

"Oh, I hate that commercial... that guy is ugly!" - Janny M (10/27/2003)

"I don't remember... what you... look... like... naked..." - Janny M (10/23/2003)

"Cover up! Cover up!" "It sounds like it." - Janny M & Valarie M (10/21/2003)

"What are you doing?" "Rebuilding this chair." - Janny M & Tiny S (10/21/2003)

"Leslie? I know." - Janny M (10/20/2003)

"Yeah, well, you I Med me first, so you do the talking." - Janny M (10/20/2003)

"Well, you know, if David hears semen, he's like..." - Janny M (10/19/2003)

"I was thinking something with cocks." - Janny M (10/19/2003)

"Leslie's just a little turned on now." "A little?" - Paul H & Janny M (10/19/2003)

"Wish I had a four... Oh, I do." - Janny M (10/17/2003)

"He's probably thinking 'I wanna do the wife'." "Hey, I was thinking the same thing." - Seth W & Janny M (10/17/2003)
there, happy now?

"I want a purple screen!" - Janny M (10/16/2003)

"Granted, I got out early, but still." - Janny M (10/16/2003)

"I want cancer, do do do do do. I want cancer." - Janny M (10/16/2003)
after i want candy

"He wore it." "Oh, yeah." - Janny M & Leslie B (10/16/2003)
her brar

"That's it! I'm calling the shuffle function multiple times! I'm a desperate woman!" - Janny M (10/15/2003)

"Great, David. Now I have to be the person to get both of us up." - Janny M (10/14/2003)

"No money? Thanks, Dad." - Janny M (10/14/2003)

"Huh? Queen?" - Janny M (10/14/2003)

"Hope you don't mind getting out five minutes." "Oh, we don't mind." - Prof Micheals & Janny M (10/13/2003)

"It's like we're a bunch of illegal immigrants." - Janny M (10/13/2003)

"I like your desktop. Very sexy." - Janny M (10/13/2003)

"I'm going to write a quick program. It's not going to do anything." "Do any of your programs do?" - David E & Janny M (10/13/2003)

"Hey, there's like hair all over the place." - Janny M (10/12/2003)

"You know you're in love with me, don't try to deny it." - Janny M (10/12/2003)

"Men... stop it with the Jacks!" - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"You're going to be here for a while." "Mm... hum." - Janny M & David E (10/11/2003)

"Come to me if you need my help, which you will." - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"Yeah, I know why do they show a shoe here?" - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"Oh, why do I have to go with a bunch of men?" - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"I wish Seth were here to help curve the average." - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"Gosh, I gotta stop cheering for people." - Janny M (10/11/2003)
it works

"Alright! I got pins out of the gutter! Accomplishment!" - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"That's never going to come out a success, you realize?" - Janny M (10/11/2003)

"That's not true. He's not a gossip." - Janny M (10/10/2003)

"Save it." "That would help." - Janny M & David E (10/10/2003)

"Play, what do you think I want you to do?" - Janny M (10/10/2003)

"Well, it was s**ty without me, right?" "Of course." - Janny M & Allison B (10/10/2003)
on how her bday was

"It's like, come on, at least let me play freecell!" - Janny M (10/09/2003)
comp sci 201, i know it all!

"Where the frick could they be? They don't have licenses." - Janny M (10/09/2003)
parents (dad)

"That's not as spectacular as I thought it was gonna be." - Janny M (10/08/2003)
flash movie

"Ah. Damn you, Elton John!" - Janny M (10/08/2003)

"They're probably in Leslie's room having wild sex." - Janny M (10/08/2003)

"I'm going to get out of the sun light cause I think that's a good idea." - Janny M (10/07/2003)

"Tricia, your feet smell!" "I know." - Janny M & Tricia B (10/06/2003)

"Hey that was my spot for water." - Janny M (10/05/2003)

"Harry hot pockets?" - Janny M (10/05/2003)

"It doesn't make sense." "You don't know how to add, David?" - David E & Janny M (10/05/2003)

"Um... do I want slippers?" - Janny M (10/04/2003)

"You got eighty five points?" "Negative." - Janny M & David E (10/04/2003)

"That looks gay." "Yeah, it does." - Janny M & Seth W (10/03/2003)

"They all got what they deserved, those mother f**kers." - Janny M (10/03/2003)

"Do we have to wait for Leslie?" - Janny M (10/02/2003)

"It's like 'can I borrow a tissue, I'll give it back to you'." - Janny M (10/02/2003)

"What's she doing?" "She's killing teddy bears, no!" - Janny M & Seth W (10/02/2003)

"How can I take notes on a letter?" - Janny M (10/01/2003)

"How do you B S a U M L diagram?" - Janny M (10/01/2003)

"Uh oh. I hope my roommate wasn't changing in there or something." - Janny M (10/01/2003)
i let a friend in my room

"The sleeping bag doesn't want to move, but the egg crate does!" - Janny M (10/01/2003)

"Scoot your bootch, I'm doing my homework here!" - Janny M (10/01/2003)

"There are no quotes to make me look bad." - Janny M (10/01/2003)

"Everything of Leslie's has sex." - Janny M (10/01/2003)
it's true

"God, he tries to start s**t." - Janny M (09/30/2003)

"Alright, black board, you stuck up bitch." - Janny M (09/30/2003)

"Well, I don't know anything about Shindler or his list, so..." - Janny M (09/30/2003)

"What? You slept together?" "Well, I won't call it sleeping." - Janny M & Leslie B (09/29/2003)

"Why?" "I don't know. Because I have nothing better to do. I have no life." - Janny M & Roshy R (09/28/2003)

"When is that due?" "Ah, tomorrow morning." - Janny M & Leslie B (09/28/2003)

"And there's two girls." "Bad party." - Janny M & Paul H (09/25/2003)

"Looks like White." "Yeah, it is." - Janny M & Chris Sm (09/25/2003)

"Take your pick. David's starting a library." - Janny M (09/24/2003)

"I want his ring tone!" - Janny M (09/23/2003)

"What were you doing?" "Adam." - Janny M & Tricia B (09/21/2003)

"I don't care." "Ou." - Janny M & David E (09/21/2003)

"No sexual noises. Come on, people!" - Janny M (09/21/2003)

"There goes that moaning, again." "Paul, over there." - Janny M & Seth W (09/20/2003)

"Good, I'll mess him up." - Janny M (09/20/2003)

"Why are we stopping on three?" "Because you pushed the button." - Janny M & Chris Sm (09/19/2003)

"He's not referring to the T V show." "There's a T V show?" - Janny M & George M (09/19/2003)

"That's a retarded way to do it." - Janny M (09/19/2003)

"Well, we all know it's dysfunctional." - Janny M (09/18/2003)

"He's so horny in this movie." "I know." - Josh H & Janny M (09/18/2003)
clue, prof plum

"You keep blowing your money away." - Janny M (09/18/2003)

"Are those naked men? No." - Janny M (09/18/2003)

"You've never tossed plates before?" - Janny M (09/17/2003)

"No, that's too much to quote!" - Janny M (09/17/2003)

"Oh, just tell us the code!" - Janny M (09/17/2003)

"Oh, you ruined it, good." - Janny M (09/17/2003)

"My shoes look like clown shoes." "They all do." - Janny M & Josh H (09/16/2003)

"Hey, it hit the other pin, so that's an accomplishment." - Janny M (09/16/2003)

"You're extremely sexy? What?" - Janny M (09/16/2003)

"Yeah, you know what, I'm two cards away from going out, too, but life goes on." - Janny M (09/16/2003)

"A four." "No, not a four." - David E & Janny M (09/15/2003)

"We are mathing this stupid thing up!" - Janny M (09/15/2003)

"Making of the wall paper? Like that's exciting." - Janny M (09/14/2003)

"Oh my God. What a show off." - Janny M (09/14/2003)

"Diane Lane, duh." - Janny M (09/14/2003)

"Their room is my room." - Janny M (09/14/2003)

"Don't pull my pants down." "Oh, but I want to." - Seth W & Janny M (09/14/2003)

"And I can't click 'I'm back' cause Allison's there." - Janny M (09/13/2003)

"It's your deal, so deal with it." - Janny M (09/13/2003)

"I have the rents memorized." "Are you proud of this?" - Chris Sm & Janny M (09/13/2003)

"Nope, that sure was nice of them." - Janny M (09/12/2003)

"I could make a sick joke right now." "So could I but I choose not to." - Janny M & Josh H (09/12/2003)

"I was going to think... Why did they come down the stairs?" - Janny M (09/11/2003)

"Why do people always have to pick on me?" - Janny M (09/11/2003)
it's soo true

"It's so hard to get used to not double clicking." - Janny M (09/10/2003)

"What is the 'what is' command?" - Janny M (09/10/2003)
whatis one word in linux

"I doubt it, David." "I do, too." - Janny M & David E (09/10/2003)
something, i forgot, lol

"What a dork. He's just asking to be warned." - Janny M (09/10/2003)

"I don't know why it does that, but who cares?" - Janny M (09/10/2003)

"That wasn't hard work." "Uh, huh." - Janny M & Tricia B (09/09/2003)

"He doesn't even know me." "Now he does." - Janny M & Tricia B (09/09/2003)

"You just type in that man thing again." - Janny M (09/08/2003)

"What a bitch. I hope she dies first." - Janny M (09/08/2003)

"He's like 'bye, see you later, see you at the mall'." - Janny M (09/07/2003)

"Janis, I said buttload." "Buttload!" - Chris Sm & Janny M (09/07/2003)

"What? My thong?" - Janny M (09/06/2003)

"Stop! I need to write a quote." - Janny M (09/06/2003)

"Death to Seth." - Janny M (09/06/2003)

"Why are these cards out in the ocean?" - Janny M (09/06/2003)

"David, you break cause I'm a wimp." - Janny M (09/05/2003)

"Paul, if you think you're impressing me, you're not." - Janny M (09/05/2003)

"How can they hurt? It's a bean." - Janny M (09/04/2003)

"I like butt load much better." - Janny M (09/04/2003)

"It doesn't matter." "He's gone." - Janny M & Seth W (09/03/2003)
paul was ringing my cell phone! we left

"Ah! Beat him up! He made me scream." - Janny M (09/03/2003)
seth is my body guard

"He's wearing white, so I assume." - Janny M (09/02/2003)
mr. white? sure

"Why do I have to apply force just to walk?" - Janny M (09/01/2003)

"So wait... am I in first?" "Yes..." - Janny M & David E (09/01/2003)

"I just glanced over, none of them were hot, so I looked away." - Janny M (08/31/2003)

"I know what you're doing!" "What? Peeing?" - Janny M & Tricia B (08/31/2003)

"I'm thinking in the wrong direction." "As usual." - Paul H & Janny M (08/31/2003)

"Stupid maids! They're not cleaning!" - Janny M (08/29/2003)

"Parents are not that cool in real life." - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"God, they're already singing a song?" - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"Puppies are not that small." - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"Now, that's just irresponsible." - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"Don't get killed by his balls." - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"His hair looks like a mop." - Janny M (08/28/2003)

"Maybe I'll do a flea market Sunday... what are you doing Sunday?" "Uh, going to Frostburg." - Mom & Janny M (08/28/2003)

"What flavors do they have?" "They have vanilla and vanilla." "Well, in that case, I'll have vanilla." - Paul H & Janny M (08/27/2003)

"Wait a minute! I'm a college student! Why am I saying that?" - Janny M (08/26/2003)

"That just has sex written all over it." - Janny M (08/26/2003)
greg's vest

"Aren't we getting a little old for that?" "No." - Tricia B & Janny M (08/25/2003)
making the truck drivers honk

"But, today is Sunday." "Good Point." - Roshy R & Janny M (08/24/2003)

"Does it work?" "I don't know, let me try it on Daddy's car." - Janny M & Roshy R (08/24/2003)

"Who's devil chicken?" "I don't know." - Roshy R & Janny M (08/24/2003)

