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"Seriously. Who plays an attack card?" "People who have been picking up a lot of poop." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/08/2024)

"Do you think it's destructive of me to buy property then set it on fire?" - Heidi C (07/08/2024)
she bought villages then trashed them to attack us

"I just wanted to hurt people." - Heidi C (07/08/2024)
she didn't win but she did hurt us

"Isn't that the very definition of controlling from a man?" - Heidi C (06/24/2024)
how benji behaves near others with heidi

"Damn breeders." - Heidi C (06/24/2024)

"I feel like I always give nice gifts but people give me crappy gifts." - Heidi C (06/24/2024)

"Well what did the vet say?" "She wants me to hire a behaviorist. I'm not sinking another dime into this dog. I've spent so much already." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/24/2024)

"I personally know like three hundred lesbians and none of them have throat cancer." - Heidi C (06/10/2024)
michael douglas

"Wait, what are we talking about again?" - Heidi C (05/27/2024)

"It is embarrassing. I'm very uncomfortable in this position." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/21/2024)
being at the bottom

"Guess what? I could have bought a Province but I decided to be mean instead." - Heidi C (05/21/2024)
nice friend

"I want to say that I resisted playing the Catapult but as soon as one of y'all fired the first bird I was like f**k all y'all." - Heidi C (05/21/2024)

"In the wild, something would have eaten him by now." - Heidi C (05/14/2024)

"Do you have Christie Noeme's phone number?" - Heidi C (05/14/2024)
benji was whining all the time

"I'm just asking!" - Heidi C (05/14/2024)
poor benji

"I did that in a chaotic environment." - Heidi C (05/14/2024)

"Are you complaining about all the money you have?" - Heidi C (04/29/2024)

"I think of Benji's poos like Mervis diamonds..." - Heidi C (04/22/2024)
those mervis diamond commercials

"You can't buy land." "You're telling me." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/22/2024)

"Pixies are f**king worthless." - Heidi C (04/22/2024)
that hurts their feelings

"Have you considered making meth?" - Heidi C (04/16/2024)

"You're so cute with your big brown eyes." "Thank you but my eyes are green." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/16/2024)
i was talking to lando

"Good one, babe." "Thanks." "Oh, I meant my babe." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/08/2024)

"I didn't meant to hurt. I just meant to mame." "Oh, you mamed all right. You rapped and pillaged, too." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/01/2024)

"Does Wiki ever talk about me?" "Uh, he talks about pooping." "Me pooping?" - Heidi C & Janny M (03/25/2024)

"So I bought some gear... I'm very excited... Gear!" - Heidi C (03/25/2024)

"What? You have a lot of money?" "Elon? Is that you?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/18/2024)

"What? What fresh hell is this?" - Heidi C (03/11/2024)

"Where the hell is my Forge? Where is she?" - Heidi C (03/11/2024)
when you buy a card in dominion & it doesn't come up!

"Why did I feel like my life depended on it? I'm among friends..." - Heidi C (03/11/2024)

"Yes, you're there. Yes, you're annoying." "Are you talking to me?" - Brian C & Heidi C (03/11/2024)
he was talking to wiki... it's always wiki

"I have five and there's no more Knights to buy. What should I get guys?" "A conscience." - Brian C & Heidi C (03/11/2024)

"It just doesn't have the same impact." - Heidi C (03/11/2024)
playing a witch after the curses are gone

"That was my strategy from the beginning and it worked." "Wait. We're supposed to have a strategy?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/11/2024)

"I'm thinking about how to hurt you... I mean looking at these cards." - Heidi C (02/26/2024)

"Okay. Hold on. I have to give my drug addicted dog his medicine." - Heidi C (02/26/2024)

"That's like having to go to a timeshare lecture." - Heidi C (02/26/2024)

"Oh, by the way, I have the small thing." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"He's showing me the supplements like he just found Jesus and I'm just not that interested." - Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"But everyone dies anyway." "I love how you put a positive spin on it." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"It's not hard. I could be a guy." - Heidi C (02/12/2024)
how difficult is it to be a guy dating?

"Don't, Benji. It was so cute when you were little and it's not cute anymore." - Heidi C (02/12/2024)
benji whining

"I don't know how I get all my birds in one hand." "Janny, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"I can't believe Steve lasted until three in the morning last night." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/12/2024)

"Wooo! It's like a slot machine. I can't stop doing it." - Heidi C (01/29/2024)

"I don't get it. I'm getting less and less money... Oh, it's the birds." - Heidi C (01/29/2024)

"Um, that's a woman. See, this is the problem with you not being gay." - Heidi C (01/29/2024)

"Maybe I need higher standards." - Heidi C (01/22/2024)
in guys

"Demonstrate that you can commit to something living!" - Heidi C (01/15/2024)

"Men are the problem." "I say that everyday." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/15/2024)

"There's nothing really mean enough. That sucks." - Heidi C (01/15/2024)

"I'm not gonna give it away. I'll tell you after I win." - Heidi C (01/15/2024)

"Man, I'm getting deeper and deeper. Hold on." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (01/15/2024)

"Well, I'd say have a drink but you can't." - Heidi C (01/08/2024)
she won... dry january :(

"It's like spending your paycheck on the lottery, hoping to be rich." - Heidi C (01/08/2024)

"I think the most important thing is that I won. To talk about anything else... it seems petty." - Heidi C (01/08/2024)

"That was quick." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/08/2024)

"I wish he was sick all the time." - Heidi C (01/01/2024)

"Oh, you got my girlfriend?" - Heidi C (01/01/2024)
one card in dominion looks like heidi's ex girlfriend

"I'm just trying to play in a good Christian way." "Oh, I'm not Christian." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/01/2024)
she kept attacking

"I mean, it's the rainforest and it's lovely and all but this is business." - Heidi C (01/01/2024)
mcdonalds deforrestation

"I had thirty five cards in my discard and I believe thirty four of them were birds." - Heidi C (01/01/2024)

"Oh, look who it is." "There she is. And she's looking good tonight!" - Heidi C (01/01/2024)
the witch!

"Sorry, I had to wash my feet." "What are you Muslim now?" - Janny M & Heidi C (01/01/2024)

"I don't consider Gold to be junk but thank you." - Heidi C (12/25/2023)

"While you were busy salting the earth, I was making a living." - Heidi C (12/25/2023)

"What's that? I couldn't hear you. The trumpets were blairing in my ears." - Heidi C (12/22/2023)
she won

"Well let's not disparage the Irish but I get it." - Heidi C (12/22/2023)

"There's nothing worse than going through the trouble of stealing someone's wallet and to find out there's nothing in there." - Heidi C (12/22/2023)

"Why do I always have a tree next to my name?" - Heidi C (12/12/2023)

"These cards are for s**t!" - Heidi C (12/05/2023)

"Oh, and now I'm delusional." "I could have told you that last year." - Brian C & Heidi C (11/14/2023)

"I couldn't agree more. Let me see what I want to hurt you with... I mean buy." - Heidi C (10/28/2023)

"There's no Black Cat here." "I know. He's such a tease." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/28/2023)
bri said there was a black cat in the game

"If it makes you feel better, I discarded a Coper." - Heidi C (10/28/2023)
bri trashed my caravan!

"What's this fresh shit?" - Heidi C (10/28/2023)

"Sure, you can win with a strategy. Try winning without a strategy like I do." - Heidi C (10/28/2023)

"Rich people give me heartburn." - Heidi C (10/17/2023)

"I don't know if they were doing hits of cocaine before..." - Heidi C (09/08/2023)
her doctors were weird in the morning

"I thought I could just bake it and stick it in." "That's what he said." - Brian C & Heidi C (09/08/2023)

"Oh, he's still wet. I'm not watering him." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/08/2023)
her plants

"I don't whack anybody. I'm not the mafia." - Heidi C (09/08/2023)

"I'm not that interesting of a person." - Heidi C (09/07/2023)

"Yes, I do feel that way about peaches and I think something should be done about it." - Heidi C (07/31/2023)
never know when peaches are ripe

"I do it in the morning. Like, every day." "Are we still talking about Duolingo?" - Janny M & Heidi C (07/24/2023)

"I mean, I don't think it's noticeable. You're just a little short." - Heidi C (07/10/2023)
bri wanted to buy something but he didn't have the money in dominion

"It's not gonna be any better since I'm gonna kick your asses tonight." - Heidi C (06/26/2023)

"How many islands can a person own?" - Heidi C (06/26/2023)

"Wait a minute. This game isn't mean enough." - Heidi C (06/26/2023)

"That was a productive hand, Heidi." "Thank you." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/26/2023)
she just played a jewelled egg & passed

"I hate reading!" - Heidi C (06/12/2023)

"Somebody's actually buying Tide Pools?" "Don't knock it till you've tried it." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/09/2023)

"I don't even know what I was doing. I was just hurting people." - Heidi C (06/09/2023)
she loves to do that

"I don't think I need two turrets." - Heidi C (06/05/2023)
we were picking out places for heidi to live in portugal

"Before you bird me..." - Heidi C (06/05/2023)

"You were like Mitch McConnell..." - Heidi C (06/04/2023)
bri kept using the Possession dominion card

"I have a Province. What's wrong with Provinces?" "I mean, if you wanna live like that." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/04/2023)

"I can eat your bread all day long." - Heidi C (06/01/2023)

"It's hard but it's firm... Wait, what are we talking about?" - Heidi C (06/01/2023)

"Let me get your nuts." - Heidi C (05/31/2023)

"Everybody has different goals in life." - Heidi C (05/22/2023)
my goal was to give out birds even if i have to take a bird

"Now all your babies are running around." - Heidi C (05/15/2023)

"There's a lot of words on these damn cards." - Heidi C (05/15/2023)
she had to read and not play

"When you put it like that it does sound bad." - Heidi C (05/08/2023)
they were playing bandits and stealing my money & throwing it away

"This is not how people should live." - Heidi C (05/08/2023)

"Yes. Silos literally ruined my life. And that's not an exaggeration." - Heidi C (05/08/2023)

"I think it's good to reach for the stars but don't strain yourself." - Heidi C (05/01/2023)
bri was trying to win against heidi

"And I'm doing this just with my finger... That's what she said." - Heidi C (05/01/2023)
her mouse wasn't working

"Who gave me that? Whatever. I'm not going to name names." - Heidi C (04/24/2023)
passing cards... birds :)

"I'm getting tea because I'm crying because of the birds." - Heidi C (04/24/2023)
i gave them good!

