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Name: Helen E
Description: met at progressive groups
Blurb: www.mocomdmillennial.com
Know From: Politics
Top Person?: No
Active?: Yes
Number Of Quotes: 335
Making Quotes From: Monday, February 26, 2018 - Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Average Number Of Quotes Per Month: 4.4
Average Number Of Quotes Per Year: 53.2

Last 10 Quotes

"The Democratic party never fails at failing." - Helen E (06/12/2024)

"Why am I laughing at Hitler?" - Helen E (02/16/2024)

"She doesn't realize he's a rapist a*shole and deserves to get t**ty f**ked by the monster." - Helen E (09/15/2023)
justin long in barbarian

"See, I'm young and the stock market is just based on rich people's feelings." - Helen E (09/13/2023)

"So why is it? ...Oh shut up!" - Helen E (08/27/2023)
her alexa went off

"Is this resting b***h face?" - Helen E (08/26/2023)

"After two minutes it will be done and you can pull it out." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Helen E (08/25/2023)
making something

"I thought I was making fun of someone who had a disability." - Helen E (08/24/2023)
talking about joe

"That highlighter is on its last leg." "Highlighters have legs?" - Janny M & Helen E (08/23/2023)

"I think B W I services Canada." "Canada doesn't count!" - Janny M & Helen E (08/23/2023)
helen doesn't think bwi should be an international airport

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