"My pillows should be here... yes they are." - Janny M (08/23/2003)

"What? Are you encouraging us to download music, Comcast?" - Janny M (08/23/2003)

"Hey, this is stuck here." "No, it isn't. Put more effort into it." - Janny M & Roshy R (08/23/2003)

"Who wants a broken box? I think I'll sell it on E bay." - Janny M (08/23/2003)

"Where'd your Dad go?" "I think he went inside. I think he saw Crispy Creams donuts sign." - Janny M & Paul H (08/17/2003)

"No! No pictures!" - Janny M (08/16/2003)

"Next steps I climb are Old Main." - Janny M (08/15/2003)

"Now, notice that I haven't tripped over my rod the whole night." - Janny M (08/14/2003)
paul did, lol

"That's three. Notice the number three?" - Janny M (08/13/2003)

"This hole is a conspiracy." - Janny M (08/13/2003)

"I want my shoes! Oh, never mind. They got them." - Janny M (08/12/2003)

"He's screaming at the top of his lungs." "Yeah, isn't he sweet." - Janny M & Tony M (08/12/2003)

"Wednesday... it's hump day." "Is there humping involved?" - Paul H & Janny M (08/12/2003)

"Haha. They spelled tsunami wrong." - Janny M (08/10/2003)

"You're going to go cry? What?" "Yeah, you hurt my feelings." - Janny M & Ashley Ha (08/10/2003)

"Well, they're playing Bob Marley, what do you expect me to sing?" - Janny M (08/10/2003)

"Are you insulting my sister's shoes?" - Janny M (08/10/2003)

"You guys are going to be a mess driving." "That's what coffee's for." - Mrs Harich & Janny M (08/09/2003)

"Orange juice with pizza? Oh, never mind. I've done that before." - Janny M (08/09/2003)

"I'm going to watch Jerry McGuire in 3 D!" - Janny M (08/09/2003)

"No, I'd feel kinda bad eating a shark." - Janny M (08/07/2003)

"No, I'm going to see Bobby, not other woman strip." "Sure, Mr. Jim." - Jim B & Janny M (08/07/2003)

"What? Do you have a problem with the bat out of hell file or something?" - Janny M (08/06/2003)

"Seriously, he's a bad driver. You don't want to make him worse." - Janny M (08/06/2003)

"Cool! A stretch limo." "That's what I said." - Janny M & Paul H (08/06/2003)
i waved, & the dude driving waved back!!!

"Go, go!" "Ah! Don't go. Don't go." - Janny M & Tricia B (08/06/2003)

"I dare you to draw a pornographic picture on there." "How much money?" - Janny M & Paul H (08/06/2003)
we always draw on our tables @ tsunamis

"I'm sure she would like him to come." "In what way?" - Paul H & Janny M (08/06/2003)

"I've been trying to pick up that seed." "Instead, I'll eat soy sause." - Janny M & Tricia B (08/06/2003)

"I dare you to suck on that paper." "I was thinking about it." - Janny M & Tricia B (08/06/2003)

"We're friends... we're allowed to have sex." - Janny M (08/06/2003)

"Yeah, but we can't drink in clubs." "It's easy enough." - Janny M & Tricia B (08/06/2003)

"Then someone will be like 'Oh, my gosh. Someone's lighting chopsticks on fire!'" - Janny M (08/06/2003)
we do that, lol

"I dare you." "Go! Go! Go... no." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (08/05/2003)
to eat the rest of the chicken & dumplings lol

"Yeah, yeah. Just get on the damn charger, and shut up." - Janny M (08/04/2003)
cell phone

"They play bridge? Cool." - Janny M (08/03/2003)

"She's like, 'it was just a dream... maracas?'!" - Janny M (08/03/2003)

"Good, she's bloated." - Janny M (08/02/2003)

"Actually, I'll leave the out away message." - Janny M (08/02/2003)

"You realize that you're paying for the paper, so therefore, you're not getting your full money's worth, if you don't eat it." - Janny M (08/02/2003)

"Come on! You eat the paper, I eat the cup." - Janny M (08/02/2003)

"Poor kid... now he needs..." "Years of theropy." - Paul H & Janny M (08/02/2003)

"This is like the fifth time her brother almost died." "I know... you'd think she'd be used to it by now." - Janny M & Paul H (08/02/2003)

"Why are you shutting the door?" "Cause we're loud." "You're the loud one." - Janny M & Paul H (08/02/2003)

"No, don't lick that... that's clean!" - Janny M (07/31/2003)

"I can't make up my own jokes, are you kidding?" - Janny M (07/31/2003)

"Are you making fun of me, again?" "No... yes." - Janny M & Paul H (07/30/2003)

"Aww. Look, you were so cute... What happened?" - Janny M (07/30/2003)
a pic of paul when he was like 5

"Your socks are so feminine." - Janny M (07/30/2003)

"My star destroyer, my arrival... he's in love with himself, isn't he?" - Janny M (07/30/2003)

"Oh, good bye half a meg." - Janny M (07/29/2003)

"She's like 'heh, tree'." - Janny M (07/29/2003)

"Can't they throw up in their litter box?" - Janny M (07/29/2003)

"I like mobs." - Janny M (07/28/2003)

"Damn, I wish it wasn't raining." - Janny M (07/28/2003)
that song by sophie b hawkins, damn i wish i was ur lover

"Ou, I just thought of a good strategy." "Try not to lose?" - Janny M & Ben A (07/27/2003)

"We don't want to visualize, thank you." - Janny M (07/27/2003)

"Little foot... that's so pathetic that I still remember his name." - Janny M (07/26/2003)

"That's a good place to lay... I never thought of it before." - Janny M (07/25/2003)
loki was lying by his water bowl

"Haha. Uncle Mike almost fell of the swing, haha." - Janny M (07/25/2003)

"See that beeping? That means nobody gets in." - Janny M (07/25/2003)

"That's disgusting." "That's Janis." - Max B & Janny M (07/25/2003)

"Why did you knock on your own door?" - Janny M (07/24/2003)

"Think we should wait for them?" "Na, it gives us more time to make out." - Ben A & Janny M (07/24/2003)

"Could have fooled me." "Yeah, really." - Janny M & Ben A (07/24/2003)
on there's more to life than underwear commerical in the theature

"Yeah, people are not going to have Han Solo font on their computers." - Janny M (07/23/2003)
cause i do

"Okay, I need spa colors here..." - Janny M (07/23/2003)

"There's no stopping that woman." - Janny M (07/22/2003)

"How do you know which number you are?" - Janny M (07/22/2003)

"She says ya?" "Yeah." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (07/21/2003)

"No, just so he can flirt with me." - Janny M (07/20/2003)

"Paul, would you wear these?" "Please?" - Janny M & Tricia B (07/20/2003)
tight underwear

"Come on, Paul, just pick out your underwear so we can go." - Janny M (07/20/2003)

"That's when you lock it, it makes that noise." - Janny M (07/20/2003)

"I like your stick, Paul." "Oh, you like my stick? Wanna see it again?" - Janny M & Paul H (07/20/2003)

"God, he's so cute... I'd say yes." - Janny M (07/20/2003)

"Okay, just go already." - Janny M (07/20/2003)

"Well my menu's better than yours." "Shut up about your menu superiority." - Janny M & Tricia B (07/19/2003)

"I can't color inside the lines." - Janny M (07/19/2003)

"I want a motor bike like that." - Janny M (07/19/2003)

"I said 'sure'. What kind of positive answer do you want?" - Janny M (07/19/2003)

"Let's play a little game of black screen." - Janny M (07/18/2003)

"...The size of something that I can name." - Janny M (07/18/2003)

"You're jealous of Golum's good looks, aren't you?" - Janny M (07/18/2003)

"What? The honeymoon to my marshmallow?" - Janny M (07/18/2003)

"Webcam picture." "Oh, yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/17/2003)

"Can you get fired for something like that?" "No, paying in pennies... it's payment." - Janny M & Stacy M (07/17/2003)

"Yeah. You're an octopus, right?" - Janny M (07/17/2003)

"I love his shirt. I wanna take it off." - Janny M (07/17/2003)
colin's shirt ouun

"Does D C 1 0 1 have good music?" "Yeah... they also have good commercials." - Janny M & Stacy M (07/16/2003)
as i flipped to it, there were commercials

"D... my computer science grade." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"Are you trying to analyze my dream?" - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"This is Tricia's house." "Oh, I thought it was my house." - Janny M & Paul H (07/16/2003)

"Why?" "Cause it's dork some." - Janny M & Tricia B (07/16/2003)

"Did you just say the boobs and the bees?" - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"Yeah. Paul can defrost me." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"Yeah... it's by the Go Go's. Keep going." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"She'll be back in a few minutes. But we should hide and make love somewhere." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"No, cause I want water cause water's free." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"No one is seeing them tonight." - Janny M (07/16/2003)
u don't wanna know

"I've never heard butts be characterized as big screen T V's before." - Janny M (07/16/2003)

"What's that van doing?" "He's driving." - Paul H & Janny M (07/15/2003)

"Aren't you a special person? Don't you have key?" - Janny M (07/15/2003)

"Come on slow poke!" - Janny M (07/15/2003)
it's route 50, don't go 45!!!

"Wrong verse." - Janny M (07/15/2003)

"All well. I'm a dork. That's okay, he knew that." - Janny M (07/15/2003)

"I don't care anymore. This is tearful." - Janny M (07/15/2003)

"Look at my dorky away message." "They're always dorky." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/14/2003)

"I have to put up an away message so no one I M's me." "Like they ever do." "Yeah, you're right." - Roshy R & Janny M (07/14/2003)

"I don't know, Rochelle, I think you're losing it." - Janny M (07/14/2003)
she thought she saw my blue car out there

"Duh. I knew that." - Janny M (07/13/2003)

"What? They actually drop them?" - Janny M (07/13/2003)

"Harold Ramis says penis!" - Janny M (07/13/2003)

"Who would name a horse Seabuscuit?" "I would." - Roshy R & Janny M (07/13/2003)

"Your essence is messing me up." - Janny M (07/12/2003)

"Come Sail Away by Styx is not a feminine song!" - Janny M (07/12/2003)

"Yeah, I'm worried about eating him at night." - Janny M (07/11/2003)

"Whatever, make me miss the theme song." - Janny M (07/11/2003)

"There are a lot of sexual enduendos in this one." - Janny M (07/11/2003)
bear in the big blue house episode

"Yeah, you're not putting much energy into this." - Janny M (07/11/2003)

"You don't have to get dressed for him." - Janny M (07/10/2003)

"Do you know what I'm saying? A different car, a different measurement." - Janny M (07/10/2003)

"Guess what. Who cares." - Janny M (07/10/2003)

"Okay. Put my socks back on." - Janny M (07/10/2003)

"Yeah, I have Bob Marley in my car." "What? He's in your car? I don't see anyone in your car." - Janny M & Paul H (07/10/2003)

"You look like a chimpanzee." - Janny M (07/09/2003)
wow, this was ironic, since we saw 28 days later

"Yeah, it comes standard in all computers except mine." - Janny M (07/09/2003)

"Oh my gosh. Rubber necking for a carnival?" - Janny M (07/09/2003)
they were, 2!

"Oh gosh. I'm so glad pizza men don't really act like that." - Janny M (07/09/2003)
the pizza hut commerical w/ all dogs 2

"I love the way this C D player actually acts like a C D player." - Janny M (07/08/2003)
my old one didn't do so well (1 in blue)

"I hate the way this guy encourages you." - Janny M (07/08/2003)

"Max combo twenty nine." "I only got nine." - Stacy M & Janny M (07/08/2003)

"Man. I hate people that don't spin their bear." - Janny M (07/08/2003)
we spin it really really fast!