"I guess when you have a lot of gold there is a chance you're going to lose some of it." - Heidi C (04/10/2023)

"Let me give him his medicine. He's losing it. He's like a damn heroine addict." - Heidi C (04/10/2023)

"I bought cards two years ago and I still haven't seen them yet." - Heidi C (04/03/2023)

"Oh, honey. It's so hard to be your mother." - Heidi C (04/03/2023)
benji kept whining

"I like land. What can I say?" - Heidi C (03/27/2023)

"It's very soft." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/27/2023)
i made a noise and she couldn't hear it

"I don't think his race matters." - Heidi C (03/27/2023)
lando is black


"Why am I unable to buy things? Oh yeah, I have to pay money." - Heidi C (03/13/2023)

"It sounds expensive as shit." "Money is never an issue for me." "Is that cause you're Jewish?" "Maybe." - Brian C & Heidi C (03/13/2023)

"Wait, am I miserable?" "Mhmm. Is it your first time?" - Brian C & Heidi C (03/13/2023)

"I wasn't. You guys were passing it around like the covid." - Heidi C (03/06/2023)

"But I died with the key in my cold, dead hands." - Heidi C (03/04/2023)
she finally got the key but then the game ended

"Just because you have a gun that doesn't mean you have to kill people." - Heidi C (03/04/2023)

"Sucks all around. Are you happy?" - Heidi C (02/25/2023)
i won

"I thought you prefer the older Witch." "I do. The young one isn't very destructive. She's too nice." - Brian C & Heidi C (02/25/2023)

"My girl. That's my girl. So pretty!" - Heidi C (02/25/2023)
the witch

"My God I feel so rich." - Heidi C (02/25/2023)
she put down three silvers

"Ah ha ha! My girl." - Heidi C (02/19/2023)
a witch

"There's eleven birds in the trash. Is anything sacred anymore?" - Heidi C (02/19/2023)

"I just don't want to live in a world like this." - Heidi C (02/19/2023)
where we salt the earth

"You can buy a bird. You don't have to buy an action card." - Heidi C (02/18/2023)

"What? Oh my God. Now you're judging the land?" - Heidi C (02/14/2023)

"Really, Heidi?" "I don't know. I thought it was the cultural norm." - Heidi C & Heidi C (02/14/2023)
to attack people

"I needed two good hands to play." "That's what she said." - Brian C & Heidi C (02/14/2023)


"You can control that, Janny. You can say, 'I'm going to be a good person.'" - Heidi C (02/06/2023)
and not attack them? i think not

"What kind of world do we live in?" - Heidi C (02/06/2023)
one where birds fly!

"I got my gallbladder removed." "It's all the rage now." - Lena S & Heidi C (01/30/2023)

"What did you learn from last game?" "Obviously I'm not mean enough." - Heidi C & Janny M (01/23/2023)
i lost

"Are you pleading insanity? Cause it's not gonna work." - Heidi C (01/23/2023)

"No, don't play that. No. Siri. Play Billy Joel." - Heidi C (01/23/2023)

"Oh I thought you meant the church of Brian." - Heidi C (01/16/2023)

"Stop giving mean things to me." "It wasn't that mean." - Heidi C & Brian C (01/16/2023)

"Stop relying on other people for your success." - Heidi C (01/16/2023)

"Heidi, do you remember those hands without birds?" "You mean multiple birds?" - Brian C & Heidi C (01/16/2023)

"Well you are on top so..." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/09/2023)

"Well you won't have to talk, you can just grunt when I do mean things to you." - Heidi C (01/09/2023)

"What do you mean make a carpet? Like a lady with a loom..." - Heidi C (01/01/2023)
trying to get carpeting in portugal is a chore

"I swear that Wine Merchant looks like my ex girlfriend." - Heidi C (01/01/2023) (pic)

"You know that's such a first world problem..." - Heidi C (12/31/2022)
a trashing card when all i have is gold

"I have a small object between my legs that's making me uncomfortable." "Is it your penis?" - Brian C & Heidi C (12/31/2022)
it was lando

"I did not think of it. Thank you for thinking that I thought of it." - Heidi C (12/24/2022)

"I just got so much s**t in my hand." - Heidi C (12/24/2022)

"Well, I wouldn't wear them to a cocktail party but yeah, they're still pajama pants." - Heidi C (12/24/2022)

"Well at least my French is improving. - Heidi C (12/24/2022)
she was cussing

"What is this fresh s**t?" - Heidi C (12/24/2022)
the defiled shrine

"The Swamp Shacks is a little old place where we can... get together!" - Heidi C (12/19/2022)
Swamp Shacks is a new card in dominion

"I have to use my fingers so I don't want to hear about your troubles." - Heidi C (12/12/2022)

"Wait, did I win the most games tonight? No. That's the number of curses." - Heidi C (12/12/2022)

"Let's see. How am I going to kill you today?" - Heidi C (12/05/2022)

"Then just get a Silver." "I don't want a bunch of Silver clogging up my hand; I want Gold!" - Brian C & Heidi C (12/05/2022)

"There's never too many Heidis." - Heidi C (12/05/2022)
she joined google multiple times

"Yes, I definitely have most of the wild life." - Heidi C (11/29/2022)
she had a lot of birds

"Okay. I need a strategy. This not having a strategy isn't working out for me." - Heidi C (11/21/2022)
she was losing dominion

"Don't f**k Santa." - Heidi C (11/19/2022)
bri was being mean and said f**k santa

"Did you guys trash all my golds? I haven't seen anything in a while..." "Well there are eight silver and two golds in the trash so..." - Heidi C & Brian C (11/19/2022)

"Tell 'em you're Greek." - Heidi C (11/14/2022)
bri keeps breaking glasses here!

"I don't understand. Okay. I do understand." - Heidi C (11/14/2022)
the dominion cards

"Your understanding of generosity is different than mine." - Heidi C (11/12/2022)

"We had nice things, remember?" "Yeah, I remember." - Heidi C & Brian C (11/12/2022)

"Do you sleep with that flag, Brian?" - Heidi C (11/12/2022)

"I don't know why but that game was more fun... I can't put my finger on why..." - Heidi C (11/12/2022)
she won

"Heidi, do you know how much he poops?" "Yes! I lived with him in Alabama!" - Brian C & Heidi C (11/12/2022)

"I think it's despicable." - Heidi C (11/12/2022)
giving people birds

"Oh that's fun. I have two dollars." - Heidi C (11/07/2022)

"Technically right or always right?" - Heidi C (11/07/2022)

"Oh, why do I hate you? That's why." - Heidi C (11/01/2022)
i made her discard

"I have to get rid of all my prized possessions!" - Heidi C (11/01/2022)

"I agree. We have limited resources!" - Heidi C (10/29/2022)

"Can you think of another reason someone would be mean just to be mean?" "No, I can't." - Brian C & Heidi C (10/29/2022)
me attacking them

"I don't want to talk about what made you rich, Elon." - Heidi C (10/29/2022)
talking to bri

"Ah! She's here! Oh, she looks so pretty!" - Heidi C (10/29/2022)
the witch

"Let's not get carried away. She still has six." - Heidi C (10/29/2022)

"You feel so sick that you might vomit on a painting and your choice is to go to an art museum?" - Heidi C (10/29/2022)
i was trying to defend just stop oil

"She's already left. You can call me a f**ker now." - Heidi C (10/29/2022)
her friend left her apartment

"I'm going to have to ask you to turn it down, sir. I don't know why I have a headache all day." - Heidi C (10/29/2022)
talking to benji

"It is very boring when Brian wins." - Heidi C (10/24/2022)
in dominion

"Alright. I'm gonna focus. I'm not thinking about David. I'm not thinking about spices." - Heidi C (10/24/2022)
she was on a losing streak

"This game sucks!" - Heidi C (10/10/2022)

"I like to feel good. So what?" - Heidi C (10/10/2022)
with her sauna's

"If we were both homeless I would let you borrow my toothbrush." - Heidi C (10/02/2022)

"Please, I beg of you. For all that is holy." - Heidi C (10/02/2022)
benji kept barking

"Oh I had zero birds." "Yeah, cause you have zero ethics." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/02/2022)

