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Name: Sam Sm
Description: met from portuguese class
Know From: Portugal
Top Person?: Yes
Active?: Yes
Number Of Quotes: 27
Making Quotes From: Thursday, March 23, 2023 - Wednesday, July 3, 2024
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 1.8
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 21.1

Last 10 Quotes

"You're rubbish at people watching." - Sam Sm (07/03/2024)
me, i couldn't identify people well

"Yeah, I gave them away... stupid girl." - Sam Sm (06/05/2024)
her books

"I love you... it's great entertainment." - Sam Sm (06/05/2024)
i didn't know where machu picchu was

"Do you know what I saw yesterday? It was quite odd..." "A bear?" - Glenn H & Sam Sm (06/05/2024)

"The whole bed was going... and there was no one in it." - Sam Sm (03/28/2024)

"I'm going to look it up right now!" - Sam Sm (03/05/2024)

"Hold your fire!" - Sam Sm (02/10/2024)

"Well you're not going to be my friend anymore." - Sam Sm (02/01/2024)
if i'm a felon because of jury duty

"I'm not trying to be unkind." "Yes you were." - Sam Sm & Richard E (01/04/2024)
why richard should sit up front because his hearing isn't good

"Sophie, you don't do Ouija boards with seven year olds." - Sam Sm (11/18/2023)

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