"Why aren't people looking up here?" "Because they suck." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/08/2003)
we were screaming really loud, people usually look

"I got a C... that's not heroic." - Janny M (07/08/2003)

"I could just call his house, but I want to waste his minutes." - Janny M (07/07/2003)
calling pauls cell instead of his house

"I can't figure out all these la's." - Janny M (07/07/2003)
alanis song

"Na uh. I perfected those lyrics!" - Janny M (07/07/2003)

"I wish I had purple hair so somebody could miss it." - Janny M (07/07/2003)
somewhere out there by our lady peace

"Oh, I know what I can do... apifany!" - Janny M (07/07/2003)

"Pictures of coins are over rated." - Janny M (07/07/2003)

"I like that concept." - Janny M (07/07/2003)

"They're porno." "Rewind it." - Tricia B & Janny M (07/07/2003)

"She just made cookie dough and it was so weird." - Janny M (07/07/2003)

"Do I look okay?" "You look fine. I'm the one with the milk mustache." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/07/2003)

"They advertise on the nozzels?" - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Ou, look at that icecream picture." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"There's a sprinkle I can't get to." - Janny M (07/06/2003)
getting the most out of my icecream

"Look at it. It's so mesmarizing." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Shut up. I know." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Oh, finally. Someone like me." - Janny M (07/06/2003)
people were waving to random cars like i do!

"That guy is ugly." "Yeah, who would marry him?" - Janny M & Tricia B (07/06/2003)
the guy on that sliced meat commercial, lol

"I wanna live in a place called Dulooth when I grow up." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Looks computer animated to me." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Uh, they would be shooting her... they're cops!" - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Man, it's always murder with Monk." - Janny M (07/06/2003)

"Oh my God. That sucks." "Yeah, it does." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/06/2003)

"I was going for one of those bay watch things." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"I wanna watch golf... ya know?" - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Man, I have to spell out the names." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Her boos are messing me up." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Oh, the fan is really blowing on me." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Paul, I'm in love with you, I wanna have your babies." - Janny M (07/05/2003)
he was playing ddr... cing if he pays attention

"No, you can't read it... it's in my handwriting." - Janny M (07/05/2003)
i couldn't make out some of the quotes

"Oh, I didn't wear my really exciting shoes." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Just because I have over a hundred quotes a week, doesn't mean anything." - Janny M (07/05/2003)

"Is there that much to swallow?" "I don't know." - Janny M & Sara M (07/05/2003)
u don't wanna know

"Didn't I just sing this?" - Janny M (07/04/2003)

"Now what?" "Watch out." - Janny M & Stacy M (07/04/2003)

"You get entertained over the stupidest stuff." - Janny M (07/04/2003)

"And you can't be little and have the cape." - Janny M (07/04/2003)

"You're to heavy. Lose some weight." - Janny M (07/04/2003)

"Now that doesn't look right." - Janny M (07/04/2003)
u don't wanna know

"Why does it still smell like the bay?" - Janny M (07/04/2003)

"Oh, forget it. I'll try to think later." - Janny M (07/04/2003)
man, i really wish i brought quotes sheet... it was fun!

"At least we're following them to Paul's house." - Janny M (07/03/2003)
this guy was fallowing us or something

"Look at all the traffic he's accumulating." - Janny M (07/03/2003)
the guy was sloooow

"Wohoo! I skipped a half mile of traffic!" - Janny M (07/03/2003)
july 4th bridge traffic, what a bear

"Rochelle, you format yours totally different from me." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"Come on. You have nothing else better to do than wave to me." - Janny M (07/03/2003)
i was waving to the people stuck in traffic

"That's so sad how I'm learning the words." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"He's ramming you to get to me, you realize?" - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"Oh, attack me, why don't you? ...No, don't." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"How long has he been idle?" "Twenty four minutes and we've been gone six hours, fifety two minutes." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/03/2003)

"That looked like a syncrinized swimming thing." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"That would be funny if the ends of those logs popped you." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"The switch blocks are just a luxary." - Janny M (07/03/2003)

"I deserve to treat myself to a big fat bowl of ice cream." "Why?" "I don't know." - Roshy R & Janny M (07/02/2003)

"That would be funny if she fell." "No, it would not." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/02/2003)

"Tickle, tickle, tickle... oh, that's not your foot." - Janny M (07/02/2003)

"I'm going to get a package in a few days, ya know?" "Yeah, me too." - Janny M & Dylan R (07/02/2003)

"She's a dork." "Yeah, but so am I, and you still hang out with me." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/02/2003)

"I like my letter, better." - Janny M (07/02/2003)

"I want a red fusion. You don't have anymore red fusions." - Janny M (07/02/2003)

"Crazier things have been done." - Janny M (07/02/2003)
i was washing my car in the rain

"Why do I have so many voice mails?" "Brian." - Janny M & Roshy R (07/02/2003)

"Megan's like 'banana's or oreos'." "I know which one she'll pick." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (07/01/2003)

"He looks like a drug dealer." - Janny M (07/01/2003)
benjermin franklin w/ those big ass eyes

"I can transfer the three over to the four." - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"Ramsey residence... or not." - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"It's like one C D wasn't enough... now four C D's isn't enough." - Janny M (07/01/2003)
new car has 4 cd changer

"You're a crazy little girl." - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"My hair is all messed up, what am I going to do?" - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"Tape it? It gave me nightmares!" - Janny M (07/01/2003)
the hapka commercial, ouuuuh

"Oh my gosh. Look at this fool with his high beams on... blind us all." - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"I'll be in the car... no then they'll take forever." - Janny M (07/01/2003)

"Everybody and their brother should be sharing this file!" - Janny M (07/01/2003)
santana song, old old old & overplayed

"Sorry, but dead body touching is not for me." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"Where do I click?" "Click on the image." "Oh, that makes sense." - Tricia B & Janny M (06/30/2003)

"She doesn't read the site... she doesn't know anything." - Janny M (06/30/2003)
insulting some1 who doesn't read this

"Can you talk to him cause I'm chicken s**t?" - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"I'm tired of wasting my life waiting for a toe truck!" - Janny M (06/30/2003)
he took 3 hours!!!

"What do they have like one toe truck or something?" - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"It's lucky, except it's not lucky." - Janny M (06/30/2003)
this makes sense

"My car was touched by the devil." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"I could be relaxing in front of a computer screen right now." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"Dude, I can't put this down." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"How do you play? How do you play?" - Janny M (06/30/2003)
forgot how to play rummy 4 a sec there

"And I was wrong, I'm never going to do that again." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"I had myself to entertain me." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"How can you over sterilize something?" "Wash it too many times?" - Adam R & Janny M (06/30/2003)

"I'm proud to say I don't own a thong." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"Unions make me unhappy... kinda like the toe truck drivers." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"It was nice of me to get him this." - Janny M (06/30/2003)
i got it backwards... what can i say? deslecsic am i

"It kinda looks like a seven, but that's okay." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"You know a human head weighs like eight pounds?" "Really? That means if I didn't have my head I'd be eight pounds lighter. Although, it wouldn't even make a dent on you." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/30/2003)
by far the longest quote on this site! & how insulting huh?

"It's not that wide." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"A K A, I wanna get in bed with you." - Janny M (06/30/2003)

"It's just a mouse pad, oh my gosh." - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"The carrot monster is going to turn me into a carrot?" - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"I wear white." - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"Now who am I going to get quotes from?" - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"Thank you... that was weird." - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"Someone could break in." "For what? My car seat?" - Janny M & Aunt Janet (06/29/2003)

"Uh... sparks?" - Janny M (06/29/2003)
i was right, too

"No, no, no eating people." - Janny M (06/29/2003)

"Hey, this is kinda cool, except the nose is chewed off." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Wanna know what Mister Jim smells like? It's in here." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Two dollars and fivety cents... get them while they're here... and they will be!" - Janny M (06/28/2003)
beanie babies

"At least someone buy a video tape... Home Alone Two is a classic!" - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Two dollars and fivety cents doesn't seam to thrill people like it used to." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"U P S? It's U S B!" - Janny M (06/28/2003)
this guy was like 'this computer doesn't have a ups card'

"It's banana chew... banana chew?" - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"It's pink." "It's like peptobismal." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/28/2003)

"Cause you missed your oppurtunity to get all those coins." "What? Three?" - Janny M & Roshy R (06/28/2003)

"Come on, people, get cheaper!" - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Uh, dice... kinda necessary for the game." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"We can't roll the dice for you, sorry." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"You don't have to do that." "Yes, I do." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Ha. Smash it with a hundred?" "No way." - Janny M & Stacy M (06/28/2003)
there was a bug!

"I don't know... his voice doesn't exactly thrill me." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"I'm a hopeless romantic, if you haven't noticed." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"Do you mind playing the damned thing?" - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"I'm sorry for living, Rochelle. I hope I didn't offend you." - Janny M (06/28/2003)

"At least I can aim better." - Janny M (06/27/2003)

"There's someone out there doing yardwork." "Oh, my God, the nerve." - Aunt Janet & Janny M (06/27/2003)
well we were doing it too lol

"On the radio, of course, there's nothing on the radio." - Janny M (06/27/2003)

"These lanes are closed for police activity... and today's police activity is arts and crafts." - Janny M (06/27/2003)
they like closed 3 lanes of richie for drinking checks

"Their chairs are nifty, I should steal one." - Janny M (06/27/2003)

"You're one of those people that say good night a million times." - Janny M (06/27/2003)
about tricia on aim

"I want smilies like that!" - Janny M (06/27/2003)
jamies aol

"Turn on the light, that's a quote." - Janny M (06/27/2003)

"You don't look dusty, do you? Of course not, you're too good for dust." - Janny M (06/26/2003)
my computer

"Screw making it pretty." - Janny M (06/26/2003)

"Ah, I noticed a little error, but I'm not going to call myself on it." - Janny M (06/26/2003)

"No, it's the same, cause it's fading away." - Janny M (06/26/2003)
i talk to myself while i do website design... i don't find this odd

"I was going to say. You take Meerca Chase out of there and people get killed." - Janny M (06/26/2003)

"It might be stupid." "Yeah, I know, but you never know." - Janny M & Liz F (06/25/2003)

"She has no concept of time." - Janny M (06/25/2003)

"What's that, Dyl?" "That's a fruit by the foot." - Janny M & Dylan R (06/25/2003)
he put it on his new bike???

"I want an ice cream mountain like that." - Janny M (06/25/2003)

"Have no fear, super Janis is here." - Janny M (06/25/2003)
there was a spider!

"Don't make me get the mussle. I don't even have a mussle." - Janny M (06/25/2003)

"Cool! You could win five dollars worth of tokens? What is that like one token?" - Janny M (06/25/2003)

"No, that is my password." - Janny M (06/25/2003)

"Cause I saw the phone on the hook and I was like 'oh, my gosh'." - Janny M (06/25/2003)
dylan hung up on rochelles friend!

"An electric bill? A phone bill? Oh, come on! Get realistic!" - Janny M (06/25/2003)
bear in the big blue house, he gets no bills!