"I got a degree in narcissism." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"Alcohol is good for you, Brian. It's good for your liver... I learned that at University of Phoenix." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"That's cause I got off of it and nobody wants to use it anymore." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)
facebook sucks

"We never called him Abe. His name was Mister Lincoln." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"Do you remember this when you were coming out of your mom?" - Heidi C (10/01/2022)
a weird song from the year he was born

"I'm a midnight toker... Oh, that's not nice... It's only eight." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"...And I feel bad about the peaches comment." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"And I can't sing the cousins because I have to read the cards." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"You masturbate to this every night?" "Yes." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/01/2022)

"Yeah. Tonight wasn't a good night for the birds." - Heidi C (10/01/2022)
it never is

"Buying an Idle is like wearing a f**king hoodie." - Heidi C (09/27/2022)
the idle gives birds

"The birds were out of control." - Heidi C (09/27/2022)
curses were flying

"I'd like to report a robbery... Somebody stole my popcorn. My T V is still here." - Heidi C (09/27/2022)

"I don't care. I don't know how I got it. I can't live like that." - Heidi C (09/27/2022)

"I'm afraid to look at the birds..." - Heidi C (09/27/2022)

"Four! I was supposed to get five! F**k this!" - Heidi C (09/24/2022)

"It's your mother... don't you recognize me?" - Heidi C (09/19/2022)
benji was barking

"Brian's not from Baltimore." "Yeah, I'm from Bowie." "Well they're the same." - Janny M & Brian C & Heidi C (09/19/2022)

"I know. It's not even about winning. It's about hurting other people and animals." - Heidi C (09/12/2022)
how i give out birds in dominion instead of buying land

"Did you say something to me?" - Heidi C (09/06/2022)

"Cause we're not all binge shopping." - Heidi C (09/06/2022)
how everyone had more vp than me

"Heidi has ten!" "Who's fault is that?" - Janny M & Heidi C (09/06/2022)

"I need to rethink my friends." - Heidi C (09/06/2022)

"Why is it impossible to hear you all of a sudden? Oh, I turned my volume down." - Heidi C (09/06/2022)

"Hey Siri. I don't like that song. It's too scary. Can you play the next one?" - Heidi C (07/26/2022)
siri didn't understand her

"You're so cute." "Thanks, Brian. So are you." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/26/2022)
bri was talking to lando

"You're so cute and furry." "Thanks. You're embarrassing me." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/26/2022)
bri was talking to lando again

"It's one of the tall tale signs of being a psychopath." - Heidi C (07/26/2022)
i love attacking!

"I already opened it up to both genders and I still can't find s**t." - Heidi C (07/23/2022)
on eharmony

"Why are there Investments in the trash?" - Heidi C (07/23/2022)

"Listen. Don't go in my house and start throwing things away." - Heidi C (07/23/2022)
bri was trashing her cards

"I mean, I knew it was common in Appalachia but not here." - Heidi C (07/10/2022)
jack daniels on gums of babies; worked for me

"Obviously I can't be living like that or he'd be dead." - Heidi C (07/09/2022)

"You're twelve. It's not cute anymore." - Heidi C (07/08/2022)
benji wining

"Forty mules and an acre." - Heidi C (07/08/2022)

"Your mother's gonna sell you to gypsies!" - Heidi C (07/08/2022)
benji kept wining

"You know there's dogs that don't bark?" "Is that a thing?" - Brian C & Heidi C (07/08/2022)

"She was getting panicy... She was like, 'return to the route, return to the route!'" - Heidi C (07/08/2022)
her gps getting there

"Why does my copper look weird?" - Heidi C (07/08/2022)
it was a different card

"I love it when she calls me babe." - Heidi C (06/26/2022)
when i do

"What's wrong?" "Oh, I think you know what's wrong." - Brian C & Heidi C (06/26/2022)
he just gave us curses

"I'm a minimalist. I don't have all this s**t you're asking for." - Heidi C (06/26/2022)
bri kept playing a Gladiator

"Whatever. I don't want any more chips. I've lost my appetite." - Heidi C (05/29/2022)
she lost the game

"Somebody felt upset at the last action. I think it's a natural consequence." - Heidi C (05/29/2022)

"All the guys that I love are either rapists or killers..." - Heidi C (05/28/2022)

"But whatever. I'm not bitter." - Heidi C (05/28/2022)
she is

"So do you watch Star Trek at all, Heidi?" "No. I'm a girl." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/28/2022)

"No. It was the opposite of paranoia." - Heidi C (04/09/2022)
when she took something and went to sleep

"That's a Putin move, right there." - Heidi C (04/09/2022)
I was attacking

"We have bombed out apartment buildings now." - Heidi C (04/09/2022)
my attacks

"Heidi's mean." "It's true." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/09/2022)

"I had money. I don't know where it is. I know that sounds irresponsible." - Heidi C (04/09/2022)

"Or someone who actually cares about the world?" - Heidi C (03/12/2022)
attack cards in dominion

"Oh man. This is like teaching people to be less responsible." - Heidi C (03/12/2022)
capital card in dominion

"Before people knew he was rapping women..." - Heidi C (03/12/2022)

"This is gonna be a s**t show." "It's already a s**t show." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/12/2022)
the wall and birds

"There will be consequences." - Heidi C (03/12/2022)
to me attacking

"If you can't say it, you shouldn't be exiling it." - Heidi C (03/12/2022)
i couldn't pronounce a card

"Good job, babe." "Thank you, but don't call me babe in front of Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/12/2022)
i was saying that to bri

"Who let the dogs out?" "Oh, after they ate." "That's not the right answer." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/12/2022)

"It's so much fun playing with you guys." - Heidi C (02/21/2022)
constant attacks in dominion

"I'm out of funny things to say." - Heidi C (02/21/2022)

"Usually people have hard nipples when they're around me." - Heidi C (02/21/2022)

"Ahh, selfish." - Heidi C (02/21/2022)

"What is this about? Oh f**k you." - Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"Who would throw away a living creature?" - Heidi C (02/20/2022)
trashing a bird

"How did I end up in last? I thought I did better than that." "Actually, you didn't." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"This doesn't strike me as coffee music." "Me either. Maybe coffee after you did heroin." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"Heidi's drunk texting distilleries." - Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"These are orgasmic... I mean organic peanut butter cups..." - Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"What was the quote?" "I've been funny all night." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"I remember when we used to play with Platinums and Colonies and it was fun." - Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"I love the smell of my own hair. Is that weird?" - Heidi C (02/20/2022)

"Hey. Thanks for telling her about the Margrave. That was really helpful." - Heidi C (02/20/2022)
now i was attacking

"Thanks for looking out for us." "Yeah, I didn't even think about it from that perspective." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/29/2022)
bri giving us birds so we don't get them later

"What is this stick thingy mean?" "I think it means Janny is a motherf**ker." - Brian C & Heidi C (01/15/2022)
i played an attack card

"It sounded different." - Heidi C (01/15/2022)

"It's okay cause they're dead." - Heidi C (12/26/2021)

"No, it's like you're not going to reach all the way to the bottom to get the cheese. You're gonna get the red pepper." - Heidi C (12/25/2021)
how twins are born; whichever one is on top

"Where are we getting these birds?" "I don't know. It doesn't feel like Christmas." - Brian C & Heidi C (12/25/2021)

"Aw. That's too bad. Is that to say that crime doesn't pay?" - Heidi C (12/11/2021)

"What are you trying to buy?" "Something that costs more than I have." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/11/2021)
dominion wouldn't let her buy a card

"The Market is closed." "Glad I wasn't in the Market for that." - Heidi C & Brian C (12/11/2021)
no more markets

"F**k it. I just lost my golf clubs..." - Heidi C (11/14/2021)
in her dream

"People are walking and living their lives!" - Heidi C (11/14/2021)
benji kept barking

"We have to live like hermits because of you guys." - Heidi C (11/14/2021)
dogs kept barking

"You can't just poop and run. You have to play some Dominion." - Heidi C (11/14/2021)

"I don't want to be racist about it..." - Heidi C (11/13/2021)

"Yeah, they were stupid back then..." - Heidi C (11/13/2021)
coca cola had cocaine in it

"You don't have to tell me. I voted for Bernie." - Heidi C (11/12/2021)

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm just moving them." - Heidi C (11/12/2021)
the leaches... the dogs were going bazerk

"It makes me wonder if you've being lying throughout our entire friendship... Did you even vote for Bernie?" - Heidi C (11/12/2021)

"I can see how this game can cause domestic violence." - Heidi C (11/12/2021)

"We take pride in munching of the carpet..." - Heidi C (11/12/2021)
lesbians <3

"...Cause it looks like a... your people..." - Heidi C (11/12/2021)
bri's people (men)

"How is Heidi not getting hit with the Cardinal?" "I'm Jewish." - Janny M & Heidi C (10/16/2021)

"You're giving us weapons to hurt you." - Heidi C (10/16/2021)

"It's like giving guns to Afghanistan... What did you think was gonna happen?" - Heidi C (10/16/2021)

"Santa would understand but he wouldn't bring you anything for Christmas." - Heidi C (10/16/2021)
bri can't attack since it's santa time

"I had four of those things?" "You wear them well." - Heidi C & Brian C (10/02/2021)

