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Name: Kim Mo
Description: uncle george's wife
Know From: Family
Top Person?: No
Active?: Yes
Number Of Quotes: 159
Making Quotes From: Wednesday, June 4, 2008 - Tuesday, September 12, 2023
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 0.9
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 10.4

Last 10 Quotes

"No, we didn't stalk him. We followed him back to his hotel." - Kim Mo (09/12/2023)

"So I'm gonna bring my bass guitar when I come to Portugal..." "You don't have a bass guitar!" - Uncle George & Kim Mo (09/12/2023)

"Your chimney needs a flue shot... Get it? Flue?" "Yeah, I got it." - Janny M & Kim Mo (10/19/2022)

"I tried to nail a whats-sha-ma-jigger... a nail..." - Kim Mo (10/19/2022)

"Haven't you tasted your own blood before?" "Sure. I mean I don't make a cocktail out of it." - Kim Mo & Uncle George (05/30/2022)

"I don't think I'd make it in jail. I talk a lot of s**t but I don't think I'd make it." - Kim Mo (05/30/2022)

"I was telling George, I wish I was a witch." "You are." - Kim Mo & Uncle George (05/30/2022)

"Try saying search for coffee makers." - Kim Mo (05/01/2022)
bri's phone when you say ok google

"Now you can talk." - Kim Mo (04/30/2022)

"No, I already entered. I'm inside." - Kim Mo (03/19/2022)

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