"It's too big. It won't fit." - Janny M (06/24/2003)

"What language are we speaking, again?" - Janny M (06/24/2003)

"What do the Gin Blossoms have that effect on you?" - Janny M (06/22/2003)
dyl was like jumping up & down

"If you're going to break something... break something upstairs." - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"You're not having any." "The oatmeal cream pie said it." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/22/2003)

"He leaves the same away messages." "I know, cause he's a dork." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/22/2003)
muncle ike's away messages sooo like universal

"Sensing? It senses the popcorn?" - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"Well, it kicked ass for a year." - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"Yeah, they better like it... it's free." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Oh my God, my feather!" - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"How is one pixie stick going to last us all?" - Janny M (06/21/2003)
liz' sis gave us a big pixie stick so we wouldn't starve... ok

"It's not raining that much." "No, it's just a river." - Janny M & Sara M (06/21/2003)

"I don't feel like arguing about credits anymore." "I do." - Liz M & Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Don't tell me anything about Finding Nemo." "They actually find Nemo." - Hack R & Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Jeez, Paul, go easy on the kangaroo moves." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Do you realize how silly you two look right now?" - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"I hope that happens to me." - Janny M (06/21/2003)
someone strips me & drops me in a tub of water

"You kicked me in my booty." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"You can't pull my hat down, you can't pull my hat down." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Don't worry, labs always let out early... except when they don't." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"Hey, you're accelerating my rocking speed." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"I wonder if anyone's eaten a cell phone before..." - Janny M (06/21/2003)
my phone does look tasty

"Which scratch mark is yours?" "It's the white one, you can't miss it." - Janny M & Paul H (06/21/2003)

"Yeah, no one knows Mission Impossible anymore." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"I knew I would die on a bone." - Janny M (06/21/2003)

"There must be something obvious that I'm not seeing." - Janny M (06/20/2003)

"That thing is so cool. I hope I can remember how the colors go." - Janny M (06/20/2003)

"The barrel's in the middle, Janis." - Janny M (06/19/2003)

"Okay. Stop." "It's a catchy tune." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/19/2003)

"Oh no! The temple one." - Janny M (06/19/2003)

"What was that?" "I don't know. I just fell." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/19/2003)
i didn't really fall

"Unless you didn't know that... uh oh." - Janny M (06/19/2003)
told a friend something i didn't know she knew or not

"I don't have the safistication nor authority to do so." - Janny M (06/18/2003)

"Who was it?" "They wanted a Ramsey someone but I'm going to hang up." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/18/2003)

"Hello? You just pushed him off your lap." "No, I picked him up and dropped him." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/18/2003)
that's soo much better

"I was smart. Yay." - Janny M (06/18/2003)

"If it does take us back on fifty, I have a plan." "What's your plan?" "Cry." - Paul H & Janny M (06/18/2003)

"That's so sad... fall off the stupid tube." - Janny M (06/18/2003)

"Oh boy. A mushroom. You go, Paul." - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"I knew there was a hot lava ball." - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"Well they have to make it as unrealistic as possible." - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"Warn me, warn, warn, warn." - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"Old bay and ice cream doesn't mix." - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"Do you want to go cow tipping after this?" - Janny M (06/17/2003)

"Why is this number so difficult for me?" - Janny M (06/16/2003)
i kept getting lyz' number wrong

"It might not work... okay, that works." - Janny M (06/16/2003)

"Sounds pretty Egyptiony." - Janny M (06/16/2003)

"No. It isn't. Now, now, now." - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"She's piercing somebody's ears, how could she not be doing anything?" - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"Let me think really hard about it..." "I'd rather not." - Janny M & Paul H (06/15/2003)
u don't wanna know, lol

"What? Make Dad's day by getting him shoes?" - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"Can I put you down as my spouse?" - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"You're going to make me crash into a car." "Like you haven't done that before." - Paul H & Janny M (06/15/2003)
flirting w/ him while he was driving... lol

"You go back for the soul purpose of killing the turtle, then you die." - Janny M (06/15/2003)
he did, too!

"Oh, wow. A coin. How does it feel to get a coin?" - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"They're nice plates... they look farmiliar." - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"I liked Dunkin Donuts." "I did, too. They had donuts." - Janny M & Paul H (06/15/2003)

"Fourty two hits in one day? Who the heck is visiting it?" - Janny M (06/15/2003)
this page... it's too uncanny

"I see an idiot." - Janny M (06/15/2003)

"Oh, please. The entrance isn't underwater." - Janny M (06/14/2003)

"So, is there going to be clowns there?" "Just me." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (06/14/2003)

"Ou, I know what to eat... No... That's cold." - Janny M (06/14/2003)
ice cream sandwich when the ac is to like -200

"This sucks, man. This screws up my whole life." - Janny M (06/14/2003)
next semesters schedule... it's not pretty

"Looks like the neighbors are having a party." "Oh, yeah. Four cars, that equals a party right there." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/14/2003)

"They're not running very fast." - Janny M (06/13/2003)

"Come on! Wouldn't Blue have arthritis by now?" - Janny M (06/13/2003)
she's like 11 years old at least!

"Elton John's bitch song isn't really appropriate." - Janny M (06/13/2003)
there were little kids around!

"That would suck if there was left over food and we weren't there to eat it." "Oh, that would suck." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/13/2003)
she was joking

"This show's so not funny... and I have a sense of humor." - Janny M (06/13/2003)
worlds funniest animals??? stupid, idiotic, not funny

"Yeah, I'd love to move them into my bedroom." - Janny M (06/13/2003)

"You're tempting me to write that down, but I can't." - Janny M (06/13/2003)

"Did Greg just tap his butt?" - Janny M (06/13/2003)

"I can guess." - Janny M (06/13/2003)
ryan was like 'and now lets play what's in my pants'

"Yay! I don't have to use that cursed triangle ever again!" - Janny M (06/12/2003)

"Ma, could you do my car, too?" "Might as well." - Janny M & Mom (06/12/2003)

"Okay, I think I can trust you." - Janny M (06/12/2003)
ma w/ meggs

"Good morning... come out." - Janny M (06/12/2003)
talking to my pecan rolls... sooo yummy

"Yeah, that would be a shame." "That's so mean, Rochelle." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/12/2003)
the dogs getting hit by lightening

"Hello? That's my foot." - Janny M (06/12/2003)

"Ah, that's great... Ah, that Misses Moon." - Janny M (06/12/2003)

"Ou, shampoo. And it's blue." - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Nope, you'll never get your P up." - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Two thousand one. You shouldn't have." - Janny M (06/11/2003)
he gave me a penny, oh boy

"The penalty is death... for me." - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Well, it's not like you're going to win anyway." - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Okay, it's a rubber ball, Paul. If you can get killed by a rubber ball, you're pretty pathetic." - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Two one one O eight... hello?" - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"No, not as pathetic as me. I've been playing this game all my life." "Yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/11/2003)

"What exactly is a crib?" "It's your house." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/11/2003)

"Why does he always start stripping during this?" - Janny M (06/11/2003)

"Whatever view I'm in, I can see his screen name." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Not a very good head on your shoulders, is there?" - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"He'd like that, wouldn't he?" - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Monarchy?" "Oh, yeah. That's a word he knows." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (06/10/2003)

"She doesn't use her minutes, anyway." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"I don't wanna see a dead mouse." "Well, you don't. You just pick it up and if it's heavy, you throw it away." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (06/10/2003)

"Oh, come on. Just fit somewhere." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"No, because that theme music's going to wanna make me humm." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Man, mushroom." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Hey! Where's the K?" - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"As soon as I fall, my first instinct is to jump off Yoshi." - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Are you angry at me cause I'm better than you?" - Janny M (06/10/2003)

"Who was in your car?" "I don't know, but those aren't mine." - Janny M & Tricia B (06/09/2003)
she had panty hose in her car... i wonder about her

"Yeah, they're like big candy canes." - Janny M (06/09/2003)

"Get the K, you dope!" - Janny M (06/09/2003)

"Ah! Pearls!" - Janny M (06/09/2003)

"Oh my Gosh, Diddy, you are one lucky monkey." - Janny M (06/09/2003)

"Are you demonstrating my product?" - Janny M (06/08/2003)

"Hey, I think you know I'm a girl." - Janny M (06/08/2003)

"A pinball machine that says Paul?" "Yes." - Janny M & Paul H (06/08/2003)

"You know, if someone offers me a hundred dollars for Flutter, I think I'm going to take it... that's a two hundred dollar net loss right there!" - Janny M (06/08/2003)
i paid sooo much for that beenie!

"I don't know... twenty five?" "No." - Janny M & Lady At Flea Market (06/08/2003)
come on... he's retired! he's rare!

"Join me in some synchronized chair dancing?" "I don't have a chair." - Janny M & Paul H (06/08/2003)

"Yeah, I know it's like 'hello, there are Pokemon cards here... get your parents money'." - Janny M (06/08/2003)

"Jeez, all these houses!" - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"To tea, or not to tea." - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"Why'd you grab it?" "Because you looked at it." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/07/2003)
she knows me too well

"Greg likes to show off his tushie." - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"Why don't you cry about it?" "I think I will, thank you." - Janny M & Paul H (06/07/2003)

"The old man won? That was the old man?" - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"No, I got out of the way in time." - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"I didn't mean to. A is so tempting." - Janny M (06/07/2003)

"It better not have been Wards. Wards went out of business." - Janny M (06/07/2003)
i still have a gift card to some department store from graduation

"No, Iris, don't lick that... that's dish washing detergent!" - Janny M (06/06/2003)

"Why can't people stay where I put them?" - Janny M (06/06/2003)

"You know how to make it?" "Uh, yeah, pop corn." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/06/2003)

"It's for you, Janet." "It's her parole officer." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/06/2003)

"Hi! My name is Rochelle and I know how to cut unions." - Janny M (06/06/2003)

"Yep, she'll be living there until she's sixty five." - Janny M (06/06/2003)
talking about mom

"Oh, it's her. I remember her." - Janny M (06/06/2003)

"I'm going to add him to my buddy list." - Janny M (06/06/2003)

"What did you teach them?" "How to be snotty." - Janny M & Mrs Butler (06/05/2003)

"I meant it wasn't funny, but it was funny." - Janny M (06/05/2003)
reminising about allison falling & going whoop!

"I repressed that memory... thanks." - Janny M (06/05/2003)
ewww, don't ask... thanx rob!

"No, Mom's going to be there... I can't sell that." - Janny M (06/04/2003)

"Oh my gosh! I found my invisiline! That's so cool." - Janny M (06/04/2003)

"So perfect. Who could ask for better? Hum... well I could." - Janny M (06/04/2003)

"I'm not doing anything." "You're sitting there." "Yeah, that's such a good reason to bark." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/04/2003)

"You guys would be perfect, if you were black." - Janny M (06/04/2003)
freecell kings

"Dylan, you're going to break this and I'm going to have to cry." - Janny M (06/03/2003)

"No, I'm not. I'm looking at my screen name and my away message and my hundred percent." - Janny M (06/03/2003)
people warned me up to 100%!!!

"Look at my hundred percent! It's totally unattractive." - Janny M (06/03/2003)

"Well, it does give punctuality to my screen name." "Yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/03/2003)

"Aren't you sensing my eating vibe?" "Yeah, I'm getting a hot dog." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/02/2003)

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no... It's fine." - Janny M (06/02/2003)

"A J?" "Well, it's better than just writing them out." - Aunt Janet & Janny M (06/01/2003)

"Okay, what is this? Like an ad or something?" - Janny M (06/01/2003)

"It's so good." "It's so bad." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/01/2003)
step mom stunk!

"She hangs up the phone so feminanly." - Janny M (06/01/2003)

"Hey! Get off my monkey! You can't spoon with him!" - Janny M (06/01/2003)

"Ah!" "It was Milo." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/01/2003)

"Yeah, I'm sure. He's probably twenty three." "He is not!" - Janny M & Roshy R (05/31/2003)
her new boyfriend

"Ou, I knew it wouldn't work." - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"We're going to Disney Land." "But, I wanna go." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (05/31/2003)

"That's the most memerable moment of my life." - Janny M (05/31/2003)
my odometer hit 115,000 !!!