"I'm just now getting my second wind." "Well we should probably call it a night then." - Heidi C & Janny M (10/02/2021)

"I mean she campaigns for Bernie, she recycles... then there's this." - Heidi C (10/02/2021)
me attacking them in dominion

"You're gonna have to take it up with management. I don't know." - Heidi C (09/25/2021)
trashing a duchy seemed to only give me 2 VP

"I was just reading a funny joke in the newspaper." - Heidi C (09/25/2021)
she was laughing at our pain after attacking us

"That's the only part that doesn't go down." "I don't go down." - Brian C & Heidi C (09/12/2021)

"I wanted to write a book about this and go on Oprah but nobody asked me." - Heidi C (09/12/2021)
how she cured jetlag

"No, it was not the shit." - Heidi C (09/11/2021)
'the' was emphasized

"It's easier to just go get a calzone." - Heidi C (09/11/2021)
making a calzone

"I have no D V D player." "That's weird." "Well it is 2021." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/11/2021)

"I should just copy and paste it from the last time." - Heidi C (09/11/2021)
her sister wants to FaceTime every Saturday

"...And bees in the mailbox..." - Heidi C (09/11/2021)
her old house was a lot of trouble

"When are the Republicans gonna die?" - Heidi C (09/11/2021)


"Yeah I think if I couldn't eat glutton I'd kill myself." "I thought about killing myself." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/11/2021)

"I feel like I have money. Where is it?" - Heidi C (09/11/2021)

"It's not like I raped you and bludgeoned you and lit you with a match." - Heidi C (09/04/2021)
her attack; we were listening to serial killers

"Aren't you afraid of being eaten by bears or something?" "I wasn't until you said that." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/04/2021)
camping in canada

"I wish it was Gear." - Heidi C (09/04/2021)

"She's a virtuous woman." - Heidi C (08/28/2021)

"Well I guess I got it out of my hand now." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/28/2021)

"I ordered Lupin and they gave me this Lupus." - Heidi C (08/21/2021)


"Okay. Can you take a turn before you tell your story?" - Heidi C (08/14/2021)

"I gotta get another Priest... wish my sins away." "I don't think there's enough Priests in the land to do that." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/14/2021)
the priest card in dominion

"Who just f**ked me?" - Heidi C (08/14/2021)
birds :)

"I'm not kidding. I'm so over it." - Heidi C (08/14/2021)
washing her rug, she's just going to buy a new one next time

"Did you finish your toothbrush?" - Heidi C (07/17/2021)
talking to benji... like a toothbrush is something to eat

"Do you really believe that stuff?" "Only when it works." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/17/2021)
horoscopes & stuff

"If you have like one M and M every day, you'll be okay?" - Heidi C (07/17/2021)
in hawaii

"I like giant dicks quite frankly... they're the best." - Heidi C (07/17/2021)

"Of course you think the military is awesome. They give you a hair cut and pants." - Heidi C (06/27/2021)

"I would have been a lot richer." - Heidi C (06/27/2021)
if she didn't have charlie

"So I was looking at the guys my age and I was like..." - Heidi C (06/26/2021)
she made a throw up sound

"Contractors suck... oh, no you guys..." - Heidi C (06/26/2021)

"The butt doesn't bother me. The f**king doesn't bother me." - Heidi C (06/26/2021)
opening of shameless

"Now we're good to play. I'm gonna beat your asses... yes." - Heidi C (06/26/2021)
she whispered before we started playing

"Do you want me to move it? It's kinda tight." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (06/26/2021)
heidi said twss too

"I mean I bought it with my own money..." - Heidi C (06/26/2021)
an attack card

"See? Did that hurt, Heidi?" "No, it was actually pleasurable." - Brian C & Heidi C (05/15/2021)
attack card

"I almost gave up driving like as a sport." - Heidi C (05/09/2021)
driving the rv was tough for her

"We look like gypsies!" - Heidi C (05/09/2021) (pic)
we had our camping chairs in the rv since it was raining & we wanted to sit down

"I thought we were gonna fall in the lake!" - Heidi C (05/08/2021)
the "wind"

"Something's f**ked up because all I do is eat pop tarts and watch TV. - Heidi C (05/08/2021)
her electricity bill was high in her house

"You know, I haven't seen a single bug since we got here." "Yeah. I know. I can't believe this is Mitch McConnell country." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/08/2021)

"My water broke!" - Heidi C (05/08/2021)
all her s**t was wet

"I thought that was romantic in a cancer causing kind of way." - Heidi C (05/07/2021)
the underwoods would smoke together

"Can you help me find the hole?" - Heidi C (05/07/2021)

"Eh. I look fat." "Aww you do not look fat." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/06/2021)

"I don't have sex with trees or anything..." - Heidi C (05/06/2021)

"Doesn't anyone poop in this state?" - Heidi C (05/05/2021)
the store had no veggies

"What do they have?" "Meth." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/05/2021)
trying to find a place to get food... it looked shaddy online

"Are we hungry now?" "Yeah. I got one peanut left in my stomach." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/05/2021)

"This one's bark is defining... I mean birds fell from the sky..." - Heidi C (05/05/2021)
wiki's bark

"You don't mind me blaming you?" "Why the f**k would I care?" - Janny M & Heidi C (05/04/2021)
i want to take off tuesday to rest

"How'd it get a black eye?" - Heidi C (05/03/2021)
the blakened fish i thought was black-eyed fish

"He's my only child." "No. You have Charlie." "Well, yeah..." - Heidi C & Brian C (05/03/2021)
don't tell charlie that...

"If it was Charlie, you'd let him drink the hair." "U know, firefighters can drink hair." - Brian C & Heidi C (05/03/2021)

"That made up for Trump." - Heidi C (05/02/2021)
we saw a donkey

"Don't look. Don't look. It's just going to make you sad." - Heidi C (05/02/2021)
talking to benji who was barking

"Chocolate. Chocolate would be the perfect word." - Heidi C (05/02/2021)

"Uh. It is that bad. Do you remember order for Trump?" - Heidi C (05/02/2021)

"I just saw lightening. What is the plan? Is it every man and dog and computer equipment for himself?" - Heidi C (05/02/2021)
getting ready to rain

"I like the bored one better." - Heidi C (05/02/2021)
me taking pictures of heidi

"No robber is going to stay back there." - Heidi C (05/01/2021)
our backyard is lite up at night

"So it is Terminal? I'm sorry. How long have you known?" - Heidi C (05/01/2021)
the road's name was terminal

"No one is getting humped tonight. That includes you two." - Heidi C (05/01/2021)
benji trying to hump lando... heidi talking to bri & i too

"Lady bugs are the puppies of grass hoppers." - Heidi C (05/01/2021)

"My body can't do once a week." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/01/2021)
staying up until 3 am

"It's like having sex without a condom." - Heidi C (04/30/2021)
we are just hanging out with each other without a mask!

"I didn't say Wiki was better than you, I just said he was chill." - Heidi C (04/30/2021)

"His name isn't Buster. His name is Lando." - Heidi C (04/30/2021)

"No, no. We are not humping our friends." - Heidi C (04/30/2021)
talking to benji

"It's like a night club over there." - Heidi C (04/30/2021)
our 7/11 on a friday night

"But those Ruins keep getting spread around like covid." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)

"This is a person who worked on the Bernie campaign. They gave thousands of dollars to the Bernie campaign." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)
me being mean in dominion

"Oh, I would have sex with him, I just don't think he's a nice guy." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)
the guy on the margrave card

"This is getting old." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)
having to discard

"This is what happens when you send people to prison for selling marijuana. They learn how to kill people." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)

"Okay. I'm just a little worried about national security." - Heidi C (04/24/2021)
told her it's her turn

"Oh, look who's here! She's so pretty." - Heidi C (04/21/2021)
the witch!

"Mean? That's a strong word." - Heidi C (04/17/2021)
she was attacking

"This is a hard one." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/17/2021)

"How do you sleep at night?" "I just put one eye in front of the other." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/10/2021)

"You're eleven years old now. You're a man." - Heidi C (04/10/2021)
talking to benji about his whining

"And one day my home will be worth something because I'll be able to go to shops and restaurants again." - Heidi C (04/10/2021)

"I need to remember how to play this game." "No, you don't." - Paul H & Heidi C (03/27/2021)
playing dominion online

"I wasn't really mean to you. I was just playing the game." - Heidi C (03/27/2021)

"I only want the one that has the prison in the attic." - Heidi C (03/27/2021)
bri keeps sending heidi house listings

"It's like I went to prison and you were in my cell and I learned to be bad." - Heidi C (03/13/2021)

"Oh, I love her. I want to marry her." - Heidi C (03/13/2021)

"I wanna dye my hair that pinkish color. Buy myself a fannypack. I'm going as a Seahag for Halloween next year! No one will know who I am." - Heidi C (03/12/2021)

"I'm a little sorry..." - Heidi C (03/06/2021)

"I think we are going to need a radio and an evening gown cause I saw this episode of Gilligan's Island..." - Heidi C (02/27/2021)
for our rv trip

"I'm f**ked." - Heidi C (02/27/2021)
she had two monies

"I didn't even think it was possible for Bernie people to be like this." - Heidi C (02/27/2021)
attack cards which gave curses <3

"That was more money than I was anticipating." - Heidi C (02/13/2021)
in dominion

