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Name: Leslie B
Description: it's leslie! met her in college, still friends
Know From: College
Top Person?: No
Active?: No
Number Of Quotes: 1,103
Making Quotes From: Thursday, March 6, 2003 - Thursday, March 26, 2020
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 5.4
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 64.7

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"Wow! That's amazing news that it has gone so viral... no pun intended!" - Leslie B (03/26/2020)
the article about jason got a lot of hits; sad time but we need to find some humor; said over text

"Next time I'll bring a hard surface." "That's what she said." - Jason F & Leslie B (05/07/2016)
to play cards on at the drive in movie theature

"Just like Hillary's plan; not to win for three weeks." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)

"What if you accidentally touch a butt or something?" - Leslie B (05/07/2016)
the men's bathroom had a sink between two urinals

"It was just a one night thing..." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)

"Hey why are you laughing?" - Leslie B (05/07/2016)
jason was laughing at bri's wife joke

"Not all. I don't have that much time." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)
she hasn't told jason how many guys she's dated

"I'm not afraid to put myself out there..." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)

"If we're so bad you can sleep on the couch tonight." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)

"Every single guy that ended up in my bed I knew about." - Leslie B (05/07/2016)

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