"No, but he has chunks like Rochelle does." - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"Wow, you have a lot of money, can I have some?" - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"With you? I wanna sing by myself." - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"How about 'I Am Woman'?" - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"At least I won't be as bad as him." - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"'Don't stop believing' by journey, you would suffer." - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"Is that snow?" "No." "Oh yeah, it's not Frostburg." - Tricia B & Janny M (05/31/2003)

"Run away with you?" - Janny M (05/31/2003)

"It sounds like a Savage Garden song." - Janny M (05/30/2003)

"Man, I wish my homework was this easy." - Janny M (05/30/2003)
dylan had to arrange letters

"Sexy men with no shirts... I love summer." - Janny M (05/30/2003)

"Man, why couldn't Paul live in one of these houses?" - Janny M (05/30/2003)

"Oh my gosh, typical male, take his time." - Janny M (05/30/2003)
paul took forever... lol

"Shh." "Bite me." - Janny M & Max B (05/30/2003)

"Mel Brooks is so hot." "Don't you mean Mel Gibson?" - Paul H & Janny M (05/30/2003)

"That's mean, don't hurt the Harry Potter looking kid." - Janny M (05/30/2003)

"Fishies... fishies, yes. They swim." - Janny M (05/30/2003)
my slippers

"Let me get my quotes page, cause I know things will be said." - Janny M (05/30/2003)

"Wow, that's too much yellow for me, Meg." - Janny M (05/29/2003)

"Oh, Milo, that's the perfect place to be." - Janny M (05/29/2003)
right in front of the steps w/ the lights out

"A K A, you didn't give her s**t." - Janny M (05/28/2003)
neopets, shrine

"Wow, she has no rythum." - Janny M (05/28/2003)
teletubbies girl

"I know where I'm going." "I must be waving the pencil." - Paul H & Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Stop! Have some control over your noodle." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"I had probation before judgement." "That sounds bad." - Paul H & Janny M (05/28/2003)

"I guess I can't poke you while you drive." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Crooked is good... except in some things." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"I don't know... I guess if I was five..." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Oh, I want some more corn... I'm going to sit down, again." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Look how cute they are." "Ou, melt." - Roshy R & Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Guess which hand." "You're a dork, Janis." - Janny M & Roshy R (05/28/2003)
i had one hand behind my back

"An eternity in hell later..." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"You performed an illegal operation and must shut down your computer... may God have mercy on your soul." - Janny M (05/28/2003)

"Quite a collection... have you named the mouse yet?" "Yeah, Jerry." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (05/27/2003)

"Napkin?" "Na, that's what pants are for." - Janny M & Sara G (05/27/2003)

"It's nothing about me." "Uh huh." - Janny M & Sara G (05/27/2003)

"Hey no turn signal?" "I don't have a free hand." - Janny M & Sara G (05/27/2003)

"Alright, lady, get off my butt." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"Maybe she's their mother." "Ew, I doubt it." - Janny M & Roshy R (05/27/2003)

"I would blackmail them." "Yeah, really." - Janny M & Roshy R (05/27/2003)

"It's like perfect timing for the splash." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"I guess they're like weeds." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"Yeah, I used to do that, until it didn't work." - Janny M (05/27/2003)
he loves me, he loves me not...

"Everyone's like 'whatever, I'm going home'." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"Oh, this is where he goes all eggroll and destroys the room." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"Okay, her bussoms would scare me." - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"Hello? How can a crab keep you afloat?" - Janny M (05/27/2003)

"And how are her ears pierced?" "I know!" - Roshy R & Janny M (05/27/2003)

"What did I need out of there... Oh, now I need something." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"Hello, that's my laundry. Don't go through there." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"English was such a pretty language until we screwed it up." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"Hey, there's a nest in the 'A'." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"Ou, I wanna sit here." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"How come your Yahoo screenname is secret agent grape?" "Well it would have been secret agent marshmellow but it wouldn't fit." - Janny M & Roshy R (05/26/2003)

"It's times like this where I wish I knew what I was talking about." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"Who would put chocolate on a cherry?" "Who wouldn't?" - Janny M & Roshy R (05/26/2003)

"Ew, cheese does not taste good after chocolate." - Janny M (05/26/2003)

"I'm just looking at it." - Janny M (05/26/2003)
her soda... after i had chocolate

"I would like to spoon with him, not you." - Janny M (05/25/2003)

"Oh, come on, it's Sunday night at the eighties... you gotta love it." - Janny M (05/25/2003)

"But, it doesn't fit." - Janny M (05/25/2003)

"You're a piece of work, easyjournal." - Janny M (05/25/2003)
it was down for server maintanance... whatever!

"Wow, Dyl. You have quite a beverage collection going there." - Janny M (05/24/2003)

"I don't wanna look like a total scum bag." "But, Uncle Mike, you already are." - Uncle Mike & Janny M (05/24/2003)

"I'm a college kid, I can eat more." - Janny M (05/24/2003)

"No, don't eat my shoe." - Janny M (05/23/2003)

"So are you going for that lifetime supply of grape juice?" "If Welches only knew." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (05/23/2003)

"The tree is hording their items!" - Janny M (05/23/2003)

"He's a frog, why can't he swim?" "Yeah, really." - Janny M & Uncle Mike (05/23/2003)

"You look like a homie G, yo." - Janny M (05/23/2003)

"A for Annapolis." - Janny M (05/22/2003)
exit on 100

"Easy squeeze. It's not squeezing." - Janny M (05/22/2003)

"Easy squeeze my foot!" - Janny M (05/22/2003)

"Ou, Rochelle." "Shut up." - Janny M & Roshy R (05/22/2003)

"I was like the biggest dork... oh, wait! I still am." - Janny M (05/21/2003)

"Seven new voice mail?" "It's only eleven fifteen!" - Janny M & Christina S (05/21/2003)

"It's a little bit dusty." "It's only been there for a day." - Janny M & Jackie F (05/21/2003)

"Ah. I know this is mine. I see an X." - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"Again... now, my car key won't open my dorm room... what is it with these keys?" - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"Yeah... that would look good if I spelled his name wrong." - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"Who knew that shampoo and toothpaste could weigh so much?" - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"What? Who put that there?" - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"I have nice boobies." - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"That's her boy, she has to worry about it." - Janny M (05/20/2003)

"I mean, why wouldn't you cheat on the final?" "Janis!" - Janny M & Leslie B (05/20/2003)

"Seriously, though, Tricia's going to get some booty calls from that note." - Janny M (05/20/2003)
tricia left a note w/ her phone number & stuff on there!

"There are no sick jokes made today." "Cause Brian's not here." "And I'm behaving myself." - Janny M & Chris Sm & David E (05/20/2003)

"I'm washing my pencil now." - Janny M (05/19/2003)
u don't wanna know

"They're warm to me." - Janny M (05/19/2003)

"Psycho is the right word." - Janny M (05/19/2003)

"These philosophers say the same things... they can't get their stories straight." - Janny M (05/19/2003)

"Ou, can I sneak a peak?" "Na... how much money you got on ya?" - Janny M & Prof Hughes (05/19/2003)
the final he was printing

"Wow, look at this hand." "Well, if you insist." - Janny M & Chris Sm (05/19/2003)

"You guys really screwed up your schedules." "Actually, I think it corrected mine." - Janny M & David E (05/18/2003)
they stayed up all night watching movies! at least i went to bed @ 4 am

"That's not Jennifer Lopez!" "No, it's a little boy." - Leslie B & Janny M (05/18/2003)

"It's an inside joke." "I know, I know." - Janny M & Jason W (05/18/2003)

"Okay, the skippy's going bye bye." - Janny M (05/18/2003)

"Look at that three... I want it already!" - Janny M (05/18/2003)

"I put the ass in kick ass." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"Smashing." "Pumpkins." - Janny M & Chris Sm (05/17/2003)

"Need quotes here, people." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"Oh! Whatever I do it enhances the queen's beauty." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"How much are you going to tape the box? What are you putting in there, rocks?" - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"Hey, I didn't notice that before, that's uncool." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"Jeez, Jackie, you've been saying boobs a lot lately." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"The jacks are too young for me." - Janny M (05/17/2003)

"Stop, drop, and roll." "With an arrow in your head?" - Janny M & Brian C (05/17/2003)

"Cause he made me go down and I never go down." - Janny M (05/17/2003)
points, negative

"I use bags, where have you been?" "On Earth." - Janny M & Tricia B (05/16/2003)

"I gotta stop listening into people's conversations." "I know, I'm just going to concentrate on my handage." - Janny M & Tricia B (05/16/2003)

"I'm in five point card heaven." "Welcome to my world." - Janny M & Chris Sm (05/16/2003)

"You're lined up for the death penalty." "Me?" "The card." - Janny M & David E (05/16/2003)

"Chris? You lost your car?" - Janny M (05/16/2003)

"It's not right and I just stepped in a puddle." - Janny M (05/16/2003)

"Ouch! It says automatic." - Janny M (05/16/2003)
ran into an automatic door that wouldn't open???

"Science and Kirk fog." - Janny M (05/16/2003)

"It looked like Cal." - Janny M (05/16/2003)
we saw a cal ripken look-a-like @ walmart!

"So, why are people parked here?" "Cause somebody wants a ticket." - Janny M & Chris Sm (05/16/2003)

"Still... you have to put on clothes." "I know, it sucks, doesn't it?" - Tricia B & Janny M (05/15/2003)

"My hand is bigger than this one." - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"I have to take off all my clothes?" - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"We should have a wake or something... well I guess you kinda need a body for that or something." - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"He's very charming, but he's full of himself." - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"He was looking at Tricia's back of her head." "Ou, that's freaky." - Janny M & Tricia B (05/15/2003)

"Of all the definitions they have, they should have the definition of a watershed." - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"Get in my belly." "Get in the car." - Chris Sm & Janny M (05/15/2003)

"Oh my gosh! I want a turtle pool!" - Janny M (05/15/2003)

"Oh my gosh! I wish my foot was this small." - Janny M (05/15/2003)
yea tricia was right about the $ store! everything u want there!

"Ou, we know what he wants. I want it, too." - Janny M (05/14/2003)

"Ew, God, it looks like crap." - Janny M (05/14/2003)

"It sounds dirty, but it's actually clean." - Janny M (05/14/2003)
yes, my reaction to the above quote

"Just laugh it away, when I get my little twenty points, when I could have had gold." - Janny M (05/14/2003)

"I just figured you can't dance to Chicago music cause it's been done." - Janny M (05/14/2003)

"I don't wanna be in lesbian action with you." - Janny M (05/14/2003)

"Okay... I'm giving up. Trying to make sense out of his logic." - Janny M (05/13/2003)

"Yeah, fall in love with a convict. They can't cheat on you, they have no one else." - Janny M (05/13/2003)

"I'm never going to make love on the side of the road." "Seriously." - Janny M & Daria F (05/13/2003)

"And tree's stop erosion... go trees!" - Janny M (05/13/2003)

"I'm sexy." "We all know it." - Janny M & Chris Sm (05/13/2003)

"I think, I think David's trying to blackmail me." - Janny M (05/13/2003)
every1 wanted to know my last name, dave knew

"Man, I love guys with accents. Romantic guys with accents." - Janny M (05/12/2003)

"She's ugly. She looks like a dog." - Janny M (05/12/2003)
lifetime woman

"I'm never going to look at the macarana the same again." - Janny M (05/12/2003)
finally figured out what it ment

"Low self esteem really does get you far in this world." - Janny M (05/11/2003)
commenting on that song 'we suck, we're never gonna make it'

"Yeah, my stomach really hurts, but pizza will make it feel better." - Janny M (05/11/2003)
it did... our dorm had a party :)

"You sure you wanna do it? We've already done enough damage." "No, we didn't." - Tricia B & Janny M (05/09/2003)
water balloon fight tonight

"Hello, I didn't go yet." "It doesn't matter." - Janny M & Jordan W (05/09/2003)

"You don't know what liberating feeling this is." - Janny M (05/08/2003)

"Oh, now they have sales... when I'm poor." - Janny M (05/08/2003)

"Again, I try to use my room key for my car... just doesn't work." - Janny M (05/08/2003)

"Run, Tricia, run." "I am." - Janny M & Tricia B (05/08/2003)
that's her running?

"I broke my milkman." - Janny M (05/08/2003)

"Oh my gosh! What happened in here? Did someone have like a party last night?" - Janny M (05/07/2003)
on the condition of the hall in the morning

"Eleven.... Huh, I was close with twenty one." - Janny M (05/07/2003)

"Stop, stop, stop!" "I have stopped." - Janny M & Leslie B (05/07/2003)

"Boobland." - Janny M (05/07/2003)
thought my quotes said boobland... i have baaad handwritting!