"Okay, tomorrow's supposed to be forty three degrees... thank God!" - Heidi C (02/13/2021)
that's still cold

"Somewhere I got a ton of Platinum. I don't know where they are. I think the birds are s**ting on them." - Heidi C (02/13/2021)

"Happy Valentine's day! I'm so happy I live alone." - Heidi C (02/13/2021)

"That's a big piece of why I love him." - Heidi C (02/06/2021)
cause he's brown

"I think, Brian, why don't you plan it? You know what we want." - Heidi C (02/06/2021)
our rv trip

"Well, sexual harassment but whatever." - Heidi C (02/06/2021)
cut purse art looks like someone grabbing ass

"I'll be in the front balancing it out." "Yeah, but I'd feel a lot better if Brian was in the front cause you're not fat." - Heidi C & Janny M (02/06/2021)

"And Gear was helpful because I could put my Treasure Map aside." - Heidi C (01/30/2021)

"That's all I'm doing is buying money... but it's not coming up." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/30/2021)

"No, the problem is you're too f**king smart. I should have married someone dumber." "Yeah, that's a good strategy." - Janny M & Heidi C (01/30/2021)
bri and i think too much alike

"Why not just riffle through their trash?" - Heidi C (01/30/2021)

"How do I get it? There's so much s**t all over the place." - Heidi C (01/30/2021)
mountain's gift to get the silver; bri's playing area was large

"I'm sorry to hear that." - Heidi C (01/23/2021)

"I would rather not make meth right now but thanks for the offer." - Heidi C (01/23/2021)

"Works for me!" - Heidi C (01/09/2021)
she won

"You are a cutie pie. You are so cute." "Thank you." - Brian C & Heidi C (01/09/2021)
bri was talking to lando

"You're right. It is exhausting to win all the time." - Heidi C (01/09/2021)

"This has been a fun night, I have to say. I might have gained five pounds but it's worth it." - Heidi C (01/09/2021)
she won a lot

"You're the one who's walking into our house and stealing our s**t." - Heidi C (01/02/2021)
i was stealing their cards in dominion

"Top deck something? The f**k?" - Heidi C (01/02/2021)

"I have to agree with you on that one." - Heidi C (12/26/2020)
a person is dead inside when they give curses

"You should be nice to me because... I don't know why..." - Heidi C (12/26/2020)

"He looks like a girl I used to date, too." - Heidi C (12/19/2020)
the Wine Merchant

"Oh, she's always been interested." - Heidi C (12/19/2020)
her ex girlfriend

"Are you suggesting you can buy Santa off?" - Heidi C (12/19/2020)

"You can explain it like this... Wiki is my favorite." - Heidi C (12/12/2020)

"I don't mind being f**ked like that." - Heidi C (12/12/2020)

"Did you get my gold again? Mother f**ker." - Heidi C (12/12/2020)

"Don't be hatin'." - Heidi C (12/05/2020)
heidi's streak

"The crab? You work with the crab?" - Heidi C (12/05/2020)
i work with a dude named sebastien

"I like the fine print on the Warehouse." - Heidi C (12/05/2020)
you draw 3 cards then discard 3

"I was talking about people who steal flags from other people's porch." - Heidi C (12/05/2020)
bri stole heidi's flag

"Oh, I'm sorry. The trumpets were too loud." - Heidi C (12/05/2020)
she won

"Suck or delight?" - Heidi C (11/28/2020)
we were playing with torturer

"I had fun." - Heidi C (11/28/2020)
ended the game with negative 1 VP

"The purpose of the candle is so you don't smell s**t." - Heidi C (11/28/2020)

"Kick your a*s dot com." - Heidi C (11/25/2020)

"I'm gonna try it. But if I die, it's the biscotti." - Heidi C (11/25/2020)
she was eating an old biscotti

"I'm mad at you because I had plans to go dumpster diving..." - Heidi C (11/25/2020)
there was gold in the trash in dominion

"I have to ask a question... do you enjoy dumpster diving?" "When there's gold in there." - Brian C & Heidi C (11/25/2020)

"There you go, sweat pea." - Heidi C (11/25/2020)
how she talks to her dog, benji

"Oh, no thank you." "No, I didn't need that money." - Brian C & Heidi C (11/25/2020)
i gave them copper

"Heidi, do you wanna take a screen shot of this game?" "I do not." - Brian C & Heidi C (11/21/2020)

"He was good in bet but that's it. All he did was take money and lie." - Heidi C (11/21/2020)

"I like them bigger than that." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (11/21/2020)
heidi said twss the same time as me

"No, she doesn't love dogs with tails." "Oh. That's true." - Brian C & Heidi C (11/14/2020)
talking about me

"How do they get ice cream out there?" - Heidi C (11/14/2020)
in the middle of the country

"Go with God." - Heidi C (11/07/2020)

"When I said f**k you, I meant it as a compliment. You f**k people that you love." - Heidi C (11/07/2020)

"I was sitting there. It looked like it was normal." - Heidi C (10/31/2020)

"How does it feel to have people trash your gold?" "Well, you have to know who your friends are." - Heidi C (10/31/2020)

"When you live in an unsafe neighborhood, you learn to lock doors, Janny." - Heidi C (10/31/2020)
she defended herself in dominion

"Do you wanna hear something funny?" "Is it about birds?" "Yes!" - Brian C & Heidi C (10/24/2020)

"I don't remember talking." - Heidi C (10/24/2020)

"You're a very good boy. Also, you're brown. Another excellent quality." - Heidi C (10/24/2020)
she loves her benji

"I'm not a Bandito buyer. I'm not a Bandito buyer." - Heidi C (10/24/2020)

"I don't wanna get personal but I do wet my finger." - Heidi C (10/17/2020)

"I just gave it my middle finger." - Heidi C (10/17/2020)
our picture in her den

"Can I be honest with you? You're beautiful." "Thank you." - Brian C & Heidi C (10/17/2020)
bri was talking to lupin

"I didn't even mean to be smart." - Heidi C (10/10/2020)

"Hey Siri. Stop playing Janny." - Heidi C (10/10/2020)
she was talking to us through blu tooth or something

"So I've been busy all day writing get well soon cards for the president." - Heidi C (10/03/2020)

"Hey, Janny. Could you check the scores again to see who should be giving whom advice?" - Heidi C (10/03/2020)
heidi kicked our butts

"I like to finally announce that I'm officially out of debt." - Heidi C (09/26/2020)
in dominion

"I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say a royal b***h." "You mean like Queen Elizabeth?" - Brian C & Heidi C (09/26/2020)
who did something to him

"...What just happened?" "A royal b***h." - Heidi C & Brian C (09/26/2020)
i attacked them

"Well that wasn't a fun way to kick your ass." - Heidi C (09/26/2020)
she won

"I can't believe you just said booby." - Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"Remember there are twice as many boobies per man." "Not if the lesbians grab them all up." - Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"I don't have any Montebanks. You know why? Cause friends don't do that to friends." - Heidi C (09/19/2020)
lol yes they do, this is dominion!

"I can't. I'm not even drinking." - Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"What are we gonna do with it?" "Give it to the homeless." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/19/2020)
bri didn't want to drink the kirkland spiced rum

"Crickets don't live very long." - Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"Did you get teased as a child?" "No. I didn't get hurt until I started playing Dominion." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/19/2020)

"I could Embargo the Embargos." - Heidi C (09/12/2020)

"Wasn't he a douchebag?" "Yeah but no one's a complete douchebag. Look at Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/12/2020)

"I don't go around looking at other penises." "I do." - Brian C & Heidi C (09/12/2020)
me too!

"I don't know. I have no respect. No respect for anyone who plays an Old Witch." - Heidi C (09/12/2020)
she played old witches

"Pull yourself together." - Heidi C (09/12/2020)
i was laughing at the above quote

"The twenty four minutes of laughter means she's not that sorry." - Heidi C (09/12/2020)

"But Gear is my second favorite." - Heidi C (09/05/2020)
dominion card; she was joking

"I know. It was fifty six thousandth best in the world... Now I'm fifty nine thousandth best." - Heidi C (08/29/2020)
her dominion account wouldn't let her login so she had to create a new one

"Really?" - Heidi C (08/29/2020)
serious voice

"Are we playing naked Dominion again?" - Heidi C (08/29/2020)

"Excellent. She loves it when you call her page-ant, too." - Heidi C (08/29/2020)
i always pronounce pageant as page ant

"Are we still talking about...?" - Heidi C (08/29/2020)
bri and i started talking about sex

"Yeah, he kinda looks like he has down syndrome or something." "Now I feel guiltier." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/29/2020)
the mandarin card

"It's so neat it wasn't even funny." - Heidi C (08/22/2020)

"If you buy a big bottle of perfume, it's not as good as the small bottle." - Heidi C (08/22/2020)
words to live by?

