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Thursday, June 22, 2023   (1 year ago today) -- portuguese class; happy hour with sophie & her hubby

"It's enough drinks." - Gi C (06/22/2023)
portuguese don't drink a lot of tea; they have cerveja, cafe, etc

"There are lots of bikes in London." "Not if I drive." - Sam Sm & Richard E (06/22/2023)

"We have another son." "We are young." - Sohpie Ch & Brett Ch (06/22/2023)
they have a grandkid too

Friday, June 22, 2018   (6 years ago today) -- work; hung out w/ shawn & jen

"I match my beer now." - Jen R (06/22/2018) (pic)
she got sunburned

"It also makes you look like you have huge tits." "Awesome!" - Brian C & Jen R (06/22/2018)

"It better not be wet." "That's what she said." - Jen R & Janny M (06/22/2018)
her chair

"Are you talking to another trucker?" - Jen R (06/22/2018)

"Shawn, I don't wanna take my clothes off." - Jen R (06/22/2018)

Saturday, June 22, 2013   (11 years ago today) -- hung out at uncle georges

"What's my s**t in here?" "...Me." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)
i asked what was mine in his garage & he moved into the garage & said me

"What the f**k is this s**t?" You ain't dead yet? I'm not buying you a box." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)

"You wanna buy a boat?" - Uncle George (06/22/2013)

"I'm not fixing that tailgate again." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)
if we destroy it putting a pool in the back of the truck

"If I wanna camp, I'll get a camper." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)

"That's one of the reasons I worked there." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)
naked women calendar at my grandfathers shop

"The only way they come off is if you hit a tree." - Nelson N (06/22/2013)
a car part

"It's rock poop." - Uncle George (06/22/2013)
the stuff in the ground in rockville

Friday, June 22, 2012   (12 years ago today) -- hung out with uncle george

"If it don't scare you, don't drive it." - Uncle George (06/22/2012)

"I might paint it pink just for you." - Uncle George (06/22/2012)
his car he's building

"It would look old." "Just like you." - Janny M & James M (06/22/2012)
talking about uncle george

"Little patch of fur." - Uncle George (06/22/2012)
how to draw... something...

"You can't draw a vagina very easily." "I can." - Janny M & Uncle George (06/22/2012)

"So you spent every Saturday night playing Frisbee?" - James M (06/22/2012)
when uncle george was little

"Dick Clark was the man." - Uncle George (06/22/2012)

"...And she full mooned..." - Kim Mo (06/22/2012)

"I was touching it all this morning." "That's what she said." - Kim Mo & Janny M (06/22/2012)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010   (14 years ago today) -- work, nats game with leslie & her dad!

"I think if I bought a cheese cake you'd be all over me." "No, if you bought a cheese cake, I'd be all over you." - Dimitri D & Dawn B (06/22/2010)

"He's gonna come up and change... Not in front of you guys of course." - Leslie B (06/22/2010)

"My place is so messy." "At least you got the dirty condoms up." - Leslie B & Brian C (06/22/2010)

"If you're not gonna contribute to the rhythm than it's best you don't clap at all." - Leslie B (06/22/2010)
i was purposely clapping off beat to mess up leslie's claps

"Oh now we're off! We're all off!" - Leslie B (06/22/2010)
the clapping

"Look it says that he's single." - Leslie B (06/22/2010)
it said that he singled, lol

"Oh no, I was off!" - Leslie B (06/22/2010)
the rhythm

"That ump is hot... Just kidding. I don't know what he looks like, I can't see." - Leslie B (06/22/2010)

Monday, June 22, 2009   (15 years ago today)

"I need to start taking better care of myself orally." - Dimitri D (06/22/2009)

"I assumed you'd remember food... You're a fat man." - Shawn R (06/22/2009)

"Of course he'd remember meat!" - Janny M (06/22/2009)

Sunday, June 22, 2003   (21 years ago today) -- woke up @ pauls, had breakfast & early trip to a closed best buys

"What do the Gin Blossoms have that effect on you?" - Janny M (06/22/2003)
dyl was like jumping up & down

"If you're going to break something... break something upstairs." - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"You're not having any." "The oatmeal cream pie said it." - Roshy R & Janny M (06/22/2003)

"Don't put your paper down there... the milk... the milk will get it." - Roshy R (06/22/2003)

"I have to stir it for like a million minutes, alright?" - Roshy R (06/22/2003)

"Do you wanna stir... I didn't think so." - Roshy R (06/22/2003)

"He leaves the same away messages." "I know, cause he's a dork." - Janny M & Roshy R (06/22/2003)
muncle ike's away messages sooo like universal

"Sensing? It senses the popcorn?" - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"Okay, if you wanna lose your toes, stay right there." - Roshy R (06/22/2003)

"Well, it kicked ass for a year." - Janny M (06/22/2003)

"Haha. Milo just got stuck on the carpet." - Roshy R (06/22/2003)

"Pretty." "Yeah, but what about her?" - Aunt Janet & Uncle Mike (06/22/2003)

"She tried." - Aunt Janet (06/22/2003)

"What does the little magnet say?" "It says nothing, I have to look at it." - Aunt Janet & Uncle Mike (06/22/2003)

"You're wearing a sleeveless shirt." - Uncle Mike (06/22/2003)
aunt janet insulted his

"Ann would always say 'sue me'." "Did she ever get sued?" - Aunt Janet & Roshy R (06/22/2003)

Saturday, June 22, 2002   (22 years ago today)

"Dirty ass, my ass!" - Rachelle B (06/22/2002)