"You have any better ideas for making money?" "Prostitution." - Dr Weimer & Janny M (05/06/2003) Janny Favorite

"Is your name Heather, by any chance?" "Nope." - Janny M & Daria F (05/06/2003)
some weird girl called asking for heather

"That won't help. Your boobs are already too big." - Janny M (05/06/2003)

"You go, Mexico!" - Janny M (05/05/2003)

"We need a psychic song." - Janny M (05/05/2003)

"Oh my gosh. That was so Micky Mouse of me." - Janny M (05/04/2003)

"My arm doesn't write pencil." - Janny M (05/03/2003)

"Why am I doing comp sci? It's never going to get me laid." - Janny M (05/03/2003)

"What? You have it?" "No, I just wanted to do that." - David E & Janny M (05/03/2003)

"No, that'd be pathetic." - Janny M (05/03/2003)

"Gasp!" "But it's not even in the same suit." - Janny M & Leslie B (05/03/2003)

"You guys are so Merry Christmasing me." - Janny M (05/03/2003)

"I'm white." "Oh, please, you're red right now." - Tricia B & Janny M (05/03/2003)
she was sun burnt

"Marvel at his beauty for me." "I can't. He's not beautiful to me." - Janny M & Tricia B (05/03/2003)

"I started to do the Y M C A and she left me." - Janny M (05/03/2003)

"I am not one to carry around a stapler." - Janny M (05/02/2003)

"You were impressed with my mad pizza eating skills." - Janny M (05/02/2003)

"Oh, Chris! You wetted this dream." - Janny M (05/02/2003)

"That was my hand." - Janny M (05/02/2003)
u don't wanna know, lol

"Adolf, it was a nice name until Hitler came along." - Janny M (04/30/2003)

"Cause of death, trigonometry." - Janny M (04/29/2003)

"You won't fail! I have faith." "Yeah, me too." - Janny M & Linda D (04/29/2003)

"They should just make two different graphs." "But they don't." - Janny M & Lucy C (04/29/2003)

"What'd you do? Throw it around?" - Janny M (04/28/2003)
david's comp

"Uh, that's a man." - Janny M (04/28/2003)

"If only I had a card that was the two of clubs." - Janny M (04/28/2003)

"David, if that doesn't say 'I love you', I don't know what does." - Janny M (04/28/2003)
leslie bought $15 worth of fooood!

"It's easier to get forgiveness than it is permission." - Janny M (04/26/2003)

"So, what you all think about the house?" "I want to buy it." - Falling Waters Tour Guide & Janny M (04/26/2003)

"It's like a lifetime's work of... work." - Janny M (04/25/2003)

"You know what is fun?" "Having sex..." - Tricia B & Janny M (04/25/2003)

"I love being caniving." "It's what you're good at." - Leslie B & Janny M (04/23/2003)

"The rummy queen will be de throwned!" "You're going to be de throwned?" - Janny M & Leslie B (04/23/2003)
tricia won, anyway

"I had it all the time! Wahaha!" - Janny M (04/23/2003)
i didn't have it the whole time

"I don't have time." "No, no you don't." - Dr Weimer & Janny M (04/22/2003)

"Get some at the mall." "It costs money there. Here it's free." - Roshy R & Janny M (04/22/2003)

"I'm so full, I could have another brownie, though." - Janny M (04/22/2003)
i ate a lot of steakkkkkk :)

"There's always room for a brownie... or two." - Janny M (04/22/2003)

"Your point is... I'm a computer science major, I don't care." - Janny M (04/21/2003)

"Well that just has conspiracy written all over it." - Janny M (04/21/2003)

"Why is he wearing shorts? That's not fair." - Janny M (04/21/2003)
she was naked!

"Wow, all my classes are like second floor and above next semester, so I'm going to lose some weight." - Janny M (04/21/2003)

"It's so cute." "The cockroach?" - Christy M & Janny M (04/20/2003)

"He's like 'yes, I get some booty'." - Janny M (04/20/2003)

"What's your mom's name?" "Um... Vanet." - Janny M & Dylan R (04/19/2003)

"How bout no?" "How bout yes?" - Janny M & Dylan R (04/19/2003)

"Oh, I feel bad." "Oh, don't be, I forget her all the time." - Amber N & Janny M (04/19/2003)
talking about my sis... shhh

"It's not cold... well I'm a frostburgy person so..." - Janny M (04/19/2003)

"Stop, stop!" "Why so you can run ahead of me?" - Amber N & Janny M (04/19/2003)

"Paranoia, paranoia, every tick's coming to get me." "Shut up, it's not funny." "Yes, it is. That's why I'm writing it down." - Janny M & Roshy R (04/19/2003)

"I'm a computer science major. Are you kidding? I don't do anything excersizy." - Janny M (04/19/2003)

"Carrots don't have feelings." "How do you know?" - Roshy R & Janny M (04/19/2003)

"What a throw, Rochelle. You should try out for the N F L." - Janny M (04/19/2003)
she barely threw it

"Is this me? I think I'm offended." - Janny M (04/19/2003)
amber drew something that was supposed 2 look like me

"Let's go out side and swing." "Yeah, but there's poop out there." - Janny M & Roshy R (04/19/2003) Janny Favorite

"Yay! Somebody was flirting with me today!" - Janny M (04/19/2003)
that guy Dan was cute!

"You hear the bumps more than you hear the song." - Janny M (04/19/2003)
how high the bass is in those effil 65 songs

"What else is there in your stomach?" "Your stomach." - Roshy R & Janny M (04/19/2003)

"You will one day." "Oh, no I won't." - Janny M & Daria F (04/17/2003)
i was talking to her about understanding evil c++

"Scoop. Infinite loop." - Janny M (04/17/2003)

"You're not that smart." "Shut up! I will be one day." - Janny M & Tricia B (04/16/2003)

"Get up and dance." "If you pay me." - Tricia B & Janny M (04/16/2003)

"Yeah. I had her before. She's not that good." - Janny M (04/16/2003)
talking about the queen

"Eighty five points! I'm rolling in it." - Janny M (04/16/2003)

"It's still anybody except David's game." - Janny M (04/16/2003)

"I didn't break five hundred, did I?" "Why would you?" - Janny M & Tricia B (04/16/2003)

"You're going to ruin it by dividing by a bunch of cosines?" - Janny M (04/15/2003)

"We're college students... we cram." - Janny M (04/15/2003)
prasad was like start studying now for an exam in 2 weeks

"Let me start blowing... that doesn't sound right." - Janny M (04/15/2003)
we were blowing up balloons 4 gregs party thing... no really!

"No balloons... Balloons make me sad." - Janny M (04/15/2003)

"Yeah. Yeah. Leslian." - Janny M (04/14/2003)

"She's beautiful." "She is beautiful but I don't need her." - Janny M & Leslie B (04/14/2003)

"We're just adding on to the sexiness here." - Janny M (04/14/2003)

"Good job, Leslie! Way to count cards." - Janny M (04/14/2003)

"Who needs a bubble gum machine when you can have a cereal machine?" - Janny M (04/14/2003)

"Don't listen to it, Frank!" - Janny M (04/14/2003)
talking to my bean bag chair... stupid lazy boy comercial, lowers his self-esteem

"Ou, I don't like the look of that nut." - Janny M (04/14/2003)

"Smilie face. Look at that!" - Janny M (04/13/2003)
a smilie face appeared on my dos window!

"That's a big ass baby for just being born." "Yeah, it is." - Janny M & Daria F (04/13/2003)

"Do I get frequent flier miles?" - Janny M (04/12/2003)
travel cards

"I get all the not luck." - Janny M (04/12/2003)

"Stay positive, stay positive!" "So, what'd you get?" "Negative." - Janny M & Donny R (04/12/2003)

"Cause he's so in love with Daisy. And Daisy's just like..." "A retard." - Janny M & Daria F (04/11/2003)

"Gatsby's just like 'here's my heart'." "Take it... and then break it." - Janny M & Daria F (04/11/2003)

"I'm a wet dream machine!" - Janny M (04/11/2003)

"Come on, draw so I can lose." - Janny M (04/11/2003)

"Yeah, that would wash the spider out, alright." "Probably kill the poor thing." - Janny M & Chris Sm (04/11/2003)

"I'm simply irresistible!" - Janny M (04/10/2003)

"If all else fails, put down gravity." - Janny M (04/10/2003)

"Ou, I wish they had a Red Lobster around here." "I'd be so broke... I'm not kidding." - Janny M & David E (04/10/2003)

"Found, pink bra. Would the owner please contact five six nine three." - Janny M (04/10/2003)

"Preferably, I'd want to take something that doesn't involve the buying of books, cause I'm a cheap skate." - Janny M (04/09/2003)

"Art or dance. Art or dance. I'm just going to flip a coin." - Janny M (04/09/2003)

"Can you handle the Janis?" - Janny M (04/09/2003)

"She always frisks or whatever that word is." - Janny M (04/09/2003)

"There is another theory... iostasy." "You know, I've heard of it." - Dr Prasad & Janny M (04/08/2003)

"What is it? National guy be weird day or something?" "Uh, I hope not." - Janny M & Daria F (04/08/2003)

"I was going to say, Ma, it kinda has to be a Friday for it to be Good Friday." - Janny M (04/08/2003)

"She's not sexy, she's pretty, she's flirtable." - Janny M (04/08/2003)

"Man, why can't I be smart?" - Janny M (04/08/2003)

"We were just describing the beautifulness of the ace." - Janny M (04/08/2003)

"I'm just hanging on to wetness here." - Janny M (04/08/2003)

"Yes, it is! It's probably a children's book out there." - Janny M (04/07/2003)
playing scatagories (i put down 'oh look' for a book)

"Stop being drunk and fumbling into me." - Janny M (04/07/2003)

"Aww, you guys get virgin beds next semester?" - Janny M (04/05/2003)

"Really, you guys cheat like... cheaters." - Janny M (04/05/2003)

"He's hording spades!" "They're clubs." "Whatever." - Janny M & Tricia B (04/05/2003)

"Ahh, it falls, it falls." - Janny M (04/05/2003)
hooking up my new toy!

"Come on, guys." "Well, help us out here." - Jordan W & Janny M (04/05/2003)
playing bridge

"Have a little faith in me." "Is that a hint?" - Janny M & Brian N (04/05/2003)

"So, I'm in the not lead, right?" - Janny M (04/05/2003)

"Did you just say anally organized?" - Janny M (04/05/2003)

"Oh, I've heard of him!" - Janny M (04/04/2003)
talking aboot a drag queen

"Damn it, Dad... or Mom." - Janny M (04/04/2003)
trying to call him, phone busy

"Truth or dare out in the lounge?" - Janny M (04/04/2003)
i haven't played that game in a while

"No, ya." - Janny M (04/04/2003)

"Ou. Who put down the four?" "You." - Janny M & Tricia B (04/04/2003)

"The crayons are distracting." - Janny M (04/04/2003)

"Ahh, well this one's cooler." - Janny M (04/03/2003)

"I hate falling in love with holy grails." - Janny M (04/03/2003)

"It's all coming back to me, now." - Janny M (04/03/2003)

"Taste is a... I'm not going to taste rocks!" - Janny M (04/03/2003)

"No, you need to leave and die." - Janny M (04/03/2003)
talking about deadzone person

"Cause I knew if I ripped it up, I'd never get it back." - Janny M (04/03/2003)

"Awww, everybody likes me." - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"I visited my friend, Max." "You have a friend?" "Ouch." - Janny M & Tricia B (04/02/2003)

"The funniest thing, I did." - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"That s**t is strong!" - Janny M (04/02/2003)
ate one of those equal sugar packets --- don't do!