"So not having a lot of money gives you a reason to exploit women? I'm just trying to understand..." - Heidi C (08/22/2020)
i was buying harem's but i didn't have a lot of money

"Am I ever gonna use this money that I'm buying?" - Heidi C (08/22/2020)

"You do it so automatically, you don't even realize you're doing it." - Heidi C (08/22/2020)
i was playing a replace and giving bri & heidi curses

"I was going to ask you a question." "Yes, I'm going to win tonight." - Brian C & Heidi C (08/15/2020)

"I'm at max volume. Salt the Earth!" - Heidi C (08/15/2020)

"I'm really weary about this whole peasant kingdom thing. And I'm not talking about Dominion." - Heidi C (08/15/2020)

"It's so much more fun when you're actually winning." - Heidi C (08/15/2020)

"Dude. You're not growing basil. I know what you're growing down there." - Heidi C (08/15/2020)

"That's a bad decision. Why would you make that decision?" - Heidi C (08/08/2020)

"Are those boobs, Janny?" - Heidi C (08/08/2020)
they were, ascii art

"That's like weird. There are like no nipples on those boobs." - Heidi C (08/08/2020)

"Is that a true story?" - Heidi C (08/08/2020)
boobs in coffee & oatmeal joke

"Not... not ringing a bell." - Heidi C (08/08/2020)
the vow to not be mean to each other in the game

"What? Wait..." "You know, it takes a special kind of person..." - Janny M & Heidi C (08/08/2020)
bri attacked us

"I don't know what to do. I'm changing my whole strategy in one night." - Heidi C (08/01/2020)

"Why do I keep losing connection?" "I don't know. You work in I T, right?" - Brian C & Heidi C (08/01/2020)

"Heidi, are you sure you wanna go through this?" "Well you guys won't let me undo." - Brian C & Heidi C (08/01/2020)
she attacked us

"Because you know when you drink vodka, I have fun!" - Heidi C (07/25/2020)
i.e. she wins in dominion :)

"Here little girl. Want some candy?" - Heidi C (07/25/2020)
she gave me a curse

"I do have a lot of hair all over my body." "I didn't want to be the one to say anything." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/25/2020)

"I need to beat Heidi. How do I do that?" "That's gonna take years of work, Brian." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/25/2020)

"Well this is s**ty... This is just s**t." "Janny, how do you feel about it?" - Janny M & Heidi C (07/25/2020)

"I thought you guys might want a bird." "Thanks." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/18/2020)
i gave them curses

"I don't know, I'm never buying one of those again." - Heidi C (07/18/2020)

"That was a little premature maybe." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Brian C (07/18/2020)

"They seem fun when you're the one embargoing." - Heidi C (07/18/2020)

"That's how I feel about peaches!" - Heidi C (07/11/2020)
i never know when avocaddos are ready

"You know what? F**k all of you." - Heidi C (07/11/2020)
i started attacking asap

"I don't know how I'm gonna win this game." "You're probably not gonna win this game." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"That's sexy." "That is very sexy, Brian." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)
if bri did the bed sheets

"How are you guys doing so badly?" "Okay. You have three... So before you throw yourself a party..." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"I'm his mother but also his wife..." - Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"Okay. I'm turning on the water." - Heidi C (07/11/2020)

"I didn't know you could go negative eleven." "You can go worse than that..." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/11/2020)
heidi was at -11

"Man. Heidi is so smart." "I didn't used to be." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/04/2020)

"Why the hell does she like the damn Pearl Diver?" "I bought that." - Heidi C & Brian C (07/04/2020)

"What did Heidi lose? Oh, she lost her Smithy." "What? F**k you!" - Brian C & Heidi C (07/04/2020)

"It's made for blind people." - Heidi C (07/03/2020)

"Who's barking like a little poodle?" - Heidi C (07/03/2020)

"I don't like Animal Fair. We've discussed this." - Heidi C (07/03/2020)

"...I have a Villain so I can attack you again." "Na. Don't do that." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/03/2020)

"Is the trash communal?" - Heidi C (07/03/2020)

"I don't buy anything with rats in it anymore." - Heidi C (06/27/2020)

"I don't like any of these cards. They're all for s**t." - Heidi C (06/27/2020)

"Only if you're an evil human being. If you're a nice person, you're not. - Heidi C (06/27/2020)
buying attack cards

"That's the worst part of being lesbian. No one wants to get the bug." - Heidi C (06/27/2020)

"I did play Goons, right?" "It felt that way." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/27/2020)

"Yeah, you wanna just write my name in there now before you get tired, you can." - Heidi C (06/20/2020)
for the winner

"Don't get scared that I'm gonna win all the games..." - Heidi C (06/20/2020)

"My feelings are hurt." "Well good." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/20/2020)

"What don't I want?" - Heidi C (06/20/2020)

"Oh. I'm tired of having that thing in any hand." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/20/2020)
the Raze card

"You'd think they'd be like, we're on watch so let's stop killing black people for the weekend." - Heidi C (06/13/2020)

"I never heard what happened to their lawsuit." "Which one?" - Brian C & Heidi C (06/13/2020)

"Remember the Rats?" "Yeah. I remember the Rats." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/13/2020)
dominion card that destroyed her deck

"Pretty s**ty. How do you sleep at night?" - Heidi C (06/13/2020)
i played an attack card

"You have to live within your means." - Heidi C (06/13/2020)
everything was taxed!!!

"Who the f**k is doing this s**t?" "I don't know. I need to seriously question this community." - Brian C & Heidi C (06/13/2020)
playing attack cards

"What am I? Twenty?" - Heidi C (06/13/2020)
we stay up soooo late :)

"I don't feel miserable." - Heidi C (06/06/2020)
negative two points due to a hex

"You're very needy tonight, Brian." - Heidi C (06/06/2020)
the advisor

"Should I trash my silvers knowing there's golds in there?" - Heidi C (06/06/2020)

"I don't know. It's so late." "Yeah, I feel if I had to make an important decision, I would be severely compromised." - Janny M & Heidi C (06/06/2020)

"You have to have a bunch of crappy days to appreciate the sunny ones." - Heidi C (05/30/2020)
some games of dominion

"Mama Lucia left a note on the door. She said... Two buys?" - Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"There's enough for everybody. Don't worry guys." - Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"Actually, I don't think birds f**k. I think they lay eggs." - Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"I like the boobs!" - Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"There's nothing mean. There's no extra buys... Why are we playing this one?" - Heidi C (05/30/2020)
sometimes the cards we get are lame

"It's so hard for me to watch you perish." - Heidi C (05/30/2020)
as she keeps attacking us

"What does Gear do?" "Apparently nothing. It was very promising when the salesman sold it to me." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"Yeah, but it doesn't give a curse." "Yes, it does." "Oh yeah. I'm happy." - Heidi C & Janny M (05/30/2020)

"Do the cards look bigger or am I high?" - Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"You only have two?" "I don't want to talk about that." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/30/2020)

"Oh, I got a Pouch." "I didn't wanna say anything." - Brian C & Heidi C (05/24/2020)
a card in dominion

"I didn't say that he's fat." - Heidi C (05/24/2020)

"Ya know what? I'm gonna f**king risk it." "What about a brisket?" - Brian C & Heidi C (05/24/2020)

"Well back in the day we were mean to each other. Those were the good old days." - Heidi C (05/24/2020)

"I have golds. I just don't know where they are." - Heidi C (05/24/2020)

"And when it happens, it's gonna happen alright." - Heidi C (05/24/2020)
this was a longer joke i started to make; threatening bri who kept attacking us

"Don't worry about me." "Not worried." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/23/2020)

"Oh, my bad. I thought we were supposed to be competitive." - Heidi C (05/23/2020)
dominion can be cut throat

"Are you kidding?" - Heidi C (05/23/2020)
torturer over and over again

"Jesus." "No, that's a Witch." - Heidi C & Brian C (05/23/2020)

"I need Rats to control the bird population." - Heidi C (05/23/2020) Janny Favorite
she had a lot of curses, then she had allllll rats

"I know but I don't have any s**t." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"I got it. I got the f**king s**t out of the f**king s**t." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"I was subscribing to the never trash a f**king silver rule." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"I know I'm neurotic... I don't care!" - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"No. It's cause I have a bigger brain." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"God, what's going on? He should be out of it..." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)
bri was drinking since 3

"Since you took forty hours to get your phone cord sorted out..." - Heidi C (05/16/2020)

"This is like Europe!" - Heidi C (05/16/2020)
lots of tax went on

"No, I've been buying Giants." "Oh. Look at you." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/09/2020)

"I'm gonna buy a Changeling. Just kidding." - Heidi C (05/09/2020)
she was having issues with the changeling prompt

"This is just a blood bath." - Heidi C (05/09/2020)
at least two hexes a turn!

"You have to laugh because you just cry otherwise." - Heidi C (05/09/2020)
her score when she was kicking bri and my butts

"It's so hard to be right, Janny." - Heidi C (05/02/2020)

"Heidi? You bought a Platinum?" "I don't like to talk about the cards that I buy." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/02/2020)

"I notice that during the day it's bright but at night, it's so dark." - Heidi C (05/02/2020)

"What's your favorite kind of Kind Bar?" - Heidi C (04/25/2020)

"F**k you, Janny. I'm turning my music down." - Heidi C (04/25/2020)
i played an attack card but i loved listening to heidi's music

"I was so happy. I brought you guys the joy of birds." - Heidi C (04/25/2020)

"Sorry I said the F word." "What the f**k are you talking about?" - Heidi C & Janny M (04/25/2020)

"Even the money has debt." - Heidi C (04/25/2020)

"I'm gonna hire someone to do my mowing. I'm not gonna do it myself." - Heidi C (04/25/2020)
she kept buying land & we joked that it needed mowing

"Oops. I dropped Heidi." "Ouch!" - Janny M & Heidi C (04/25/2020)
the phone

"I don't want to be that nice." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"I have to carry around all these hundreds. They do get weighty." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"It sounded like you were getting murdered." "Oh, not right now." - Janny M & Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"I'm ready to move on." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)
16 vps to 51 vps

"Who gave me a f**king curse? Why would someone do that? That's just cold... cold, cold." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"A Seahag is a lot cuter than a Witch." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"Did you say something about my brilliance? It was so hard to hear." - Heidi C (04/18/2020)

"Like, I'm not a prude. I don't mind if they're naked." - Heidi C (04/05/2020)
other people outside

"That's the good thing about bulky clothes. You can eat whatever you want." - Heidi C (04/05/2020)

"You know, I have champaign taste..." - Heidi C (03/30/2020)
all she does is buy provinces

"I know. Isn't that fun?" - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"Man, I don't wanna buy another moat. The first one didn't work." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"I need you to be my voice of conscience... Should I play a Seahag or a Seahag?" - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
to curse us all!

"I don't need any more birds. I got enough birds." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"You guys are good people." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"It can't be that bad... It was that bad." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
she kept playing seahags

"It was in pounds." "Cat food?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
dominion online cost a few bucks but it was in pounds

"I have a good idea... let's get all the way out then all the way back in..." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/28/2020)

"I'm self loathing. I have big problems with this." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
cursing people

"It's hard for me to sleep at night. I feel like a terrible person." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
how many curses she gave us

"I know. Isn't that fun?" - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"Man, I don't wanna buy another moat. The first one didn't work." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"I need you to be my voice of conscience... Should I play a Seahag or a Seahag?" - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
to curse us all!

"I don't need any more birds. I got enough birds." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"You guys are good people." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"It can't be that bad... It was that bad." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
she kept playing seahags

"It was in pounds." "Cat food?" - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
dominion online cost a few bucks but it was in pounds

"I have a good idea... let's get all the way out then all the way back in..." "That's what he said." - Heidi C & Janny M (03/28/2020)

"I'm self loathing. I have big problems with this." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
cursing people

"It's hard for me to sleep at night. I feel like a terrible person." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)
how many curses she gave us

"Oh, gosh. What do I do with eight?" "I guess a Candlestick Maker wouldn't be bad." - Janny M & Heidi C (03/28/2020)
candlestick makers were like 2

"Your fun is about to end." - Heidi C (03/28/2020)

"Don't eat that. Don't eat that. It's lipstick." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)

"First of all, they're all drunk..." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)
everyone in nevada

"Because you're evil. I mean that in the most positive way." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)

"He's forty three." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)
her place has a 1 dog policy... just say it's the same dog but dress him up old for those who can ha

"Yeah, look, cause they got all these orange cats in the thing." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)
cat genie's are racist

"I'm not going to live my life in fear." - Heidi C (02/15/2020)
bri and i had lighthouses to prevent attacks

"What if you were on the dating scene and there were three women and one was missing a tooth. Who would you approach?" "How big are the jugs?" - Heidi C & Brian C (12/22/2019)

"That had poop on it." "I know." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/22/2019)
she got a stick out of the benji poop bag

"Is this because my home is smelling?" - Heidi C (12/21/2019)
we got her two candles

"I just threw up a little bit in my mouth but I didn't say anything." - Heidi C (12/21/2019)
she saw people in maga hats

"Okay. That was fun." - Heidi C (12/21/2019)
she played a seahag

"Money laundering." - Heidi C (12/21/2019)
how bri got all his money in dominion

"What did we say?" "Nothing yet." - Heidi C & Janny M (09/07/2019)

"I hope he comes back trained." - Heidi C (09/07/2019)
her boss is watching benji for a few days

"Okay... Somebody's got to." - Heidi C (09/07/2019)
bri pming for dod

"So if I go down, thank you for being my friend." - Heidi C (09/07/2019)
she's flying on sept 11th

"I never peed on my lawn so I don't know." - Heidi C (09/07/2019)
if girls pee has acid in it to kill the grass like girl dogs

"I remember we got rich on that one." - Heidi C (09/07/2019)
trading post in dominion

"I gotta get rid of these Estates. They're killing me." "You sound like such a rich guy." - Janny M & Heidi C (09/07/2019)
estates in dominion

"My furniture is going to Charlie's beach house because we love to drive it across the bridge." - Heidi C (07/13/2019)

"No, I'm gonna take a dump in the morning, then I'm going to the dump." - Heidi C (07/13/2019)
talking to her bro

"That's good. Can you hold them responsible for murdering people?" - Heidi C (07/13/2019)
craigslist got rid of personal ads

"You should write it down on a piece of paper." "What's paper?" - Matt Wi & Heidi C (07/13/2019)

"I don't know you were frosted strawberry types. We never discussed this." - Heidi C (07/13/2019)
we have frosted strawberry poptarts

"They made me do the dumbest stuff... like sit down in the basement with this box..." - Heidi C (07/10/2019)
her old job

"I've had more houses than sexual partners... Was that too much information?" - Heidi C (07/10/2019)

"It's like Pleasantville over there." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)
where her son lives

"Then I saw someone in love and I thought, 'oh, that might be fun to be in love.'" - Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"Where are your colonies?" "Excuse me?" - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"No, I feel like taking my pants off." "Everyone says that to me." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)
it was hot in her house

"It's gonna be an ugly world." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)
lots of attacking in that dominion game

"Eh, they were just more trouble than they were worth." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)
she trashed her mining villages

"Why would you say that about my garage?" - Heidi C (05/25/2019)
it smells funny

"That must be hard to have five golds." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)
bri had 5 golds

"How is it a curse?" - Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"Your face is like the sister on that show." "Thank you. She's gorgeous." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"Do you wanna go potty?" "No, thank you." - Brian C & Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"I can look through my discards and put something yummy on top of my deck..." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"How do you trash in this game?" "You don't. You just have a flock of birds..." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/25/2019)
curses; no ability to trash cards

"One... two... three... I mean forty." - Heidi C (05/25/2019)

"Did he explain the cinna-buns?" - Heidi C (03/16/2019)
ken talked to the guy who came up with starwars costumes

"It's like a Vanity Fair photo." - Heidi C (03/16/2019)
how benji was on top of brian

"Hold on. This is an emergency." - Heidi C (03/16/2019)
something wrong with the food ordering

"I love labs." "Um, Wiki's right here and he heard that." - Brian C & Heidi C (03/16/2019)
labs; the card in dominion

"Stop using logic." - Heidi C (03/16/2019)

"Did you just pee on the floor in front of my refrigerator?" - Heidi C (03/16/2019)
brian couldn't get water from her new fridge

"Towards the end of the game mints are pretty good." "Or after dinner." - Heidi C & Ken Sa (03/16/2019)

"Does she have a thong on in her picture?" - Heidi C (03/16/2019)
our old neighbor gets lots of dates on match

"Don't tell me how pretty I am if you're not going to write back... Ouu, five..." - Heidi C (03/16/2019)

"That's when you had to go, just say no." - Heidi C (02/17/2019)

"I don't want my refrigerator to know what I'm doing." - Heidi C (02/17/2019)
she didn't get a smart fridge

"I was not drunk. I do not drink alone." - Heidi C (02/17/2019)
she put the cards in wrong

"No, I'm afraid. What's in that cider? I'm being stupid." - Heidi C (02/17/2019)
i asked her if she wanted another cider

"I thought the hard drive was going bad..." - Heidi C (02/17/2019)
brian kept saying numbers

"What is the ghost ship?" "It attacks people." "Is that really the person you want to be?" - Brian C & Janny M & Heidi C (02/17/2019)

"I forgot to ask my follow up question before we started talking about bananas." - Heidi C (02/02/2019)

"Cause he wanted to court her." - Heidi C (02/02/2019)
tamea & damion sharing their story of getting together

"How many bones does he have buried back there?" "It's unclear. We can never move." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/02/2019)

"I don't think you'd want to go to South Africa because of the politics..." - Heidi C (02/02/2019)

"It's four out of one hundred people." "That's four percent!" "She's got the math. Even without a calculator." - Heidi C & Janny M & Damion _ (02/02/2019)

"So I only have three I play with? That sucks. Good thing I have a courtyard." - Heidi C (02/02/2019)
she was doing attacks on us; i finally got her; but she could draw more cards

"They're very prejudice." - Heidi C (12/22/2018)
fire fighters only like dalmations

"If he wasn't brown, I don't know." - Heidi C (12/22/2018)
she was insinuating that if benji weren't brown she might not love him

"Chickens are out. They're so 2018." - Heidi C (12/22/2018)

"What's the opposite of sour grapes? Sweet grapes?" - Heidi C (12/22/2018)

"I hope it's not going to be a drawback for future visits." - Heidi C (12/22/2018)
heidi doesn't have an ice maker

"Who wouldn't want more brooms?" - Heidi C (12/22/2018)
if her brooms procreated

"Do I be mean?" - Heidi C (12/22/2018)

"Why would I spend that on a silver?" "Cause you get a silver." "Oh, yeah." - Heidi C & Janny M (12/22/2018)

"Is this the kinda world you want to live in?" - Heidi C (12/22/2018)
brian making us discard cards

"I think the schools are just a shill for the fingerprinting companies." - Heidi C (09/06/2018)