"Is that where you hide your money? That's good to know." - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"How do I play, again?" - Janny M (04/02/2003)
forgot how to play for a sec there

"Damn it! Why'd you make me write down something stupid like that?" - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"That was an earth shaker!" - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"Sorry. I have to be smart in this game." - Janny M (04/02/2003)

"He's just a wet dream... no, not really." "Well, don't slip on him." - Janny M & Chris Sm (04/02/2003)

"We should have like a pizza eating contest." "No, I'm fat enough." - Janny M & Tricia B (04/02/2003)
yea, i think i'd win

"No! No more no's." - Janny M (04/01/2003)

"Why'd she leave the food alone? People could slip roofies in there!" - Janny M (03/31/2003)

"It's nice and warm in my dorm room." "Is that a pick up line?" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/31/2003)

"Yes, you can, no, you can't." - Janny M (03/31/2003)

"Ou, bed." - Janny M (03/30/2003)

"Uh oh. Tricia's doing the bed." - Janny M (03/30/2003)

"Why does everyone have to stalk my away messages?" - Janny M (03/30/2003)
seriously, though, as soon as i click the "I'm Back" button, im, im, im, im!

"What? Are you starting to write stuff already?" "No, haha, I'm not that excited." - Janny M & Daria F (03/30/2003)
getting stressed about registering for classes, oh no!

"You made me choke on my jelly sandwich." - Janny M (03/29/2003)

"You missed a spot." "How can you feel? You have slippers on." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/29/2003)

"Yeah, whatever, make excuses. Defend your swiffer jet mop." - Janny M (03/29/2003)

"I don't eat everything in sight... ouuu, where are those teddy grams?" - Janny M (03/29/2003)

"I was just thinking." "Don't hurt yourself." "Ouch." - Janny M & Max B (03/28/2003)

"Breathtaking." "In other words, she doesn't give a s**t." - Janny M & Max B (03/28/2003)

"Schwenke said I was worth twenty five dollars a month." "Oh yeah, well I'm worth nothing. I'm free." - Janny M & Allison B (03/28/2003)

"Yeah, Aunt Janet, blame it on the allergies." - Janny M (03/28/2003)

"Don't just be like 'Oops, an atomic bomb went off.'... You know, try to stop it." - Janny M (03/27/2003)
talking to dylan about the dog running out the fense

"Yes, I talk with my teddy grams." "You're such a dork." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/27/2003)

"Yeah, that is a little belly... isn't it?" "You're so mean, I'm not talking to you." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/27/2003)

"Hey, stop, don't lick there!" - Janny M (03/27/2003)

"Look, it even has a black smilie face." "Well, at least it's not racist." - Roshy R & Janny M (03/27/2003)

"Yeah, I should get one of those handy dandy notebooks for college." - Janny M (03/26/2003)

"Sexy." - Janny M (03/26/2003)
joe (blues cluses) asked what it felt like to b a clue, dylan was definatly out of the room!

"Well... how else can I handle a disobedient nut?" - Janny M (03/26/2003)

"How can you not like strawberry?" "No, how can I like strawberry?" - Roshy R & Janny M (03/26/2003)

"The lane ends! What a dumb bell!" - Janny M (03/24/2003)

"What a Mickey Mouse error." - Janny M (03/24/2003)

"We're Americans... we don't care about Mexico." - Janny M (03/23/2003)

"So... I want Jack to win, or Nick to win... not some guy with a big nose who plays the piano." - Janny M (03/23/2003)

"Hello? Go." - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"Uncle Mike's going to be cleaning out the gutters one day and be like 'What the hell? Jelly beans?'" - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"S**t... tofo muffins." - Janny M (03/22/2003)
caught myself saying bad word in front of cousin

"At least I'm landing on my properties!" - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was day dreaming about my funeral." - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"Am I the only one who's cold in here?" "Well, na, yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/22/2003)

"I learned my lesson... never eat anything labeled pork rinds." - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"It's not mine." "It's not mine." - Janny M & Dylan R (03/22/2003)
talking about some random nail clipper (dylan is 5!!!)

"I don't know... she looks kinda Asian." "Yeah." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/22/2003)

"That's impossible! Come on! Her boat would crash!" - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"She's a dendrefeliack." "Stop making fun of me... I mean Pocahontas." - Janny M & Stacy M (03/22/2003)

"He's like 'Oh, she's beautiful. I wanna f**k her.'" - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"I'm picking this corn for the village." - Janny M (03/22/2003)
she only has 1 ear of corn

"She doesn't have any eyeballs." "She's a tree." - Janny M & Roshy R (03/22/2003)

"What were Kocoums last words?" "Kocoum." - Stacy M & Janny M (03/22/2003) Janny Favorite

"Well they have to be happy, they're Disney." - Janny M (03/22/2003)

"Yea, I think my friend said something about Jiffy Lube." "Being good or bad?" "Bad." "Oh, goodie." - Janny M & Aunt Janet (03/21/2003)

"I have a picture in my head, now." "Is it a good one?" "Yes." - Janny M & Chris Sm (03/20/2003)

"Wow, look at this pen, it goes up and it goes down." "Kinda like a..." - Tricia B & Janny M (03/20/2003)

"You still look like Alanis Morresette." "Wait, she does." - Janny M & Jordan W (03/20/2003)

"What you wear to take a shower?" "Nothing." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/20/2003)

"We're getting the harder part of the wheel." - Janny M (03/20/2003)

"Oh, I want... I wanna... I don't know what I want." - Janny M (03/19/2003)

"Thou shall not covet." "Oh, but I do." - Chris Sm & Janny M (03/19/2003)

"Do I have a big nose?" - Janny M (03/19/2003)

"Fine, take out all the easy questions!" - Janny M (03/18/2003)

"What is this in Spanish or something?" "Yea." "Who does she think she is?" - Jason P & Janny M (03/18/2003)

"Everybody has more points than Tricia." - Janny M (03/18/2003)

"Bitches love me cause they know that I can rock." "The couch?" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/18/2003)

"Yeah, he was just a wet dream." "He can wet me anytime." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/18/2003)

"Oh, scoop!" - Janny M (03/18/2003)

"Go fly... look, outside! There's a whole world you can explore! Get out of this room!" - Janny M (03/17/2003)

"Maybe it took my advice." "Maybe it got scared when I threatened it." - Janny M & Daria F (03/17/2003)

"Spread the dirt." - Janny M (03/17/2003)

"She's taking stuff from me!" "Good." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/17/2003)

"Ouu... I like him!" "It's a her!" - Tricia B & Janny M (03/17/2003)

"Why does that look good?" "Because it's a four!" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/17/2003)

"This television won't work!" - Janny M (03/16/2003)
it was those box tv's that rn't tv's in walmart

"No, because then yes." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"No, I'm good at words." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"Flappers, I'm sure, did." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"Well we don't really need any help." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"Don't those levers look a little..." "Penisy?" - Tricia B & Janny M (03/16/2003)

"Greg Stilson never looked so happy having sex before." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"We should play a more energetic game... spoons!" - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"The cloud is going to get us!" - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"I think it's a maurage." - Janny M (03/16/2003)
talking about the plethra of ice cream @ din din, sooo yummy

"Why'd you make that look good?" "Because it looks good." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/16/2003)

"It's so tasty." - Janny M (03/16/2003)

"You suck!" "How would you know?" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/16/2003)

"Tell Tricia what you just said." "No, don't." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/15/2003)

"Look it! There's mud!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"You have to dissect the coffee cake." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"I don't put naked photos on the web... I haven't done that in years." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"Oh, yes it is!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)
talking to the verizon message, it says it wasn't a valid number

"They make edible underwear?" - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"Hello! This bird only has one wing!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)
waving hand out window like bird

"What are they having sex? Come on!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)
waiting for david & leslie in the car, lol

"You have to get up around twelve!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)
david has to get up @ a 'reasonable' hour... 12

"Oh, no. Don't shuffle then." - Janny M (03/15/2003)
it was a new deck of cards

"I thought you said sexy... I was like of course it is!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"That sounds like a quote to me!" - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"Boo." "Bees." - Janny M & Chris Sm (03/15/2003)

"We're just drooling over the models in the pants." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"That is one sexy snickers bar." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"I like the way you deal me." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"I'm the king of men." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"That's a nice card." "Thank you." - Janny M & Jordan W (03/15/2003)

"I feel like such a wiss." - Janny M (03/15/2003)

"There's something foreign in my ice cream." - Janny M (03/14/2003)

"It's just apple juice." "It doesn't matter, it's her apple juice." - Janny M & Christy M (03/14/2003)

"I lost one of my bitches." - Janny M (03/14/2003)

"Hello?" "Good bye!" - Janny M & Chris Sm (03/14/2003)

"Yeah... half the deck in rummy is bad." - Janny M (03/14/2003)

"Actually, no! It's a wet dream! Look!" - Janny M (03/14/2003)

"Well, no, I think it's cool." "You would." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/14/2003)

"That would just make my tomatoes!" - Janny M (03/14/2003)

"It's Ollies Oulet!" - Janny M (03/13/2003)
the T was out

"Tricia wears short shorts." - Janny M (03/13/2003)

"They'd break." "Well, if they fall." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/13/2003)

"Look! It looks like a golf club!" - Janny M (03/13/2003)

"Do you need a sensual massage?" "No! Not from you." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/13/2003)

"Hahaha! Ah! Why am I laughing? That's stupid!" - Janny M (03/13/2003)
friends... idiotic friends

"Yeah, I noticed that with my radio... It's like 'Hello! This is solid ground!'" - Janny M (03/13/2003)

"Well she had to do something after 'The Nanny'." - Janny M (03/13/2003)
commenting on the nanny being on Good Morning, Miami

"How do we find the right node?" "Magic." - Prof Hughes & Janny M (03/12/2003)

"What? You're about to get naked?" "Yeah." "Should we evacuate?" "No." - Janny M & Jason W (03/12/2003)

"These cards make me wanna get in shape!" - Janny M (03/12/2003)
looking at a weird deck of army cards that had health tips on them

"Peanut butter!" "Of course it is!" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/12/2003)

"What? This thing like fell out of the sky." - Janny M (03/12/2003)

"There's one more four that I'm looking for." - Janny M (03/12/2003)

"The pile looks slutty." - Janny M (03/12/2003)

"Oh, good, the final isn't comprehensive." "Good, cause I forgot it already." - Janny M & Christina S (03/11/2003)

"Rain is water." "No! Really?" - Dr Prasad & Janny M (03/11/2003)

"That was the stupidest thing I've read all day." - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"That's pretty pathetic, I can spell Pocahantas." - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"I don't want to kiss someone with lip fungus!" - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"Gosh! I can't escape the kissing!" - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"There's only two people on campus who I wouldn't mind kissing... Sorry, David, you're not one of them." - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"Look at my gay columns." "Yeah... they're gay." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/11/2003)

"But should I sandbag?" - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"Swing it, baby, swing it!" - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"These are just wet dreams now." "They were always wet dreams." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/11/2003)

"What's one hundred twenty five plus sixty five?" "A lot." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/11/2003)

"This is a returical card." - Janny M (03/11/2003)

"It's still styling to wear old old navy shirts." - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"That does look good." "Yeah, it does." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/10/2003)

"It was such a random card. It was like 'hi, I'm a random card'." - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"David stole the man of my dreams!" - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"Okay, lets figure out how this works." "Uh, you turn it on." - David E & Janny M (03/10/2003)
turning on a phone!

"That'll tempt your cookies." "Oh, that does tempt my cookies." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/10/2003)

"Put your trust in the Tricia!" - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"This one goes in your pants." - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"Of course she's going to take it." "Well I need some points." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/10/2003)

"Good job, Tricia, you broke my dreams!" - Janny M (03/10/2003)

"This one's stray... it doesn't have a home yet." "Oh... well... it will." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/10/2003)

"Teletubbies rock my world!" - Janny M (03/09/2003)

"I'll always remember this taste... until I forget it." - Janny M (03/09/2003)

"What are you doing?" "I'm cleaning up my drink... is that a problem?" - Roshy R & Janny M (03/09/2003)

"And then I need a buldozer to smuttle my waffles." - Janny M (03/08/2003)

"Renivations? Isn't it new?" "I thought it was now." - Janny M & Mom (03/08/2003)

"What are you going for that seventy's look?" - Janny M (03/08/2003)
mr jim didn't cut his hair!