"They're probably not going to take those sticks but I thought I'd give it a try." - Heidi C (09/06/2018) (pic)

"Do you want your legacy to be making the buses on time?" - Heidi C (08/26/2018)
talking to bri about a career switch

"It's a safe job. You can't get fired for anything." - Heidi C (08/26/2018)
being a teacher

"Were you eating poops again?" - Heidi C (08/26/2018)
talking to benji

"It's like Italy here." - Heidi C (08/26/2018)
the place we went for breakfast

"It wouldn't have been fun for me if I was nervous about getting blown up all the time." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)
she had to decline going on vacation to Mexico with a friend

"Oh, elevator. That's good... in a fire." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)

"They'd never let me talk to their children again." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)
her neighbors if she did bad things

"It used to be all dog poop and lava lamps." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)
what spencers has

"You can't wash that off." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)
in goliath; the young girl sleeping with the burn victim bad guy

"Is that the 'taste like chicken' girl?" - Heidi C (07/22/2018)

"Are you out yet?" "I'm out." "Haha." "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/22/2018)

"She's not human." "Not a lot of lawyers are, Heidi." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/22/2018)

"You can go to another firm and sleep with their C E O." - Heidi C (07/22/2018)

"Okay. Can I talk money to you?" - Heidi C (07/01/2018)

"Taht's the problem when you have people that you spawn." - Heidi C (07/01/2018)
she still wants to be close to her son so she can't move

"He had a real job where you dress up and stuff..." - Heidi C (07/01/2018)

"Dysfunctional family drama with a strong female lead." - Heidi C (07/01/2018)
describing a movie

"Aw. That's so cute." "Thanks but I wear this all the time." - Brian C & Heidi C (07/01/2018)
bri was looking at his phone with a cute dog on it

"I'm swiping right." - Heidi C (07/01/2018)
the picture of a dog bri liked

"How'd it get down?" "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/01/2018)

"I could have had sex with that seventy year old in Leisure World..." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)

"She does look like an elf, though." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)

"He's very in the moment. He's like a Buddhist." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)


"Who lives there? White people?" - Heidi C (06/16/2018)
in gaithersburg

"Ha ha ha... I didn't laugh." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)

"It's not cheating if you're just stupid." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)
in the game we were playing

"Let me ask you a question. Do you feel when you're in my house, you're afraid of hippos?" - Heidi C (06/16/2018)
benji destroyed a hippo toy

"I would like a little old points going on here." - Heidi C (06/16/2018)
bad handwritting

"I feel like I'm an adolescent again." - Heidi C (05/09/2017)

"I have no fear and no wine..." - Heidi C (05/06/2017)
the first one to sing

"They told me to meet in an alley with all my jewelry..." - Heidi C (03/26/2017)
she had a meeting at 3AM

"There was a journey they took us on..." "Were you doing drugs?" - Heidi C & Damion _ (03/26/2017)
in her spin class she took

"Well thank you for your service, Janny." - Heidi C (03/26/2017)
giving bri sex so he'd vote for bernie

"I don't want to kill you. That would be rude." - Heidi C (02/07/2017)

"Why am I the only one clapping?" "I'm clapping on the inside." - Janny M & Heidi C (02/07/2017)
bernie made a good point at the debate

"We have two foxes in the neighborhood. Why are they not able to catch him?" - Heidi C (02/07/2017)

"They're having a moment..." - Heidi C (12/23/2016)
two guys hugging

"There's dogs barking, there's mowers mowing..." - Heidi C (12/23/2016)
how hard it is to work from home

"Poops not... I'm fine with poop." - Heidi C (12/23/2016)

"My grand bottles..." - Heidi C (12/23/2016)
her wine pyramid scheme

"One time he said make me a dalmatian and I said that's not doable." - Heidi C (12/03/2016)
styling benji

"This thing didn't have a chance. I don't even know where the remnance of the monkey is." - Heidi C (12/03/2016)
a $22 toy benji destroyed within minutes

"He loved Santa. And by loved I mean killed." - Heidi C (12/03/2016)
benji did destroy it

"All he's gonna do is just swallow." "That's what she said." - Janny M & Heidi C (12/03/2016)
giving benji steak

"I just want to hasten his death." - Heidi C (12/02/2016)

"Oh yeah. That sucks. My turn." - Heidi C (12/02/2016)

"I can't help it if this is my special skill." - Heidi C (12/02/2016)
mexican train

"Why do I have to be the biggest face?" - Heidi C (11/29/2016)
in her pictures

"Why aren't you a lawyer?" - Heidi C (11/27/2016)

"Do I get any points for that?" - Heidi C (11/27/2016)

"I'm scared." - Heidi C (11/27/2016)
arlo could live a long time

"No I want him to die of natural causes." - Heidi C (11/27/2016)

"I think you're missing the whole point of why I voted for Bernie." - Heidi C (11/27/2016)

"He's a dead beat dad." - Heidi C (11/16/2016)
arlo, her dad's dog, who was used as a sex worker

"If we count our chickens now then we'll be happy." - Heidi C (11/08/2016)
election results

"Why don't they stage it like they did the Democratic National Convention?" - Heidi C (11/08/2016)

"China Town. That's fun. Oh s**t I'm going the wrong way." - Heidi C (11/03/2016)
driving in dc

"I know I was reading it so it would sound really good." - Heidi C (10/30/2016)

"Wait. We are talking about me." - Heidi C (10/29/2016)

"I won't put my hand on your boob. I promise." - Heidi C (10/29/2016)
her friend wanted a picture

"She's too sexy. My dad lives with me." - Heidi C (10/29/2016)
picture in the picture shop

"This car had plaid seats..." - Heidi C (10/28/2016)
her car

"I need to slow down... cause I have a chip in my throat." - Heidi C (10/28/2016)

"She runs a farm. She sells pie during the day..." - Heidi C (10/28/2016)

"Really? She makes pie!" - Heidi C (10/28/2016)
delilah; how bri hates her

"So you can go south on north Fredrick avenue?" - Heidi C (10/05/2016)

"Yeah, I got that..." - Heidi C (10/05/2016)
the vin number no one has

"You guys are like soul mates." - Heidi C (10/05/2016)
brian and bill had a conversation about poop

"Speaking of cleavage..." - Heidi C (10/01/2016)

"I want to get one when he's not making a silly face." "Good luck with that. We're men. We're born with silly faces." - Heidi C & Brian C (10/01/2016)

"My parents are virgins." "Nice." - Brian C & Heidi C (10/01/2016)

"He's not a cheese giver." - Heidi C (09/26/2016)
bri wasn't going to share his cheese with bengi

"That's not a hackable house." - Heidi C (08/24/2016)
the people in the house weren't going to hack us up

"And I have like a million one's cause I was stripping all night." - Heidi C (08/19/2016)

"Wow, you do have a lot of one's." "Yeah, it was a good night." - Brian C & Heidi C (08/19/2016)

"Oh my God I'm going on the website?" "No." - Heidi C & Janny M (08/19/2016)

"I was like serious Sirius." - Heidi C (08/19/2016)
sirius radio

"No. Bengie and I have an understanding. He knows I see other dogs." - Heidi C (08/19/2016)
her dog

"I wanna see your face when you swallow it... That's what she said." - Heidi C (08/06/2016)

"It's like they found Jesus. That's all they talk about." - Heidi C (08/06/2016)

"That's a poopy bag. I washed it out." - Heidi C (08/06/2016)
the bag the scrabble tiles were in

"Moo. No, that's a cow." - Heidi C (08/06/2016)
i thought a caw was what a cow said

"They love to ticket rich people." - Heidi C (08/05/2016)
heidi warning bri not to speed

"I definitely did." - Heidi C (08/05/2016)
got a ticket

"I feel bad because I hate him..." - Heidi C (07/31/2016)
her dad's dog

"How is he gonna wiggle into that?" "That's what she said." - Heidi C & Janny M (07/31/2016)

"You know all those special thrills you get in prison?" - Heidi C (07/28/2016)

"It was a good hug, too." - Heidi C (07/25/2016)
lots of people were giving away free hugs

"If someone found it just say, 'wow, that's crazy. It does sound like me.'" - Heidi C (07/25/2016)
interviews i did while i was in philly protesting the dnc

"He looks like if anonymous and Jesus had a baby." - Heidi C (07/24/2016)
lee camp

"Go ahead. I'm a nice person." - Heidi C (07/24/2016)
let someone in

"See, you roll it. Like pot." - Heidi C (07/24/2016)
how to carry around aspirin

"It has nothing to do with full." - Heidi C (07/24/2016)

"Maybe he overheated." - Heidi C (07/24/2016)
why lee camp wasn't coming out yet; it was hot there

"I never thought I'd have so much in common with a Trump supporter." - Heidi C (07/18/2016)

"You can write it down on a piece of paper..." "No, I'd rather keep bothering you." - Janny M & Heidi C (07/18/2016)
she was writing a quote from my shirt on a poster

"You knew that song a little too well..." - Heidi C (07/07/2016)
me singing karaoke britney spears hit me baby

"I don't think I have anything to blackmail me on." - Heidi C (05/23/2016)

"He should be on stage." "He is on stage." - Janny M & Heidi C (05/23/2016)
steve is a great singer

"Nice pear, Brian." - Heidi C (05/23/2016)