"Mmm... Salty. Hum... Number one ingrediant... salt." - Janny M (03/08/2003)

"I'm a one woman man... I mean a one man woman... not really... would be nice." - Janny M (03/07/2003)

"Hey lover, you miss this fine ass?" - Janny M (03/07/2003)
talking to milo, taunting roshy, milo is a cat

"It takes a rocket scientist to figure out that high chair!" - Janny M (03/07/2003)

"And even if I did, they were probably souvenirs... yes souvenirs of ketchup packets." - Janny M (03/07/2003)

"No, I'm afraid of snakes... for real, Dylan." "Da! Da!" - Janny M & Dylan R (03/07/2003)

"You know and wanna pick it right now... do it discreatly." - Janny M (03/07/2003)

"Yeah, I'm starting to see marrage as an option." - Janny M (03/07/2003)
i'm just kidding, of course

"You think it would be common sense for a dog to run inside the house." - Janny M (03/07/2003)

"It's a rock." "Yummy." "That's nutritious." - Roshy R & Janny M (03/07/2003)

"Yea, I just started inputing integers." - Janny M (03/06/2003)
talking about finding the length & width w/ just the info of the area & perimeter

"Just okay? It wasn't spectacular?" "It never is." - Janny M & Daria F (03/06/2003)

"I don't do sound effects." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Man, all the men are like mortgaged." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Invading my bubble is illegal!" - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"I could write that down right now, but I'm not going to." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"H I mean eight." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Get the terminoligy right, woman!" - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Thank you." "You're welcome... happy to help." - Janny M & Leslie B (03/06/2003)
she put down a good card, i think

"You're such a dork!" "I know... don't remind me." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/06/2003)

"There's no use for the men anymore." "Yes, there is." - Janny M & Tricia B (03/06/2003)

"And sometimes I forget how to spell spoons." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Hello, you forgot me!" "No, I didn't." "Yes, you did, how could you?" - Janny M & Tricia B (03/06/2003)

"Spoons, spoons, spoons forever!" - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"We are all winners. Feel the love, people, feel the love." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Crack and cards don't mix." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"I have to weed these quotes out now." - Janny M (03/06/2003)
theres sooo many now!

"Just get down, you know you want to." - Janny M (03/06/2003)
talking to cards... yeah

"Yeah, I wouldn't mind frisking him." "Yeah, really." - Janny M & Daria F (03/06/2003)

"He's cute, but he's evil." - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"Go Johnny! Go Johnny! Work that ass! I mean... Go Johnny!" - Janny M (03/06/2003)

"All well, we'll just play with the eight ball." - Janny M (03/05/2003)
the que ball got stuck somewhere

"If only close counted in pool." - Janny M (03/05/2003)
i didn't suck that badly, i think i won 3 times, david won like 4 or something

"Alright... let's give them another dose of Kenny G, see how that toasts their waffles!" - Janny M (03/04/2003)

"This weird person is I Ming me." "I know what a freak." - Janny M & Daria F (03/03/2003)
daria was iming me

"Yeah, that was... no it wasn't." - Janny M (03/03/2003)

"What? It has a good meaning?" - Janny M (03/01/2003)
talking about that discusting song called 'put it in ur mouth'

"What the big ass ice cube?" - Janny M (03/01/2003)

"Move the camera down!" "They never do." - Janny M & Daria F (02/28/2003)
talking about lifetime... showing a pic of a guy taking a shower

"You're sick." "I know." - Janny M & Brian C (02/28/2003)

"Ou, he looks different with his clothes on." - Janny M (02/28/2003)

"It is sexy. It's been in my hand." - Janny M (02/28/2003)

"What did you say? Stop having sex with yourself?" - Janny M (02/28/2003)

"It was a typo." - Janny M (02/28/2003)
i accedently put down my discard b4 putting down my play, i got out, which is a good thing 4 all u n

"You stole my men!" - Janny M (02/28/2003)

"I'm just hanging on to a wet dream here. These will never happen." - Janny M (02/28/2003)
2 clubs when the 3rd was already in a set

"I can't work with this hand." "I can." - Janny M & Jackie F (02/28/2003)

"Let my love open the door... oh wait. It's already open." - Janny M (02/27/2003)

"Can I take this bitch off now?" - Janny M (02/27/2003)
talking about the clotting, blood donating thingy

"It's like who writes in cursive anymore?" "I sure as hell don't." - Janny M & Daria F (02/25/2003)

"Sorry, Xornon." "Mine's called Bitch." - Janny M & Daria F (02/25/2003)

"We aim to please." - Janny M (02/25/2003)

"And X is the base, base." "Base." - Dr Weimer & Janny M (02/25/2003)

"Walk on the virgin snow. You can't go wrong with virgin." - Janny M (02/24/2003)

"I don't want to explore it, I want to empty it." - Janny M (02/23/2003)

"Starbursts? No." - Janny M (02/23/2003)

"This room has that chewed gum, big fat girl sat in your seat, seventh grade smell." - Janny M (02/20/2003)

"Please don't make me regret clicking there." - Janny M (02/20/2003)

"God created it, we live it, everyone wins." - Janny M (02/19/2003)

"I'm not going to be able to not see my car forever." - Janny M (02/17/2003)

"Did you break your closet?" - Janny M (02/14/2003)

"I have so much stuff to blackmail them on, now." - Janny M (02/14/2003)

"Did the pie do that to me?" - Janny M (02/14/2003)

"He's iming my ear off... or my fingers off... or however that works." - Janny M (02/11/2003)

"I think I put like twenty different smilies already." - Janny M (02/11/2003)

"It just doesn't work." "It could." - Dr Kessler & Janny M (02/06/2003)
talking about wheather or not a 1:1 ratio map would work

"No, because Earth isn't round." "Earth is round!" - Christina S & Janny M (02/06/2003)

"God, I hate that buffalo wings smell! It reaks of... buffalo." - Janny M (02/06/2003)

"Is that all she really wants to do?" - Janny M (02/04/2003)
commenting on that song 'all she wants to do is dance'

"It smells like pet-smart in here!" - Janny M (02/04/2003)

"You suck." "I know." - Janny M & Chelsea M (02/04/2003)

"Hey, if I fall in the whool pool, I die?" - Janny M (02/04/2003)

"I know I'm right, cause I know I'm right." - Janny M (01/30/2003)

"It's probably a clip on." "Probably." - Janny M & Chelsea M (01/28/2003)
watching the president's state of the union, media guy said the president was wearing a blue tie

"It would help if I had the instructions." - Janny M (12/18/2002)

"Opp! That's not number!" - Janny M (11/20/2002)
i pushed the $ sign on keyboard

"What are you building a house now? You're so bored." - Janny M (11/13/2002)

"I like pretending." - Janny M (11/13/2002)

"Why is it that I get to this?" "Because you're special." - Prof Sarafin & Janny M (11/11/2002)

"Who wouldn't want to see the door?" - Janny M (11/06/2002)

"Y isn't relevant." "Than why did you put it in your calculator?" - Janny M & Paul H (10/21/2002)
than Y... it was funny :P

"I like what I do... I like studying, reading, doing stuff, drinking, eating." - Janny M (10/21/2002)
i accedently said drinking as in alcohol, which i didn't do

"Okay, have fun!" "I will... I gotta pee really bad!" - Janny M & Nichole W (10/16/2002)

"That's a funny word... booklet." - Janny M (10/14/2002)

"That was the first thing that popped into my mind when I first heard that song... 'Is that a cow bell?'" - Janny M (10/14/2002)

"What color should I color the flour bag?" - Janny M (10/14/2002)

"Well just leave an away message saying leave me the hell alone and be happy, then study." - Janny M (10/09/2002)

"It is really hard to picture hearing this song without that cow bell!" - Janny M (10/07/2002)

"No way, you break danced? Well show me some of your moves!" "Hell no, there isn't enough room!" - Janny M & Jess W (10/07/2002)

"Don't you think she should give him a chance?" "In bed?" - Brenda L & Janny M (09/20/2002)

"Do you even know who Uncle Sam is?" "Yeah, he's the guy who steals all your money." - Janny M & Ashley H (09/13/2002)

"It kinda makes the room look smaller." "It doesn't matter, we live in a fricken whole." - Janny M & Ashley H (09/08/2002)

"What are all of these pop ups?" - Janny M (09/08/2002)

"All the hell well!" - Janny M (09/02/2002)

"I can barely open this envelope, I think she put too much siliva on it." - Janny M (08/29/2002)

"Ma, it looks like you peed yourself." "That's what I said." - Janny M & Smokey (08/25/2002)

"What can you buy for ten dollars?" "Um... a whistle." - Janny M & Karen H (08/21/2002)

"Where does it go?" "I don't think it does go." - Paul H & Janny M (08/04/2002)

"Well Paul paid good money for that T shirt." "What? You brought your good money? You're supposed to have brought your bad money!" - Janny M & Mr Harich (08/03/2002)

"They went to Camp Wright together." "Don't you mean Camp Wrong?" - Mom & Janny M (07/29/2002)

"No, don't spill!" - Janny M (07/29/2002)

"He has a pizza pie on top of his head!" "No, it's wheat... it's wheat!" - Janny M & Kenneth J (07/29/2002)

"They've gone insane." "That's putting it lightly!" - Janny M & Kenneth J (07/29/2002)

"Don't cross the street until we cross the street." "Wow, that made sense!" - Janny M & Amanda T (07/24/2002)

"Which one do we want?" "We want the low salt one because we don't want heart attacks." - Janny M & Ricky B (07/24/2002)

"Obviously, they're not that dumb." - Janny M (07/22/2002)

"Don't change your ball at the last minute." - Janny M (06/24/2002)

"Wow, that's a lot of options." - Janny M (06/24/2002)
the screen didn't have many

"Alex and your name here." - Janny M (06/18/2002)

"Like, ghosts won't hide in my car and haunt me when I get home, right?" - Janny M (06/17/2002)

"That's a name you can trust, Wardley." - Janny M (06/17/2002)

"That's right, catch your measly fruit." - Janny M (06/17/2002)

"He's a sexy evil guy." - Janny M (06/16/2002)

"You moved the mountain, Rachelle!" - Janny M (06/15/2002)

"I want that tree house!" - Janny M (06/12/2002)
i gasped before

"It's my future house!" - Janny M (06/12/2002)
i was talking about a house on wheels we saw (the truck was transporting the house!)

"I don't want to take advantage of the healing springs!" - Janny M (06/11/2002)

"Always lean towards the bigger one." - Janny M (06/08/2002)

"Why isn't your noodle straight?" - Janny M (06/08/2002)
we're talking about fun noodles & beach balls

"I'm not on a faerie quest, bitch!" - Janny M (06/06/2002)

"What's our team name?" "The four of us." - Janny M & Phil D (06/03/2002)
well, there were three of us playing

"I got hit by the arrow and scared from the boogie man!" - Janny M (06/02/2002)

"Are you addicted to neopets?" "No, I'm not addicted to neopets... I could stop anytime!" - Janny M & Paul H (06/02/2002)

"This book is for you, Paul!" - Janny M (06/01/2002)
i picked out a pregnancy book 4 paul 2 read

"Why is it bending? It shouldn't be bending!" - Janny M (05/13/2002)

"I don't wine!" - Janny M (05/13/2002)

"What do you want me to enscribe it in paint for you?" - Janny M (05/10/2002)

"This lady wants Miss Goldsbourgh's secretary, what should I tell her?" "Hahaaa!" - Janny M & Mr Kozik (05/09/2002)

"Thanks for telling me before embarrassing myself by not coloring within the lines." - Janny M (05/09/2002)